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Mental illness or merely the opposite of INTJ?

As an INTJ I like to think that my internal model of reality closely matches reality.  It’s my instinct that mismatches between my map of reality and reality itself cause problems.  Potentially huge ones.  I like my maps to be

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The Good, The Bad And The Indifferent

  Deti wrote, I’m riffing on this “women don’t respect men” thing again. It used to be women respected men’s superior strength. Women respected men’s authority over their homes. Women respected pastors, political leaders, teachers, community leaders. Almost all of

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What’s Going On?

Very often young men just fall into place, that is, do what those around them are doing.  This could be a good thing, but it is not necessarily so.  More informed decisions are hopefully better decisions. In all endeavors, consider

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Death of the Sagbot(?) Don’t make me beg, I will if required though. I mean…if that’s what it takes

Just a place to hang my ramblings and rantings as I discover whether my Prime Minster is going to succeed in making my country a permanent vassal state of the Glorious EU Reich.   Or, if she fails, she sets

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(Fried Ice) Squared

The Manosphere agrees that deep down women want a strong man in her life.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest this, fish and bicycles notwithstanding.  Feminism as a whole has worked diligently to reduce the strength of men, starting

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Believe All Women

We all have been urged recently that we should believe all women.  Apparently this means unconditionally and in all circumstances.  This is a rather strong assertion.  What would be the consequences of this?  How would the legal system change?  How

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Rules To Live By

Twenty years ago, my sister was engaged to a fella.  He had two daughters, 18 and 19 years old.  My sister got to know them, found out that they were having sex without precautions, and consequently got them on the

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Somebody To Blame

As we saw in the Toxic Brew post, women have difficulty making sense of themselves and their activities in the world.  Contradictions and confusion reign supreme.  They expect much, obtain some, and are left with the thought of “What went

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A word that ends in “ist” can be a powerful weapon, too powerful in fact.  But what does “ist” mean?  It means everything, and it means nothing.  It means, or doesn’t mean, whatever the correct people desire at the time.

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What Is A Carousel Rider?

Previously this blog has discussed the Carousel here, here and here.  But what exactly is and what exactly isn’t a carousel rider?  There would be many definitions of course.  Probably nobody will ever admit that they are a rider, so

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