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Hypergamy And Self Esteem

Everybody knows that modern youngsters, especially girls, are raised in a healthy (well, actually unhealthy) bath of self-esteem.   Repeatedly in the manosphere, it has been asserted that vast swaths of teen girls suffer from poor self-esteem. I have always

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Poe’s Law

I found this somewhere on the web.  It is satire. Take It To The Limit by “Little Orange” Recently the full duties of North Korean cheerleaders have been revealed; I am aghast at this.  Providing just for the leaders well

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The r/K selection theory books free today

The new Third Edition of The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics and How to Deal with Narcissists are both free Sunday January 28th, Monday January 29th, and Tuesday, January 30th at Amazon, at the links at the bottom of this page.

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Slut Status

Old friend Deti writes, Young women who sleep around have higher status with their GFs. That tends to decrease a lot as women age out of that, get to around 30 or 35. I think when women get to Alpha

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Let’s have a “Nothing from White Males” Day

White men created a world in which the people of the poorest nations today have a better quality of life than did emperors and kings in centuries past. Everyone on Earth has benefited hugely from the white man’s success. And

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MGTOW is my solution

A comment on “Is the Pence Rule the Only Surefire Way to Stay Out of Trouble?” I suggest that the best approach might be called the Pence Rule Plus. It combines a bit more flexibility with much greater caution. 1.

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The changing traditions of marriage

I mean seriously, what was he thinking?  What was she thinking?  Who has any dignity in this scenario?  No one.  That’s who. I’m dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 — CFC TUCKER (@The_Chelsea_mod) November 27, 2017 I don’t remember hearing of this in

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No Help From Academia

From here, Meet Scott Yenor. Yenor is a mild-mannered, bald, bespectacled professor of political science at Boise State University, a college known more for its blue football field and run-and-gun offense than for its history of philosophical debate. Yenor’s intellectual

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Respectable Married Lady

From here, The first statement of the author (in original bold) is, I am a respectable married lady.  Dalrock from time to time discusses the prestige that women get from being married.  In the olden days, of course, being a

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Unshakable Belief

I often find myself as something of a contrarian within the manosphere – not because I am blue pill, but because I am more optimistic about the future than most. There seems to be broad agreement that the current state

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