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A Good Fit For Kids

When I was in fourth grade, the local school decided to show movies in the gym on Saturday afternoons (note that this was in the era before cable). The first one was Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island. I thought it was

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A Big Day

Years ago, my nephew was getting married late on a Saturday afternoon. My Mom was a bit excited and before the wedding when we ran across him, she asked what he had been doing earlier that day. He replied that

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Jury Duty

Pretty much everybody agrees that fellas on a jury are more positively predisposed to pretty lady defendants. If they act feminine, so much the better. Consider Christine Blasey Ford in the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. She used this fake soft vulnerable

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Increase Your IQ Now!

It is actually very easy to do so. All you need to do is believe in the correct causes. You don’t actually have to reason things out, to thoroughly consider the situation. In fact, doing such would be a sign

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Stating The Obvious

From here, In case you missed it, a recent conversation transpired between Milbury and fellow analyst Brian Boucher about the NHL’s playoff bubble — no fans in seats, no one but your teammates and team staff in the arena or

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Dad’s Home

When I was a wee tyke of maybe five years old, my older sister and I were playing on a merry-go-round type of thing where you sat and pumped bars and feet pedals to make it go. For balance reasons,

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Men And Trust

Deti stated, We are trained that “a person’s word is his bond”. We men are trained to take what people say at face value. We are trained in the ways of honor, which implies that when it gets to the

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So what about the length of hair on women?  Most fellas like it long.  Perhaps it is a reminder that women are different than men.  Perhaps it is a sign of health.   It doesn’t really matter, fellas like what they

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As we all know, one of the hotspots for Feminists and their war on men would be on university campuses.  Why would this be?   Perhaps it is because the gals are young and hot headed, with administrators feeding off

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Women And Celebrities

We have this cringefest.  Women seem to fall for this way more than fellas.  My ex really thought celebrities who spouted off virtue signaling were just awesome.  Moral paragons even.  Even in my blue-pill days, I knew enough to giggle

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