In A Bind

What is Feminism to do?  In many ways they are the least sympathetic of all of the officially sanctioned victim groups.  Much of this is because many of their members are white; perhaps more so because most everybody sees that

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Alpha Widowhood: How Much Impact?

Women have hypergamy built-in.  They possess a strong desire to pair up with what their tingles tell are top men.  Just to set the record straight, men do not have a comparable feature as hypergamy.  Back to the point, when

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Red Pill Knowledge and Women

In an individual women’s case, knowledge can be power.  If she understands the red pill, a reasonably accurate model of reality, she can make decisions that maximize her benefit.  Ideally these decisions would be mutually beneficial to her and her

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BBC Silliness

Recently I attempted to watch two BBC documentaries, one on the history of mathematics and the other about Captain Cook.  I finished neither.  It was due to a combination of not delivering real relevant interesting information along with the annoying

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Red Pill Movie Review — Dunkirk

  I will cut to the chase, Dunkirk is the best movie that I have seen in years.  It is a well done set of stories from the air, ground and sea woven together nicely. The many characters (but not

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Women Won’t See

Over at Dalrock’s, commenter Steve McQueen stated, I find it disturbing that most of the commenters here seem either not to know or not to care that women are as much the victims of feminism as are men. Feminism has

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Her Status

A common suburban couple has him as the main breadwinner and her as as either in part-time work, in a lower status job (often worked on and off throughout the years) than he is, or as a (heaven forbid) SAHM.

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Red Pill, Blue Pill

So what exactly are the red and blue pills?  Lots of people talk about them, often with different perspectives.  We will explore here one perspective as to what they are. In my parent’s time, both men and women were raised

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Projection Of Expectations

From the classic Captain Capitalism post, But what is becoming a more frequent phenomenon is a question these girls ask; “Where are all the guys?” I never paid much attention to this, as it has always been the case that

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Physical Insecurity And Its Elimination

From Dalrock’s, Novaseeker comments, Ah, yes, but the fantasy here is a bit different and is rather specific to one of the main insecurities of the female sex — male physical superiority. The fantasy of WW is not that she

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