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Daughter’s Preference

I have noticed that daughters regularly receive much more support from their parents after age 18 than sons.  There have been too many instances of it to dismiss as an anomaly due to small statistical sample size.  If you disagree

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What A Letdown

I have never been a young hot chick.  So I do not have direct experience in what it is like. However, I have watched what was happening with them.  They receive attention, adoration, freebies, and sex from hawt men if

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Church Ladies

Dalrock has addressed this article from Kevin Williamson.  Now it is my turn. It is suggested that a fine place for incels to find a good woman in is church. There are girls who want to go home with a

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She’s Gotta Have Tingles

From the last post, It is often stated around these parts that one of the motivators of second wave Feminism was to provide easy (and often) access  for women (especially the lower SMP ones) to men who generate tingles. So what exactly was

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Chick Tattoos

I will explicitly state my preference: I do not want women with tattoos.  One can start off by saying that they are very unladylike.  I suppose that if you don’t care about being a lady, then they might be perfectly

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I Am Owed

Deti writes And so, “Chivalry” now means –Men must give me whatever I want, whether that be free meals, drinks, entertainment, nights out, commitment, relationships, marriage, and access to his resources, without question or hesitation. They must open doors for

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Recently Dalrock was discussing the relationship between chivalry and Feminism.  Basically it comes down to this: Men are supposed to acquiesce to what women say that they need; because men are supposed to protect women and who better to know what

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Shit Test Runaway

When a semiconductor gets too hot, it can change to allow more current through, causing it to get hotter, causing it to…  This is called thermal runaway.  The same thing can happen to a man with respect to his wife.

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Feminist Hate

By the time this is published it will be old news. There’s a queue of scheduled posts at the moment. FWIW I wrote it on the 13th April. Anyway, to give FB a break for a couple of days, here

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SWST — Puppet Master

From here, We don’t live in a patriarchy. Once, we did, at least in a de jure sense. Women have long possessed a measure of de facto power through their husbands and sons. However, in my own lifetime we have

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