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The Next Big Thing

Old friend Deti commented, “I think this would be the Holy Grail for feminism to see this (polyamory) go respectable mainstream.” OF COURSE that’s the goal. That’s the next big push, now that gay marriage has been accomplished and they’re

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The Mishmash March — Part I

In case you did not notice, there was a Woman’s March (but not pro-life women, or women who voted for Trump) last Saturday.  Here are some of the speakers.  Watch at you own risk.       The question arises:

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Mary Sue — To Infinity and Beyond

From here, Ever wonder why Star Wars decided to make Mary Sue character Rey their main focus for The Force Awakens? Well, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy it’s because male Star Wars fans don’t need to be catered to anymore. Why

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Mud Huts

It is often stated around the manosphere that if it wasn’t for men, women would still be living in mud huts.  I had a notion of what this was about, but it became clearer on this thread, MGTOWhorseman:  Men value

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Listen to Reason She Should

On a previous post, our Glorious Patriarch placed this before our eyes.  Watch it.  Prepare to see what women have become. When I was a wee lad, I saw my older sisters being taught to be lady-like.  I, on the other

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Empowerment Through Social Media

From here, Gordon says the current crop of innovations, like smartphone apps, may be making life easier or more fun, but they’re not making workers significantly more productive. Blinder goes a step further, listing some distractions that may subtract from

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2% of Men 18-24 Feel Masculine

This post is trying to pick up where this Breitbart piece left off and, hopefully, start a good discussion about the deleterious effects of misandry. I don’t know what Breitbart will tolerate, so I will just leave the link. You

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It Is Always Something — Part II

When we last left the magazine staff, Another girl nodded, then admitted she’d spent the last few years working out which of her male gay friends she could start a family with, since no heterosexual men she’d met in the

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The Real WGTOW?

Frequent commenter BuenaVista recently remarked, I think that a lot of women check out — WGTOW — within their state marriages. Their obesity, cigarettes and tv habit (or tennis and ladies-lunching) are just the way they express their departure. The

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Just Do It

Here is an excerpt from the book Fall of Japan by William Craig, After General Anami’s death, the Emperor had asked the senior officers to forget their personal feelings and devote themselves to the nation in the difficult days ahead.

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