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In the modern day, men are criticized for seemingly everything, manspreading, mansplaining, toxic masculininty, the gaze, for playing video games, for not marrying women, for not being good enough to marry women, for being a cad, for being an incel,

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Happy Non-Birthing Parent Day

So here is the annual day for fathers. When I was a kid, it was never as big as Mother’s day. It has gone downhill since. We all know about the assault against fathers. The media from all angles, advertisements,

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Cats And Dogs

It is generally thought that the fellas like dogs and the gals like cats. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it sure does seem so. If you do not agree, state why in the comments. So what is

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Nice And Smart

My ex once told me that I was nice and smart. She stated that this was a combination that she had never seen before. It didn’t stop her from divorcing me. I suppose that I was too nice, being blue

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High Value Women

Around these parts recently, we have seen lots of talk about high value women. For example, Tomi Lauren was hot last fall. So what defines these self-defined high value women? They are big on looks, including clothes. This is definitely

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Young Men — Under Stress

When I was younger I believed that someone’s true character came out under stress. I am not so sure anymore. In my case, I did not always act the way that I thought I should under stress. Perhaps it was

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Getting in or getting out of a Relationship?

Sex does not always equal love!

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Young Men — Hindsight

There is such a thing as hindsight bias. It is when you look at past events, and consider that the events that happened were inevitable and that you just knew that they would be the way that they turned out.

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Young Men — Forest Through The Trees

As you all know, there were lots of problems with my marriage. Much of it starts off that I was Blue Pill at the time. Adding to this was the fact that I was in the middle of it all.

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Male Role Models

Boys need grown men to be role models, to show them how to go about doing things. Most people at some level understand this. Yet they really don’t seem to care. One of the reasons might be the historic perspective

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