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No Rapists Need Apply

As “Yes Means Yes” laws and other anti-sexual assault legislation emerge from the corrupted back rooms of political deal making, it seems that the legal intentions of the law don’t appeal to every college-aged woman. The national offices for the

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Please, Please Me, Oh Yeah! I Won’t Please You!

Women were rarely like June Cleaver. Few looked that good, and fewer were that nice.

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No Money, No Honey, Sonny!

It is said that a man isn’t complete until he’s married. Then, he’s finished.

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A Few New Thoughts From An Old Mind

Haven’t much time to work on what is proving to be a large post, so I thought I’d clear the deck of a couple of ideas clogging the works.

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Mama Said, Mama Said

Ever heard the word “distaff” used in connection with females? Generally, the word is applied to wedded women, as in “His distaff side ain’t gonna like this!”. I got to thinking about the etymology of the word, and what I

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Conversations With The Bear

In the course of discussing my previous post, regular commenter Fuzzie said: “Blurkel, I have been quiet today digesting your post. Married men are in a pickle. It seems that they have been set up as chumps and the overwhelming

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Scheme Early, Scheme Often

What do modern young girls have planned for their future?  It would seem that some them have schemes in place early.  From this post at Dalrock’s, comes this comment from Dalrock himself, My wife has taught at private Christian

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The Red Pill Classroom — An Introduction to the Red Pill

Consider the following quote from the movie “The Matrix”, “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and

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The War on Women — What it Implies

In the US during the early years of this decade, the Obama Administration relentlessly proclaimed that the Republicans were waging a War on Women.  What this war mostly entailed was not approving additional goodies and privileges for women.  The high

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The Boiling Frogs

Girl Writes What writes this I’m sorry, but from the time of Susan B. Anthony and before, women have acknowledged their role as the moral arbiters of social norms. If the “everywoman” was so dead set against these injustices, certainly

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