Woman ‘too pretty for politics’ says Harriet Barbie-Bus Harman

To be fair, Hatie denies it, but given her general lack of credibility (maybe that’s just me and my opinion?) that denial has failed to convince anyone with a brain and a memory.

The Battle of the Barbie Bus was just the start of the problems for self-appointed chief feminist Harriet Harman after a fellow Labour Party member took to twitter to say the now deputy leader told her she was “far too pretty to be interested in politics”.

Did she have a point? You be the judge

I must admit that Hatie’s latest lapse in judgement probably lies more in the uttering than in the validity of the opinion itself.

This new controversey is quite inconvenient as it follows close on the heels of Harpy’s controversial Pink Cerise Magenta who are they trying to kid? pink van. Hatie signed off the colour. In all it’s glory here’s Hatie’s Barbie Bus

Final twist

Ms Harman continued to dig herself deeper into a hole when she told people not to worry because she wouldn’t be driving it, leading some people to believe she felt women were inferior drivers.

The Unite union have donated a male driver to assist the Labour women on the campaign trail.

If the driver is lucky, he’ll have hearing issues.

Once again, being a white knight, I am forced to come to Hatie’s defence over the ‘inferior driver’ issue. Her own driving record is indeed tarnished Harriet Harman prosecuted over car crash, two offences of driving without due care and attention and driving whilst using a hand-held mobile phone.

Other offences to be taken into account:
“Ms Harman was banned from driving for seven days and fined £400 in February 2003 for speeding at 99mph on a motorway.” (99mph? very convenient as a 100mph conviction is a whole new legal ballgame)
“In September 2007, she pleaded guilty by post to another speeding offence and was fined £60 and given three penalty points for exceeding a temporary speed limit in Suffolk in April 2007.”

Readers seeking to search for the car crash story need to avoid distracting search results such as
“Harriet Harman car crash interview with Andrew Neil (18Jan15)”

One comment on “Woman ‘too pretty for politics’ says Harriet Barbie-Bus Harman
  1. blurkel says:

    If Italy can have former actresses and former porn stars in office, then the UK can have a pretty woman as deputy party leader and run for a seat. I keep trying to tell young men that it isn’t what a woman looks like as much as what she does that matters. If Harriet Harmon doesn’t do the job, she’ll be gone right quick.


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