SOTU — What Men Want

This is the fourth installment of the the State Of The Unions (SOTU) series.  Previously The Ton commented, Often under appreciated by the cucks, feminist, save the West types is round about age 24 or so, the high maintenance bitch

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From here, Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that

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Awesome Single Women Revisited

Like weeds in a garden, articles about hordes of awesome single women continually pop up.  Here is the latest, After  looking into  the mating preferences of more  than 5,000 men and  women  by way of survey, researcher  and  biological anthropologist

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A MGTOW Response to the “Consent Form” Farce

I have wondered how the world of the past would react if we could go back and present them with the extremes of the feminist world of today. How would past generations react to crowds of women dressed as vaginas,

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It’s A Trap

The present day thought for many (such as on college campuses) is that consent should be specific and written.  One wonders if people have thought this through. So we have some coeds making out, continually escalating, when he pulls out

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Hookup Sex

From here, In the weeks following “Grace’s” tell-all about her bad date with actor-comedian Aziz Ansari, the internet has exploded with articles instructing women on how to date. Women should tell their partners “exactly what we want sexually, and how we

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Looking For Mr. Good-Tingle

Regular commenter Earl posted a link to this site.  If you have not, please go and check it out.  A young lady laments about her experiences with men.  More specifically, she rails against the bullshit that they can dispense.  Here

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SOTU — Men’s Ambivalence

Over at RPG’s, she posted about women doing more to put themselves into a position to be found by a fella.  Probably many women just don’t understand; as they have lots of attention in their teens and twenties.   They believe

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Red Pill Movie Review — 15:17 To Paris

  I glanced at the review scores for this flick; the usual suspects had it rated rather low.  So I knew going in that it had a chance to be good.  To cut to the chase, it was good, but

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Strange Game Frame

I have an acquaintance with a girlfriend where he employs a non-standard version of game.  He i s not especially tall, handsome or strong, but he has a firm hold on her.  Much of the time he has effective frame,

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