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The worrisome rebellion of a timely procreation.


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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part III

Tomi Lahren asserts her status as a low quality Thot-iana.

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The Symphonic Art of the Hustle

A survey of the hypnotic effects of Surf Rock (AKA West Coast Rock) on young ladies’ loss of libidinal self-control during the 1960’s.

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Koo-koo-ka-choo… Mrs. Robinson!

Why do younger men go for older broads?

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On Prancer and Vixen…

Why do women always want a Christmas holiday “relationship”?

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Knowing What It Is Like To Be A Bloke

A common refrain in the Manosphere is that single (often divorced) women in their 50’s are in for an awakening.  They no longer can command the attention that they did in their younger years.  In effect, it is said, they

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Series On Sluts — Part III — What Is A Slut?

There are lots of definitions.  It depends on who you are, as to what your definition is. If you are a guy looking to marry, you have your definition.  It may not be n-count based, as that may be difficult to

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Trading Comments With a Rude Feminist

Last night, October 2, I was on another blog trading comments. A feminist joins in and starts getting insulting. Ignoring the insults, I continued to talk with her. After a comment, she took it private. What all the fuss was

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Red Pill Advice for Boy

Most of us here would agree that red pill education is vital for any boy in the feminist world of today. Those of you who have sons are sure to have thought about this. I don’t have sons but I

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