Captain Marvel Revisited — A Bridge Too Far

    So what make Captain Marvel so unlikable to normal non-SJW men?  Let us recap.  She is a Mary Sue who never struggled on her way to her super-powers, unlike say Thor, Ironman or Luke Skywalker.  The fellas can

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What Men Want

Here we have Jed Clampett explaining to his daughter Ellie May about what grownup women should be like.  He makes it clear that men don’t want tomboys, and he somewhat regrets raising her to be one.  He makes it clear

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Ripe For The Taking

I have run across recently several older women who were either divorced/widowed in middle age.  A man comes along, one that talks sweet enough.  They marry soon.  The fella sticks around as long as her assets last.  Then he is

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Red Pill Movie Review — Midway

Here is a preview,   Note that I will make comparisons to these movies, There are a lot of thing that can wrong with a movie like this, but they for the most part did not happen.  I am eternally

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Soap Operas

As a kid, I didn’t much like soap operas, or daytime dramas, as they are officially called.  In fact, they ruined the word drama for me, as it ways synonymous with soap opera in my mind. Thank goodness my Mom

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Revenge Pron

Recently here in America, the US representative Katie Hill accused her husband of releasing revenge pron.  In fact, she made a big deal about it.  Some said that the fuss was all about distracting from her misdeeds; and they are

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The Herd Revisited

Adam found this here comment, Single mothers, and nearly all other women for that matter, won’t listen to a bunch of guys on the internet. The womenfolk won’t listen to men period, except selectively to the few alpha men in

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Red Pill Movie Review — Current War

So I decided to go see a historical drama, Current War, I rather like historical dramas, especially if they are more or less the truth.  I rather do like history, and from what I have read, this flick comes reasonably

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Intellectually Lazy

From here, During the summer of 2018, Sulkowicz tells me, she was single for the first time in years. Swiping through Tinder, a man she found “distasteful” super-liked her. “It smelled like Connecticut,” she says of his profile. “He was

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Red Pill Movie Review — Rambo: Last Blood

I have a history of liking action flicks, but today’s typical action flick normally doesn’t do it for me.  Be it over the top CGI, or super ludicrous action, they just donate have the same appeal as of old.  This

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