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Der Fraulines

From here, In Germany, free education leads to irrelevant courses, hopelessly overcrowded public universities, and a drop-out rate of about 30% Well yes, if one is young and doesn’t have to pay for something; and furthermore can dictate what the

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Looking In All The Wrong Places

From here, Investigators find white supremacy, radical Islam materials in Gilroy shooter’s home. I can imagine, by the way, a really toxic blend of Islamism, white supremacy, and anti-feminism taking hold among a lot of young, marginalized men, given how

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Whither Manosphere Part I

BV states: I wanted to respond to The Deti’s serious note on the manosphere stalling out. I agree with him. My comments, of course, are just my impressions and reactions. The manosphere has stopped growing, innovating and entertaining because: 1.

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It’s Nothing Personal

A favorite tactic of public figure type women who are criticized is to state that they, personally, are being attacked.  Anita Sarkeesian, the late Emily Hart, the Squad (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Illhan Omar and that other one), etc.

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Gang Shame

One tool that women have posessed forever is the gang-shame; where they gang up on a fella that they collectively have decided is not doing what they want, letting him know about it.  I suppose that there is safety in

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My Life Ignoring Chicks

A recent post discussed how women really, really desired attention.  Well, they for the most part have not received it from me; or more specifically, females of my age cohort or younger have not received it.  It really wasn’t so

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Sugar And Spice Revisited

I have been mulling stuff over.  I was thinking about why women of yesteryear were taught to be sugar and spice and everything nice.  Was there a good reason for this, other than the whims of the Evil Patriarchy?  Was

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My work friend Joe, who is a millennial, was commenting the other day that he has lots of acquaintances that just can’t shut up about their sexuality on Facebook, twitter, etc.   Be it their turn-ons/turn-offs, kinkiness, SJW posturing, latest

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Feminist High

Do Feminists like to bitch?  Why yes, they do.  Here might some of the reason why. From here, I am reading an excellent analysis of PC behavior by Loretta Graziano Breuning, PhD, entitled How I Escaped Political Correctness And You

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Guys And Games

The general unhappiness about young men and video games just never goes away.  It has been considered here and elsewhere in the manosphere before.  There is a general consensus that the fellas just like to go to battle in groups.

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