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The Mental Health Issues of Feminists

  Sub-Title:  UDDERLY (apologies to Yoda, who already referenced Udderly at Udderly. It’s a word that is pungent with meaning. When we first read or hear it we are left wondering “Udderly… what?” Udderly starkers? Udderly bonkers? Udderly true?

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It is sometimes said that from accomplishments comes contentment. For young men, with the path to being a proud father at least somewhat blocked, there is one large alternative. That is, video games. One can become rather accomplished with video

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What do you get when you fall in love?

♫ What do you get when you fall in love? ♬♪ You get a germ and catch pneumonia ♪ ♫ After you ♪do♪ she’ll never phone ya … This post is about love – the “falling head over heels” kind of

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Am I Still MGTOW

As a man who has children and ongoing interaction with the mother, I am not 100% MGTOW. The following are some positions I will not compromise, and why I still identify with MGTOW: I still don’t trust Women in general.

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The Male Reaction will be a Yawning Chasm

Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law of physics, not of sociology or human nature. Nevertheless it’s sometimes said that for the action of Feminism, there will be an equal and

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MGTOW over the cuckoo’s nest

#MeToo has turned Process into a circus. Men have allowed women to derail the once dispassionate pursuit of justice. In a hundred years with the vote, women have turned civilization into a joke. Feminism evinces a defective characteristic in the human

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mgtow keep free minds

This blog’s posts and comments (including mine) are mostly about women. I hope this does not reflect a preoccupation with women in our minds IRL. Discussion of the subject is necessary and crucial here, I know that. I think of

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Could machines make women irrelevant?

This post is not about the technological detail of sex robots and ectogenesis. It’s about the effect these “machines” could have on a Man’s dependence (if any) on Woman. It’s just my personal observations. I don’t have any stats to

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Deti’s End Of Year Thoughts

This is what happens when you put men and women together in a workplace. Men chase attractive women. Women chase attractive men. Some woman somewhere doesn’t like it when an unattractive man tries to act like an attractive man. Some

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Unhappy Wives, Unhappy Husbands

Over at Dalrock’s, Novaseeker comments, It isn’t men who are driving this by avoiding commitment, because women by and large are still marrying, if much later. It’s women who are driving this, by delaying commitment themselves and because there is

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