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From here, Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that

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Red Pill Movie Review — 15:17 To Paris

  I glanced at the review scores for this flick; the usual suspects had it rated rather low.  So I knew going in that it had a chance to be good.  To cut to the chase, it was good, but

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Darkest Hour

    It was a very fine drama.   A good story.  Fine performances.  It was one man standing up for the Anglo-sphere.  What is not to like? Well, unfortunately, from what I have read, it is not entirely accurate.  For

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One Rule To Rule Them All

Here is some history of the Pence Rule This brings us back to Mike Pence. As was famously explained in a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence, the vice president doesn’t dine alone with women or attend events where alcohol

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Apex Fallacy: Google Edition

It has been speculated around the web that James Damore, the fella who challenged Google, has a measure of Asperger’s; which is common among techie types.  It often leads to the inability to read social situations.  It has been speculated

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Deti’s End Of Year Thoughts

This is what happens when you put men and women together in a workplace. Men chase attractive women. Women chase attractive men. Some woman somewhere doesn’t like it when an unattractive man tries to act like an attractive man. Some

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The Future

#MeToo is still running strong.  Eventually it will peter out and Democrats will call for new laws to make sure that it never happens again.  Undoubtedly a number of Republicans will be browbeaten into going along. Even though the incidents

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 Feminism flouts the Separation of Powers

The popular brief definition of democracy is along the lines of “the right to vote”. However, universal adult suffrage by itself doesn’t amount to much. Any shit hole could give everyone the vote and then blithely carry on as a

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What Do They Believe?

What exactly do the SJWs and those inclined to support SJWs believe? Probably with hardcore SJWs, they actually believe what they chant.  Perhaps some of them sometimes have doubts on some of their positions, but these are quickly repressed.  The

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Physical Insecurity And Its Elimination

From Dalrock’s, Novaseeker comments, Ah, yes, but the fantasy here is a bit different and is rather specific to one of the main insecurities of the female sex — male physical superiority. The fantasy of WW is not that she

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