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In days past it was expected that men who were not bums would marry up a lady.  Women needed the financial resources and protection of a fella was the reasoning.  A bit of an obligation to do this resulted. But

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Child Abuse

Lately there have been many reports of youngsters with elevated anxiety due to thoughts of Global Warming and the forecasted effects on the world.  Naturally enough, youngsters are very impressionable.  For many, the fear is real.  For others, exploiting this

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Sometimes the people who come into our lives change us dramatically for the better simply because of who they are and who they choose to be. Ton is one of those people. I’ve never met Ton in real life, and

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The EU and Men

A few years back I traveled extensively in Scotland.  While there, I asked small businessmen from time to time what their views on the EU were.  There was a common answer: They were overbearing, costly and useless.  This is especially

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Vox’s anti-MGTOW Crusade

Has anyone else seen Vox’s recent crusade about MGTOW? There are are a few related streams on youtube: There are a couple of related links on his blog. I read his blog often. I value the content in

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The Flight From Masculinity — Part I

From here, Men might be the unhappiest they’ve ever been. Many causes have been cited for a recent slide in male satisfaction, evident in a number of social science data sets, everything from the 24-hour news cycle, to the economy,

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Mental illness or merely the opposite of INTJ?

As an INTJ I like to think that my internal model of reality closely matches reality.  It’s my instinct that mismatches between my map of reality and reality itself cause problems.  Potentially huge ones.  I like my maps to be

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The Good, The Bad And The Indifferent

  Deti wrote, I’m riffing on this “women don’t respect men” thing again. It used to be women respected men’s superior strength. Women respected men’s authority over their homes. Women respected pastors, political leaders, teachers, community leaders. Almost all of

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What’s Going On?

Very often young men just fall into place, that is, do what those around them are doing.  This could be a good thing, but it is not necessarily so.  More informed decisions are hopefully better decisions. In all endeavors, consider

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Death of the Sagbot(?) Don’t make me beg, I will if required though. I mean…if that’s what it takes

Just a place to hang my ramblings and rantings as I discover whether my Prime Minster is going to succeed in making my country a permanent vassal state of the Glorious EU Reich.   Or, if she fails, she sets

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