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Democracy or Monarchy?

By “monarch” I don’t mean mere figureheads. I mean monarch who rules. I’m not an expert, but I doubt the monarchy has been more powerful than parliament since the civil war (1642-1648). Democracy works okay as long as it does

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Previously Ton wrote, The war on respect is dibalocally effective. Church doesn’t respect men? Men won’t defend it as an institution  Family’s no longer respect men? Men no longer value or defend the notion of family as an institution  Courts

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Recently, Kamala Harris’ niece posted this, What do we have here? One thing is that white men are being targeted. That is, targeted with impunity. So, first of all, let us consider the veracity of the statement. Peruse this, Since

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Prince Harry Revisited

Obviously Prince Harry has gone SJW. Probably he thinks that this is a good career move. Or maybe he thinks he is actually making the world better. Or perhaps both. So here are a couple of questions. Do young men

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From here, Facebook has censored posts promoting a book from a Catholic professor that criticized feminism. Told seller that it violated a rule against selling ‘adult products’ Well, I suppose that a book criticizing Feminism would be for true adults.

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AOC versus Diane Abbott

Here we have two crazy left politicians. They say lots of things. Vast amounts of what they say make no sense. But that does not matter. There are those who believe it all no matter what. True believers. Then there

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16:11 as Democracy Turns to Tyranny

Democracy will turn to tyranny. A feature of humanity makes it darn near certain that it will. The feature can be described as a state of dumb gullibility that leaves the door wide open for the most dishonest of people

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Loose Lips

I am sure that many of you saw this video In it, we see some really disgusting stuff. The man seems to be serious about it all. The question is: Did the fact that he was talking to a seemingly

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Control the Media, Fake the Vote Count

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin Of course the pedants of Western academia hotly deny that Stalin said that. Are they right? It’s true that the quote was

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Feminist Types Doubling Down

Yes, things are becoming more clear. The establishment types took credit for various improvements over the years, but these were mostly due to technology and productivity gains that they did more to hinder than foster. But thing that they were

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