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Young Men — Maintain Control

Dan Hill wrote and performed this at age nineteen Many years later, he confessed the story behind the song. It seems that he was in high school and was hovering around a girl. There was lots of drama, often caused

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Red Pill Movie Review — Titanic

Cameron232 wrote, Still, directed by uber BP-simp James Cameron who, based on his movie Titanic, has no clue what attracts women. Back in my blue-pill days, I wondered about that movie. The love story just didn’t seem right to me.

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Chick Flicks

As a follow up to the last post, the one about Bechdel’s rule, let us examine chick flicks. Historically chick flicks were big on relationship stuff, be it a RomCom or general romance (or dysfunctional romance). Why are chick flicks

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Young Men — Balance These

I grew up in a somewhat poor home. We didn’t have much. But I was mostly content with what I had. It seemed pointless to whine about stuff that you didn’t have, as whining made everybody unhappy. If I really

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Princess Di

I have always been confused by the adoration of Princess Di. She was admired in life and practically made a saint in death. People burst into tears when they heard of her untimely death. Many suggested that she be given

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The Big Disconnect

Previously, we saw this tweet, Feminists are a type of liberal. They fit into this category. So what leads to the above issues? First, they have a view of how the world should be. This view is so right that

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BoJo A Bit Slow

Recently the British PM, Boris Johnson has advocated for Government to have a more feminine perspective. Of course, general feel-good words were used to describe how this would work. Naturally the Government would be nicer, less harsh, more caring, bah-blah.

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Racism against white people IS Racist

In a comment on my latest post, Farm Boy at 15 June, 2021 at 4:21 pm gave us this link: OSU students furious after university reports Black-on-White ‘hate crime’. Hundreds of students protested and took to social media to decry

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Racism against White Males: As you Reap, so shall you Sow

There’s a reason for the avalanche of pathological hatred against the white man. Someone set up the conditions whereby the pathology would germinate and grow. Someone generated the mob of sick minds who hate him so. Who is this “someone”

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A Tipoff

RichardP from the previous thread posted this, The rise of selfies, Tik Tok , and the Kardashians (not in that order) has a lot of women convinced that turning themselves into a replica of a blow up sex doll is

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