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Wendy Davis

Tonight, I wrote a comment that was scathing of Wendy Davis, the former Democratic Candidate for Governor of Texas in 2014. She is quite a peach. What gave her the springboard to run for Governor in 2014 was a filibuster

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Cut Off From The Herd

Frequent Commenter Ame stated I’ve been kicked out of the herd a time or two for not following along blindly.  I don’t like not being a part of the herd.  I miss it. It is a Manosphere truism that women are herd

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Great Expectations

In the last post, we considered how young women are very prone to feeling that they are special snowflakes; and consequently deserve whatever it is that they desire.  As probably all readers have seen, this leads to much unhappiness, mental

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The whinging pom myth

Being the happy go lucky type that you lot so love, as an Englishman born and bred, I’ve been wondering how the Aussie myth about whinging poms came about.  A myth that has no mirror that I’m aware of, I

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Let 2017 commence

Pesky timezones mean that 2017 beckons for some. Just over an hour to go. 2016 has had some fine moments, I wish I was optimistic that moves towards real BREXIT ™ will occur, but I’m not.  We have the wrong

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Feminists (and SJW types in general) like to try to quickly and easily dispose of an opponent by name calling with such terms as misogynist, sexist, racist, xenophobic, etc.  The gentleman in the above video makes this point. He suggests

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Was it good for you?

The election, the media reaction, the butthurt, discuss

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My Dad Yesterday And Today

Deti commented, Ton disagrees with me. He says MGTOW is less driven by low access to pussy than it is low access to economic improvement. Men have MGTOW forced on them because there aren’t any better options at all. Living

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The Missing Men

There have been a spate of news articles lately about large numbers of the so-called prime working age men who are not in the work force.  I am sure that you have seen them.  Clearly the authors (and the people

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My first comment in response to the Hierarchy of the herd

Another flashback, this is a comment that I made to the Hierarchy post. Can I bend your framework a little to tie it into an article elsewhere? And thereby explain why society is falling apart over the issue of feminism.

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