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The worrisome rebellion of a timely procreation.


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Recently the Glorious Patriarch commented, You leave men alone for long enough to be comfortable, show them on TV how women think life should be (soap opera style DRAMA) and see how many men want to build their life around

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How “WGTOWs” are different from MGTOWs

Over the course of this year, we’ve spoken much about the concepts of herd mentality, hypergamy, frivorce, and manbashing amongst women and how these traits work together to create the misandric but gynocentric system currently in place in North America

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Help a blue guy get Red-Pilled

Okay, so I’d like to keep this as an ongoing page, so I intend to keep bumping it’s publish date to keep it front page, or there abouts. Between us we’ve seen a lot of useful material out there. ¬†Useful

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Don’t Tell Me What To Think

Don’t Tell Me What To Think Content Even the NAWALT disclaimer can’t prevent points of view seeming to tell me what I think, like “no matter what you think you think IRL, this is what you actually think here, because

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