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There seem to be incessant complaints about (typically young) fellas who play video games.  They are wasting their lives, their time, etc. is the normal refrain.  They need to man up is the typical solution.  Video games, of course, are

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Respectable Married Lady

From here, The first statement of the author (in original bold) is, I am a respectable married lady.  Dalrock from time to time discusses the prestige that women get from being married.  In the olden days, of course, being a

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Apex Fallacy Revisited

Over at Dalrock’s, Deti writes, I really have a need to understand where social science researchers are getting this notion that all single guys are out there having all this sex and all this Tinder/hookup “success”. What planet are they

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Men Owe

Over at Dalrock’s, Deti writes, “I think over time we’re going to see guys refuse marriage altogether. If or when they want kids, they’ll offer kids but no marriage. That still puts a lot of power in the woman’s hands

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Women Teachers Hot For Boys

Women teachers just can’t seem to get enough of their underage students.  What is going on here.  Here is Stephanie: I’ve thought a ton about why these idiot women are doing this, because I know several in that field that

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Looking Right Back At You (Sometimes, Every Now And Then)

Women have the generic all-purpose insult that goes like this: “You can’t get laid, you live in the basement of your parents house playing video games.  You are pathetic.”  There is some truth to this insult — many guys are

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Over at Dalrock’s, commenter Frank K stated, A few years ago a 30ish woman who had been thrown from the carousel (and who bragged about her carousel riding days to me) lamented to me about “Where have all the good

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Perfection Is The Enemy Of The Good

An older male relative of mine used to talk about his wife.  He described how she was always complaining about stuff, that everything was not good enough, that things should be better, blah-blah.  To my young blue pill self, this

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Deti’s Reprise

Recently, Deti wrote a very engaging post.  Here it is again, along with some of the significant replies. Deti: The post you’re about to read is a bit of an expansion of and variation on a comment you’ve seen me

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Cadder’s World

Commenter Cadders writes: A good question; why *will* men come back to the reservation? I don’t see it shaking out like that. Men won’t be coming ‘back’ at all. I have seen many definitions of MGTOW – it frequently seems

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