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Feminists/SJWs And Churches

I have notice various article in the pst few years that have a common theme: churches that go all SJW lose members.  Why do they go SJW?  Probably a big reason is that activist/engaged women are driving the car now,

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Non-Team Players

Stephanie stated, “As for the women, they really are not judged on competence, at least not any more. They used to be judged on how good a wife, and especially mother they were, but we are now in a judge

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Internal Locus Of Control

From the Happy Wife / Happy Life post, Some months ago there was a discussion either here or at Blooms wherein the ladies emphasized that they need to know what to expect from their man, what he will accept from

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The Good, The Bad And The Indifferent

  Deti wrote, I’m riffing on this “women don’t respect men” thing again. It used to be women respected men’s superior strength. Women respected men’s authority over their homes. Women respected pastors, political leaders, teachers, community leaders. Almost all of

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Millennial Males – One Approach

I have noticed a number of millennial fellas who view life through a lens of cynicism; with seemingly the purpose of the cynicism is to look intellectual and cool to others (particularly to chicks).  These fellas are not particularly accomplished,

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The New Normal

BV wrote, We read a lot about how men should help the young drop the scales from their eyes, but I mostly get agreeable but patronizing looks from a 20-something man. I wonder if some personal disaster is required for

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The Big Picture

Why did the Evil Patriarchy, along with other systems throughout the world, exist?  Some might say that it was all about men exploiting their larger physical stature and aggressiveness to subjugate women.  Probably a large number of people would say

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How Many Comprehend?

Naturally everybody in the Manosphere knows how the system (e.g. marriage, divorce, sexual harassment, affirmative action) has been tilted such that it is not favorable and sometimes downright dangerous to men.  Many men who are not party to the Manosphere

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The Glorious Patriarch defined, Tradcons (the normal word) can be grounded or not, but they’re not actively in denial of reality. I don’t have a problem with them at all (Dalrock might fit this (he’s grounded), I read at Dalrock’s

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Hollywood Types

Over at RPG’s, Alan Kardec states, We are programmed to give our attention to Alphas, those who others are focused on. That attention just snowballs out of control and people become important because other people think they are important. Again,

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