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Red Pill Movie Review — Skyscraper

Here is the Studio’s pitch, There are the obvious comparison’s to Die Hard, both being criminals/hostages/lone wolf/skyscraper movies.   I will cut to the chase — Die Hard was way better.  Furthermore, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, no matter

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Red Pill TV Review — That Amy Schumer Thingamabob

I decided that I would take one for the team.  I gave it a go.  I watched the Amy Schumer Leather Special on Netflix. Well, actually I lied a bit.  It was so cringeworthy that I used the scrubber bar

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Wonder Woman Versus Rey

Previously both Wonder Woman and The Force Awakens were both discussed here. Personally, I liked the Wonder Woman character.  As for any of the new StarWars characters, including the empowered women, not so much. Since liking the characters that you

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Red Pill Movie Review — Soylo, A Star Wars Story

Here are trailers, Warning — Spoilers ahead (though it probably can’t be spoiled for anybody here) This could have been a good enough movie.  There was good action, nice special effects, good guys and bad guys, friendship, loyalty, etc. like

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Red Pill TV Series Review — Lost In Space

Here is the promotion I kind of liked the real Lost In Space as a kid.  I wanted to like this Lost In Space; I want to like any legit science fiction.  However, this just doesn’t cut it.  Let us

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Red Pill Movie Review — 15:17 To Paris

  I glanced at the review scores for this flick; the usual suspects had it rated rather low.  So I knew going in that it had a chance to be good.  To cut to the chase, it was good, but

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Darkest Hour

    It was a very fine drama.   A good story.  Fine performances.  It was one man standing up for the Anglo-sphere.  What is not to like? Well, unfortunately, from what I have read, it is not entirely accurate.  For

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Red Pill Movie Review – Hustle

  A few weeks ago I was watching late night TV on a Saturday night.  The movie on was one that I never had heard of before, a 1975 flick called Hustle.  It had many big name stars, Burt Reynolds,

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Last Jedi

  Here is finally a Star Wars movie that is kind of good.  After the prequels and The Force Awakens, we have a movie that doesn’t cause too much groaning while watching; this is a rather nice complement I think.

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BBC Silliness

Recently I attempted to watch two BBC documentaries, one on the history of mathematics and the other about Captain Cook.  I finished neither.  It was due to a combination of not delivering real relevant interesting information along with the annoying

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