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GOVE is running. Now you’re talking

Gove Joins U.K. Tory Race Saying Johnson Unfit to Be Premier Yeah, yeah, you’ve never heard of him.  Unless you’ve been paying attention to UK politics in detail.  Or saw some of the better BREXIT debates.  Debates where he politely

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We’ve only gone and blown the doors off!

Happy Day! I must admit that when the polls closed at 10pm last night I hoped for BREXIT but I wasn’t very hopeful that we’d get it.  That nutter that murdered Jo Cox just before the last weekend blew away

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#BREXIT stuff

To save continuing to spam the main threads, feel free to ignore

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Socialism In the Large and Small

There is only one place where socialism has ever worked; that is, in the family.  Not all families work this way though probably they worked more so in the past than in the present.  The families of my grandparent did

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He has risen

Just a quicky regarding Farage and his promise to resign as UKIP leader if he failed to be elected in  South Thanet.  He did fail.  He did resign.  But… Breitbart-London : Farage rises again: So how can the Tories stop

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‘ere we go, ‘ere we go, ‘ere we go

If you’re looking for pro-online coverage I’d look at Andrew Neil on ‘Election 2015’, sadly he’s accompanied by the far past his primt David ‘Bumblebore’ Dimbleby.  It’s on BBC1 via iPlayer if you have access to the UK via VPN

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The Mug Punters Strike Back (I hope)

Gerald Warner writes another terrific bost on Breitbart-London Forget tactical voting: The strategic vote is UKIP “Eve of poll” is one of the holy days in the liturgical calendar of the political class. It is a red-letter day for politicians,

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Miliband stumbles, Nigel doesn’t

Just had the leader’s debate on TV.  Call-me-Dave, Cleggover and Millibland. It’s not been Ed’s best day. A couple of days ago Ed tried to suck up to Russell ‘don’t vote it’s a mug’s game, mate’ Brand.  Today we got

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The polls, Esmerelda, the polls

The Wail on Sunday has a story covering its latest poll, today. Tories lead in third poll in a row as Ed’s voters turn to Ukip: Threat of Nicola Sturgeon helps David Cameron to three-point lead Con 33% Lab 30%

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Europhile, PC, metropolitan, elitist and wholly divorced from real-life Britain

Wednesday is a great day to read Breitbart-London. Why Wednesdays in particular? I hear you ask. Because Gerald Warner has a regular post on Wednesdays. Here is todays (or part of it, the original is here). There are currently two

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