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The Gender Games

The Bear gets it correct on the first try!

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No Money, No Honey, Sonny!

It is said that a man isn’t complete until he’s married. Then, he’s finished.

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In response to jf12’s question “Why can’t men be more like me, and just find one or two attractive girls of the thousands of women who are trying to contact them?” Yoda replied “If only true this would be.” Although

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Woe, Woe, Woe, Feelings

Back in my bar band days, I often had to play Morris Albert’s Feelings: I can’t begin to express how much I DETEST this tune, and I will NEVER play it again, not even to eat. But based on my

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Hypergamy Unleashed — Impacts, Part 1

The impact of hypergamy on women and children have been covered in this blog.  But what of the other impacts, those on society in general?  In short — the prognosis is poor.  This is the first of a two part series that

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An Open Letter to Cill

Based on Cill’s reporting from New Zealand, the societal relationships between men and women have perhaps reached a state of dysfunction greater there than anywhere else.   This situation is utterly fascinating.  It probably would be truly useful to explore this further,

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Youtube channels worth a look

Tarn brought up RBK a few days ago. That’s RazorBladeKandy2 currently. We decided we needed a little update on new channels. The easiest way to compile the list is to showcase a few videos, I think let me start off

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Herd Immunity and the Price of Information

From Wikipedia on herd immunity, Herd immunity or herd effect, also called community immunity, describes a form of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a significant portion of a population (or herd) provides a measure of protection for individuals

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Hypergamy Unleashed – A Formerly Balanced System

As mentioned in the last installment, the Patriarchy was a balanced and stable system.  However, it really was not particularly stable.  Mathematicians would call it a local minimum.  That is, it was system that was stable, but it was not

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No MGTOW Is Wed – another inside story

Blurkel (who I encountered on Tarn’s blog) has very kindly written a post for this site.  The quoted text is his post in its entirity, untouched by me.  I’m going to put my comments in the comments, hope you do

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