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Baby, Sign Here You Should

From here, If you’ve ever listened to the classic Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” then you know it’s a really screwed up tune. I think not.  Here are some renditions,   A couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, found the ditty

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Listen to Reason She Should

On a previous post, our Glorious Patriarch placed this before our eyes.  Watch it.  Prepare to see what women have become. When I was a wee lad, I saw my older sisters being taught to be lady-like.  I, on the other

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A Perfect Storm

Back in my blue pill days, I experienced a news event that left me perplexed.  After the Coalition of the Willing invasion of Iraq there was much unrest on the left.  The country music group the Dixie Chicks gave a

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Cheap Conspicuous Morality

From here, Many liberals aren’t particularly wealthy. However, if you can’t afford a Luxury Car, or a Luxury Apartment, you can at least adorn yourself with Luxury Worries. It’s very cheap. Easy, too. I’ve described this before as being a

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“Bad Boy” and Feminist Crap

Comparison of feminine (left) and masculine face: A year ago in my post  “Times as a ‘Bad Boy” I beat around the bush and said people often mistook me for a bad boy, and some even mistook me for the criminal type. Since

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Anti-Male Advertising – A Look at the Mentality Inside It

These campaigns for girls are equally campaigns against boys. Already there are deeply entrenched biases against boys across the board. At universities, for example, girl graduates outnumber boy graduates by almost 2 to 1. The average income of women under

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Previously commenter Cill stated Man’s greatest flaw is his weakness for female flesh. I believe that we all understand that, but it needs to be said explicitly.  It allows women to manipulate men individually and as a whole in so

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The Death Watch of Matriarchy

AN INTERPRETATION OF THE PRESENT AND THE FUTURE (IF ANY) THAT AWAITS US GitHub joins Twitter on the death watch: “anti-harassment tools” means find new ways to attack men. It can’t have anything to do with actual harassment since no

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AN SJW’s Journey to Redemption — Part II

Part I is here. Continuing, At the same time I started college, my grades were pretty awesome and college was way less stressful for me than high school had been. I had so much more time I took an active

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Lettin’ George Do It

Several decades ago, there was a common phrase used to chide those whose sense of civic duty was lacking. Such people tended to be quite vocal about the ailments of their society, but weren’t about to lift a finger to

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