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Young Men — Don’t Be Woke

Let us just jump to the punchline: women don’t respect wokeness in a fella. Let us consider the short term and long term relationship cases. Suppose that you are at an Antifa protest/riot. There are lots of young women around,

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A Good Example

We last visited this topic here.   A lady looking up appears like she is less effort to handle; perhaps even pleasant.  In this case here, she pretty much uses every technique that she has in her repertoire to make her

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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part III

Tomi Lahren asserts her status as a low quality Thot-iana.

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The Pump Handle (That Time John Snow Saved London)

  Note that this was posted as a draft some time ago.  I did not realize it was there until I stumbled upon it.  I know that it was published elsewhere, but I am publishing it now to make amends

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Quarantine Kitchen

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a prepper. I have a decent stock of weapons in my home, but that has more to do with the fact that there are still a number of, umm…..”clients” from my

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On Prancer and Vixen…

On Prancer and Vixen… Posted on 6 December, 2019 by Jack      Rate This Why do women always want a Christmas holiday “relationship”? From Elite Daily, “This is my favorite time of year.  And despite what you might think, I’m not alone, which is why now is the

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Notes from the Corporate ‘Holiday’ Party

For a little background, I am employed by a international engineering company with 20K+ people worldwide.  I’m in one of the Texas offices.  About 120 people at our location, and it is diversity3 here.  What I mean is that we’ve

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Missing The Memo

From here, “We’ve created a culture based on lies. Here are some of them: Career success is fulfilling; I can make myself happy; Life is an individual journey; You have to find your own truth; and Rich and successful people

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In days past it was expected that men who were not bums would marry up a lady.  Women needed the financial resources and protection of a fella was the reasoning.  A bit of an obligation to do this resulted. But

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Child Abuse

Lately there have been many reports of youngsters with elevated anxiety due to thoughts of Global Warming and the forecasted effects on the world.  Naturally enough, youngsters are very impressionable.  For many, the fear is real.  For others, exploiting this

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