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Ho, ho, ho! Bah, Humbug!

Lord, Save me from your followers, for they know not what they do – or why.

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How Evil Are You?

Infrequently vile: I am infrequently vile and mostly put others before myself, though I may find occasions in which my dark side shines.

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Mama Said, Mama Said

Ever heard the word “distaff” used in connection with females? Generally, the word is applied to wedded women, as in “His distaff side ain’t gonna like this!”. I got to thinking about the etymology of the word, and what I

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The Binding Force

What conditions make for a stable relationship between a man and a woman?  Let us draw inspiration from nuclear physics.   As we shall soon discover it makes for an apt analogy.  The force that holds the protons (and neutrons

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Movie Review — Into the Woods 

Spoiler Warning  — Proceed Into the Woods at your own risk Here is a lighthearted review of the movie “Into the Woods” from a red-pill perspective.  It was released on Christmas day and it interweaves four classic fairy tales,

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Except I Really Don’t Care…

Over on Farm Boy’s previous post, Spawny left this comment; Maybe Tarn can tell us how many times women tried that (shutting someone out) on her as punishment, only to be horrified that Tarn didn’t give a damn. I reckon

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