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Respectable Married Lady

From here, The first statement of the author (in original bold) is, I am a respectable married lady.  Dalrock from time to time discusses the prestige that women get from being married.  In the olden days, of course, being a

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Unshakable Belief

I often find myself as something of a contrarian within the manosphere – not because I am blue pill, but because I am more optimistic about the future than most. There seems to be broad agreement that the current state

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Social Constructs

From here, The problem is that the scientific evidence doesn’t support the liberal view. Sex differences in interests emerge within several hours after children are born, with girls showing more interest in people and boys in systems/things. One-day-old girls look

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It’s Going to Get Really Bad For Men

This is my first post here.  I offered this particular post idea to Spawny and he took it.  Here’s hoping he won’t regret it. The post you’re about to read is a bit of an expansion of and variation on

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I Just Want A Simple Life In This Scary World

(For those who prefer posts written by men … most of this is simply quoting another piece written by a man 😉 ). RPG has written in the comments, “I just want my girls and I to live and enjoy

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Red Pill Movie Review — Cars 3

Watch the trailers.  Is this a kid’s movie? This installment of the Cars franchise just did not really work.  The humor really wasnt there, the old characters were reduced in role and the new characters really did not do it

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The Oppression Of Being Nice

Of course women have the reputation of being nicer than men.  Furthermore, they have turned this into women are more moral than men.  I am not sure what will come next, but it probably will not be either rational or

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Crap UK General Election

Just so you can avoid it, if you’re sane

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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you an assessment of what is happening in the USA.  President Trump has irritated all of the Feminists, SJWs, designated victim groups, etc.  The thought that truly marginalized groups like white males

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Collateral Damage

From here, But the claim that massive numbers of women are sexually assaulted on college campuses is simply not true. And that false “one in four” figure is creating real anxiety in many college women: What I’m talking about has a technical

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