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Red Pill Movie Review — 15:17 To Paris

  I glanced at the review scores for this flick; the usual suspects had it rated rather low.  So I knew going in that it had a chance to be good.  To cut to the chase, it was good, but

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Darkest Hour

    It was a very fine drama.   A good story.  Fine performances.  It was one man standing up for the Anglo-sphere.  What is not to like? Well, unfortunately, from what I have read, it is not entirely accurate.  For

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Red Pill Movie Review – Hustle

  A few weeks ago I was watching late night TV on a Saturday night.  The movie on was one that I never had heard of before, a 1975 flick called Hustle.  It had many big name stars, Burt Reynolds,

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Last Jedi

  Here is finally a Star Wars movie that is kind of good.  After the prequels and The Force Awakens, we have a movie that doesn’t cause too much groaning while watching; this is a rather nice complement I think.

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BBC Silliness

Recently I attempted to watch two BBC documentaries, one on the history of mathematics and the other about Captain Cook.  I finished neither.  It was due to a combination of not delivering real relevant interesting information along with the annoying

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Red Pill Movie Review — Dunkirk

  I will cut to the chase, Dunkirk is the best movie that I have seen in years.  It is a well done set of stories from the air, ground and sea woven together nicely. The many characters (but not

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Red Pill Movie Review — Cars 3

Watch the trailers.  Is this a kid’s movie? This installment of the Cars franchise just did not really work.  The humor really wasnt there, the old characters were reduced in role and the new characters really did not do it

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Red Pill Movie Review — Wonder Woman

Warning — Spoilers Ahead This flick is quite an improvement for a DC comics movie.  It actually had characters that I cared about; ones that you hope succeed. First of all, you have Wonder Woman.  She is easy on the

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Review of BBC’s Three Girls

I got through it. It was a tough, slow slog of a docudrama but it is the only thing that has dealt with the subject in detail. It comes in three one hour segments and, from what ai heard, the

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Red Pill Movie Review — Guardians Of The Galaxy Part II

This movie has two strong hot young women who have super fighting skills.  Despite that silliness, the movie works.  First of all, it has that 70’s soundtrack.  I know that lots of people hate the 70’s, but I happen to like

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