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The Manosphere Through Time — My Perceptions

It was January 2011 when I first discovered the Manosphere.  A friend who had been recently frivorced introduced me,  In his case, he had found the PUA part of it when trying to determine what had happened to him.  After

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Youtube channels worth a look

Tarn brought up RBK a few days ago. That’s RazorBladeKandy2 currently. We decided we needed a little update on new channels. The easiest way to compile the list is to showcase a few videos, I think let me start off

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Of Models and Men (and Women also)

Wikipedia states under the term model, A simplification of relevant aspects of a situation in the real world for its systematic study. An implicit goal of the manosphere has been to build a model of reality pertaining to the interactions

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Links Page redux

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A lot of men are wondering, what will happen when the number of available men, both in terms of population statistics and willingness to interact with women, drops to a critically low level? New Zealand probably has the most severe

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step by step towards more privacy on blogs

Ah yeah, gidday, how ya going, all right? Story. (For those of you who don’t understand the world’s most curious language (Kiwi), that translates to: “Hello, how are you today? You’re okay? Excellent!”) Now I’m a man of words, so I’ll

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INTJ it’s worse than I thought.

Following an entertaining post at Tarn’s blog about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test (please go read it and the comments*) I was left with a little mystery.  I had done the test 3-4 years ago (something like that) and come out as

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