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Getting in or getting out of a Relationship?

Sex does not always equal love!

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Young Men — Hindsight

There is such a thing as hindsight bias. It is when you look at past events, and consider that the events that happened were inevitable and that you just knew that they would be the way that they turned out.

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Young Men — Forest Through The Trees

As you all know, there were lots of problems with my marriage. Much of it starts off that I was Blue Pill at the time. Adding to this was the fact that I was in the middle of it all.

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Male Role Models

Boys need grown men to be role models, to show them how to go about doing things. Most people at some level understand this. Yet they really don’t seem to care. One of the reasons might be the historic perspective

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Respect For Whom?

It is commonly held around these parts that men desire respect. So in today’s world, how does that play out? For most men, they don’t receive much of it. They might get some from male friends and colleagues, but not

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The On-going Validation of Pedophilia

“Simply, this is one of the initial stages of the desensitising process. Talk about a taboo subject in an “academic” and “theoretical” manner. Suggest that removing the stigma or taboo will actually better achieve the goal of prevention than the

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A Poor State Of Affairs

From here, Another fact we’re not allowed to talk about: black families were doing better than white families in the U.S. before the welfare state was set up in the 1960s. Yes, they were actually outpacing white families in economic growth, and

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Coming Apart?

Over at Jack’s, Novaseeker writes, Yes, there are entire communities where the women have essentially stuck the landing. Almost all of them are gifted both genetically in terms of appearance and in other ways (intelligence, drive, discipline) and most of

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Young Men — Get A Dog

Many years ago after my divorce I was visiting my Mom on the weekend. I went on a day trip and when I returned, my dog was so very happy to see me. I commented that it was good that

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I have mentioned this topic before on this blog, and have received some doubts. I will bring it up again, discussing it with respect to one single application. The idea is that the fellas are capable of compartmentalizing stuff. The

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