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Does The Truth Matter?

From here, In the following decades, the neo-Marxist “social justice” ideology and movement flowered. Our society is condemned in universities for being racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and oppressive. To correct this, professors and administrators advocate for programs benefitting the “victims

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Fantasy Island

BV writes, A buddy is building a coffee/wine bar with four apartments for vacationers, on the beach in Belize. (“Drink!”!). I told him his market is the married female market, and I advised him that women of means are going

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The Latest Fashion

From here, During the past five years, I’ve heard more parents talk about their children coming out as gay, particularly their daughters, than I’ve heard in the past forty years. According to statistics, this is more than anecdotal. Psychologist John

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Over at Dalrock’s Interestingly it has been a few mothers of sons who have been willing to break the feminist/chivalrous spell and speak the unspeakable.  Megan Fox dealt chivalry a grievous blow in her post How to ‘Christine Blasey Ford-Proof’ Your

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It Pays To Be A Party Member (For Now)

From here, Toobin mocked the idea of “white men” fearing they can be falsely accused “Every night, I cry myself to sleep over the fate of white men in America,” Toobin stated. “White men have no power, white men —

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Get ‘R Done

Males are judged from an early age onward with respect to what they accomplish.  Usually this comes down to getting things done and doing them effectively.  Furthermore, there is the ethic of working with the team, and for the team,

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A Night In Poop-Town

A while back, I was to make a connection in San Fransisco.  However my plane to there was delayed, so I got in late, after my original connection.  They scheduled me onto a next day moving flight.  I was hangin

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We all know that so very many modern western women overvalue themselves.  A self-esteem infused childhood, a you-go girl young adulthood puff them up.  Naturally enough, due to hypergamy, thy want a man “better” than themselves.  There just are not

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It’s True

As my marriage was breaking up, my ex seemingly put herself under lots of pressure to justify herself.   I was loyal, dutiful and made good enough money (the prototypical beta of the manosphere), but she wanted out.  She had

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Hazardous To Your Health (Mental and Physical)

From here, (improved link) Today’s left lacks worthy menaces to fight. It is driven to find a replacement for racism, some sweeping historical wrongdoing that morally empowers those who oppose it. (Climate change?) Failing this, only hatred is left. Hatred

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