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Borderline Part III

Young men, if you are involved with women, you really need to be on the lookout for borderlines.  They can ruin your life, and rather easily at that. The relationship starts off good, really good.  She is really into you.

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Borderline Part II

What are some coping mechanisms with respect to borderlines?  Perhaps the first and foremost is acquiescing to their craziness.   One learns to walk on eggshells.  It seems better than standing up for yourself using facts and logic.  In any

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Borderline Part I

I have been hesitant to bring up Borderline Personality Disorder, as I have associated with many of them in my lifetime.  It is not a pretty picture. Where to start?  First of all, it is women who mostly have this

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Another Day in Paradise

1988 – I came home several hours earlier than usual from work one morning and found her car gone; I knew then for certain that my wife was out fucking another cock somewhere (driving almost an hour each way to

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Honeycomb wrote, She was incompontent. No one wanted to ride with her. The rumor is the REO purposefully waited till the last second to punch them both out. Yes while on approach the REO will eject’em both if necessary. The

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Incels As Victims?

Being a victim is powerful.  You receive sympathy, policies are altered in your favor, there are often monetary goodies.  Those who designate who are victims also benefit; the are able to feel good about themselves, they garner adoration from others

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A Means To An End, Not An End Itself

BV stated, This happens because girls are hard-coded (EPROM stuff) to generate desire; this compulsion is established and permanent by age 12. They wish to be desired, Bob from the car wash desires her and he’s not too fat, we’ve

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Captain Marvel Revisited — A Bridge Too Far

    So what make Captain Marvel so unlikable to normal non-SJW men?  Let us recap.  She is a Mary Sue who never struggled on her way to her super-powers, unlike say Thor, Ironman or Luke Skywalker.  The fellas can

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Ripe For The Taking

I have run across recently several older women who were either divorced/widowed in middle age.  A man comes along, one that talks sweet enough.  They marry soon.  The fella sticks around as long as her assets last.  Then he is

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Revenge Pron

Recently here in America, the US representative Katie Hill accused her husband of releasing revenge pron.  In fact, she made a big deal about it.  Some said that the fuss was all about distracting from her misdeeds; and they are

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