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The Evolution Of Lee Van Cleef

Lee Van Cleef was an actor, perhaps most famous for his roles in The Good, Bad and Ugly along with For A Few Dollars More. He often played villains, but also portrayed good guys or semi-good guys. Early in his

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In the movie Rudy, we have an un-athletic young fella who dreams of playing Notre Dame football. He works hard, does not really become skilled at all, but finally makes it on the field for one play.  This is the

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Captain Marvel Once Again

We last visited Captain Marvel here.  A long list of possible reasons as to why she is so unappealing were listed, basically boiling down to the fact that she is so perfect, without struggle and that she really seems to

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The Good Shepherd

I just finished reading The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.   Here is the sometime soon to be released film adaptation of it For the most part, I can place scenes in the trailers with what happened in the book.

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Make Your Own Stuff

We have been subjected to female Ghostbusters, female Star Trek (Discovery and Picard), female Captain Marvel, female Terminator, female Star Wars (the last trilogy), female Dr. Who and in the near future we will be subjected to female 007, female

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Get A Life (Earlier Rather Than Later)

We all know Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer.  In my case, I have tried to figure out what talent they might have.  It appears that they have built their whole life around sex, complaining and stuff.  It is not impressive

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Nazis Everywhere

From here, An analysis of the Hallmark Channel Christmas Love Stories, Running down this year’s schedule of Christmas movie offeringsis likea tripintoan uncannyvalleyof shiny-teethed, blow-driedheteronormativewhiteness, with only a few token movies with characters of color. It’s like watching “The Stepford

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Suspension Of Disbelief

Lately we have seen many feminist/SJW driven flicks bomb, such as Terminator: Dark Fate and Charlie’s Angels.  Of course, the pacesetter for this kind of thing was Female Ghostbusters a few years back.  The pattern seems to happen time and

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Red Pill Movie Review — Richard Jewell

  This flick is great.  It starts with a good storytelling.  That is something not always found in Hollywood these days.  No stunts or special effects to get in the way the story.  It keeps your eyes glued to the

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Captain Marvel Revisited — A Bridge Too Far

    So what make Captain Marvel so unlikable to normal non-SJW men?  Let us recap.  She is a Mary Sue who never struggled on her way to her super-powers, unlike say Thor, Ironman or Luke Skywalker.  The fellas can

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