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Naked Power

From here, However, as an NYC- based psychotherapist specializing in sexuality issues, I was not too surprised. The stories and concerns I hear from my clients do not necessarily match up with the narratives promoted by mainstream media. I’ll get

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From here, Things are afoot at Harvey Mudd College, an elite STEM school.  The natives are restless. Last month, too, a controversial report regarding student workload and faculty opinion of students leaked to the student newspaper, The Student Life. A committee

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Fried Ice

From the Atlantic In a recent, in-depth Washington Post profile of Karen Pence, Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, a small detail is drawing most of the attention: “In 2002, Mike Pence told The Hill that he never eats alone with

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Greasing The Skids

There is just so much in this video.  Please watch it. It is not overly long. One part that I want to emphasize is the point made by the narrator about this woman having her path cleared for her.  Of

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Knowing What It Is Like To Be A Bloke

A common refrain in the Manosphere is that single (often divorced) women in their 50’s are in for an awakening.  They no longer can command the attention that they did in their younger years.  In effect, it is said, they

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I was watching an old time western TV show the other day.  It was made in 1958.  The plot revolved around this attractive saloon owner woman who had previously committed murder and got away with it.  In actuality, she was

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Sunshine recently made this comment, When I ask them if they went outside over the weekend, the boys almost always tell me no. All they do is play video games or play on their tablets. When I say all, Farm

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They Just Don’t Care

From here, This is a story about successful kids (especially boys), common sense, and research. Most of us spend hours each day sitting at work. Science says it’s killing us, and we have developed all kinds of fads to combat

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The Next Big Thing

Old friend Deti commented, “I think this would be the Holy Grail for feminism to see this (polyamory) go respectable mainstream.” OF COURSE that’s the goal. That’s the next big push, now that gay marriage has been accomplished and they’re

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A common refrain for late teens and early twenties is that one needs to explore oneself to learn what you and the world really are.  This typically in the western world manifests itself differently for the guys and gals.  Let

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