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Red Pill Classroom — Amused Mastery

One of the concepts of game is that of amused mastery; acting like the competence of others (or perhaps yourself) is really not anything of real significance.  It is supposed to signal that a person is an alpha; and therefore

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Koo-koo-ka-choo… Mrs. Robinson!

Why do younger men go for older broads?

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What They Say, What They Do

It is a Manosphere truism that fellas should watch what women do, especially compared to what they say.  Of course, lots of people’s actions don’t match up with their words; but women seem to more prone to this than men.

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Red Pill Classroom — Carousel Watching

Of course, everybody in the Manosphere knows about riding the cock carousel.  Borrowing an image from Dalrock, There is also the activity of watching the carousel in action.  This has some advantages over actually riding it.  It is less risky

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MGTOW Son of Deadbeat Solo Mum

Farm Boy’s post about the openly cuckolded “Adam” reminded me of real life examples of children damaged by the behavior of high #N solo mothers. The sons of such mothers have no counter-balance to measure women by. Rua is one such

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Let’s STOP being DISTRACTED by Women

A lot of men behave as if women are superior creatures who hold the keys to the joys in life. They are dull and listless until a woman walks into the room, then they spark up, happy she’s there. What causes this dependency in

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A Husband is What is Left of a Lover

Still think that Seven-Year-Itch is a myth?

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Red Pill Classroom — Inner Game

Recently Deti commented on the game post, “How effective is Game?” It’s effective, but only short term. I think that’s what the PUAs like Krauser, Roissy, Roosh, Neil Strauss, Mystery, etc. found out. It’s also unsatisfying in the long term.

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Red Pill Classroom — Violence as a Turn-on

An Afro-American buddy of mine who grew up in the big city tells a story, I was 18 and out walking with my cousin.  We passed on the far side of the street by a nightclub.  This was where the

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Back In The Saddle Again – Maybe

One of my bucket list items is to improve and expand the knowledge base available for young men facing life’s challenges as represented by relationships with women. There was so much I had no clue about prior to my stepping

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