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This blog’s posts and comments (including mine) are mostly about women. I hope this does not reflect a preoccupation with women in our minds IRL. Discussion of the subject is necessary and crucial here, I know that. I think of

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We have recently seen in the US a media frenzy about illegal immigrants and their children being separated upon capture.  The facts that the children are treated rather well, that Bush and Obama Administrations did the same thing, that illegal

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Re-imagining Star Wars

With the Kathleen Kennedy driven Disney Star Wars movies a pattern has emerged.  Strong female characters are the new heroes.  In fact, they are born great, unlike previous generations of male heroes who were forged through struggle and effort.  Naturally

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Combo Shit Test

I have seen some women shit-test men in a very specific way.  Or rather, I think that I have seen women do so.  Perhaps they themselves do not even realize the approach that they are taking.  Perhaps, it just happens.

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She Doesn’t Comprehend — And This Is Revealing

We last saw Penelope in this post.  She seemed to be a very proud INTJ, with self-recognized intellectual skills.  Here she is considering the subject of men who can’t get sexual intercourse. “Wot are u bein such a stuck up

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Red Pill TV Review — That Amy Schumer Thingamabob

I decided that I would take one for the team.  I gave it a go.  I watched the Amy Schumer Leather Special on Netflix. Well, actually I lied a bit.  It was so cringeworthy that I used the scrubber bar

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One Step – Two Step

Previously, we learned about one-trick-ponies; that is, women who have depended on their appearance, which is now fading.  This is most unfortunate for them. In the olden days, women did not take such a path; at least not intentionally.  What

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One Trick Ponies

I have recently come into contact with several over 40 divorced women.  Their physical appearances are still effective enough to attract male attention.  They have that going for them.  Unfortunately, they don’t have much else. It really is a sad

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Shit Test Diagnosis And Cure

Way back when, my ex-wife would shit test me almost to no end.  She would try to bait me, but I never rise to the challenge.  In a way I sort-of maybe a little bit passed.  But not really.  My

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Wonder Woman Versus Rey

Previously both Wonder Woman and The Force Awakens were both discussed here. Personally, I liked the Wonder Woman character.  As for any of the new StarWars characters, including the empowered women, not so much. Since liking the characters that you

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