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We have recently seen in the US a media frenzy about illegal immigrants and their children being separated upon capture.  The facts that the children are treated rather well, that Bush and Obama Administrations did the same thing, that illegal

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Mentor Gap

Sheryl Sandberg has promoted her #MentorHer campaign, with the goal of having men mentor women in the business world.  This push is in response to the response to the #MeToo movement, where men have suggested that they might not want

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Trump The Alpha Revisited

Way back when, Donald Trump was considered here.  Much has changed since then.  It is time to reconsider. One aspect of an alpha is that he is willing to take on all comers.  This is illustrated by the extremes of

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SWST — Puppet Master

From here, We don’t live in a patriarchy. Once, we did, at least in a de jure sense. Women have long possessed a measure of de facto power through their husbands and sons. However, in my own lifetime we have

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SWST — Hillary

This is the fifth in the Society Wide Shit Test series. As we saw in the last installment, Marxists and Women (with their inherent desire for external resources) fit together well as allies.  Hillary is the personal manifestation of this.

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From here, Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that

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Red Pill Movie Review — 15:17 To Paris

  I glanced at the review scores for this flick; the usual suspects had it rated rather low.  So I knew going in that it had a chance to be good.  To cut to the chase, it was good, but

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Darkest Hour

    It was a very fine drama.   A good story.  Fine performances.  It was one man standing up for the Anglo-sphere.  What is not to like? Well, unfortunately, from what I have read, it is not entirely accurate.  For

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One Rule To Rule Them All

Here is some history of the Pence Rule This brings us back to Mike Pence. As was famously explained in a Washington Post profile of Karen Pence, the vice president doesn’t dine alone with women or attend events where alcohol

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Apex Fallacy: Google Edition

It has been speculated around the web that James Damore, the fella who challenged Google, has a measure of Asperger’s; which is common among techie types.  It often leads to the inability to read social situations.  It has been speculated

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