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RBG And Hillary

It has been reported by family members that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg did not retire during the Obama Administration because she wanted Hillary to appoint a replacement. She was already advanced in age with several bouts of cancer behind her. Apparently she

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Cheering Him On

Everybody should watch this clip. It is a stirring speech. It is about the defense of the modern civilization that white men built. Up in the gallery is a young lady who was Churchill’s secretary/stenographer. She is watching intently. She

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Breaking The Spell

Previously on this blog we discussed Captain Marvel. It was theorized that the blatant in-your-face girl-power aspects were such that they distracted from the story such that one did not notice what ever story was there. In a sense, distractions

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Which Is Stronger?

From here The three count criminal complaint filed on July 6, 2020 in Kenosha County, Wisconsin against Blake includes:  Criminal trespass, domestic abuse a Class A misdemeanor, and if convicted faces a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisoned

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Hate Crimes

Hate crimes (aka thought crimes) occur in your head, are evidenced by your language, and are policed mainly by lists. They were not created by legislation, stare decisis, or even custom. However, in a totalitarian leftist state the legislature is

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Young Men — Learn To Set Limits

There are perhaps many places where young men need to learn to set limits, but we will focus on setting them for children here. Many fellas out there will have children, they need to know some things that society really

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Modern Pioneers

There probably have always been people selling their line of self-interested BS.  Often part of the act was that they were the cool people. so you should follow what they say.  In the modern day, the real pioneers in this

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That Ship Has Sailed

Recently a bunch of women who claimed to be the mothers of the protesters that are disrupting Portland banded together to form a human shield to protect them.  The implied authority that they had was that they were mothers, the

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Young Men — Argue Less, Be More

People have discussions, sometimes heated. Sometimes people discuss maters in good faith, and one can have a productive talk.  In other cases, they do not discuss in good faith, often this happens when their position is weak, and they either

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Plead For Forgiveness

Here in the US, the late 1960’s saw a vast expansion of the welfare state.  This brought vast changes in the black community.  Men who were, or could have been, responsible fathers were marginalized by the free money.   Many

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