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First AOC, now Hillary. As the 2016 election was nearing, Hillary’s pollsters were giving her daily polls.  The story is that she decided that she didn’t want to hear them any more, because they stated how the people viewed her

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AOC Boobs

Apparently for some reason, the search phrase “AOC Boobs” keeps coming up in people who come to this site via searches.  So when life gives you lemons, make lemon aid.   So let us start out with some pictures of

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Pay Gap Claptrap

It would seem that Nancy Pelosi wants to fix the pay gap “problem” On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke about the alleged “wage gap” while delivering a speech on the floor of the House of

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The “Fourth Estate” is Pie in the Sky

Democracies seemed unable to anticipate the partisan abuse of freedom of expression by the “Fourth Estate”. Perhaps they expected the competition of private enterprise, or even lofty peer review, to keep abuses to a minimum. Well it hasn’t worked out

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A Thought Experiment

To identify is to be.  We are almost there.  Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King identify as black, white people identify as Indians, men identify as women, women identify as men; the list goes on.   WE are all one big

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By Any Means Necessary

Recently RPG stated, And again some of this is likely the biological imperative (not to make excuses) as in women cannot fight hand to hand w strength so they fight Covertly with deception, diversion, by rallying in numbers, teaming up,

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Peak Feminism?

Over at RPG’s, Earl wrote, ‘ If all the changes over the past forty or so years haven’t led to a better, happier life for women (or men or kids), where do we go from here?’ Feminism for women is

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We have recently seen in the US a media frenzy about illegal immigrants and their children being separated upon capture.  The facts that the children are treated rather well, that Bush and Obama Administrations did the same thing, that illegal

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Mentor Gap

Sheryl Sandberg has promoted her #MentorHer campaign, with the goal of having men mentor women in the business world.  This push is in response to the response to the #MeToo movement, where men have suggested that they might not want

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Trump The Alpha Revisited

Way back when, Donald Trump was considered here.  Much has changed since then.  It is time to reconsider. One aspect of an alpha is that he is willing to take on all comers.  This is illustrated by the extremes of

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