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Red Pill Movie Review — John Wick III, Parabellum

Here is an intro, Naturally enough if you are interested in this movie it is because of the action.  It does not disappoint.  It almost never stops.  It has innovations; new locales, new weapons, new scenarios. This is all good.

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Red Pill Movie Review — Captive State

I know that this is the third movie review within a three week period.  This is just a co-incidence.  I have no desire to make this into a movie review site. Here is an introduction, This is a bit of

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Red Pill Movie Review — Captain Marvel

Here is an introduction,   Let me ask and and answer this question first:  Was it as bad as the poor reviews say that it was? Yes. Perhaps even more so. Let me state up front that I saw this

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Red Pill Movie Review — Apollo 11

There is a new Apollo 11 documentary out.  Here is more about it   I saw it in IMAX.  I knew that it wasn’t filmed in IMAX, but I figured I would check it out anyway.  The only parts worthy

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Red Pill Movie Review — Cold Pursuit

Here is an introduction So we have Liam Neeson in another action movie.  Which is good, as he is a fine actor. He plays a snowplow driver in a Colorado ski resort town.  His son works at the airport as

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Verizon Guy

Verizon has a new pitchman, Apparently some viewers consider him to be funny.  Actual answer — he is cringeworthy, an embarrassment to men.   Let us consider in more detail He plays a socially awkward nerdy type.  But he doesn’t

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What Boys Like

From here, One point she alludes to, which she made before: She thinks that Star Wars never appealed to Kathleen Kennedy. Kathleen Kennedy didn’t like the franchise, because it was, indeed, a boys’ adventure franchise. Instead of making a boys’

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Red Pill Movie Review — Skyscraper

Here is the Studio’s pitch, There are the obvious comparison’s to Die Hard, both being criminals/hostages/lone wolf/skyscraper movies.   I will cut to the chase — Die Hard was way better.  Furthermore, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, no matter

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Red Pill TV Review — That Amy Schumer Thingamabob

I decided that I would take one for the team.  I gave it a go.  I watched the Amy Schumer Leather Special on Netflix. Well, actually I lied a bit.  It was so cringeworthy that I used the scrubber bar

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Wonder Woman Versus Rey

Previously both Wonder Woman and The Force Awakens were both discussed here. Personally, I liked the Wonder Woman character.  As for any of the new StarWars characters, including the empowered women, not so much. Since liking the characters that you

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