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The Young New Mums who are Good Old Mums

The reappearance of Molly on the blog and her apparent whirlwind plunge into marriage and children has me thinking on behalf of y’all. She lacks the time, so maybe I should offer an explanation. It was actually planned well in

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Narcissism – can Women Love without it?

Post by Cillhouette and Molly with thanks to Cill for allowing us to use his account.   Are women hard-wired to be narcissistic? A woman wrote 50 Shades. Women readers bought 50 Shades in unprecedented numbers. Christian Grey is alluring to women. The truth is

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This post was written pursuant to a Request (link will open in a new tab) which led to a meeting between Cill’s sisters and sundry female cuzzies. Edited by Cill   “The approach used would seem to be a resounding

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An Open Letter to Cill and Molly

In reference to the extended family of Cill and Molly it has been mentioned on several occasions that the girls and young women are raised in a manner most unlike the majority of modern women.  The approach used would seem

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Don’t Tell Me What To Think

Don’t Tell Me What To Think Content Even the NAWALT disclaimer can’t prevent points of view seeming to tell me what I think, like “no matter what you think you think IRL, this is what you actually think here, because

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Women Throw The SMP Completely Out Of Whack

Cill’s note #1: My 19 year old cousin Molly wanted to write this post. Although she is brilliant, words are not her strong suit. She asked me to take her draft and reword it, which I have done. Here is

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