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The Mental Health Issues of Feminists

  Sub-Title:  UDDERLY (apologies to Yoda, who already referenced Udderly at Udderly. It’s a word that is pungent with meaning. When we first read or hear it we are left wondering “Udderly… what?” Udderly starkers? Udderly bonkers? Udderly true?

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Thoughts on Thinking

I pondered what it is to really think through a concept well and thought of the various ideas and clichés I have heard over the years regarding what this process looks like.  It might be to question everything or to

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Turning off the hob stove when the whole house is already afire

It struck me that, while correct, their advice is way too late. Like remembering that you’ve left the cooker hob alight and rushing to turn it off when the whole house is already burning down

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In response to – The Gentrification of Amsterdam.

Before watching this video I advice you read down below in the description box. Where the uploader had given a background narrative explaining the purpose of the documentary My summarisation and response to this would be separating cultural romanticism with

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Talent Is a Natural Aphrodisiac

It don’t think it matters what setting or environment we are put in. But when we’re passionate and committed we become our most attractive selves. There’s something to be said about taking the lead. It’s sexy, it’s hot and it’s

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Control the Media, Fake the Vote Count

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin Of course the pedants of Western academia hotly deny that Stalin said that. Are they right? It’s true that the quote was

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Looking forward to the New Year

I doubt many will regret the passing of 2020. But will it be ‘Meet the New Year, same as the old Year’? We’re watching you 2021, you need to show improvement over 2020 Happy New Year everyone

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Will They Be Satisfied?

From here, We’ve seen this question a lot from today’s modern women. We’ve also heard similar complaints. “Good men are so hard to find!” “There are no good, available men left anywhere!” Well yes, this is often heard. Probably It

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Annual Christmas Thread Of Good Cheer, 2020 Version

Merry Christmas to all. [Add this I will]

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Young Men — Don’t Be Woke

Let us just jump to the punchline: women don’t respect wokeness in a fella. Let us consider the short term and long term relationship cases. Suppose that you are at an Antifa protest/riot. There are lots of young women around,

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