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Oprah: “It’s Not You, It’s Men”

Oprah Winfrey is apparently running It’s Not You, It’s Men, a series of “discussions” regarding sex and relationships aimed at women. Among other things she’s promoting is the fallacy that once-a-week sex means that a couple is happiest. Said fallacy

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Life’s a Bitch

And then you’re a married one.

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Ho, ho, ho! Bah, Humbug!

Lord, Save me from your followers, for they know not what they do – or why.

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Lettin’ George Do It

Several decades ago, there was a common phrase used to chide those whose sense of civic duty was lacking. Such people tended to be quite vocal about the ailments of their society, but weren’t about to lift a finger to

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The Gender Games

The Bear gets it correct on the first try!

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No Money, No Honey, Sonny!

It is said that a man isn’t complete until he’s married. Then, he’s finished.

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Your Mother Should Know – But DOESN’T!

Let’s all get up and talk about sons And how they don’t step up to marry some girl Though she was born a long, long time ago His mother should know His mother should know And yet it appears she

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Mama Said, Mama Said

Ever heard the word “distaff” used in connection with females? Generally, the word is applied to wedded women, as in “His distaff side ain’t gonna like this!”. I got to thinking about the etymology of the word, and what I

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50 Shades Got It All Wrong

After attending to family business, I’m back in the breech. My thanks to those who expressed condolences. Hollywood is desperate. Movie after movie is essentially the same as the one which preceded it. The same sets of characters are recycled,

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50 SoG

The Web has been abuzz with women saying things like “Fifty Shades of Grey will boost your sex life”.  Women have been on edge in anticipation for weeks.  In short — many women were building their lives around this movie

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