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Is Feminism Pooping Out?

Feminism has always been about the destruction of the straight white man (the Patriarchy). They have gone quite a way toward achieving their goal. It is easy to foment hate against a successful demographic, especially if it can be targeted

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Female School Administration

A disturbing trend during my lifetime has been the change in administration of K-12 schools from men to women.  To be honest, the word disturbing seems appropriate.  It has not been a good thing. When I went to school, I

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Red Pill TV Series Review — Lost In Space

Here is the promotion I kind of liked the real Lost In Space as a kid.  I wanted to like this Lost In Space; I want to like any legit science fiction.  However, this just doesn’t cut it.  Let us

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What Is Their Issue?

From here Even though it was organized by the committee behind the Women’s March, there wasn’t supposed to be any actual marching at the Women’s Convention. But a few minutes before 5 p.m. on Saturday, several hundred women were stampeding

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Women Teachers Hot For Boys

Women teachers just can’t seem to get enough of their underage students.  What is going on here.  Here is Stephanie: I’ve thought a ton about why these idiot women are doing this, because I know several in that field that

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Assimilate or Die

From here, There’s a persistent trope in science fiction and fantasy about a society consisting solely of women. It’s a peaceful and prosperous society, free from all violence. There may be some female warriors, who are somehow better than all

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The Next Big Thing

Old friend Deti commented, “I think this would be the Holy Grail for feminism to see this (polyamory) go respectable mainstream.” OF COURSE that’s the goal. That’s the next big push, now that gay marriage has been accomplished and they’re

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The Mishmash March — Part I

In case you did not notice, there was a Woman’s March (but not pro-life women, or women who voted for Trump) last Saturday.  Here are some of the speakers.  Watch at you own risk.       The question arises:

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Mary Sue — To Infinity and Beyond

From here, Ever wonder why Star Wars decided to make Mary Sue character Rey their main focus for The Force Awakens? Well, according to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy it’s because male Star Wars fans don’t need to be catered to anymore. Why

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Mud Huts

It is often stated around the manosphere that if it wasn’t for men, women would still be living in mud huts.  I had a notion of what this was about, but it became clearer on this thread, MGTOWhorseman:  Men value

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