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Prince Harry Revisited

Obviously Prince Harry has gone SJW. Probably he thinks that this is a good career move. Or maybe he thinks he is actually making the world better. Or perhaps both. So here are a couple of questions. Do young men

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Cheering Him On

Everybody should watch this clip. It is a stirring speech. It is about the defense of the modern civilization that white men built. Up in the gallery is a young lady who was Churchill’s secretary/stenographer. She is watching intently. She

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The Good Shepherd

I just finished reading The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.   Here is the sometime soon to be released film adaptation of it For the most part, I can place scenes in the trailers with what happened in the book.

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PM May

The following is pure speculation from an American.  Take it with a grain of salt if you desire. Theresa May was given the PM portion with the task of delivering Brexit.  It was her one reason to exist.  How to

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Difficult To Fathom

I have been reading this book, Air Power: The Men, Machine,  and Ideas That Revolutionized War,  from Kitty Hawk to Iraq authored by Steph Budiansky Here is an excerpt, The staff of the factory were no doubt touchy themselves as

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The Green Light

It seems that the newest member of the Royal Family has been given the go-ahead to push Feminism. Meghan Markle given palace’s blessing to fight for feminism as she takes her place in the Royal Family — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) May

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Respectable Married Lady

From here, The first statement of the author (in original bold) is, I am a respectable married lady.  Dalrock from time to time discusses the prestige that women get from being married.  In the olden days, of course, being a

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She’s A Lady

As a bit of an antidote to the ongoing sluts series, I present this post Well, she’s all you’d ever want She’s the kind I like to flaunt and take to dinner But she always knows her place She’s got

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What is the Point?

Here is a fella with a “Bionic Member”.   When you hear bionic, you think of this: Steve Austin battling Bigfoot   Well, this bionic member is much less impressive.  Basically it is a “blow up” device with a pump.  And

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Expectation and Entitlement

Growing up on a modest homestead in farm country formed a world view, one that is not always found today.  First of all, one had to work.  Dad worked, Mom worked (around the house, not at an HR job) and

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