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Young Men — Argue Less, Be More

People have discussions, sometimes heated. Sometimes people discuss maters in good faith, and one can have a productive talk.  In other cases, they do not discuss in good faith, often this happens when their position is weak, and they either

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Plead For Forgiveness

Here in the US, the late 1960’s saw a vast expansion of the welfare state.  This brought vast changes in the black community.  Men who were, or could have been, responsible fathers were marginalized by the free money.   Many

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So now we have the Chaz collective opporating in Seattle, Washington.  Undoubtedly, a large number of its members are young people, late teens and early twenties.  In normal cases, people of this age have difficulty keeping their mouths shut.  Silence

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President Theodore Roosevelt often was excited by stuff that he considered to be good, thus exclaiming “Bully”.  This, of course, meant good. Were not here to talk about T.R., rather the more common usage of the term.  Feminists were of

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O’Sullivan’s Law

As we watch the destructive madness of the Left and the MSM’s wilful mix of blindness to the damage and open endorsment of it, when we witness the woeful absurdity of “Chaz” (the world’s 196th nation no doubt to be

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Virtue Signaling, The Bible and Women’s Susceptibility

Lately, there has been a run on virtue signaling.   Celebrities are doing it in overdrive, corporations have stepped up the intensity of their delivery, even folks considered to be regular people are getting into the act.  It has been

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The Feminization Of The Mainstream Media

In the Manosphere there are rules of thumb with respect to female behavior.  It has caused much frustration over the years, with it described many a time over the years.  These behaviors seem odd to the fellas; who normally are

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Protestor Guys and Gals

Lately we have seen various “protests” around the US.  Very often they are younger people.  Naturally enough, they are of both sexes (plus various LGBTQ+ types).  Everybody really believes in their cause, and a camaraderie no doubt exist.  Lots of

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Feminists And Federalism

The United States has a Federal System of government.  There are two entities with sovereignty, the Federal Government in Washington and the individual states.  It a bit tricky to run an outfit with two sovereign entities, but it has kind

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Young Men — Learn How The System(s) Really Work

There are lots of systems in the world; the educational ones, the workplace ones, the government ones, legal ones, etc.  They all normally have published rules.  Based on these rules, you are supposed to figure out how to navigate though

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