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Racism against White Males: As you Reap, so shall you Sow

There’s a reason for the avalanche of pathological hatred against the white man. Someone set up the conditions whereby the pathology would germinate and grow. Someone generated the mob of sick minds who hate him so. Who is this “someone”

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What Does She Really Want?

RPG posted this last thread The author admits to liking MAGA types. Or at least “misogynistic MAGA” types. What might be going on here? Let me state that I have never been attracted to SJW types. Their world view makes

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Albanian News ups the competition!

Here’s a news channel that is truly uplifting!

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Are They Redeemable?

From here, My husband and I are both successful professionals. He’s an attorney and I’m a nurse practitioner. Each of us came from a fairly lower-middle-class background and worked hard to get where we are. Our families helped us as

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Something Changed?

From here, Several days ago, I posted a story on Facebook highlighting the inflated expectations many women have of men and marriage. The purpose was to show how simple most men’s needs are when compared to women’s. To drive the point home,

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Starting Young

I have an acquaintance who had a 10 year old daughter.  He took the daughter and an older son on a business trip.  The kids stayed in the hotel room during the day, with the older boy supervising. One day

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What do you get when you fall in love?

♫ What do you get when you fall in love? ♬♪ You get a germ and catch pneumonia ♪ ♫ After you ♪do♪ she’ll never phone ya … This post is about love – the “falling head over heels” kind of

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Is Feminism Pooping Out?

Feminism has always been about the destruction of the straight white man (the Patriarchy). They have gone quite a way toward achieving their goal. It is easy to foment hate against a successful demographic, especially if it can be targeted

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Female School Administration

A disturbing trend during my lifetime has been the change in administration of K-12 schools from men to women.  To be honest, the word disturbing seems appropriate.  It has not been a good thing. When I went to school, I

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Red Pill TV Series Review — Lost In Space

Here is the promotion I kind of liked the real Lost In Space as a kid.  I wanted to like this Lost In Space; I want to like any legit science fiction.  However, this just doesn’t cut it.  Let us

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