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Feminist Types Doubling Down

Yes, things are becoming more clear. The establishment types took credit for various improvements over the years, but these were mostly due to technology and productivity gains that they did more to hinder than foster. But thing that they were

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There are some things that men (at least real men) universally dislike. One of them is when a woman performs sexual favors to advance her career. Men historically have valued competence in their teammates and leaders. This is because historically,

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Threading A Needle

Margaret Thatcher was the most successful female politician in my lifetime. There are many that hate her, but they can’t claim that she did not get things done. Of course, many thought highly of her, including me. So how was

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So Sad They Are

Feminists and SJW types in general seem to be such unhappy people. I always wonder why somebody would want to be one for that very reason. Why go through life like that? So why are they so unhappy? As always,

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President Trump attended a “town hall”, with the expectation that he would answer questions from attendees in the audience. He did that a bit, but mostly he was left fending off attacks from Savannah Guthrie. To cut to the chase,

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Nuclear Family

Recently BLM altered their manifesto to delete the part about the abolition of the Nuclear Family. This has been a long standing goal of Marxism, so it was no surprise that it was there in the first place. Why do

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Love Among The Mostly Peaceful Protests

This subject was explored a bit here. Basically the conclusion was that being woke was not enough to get you laid. But there is much more going on at these mostly peaceful protests. On the west coast, LA, San Fran,

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Woko Ono

Notice that the title only mentions one of the supposed duo. Prince Harry appears to count for very little. Many of us feel like we could knock some sense into Harry, if just given a chance. But we are not

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RBG And Hillary

It has been reported by family members that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg did not retire during the Obama Administration because she wanted Hillary to appoint a replacement. She was already advanced in age with several bouts of cancer behind her. Apparently she

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Cheering Him On

Everybody should watch this clip. It is a stirring speech. It is about the defense of the modern civilization that white men built. Up in the gallery is a young lady who was Churchill’s secretary/stenographer. She is watching intently. She

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