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The Big Picture

Why did the Evil Patriarchy, along with other systems throughout the world, exist?  Some might say that it was all about men exploiting their larger physical stature and aggressiveness to subjugate women.  Probably a large number of people would say

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How Many Comprehend?

Naturally everybody in the Manosphere knows how the system (e.g. marriage, divorce, sexual harassment, affirmative action) has been tilted such that it is not favorable and sometimes downright dangerous to men.  Many men who are not party to the Manosphere

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The Glorious Patriarch defined, Tradcons (the normal word) can be grounded or not, but they’re not actively in denial of reality. I don’t have a problem with them at all (Dalrock might fit this (he’s grounded), I read at Dalrock’s

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Hollywood Types

Over at RPG’s, Alan Kardec states, We are programmed to give our attention to Alphas, those who others are focused on. That attention just snowballs out of control and people become important because other people think they are important. Again,

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Combo Shit Test

I have seen some women shit-test men in a very specific way.  Or rather, I think that I have seen women do so.  Perhaps they themselves do not even realize the approach that they are taking.  Perhaps, it just happens.

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Have It All?

As the world has recently seen, women in general go nuts when a woman marries a prince.  What is up with this?  Perhaps it tickles the ultimate fantasy about having all of the resources one would ever need to raise

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Chick Tattoos

I will explicitly state my preference: I do not want women with tattoos.  One can start off by saying that they are very unladylike.  I suppose that if you don’t care about being a lady, then they might be perfectly

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Don’t Judge Me

From time to time one hears people demanding that they not be judged.  My older brother when in high school once decided that this was how it should be.  He started hanging around with some hippie types; together they went

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Of Fish And Bicycles

Feminists tell us that women do not need men, either individually or as a whole.  Does anybody really believe them?  Let us consider the situation. When I was a kid, my older sister talked about hope chests, household stuff gathered

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From here, Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that

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