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No Way Out

I work with this younger fella, call him Kevin.  He is 27, comes from a fine family, is religious and is kinda sorta looking for a wife.  He is smart and fit.  Makes good money.  He doesn’t sleep around. Another

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How Can This Be?

Tarn always asserted that lots of teen girls possessed self-esteem problems.  I normally asserted that I could hardly see why.  Perhaps from a chick perspective it can happen, but from a guy’s it all seems rather odd. First of all,

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Selling Career Women Out

From this link, If you’re wondering why it’s so difficult for you to hold down a job, you might consider taking a personality assessment. Science suggests there’s one personality type that’s more likely to be unemployed than others. A new

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I chanced upon this comment by “Andrew” under a Helen Smith post: “Across the board, it is astonishing how much of today’s political discourse can be boiled down in the end to – “If they are not that evil, then

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Victim Status

For a normal logically thinking person, the notion that a person is elevated in status by being a victim is odd. In recent history status was conferred via accomplishments, possessions, power, positive attributes, etc.  These were mostly on the positive

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Some time ago a visiting commenter challenged regular commenters to produce evidence that children of single custodial fathers do better than the children of single custodial mothers. I wanted to rise to the challenge back then, but got distracted IRL.

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Not According To Plan

Deti writes, “Understand the label of Carlson’s detractors as “weak men are screwing feminism up”.  I think that’s oversimplifying it. What’s happening, and what Carlson and Zmirak are kind of sort of describing without actually saying so, is what naturally

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Resources Before Motherhood

Naturally enough, it takes many resources to raise a child.  Ideally one obtains them, or a commitment to provide them beforehand.  This all makes sense.  However, sometimes it goes oddly wrong. Sometimes, women concentrate on the resources part, but forget

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HR, Here I Come

Young women are the stars in High School and College, just from the fact that they are young women.  Probably many believe that they are going to set the world on fire with their awesomeness; after all, everybody right now

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How Much?

From here, Why are so many marriages failing? The answer should be more complicated than women just being callous, evil, hypergamous monsters….which is the issue I take with mgtow, since that is the picture many of them are trying to

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