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Young Blokes — Have A Plan

Recently, it was suggested that young men learn about the red pill truths.  Once they gain an understanding and know where they want to go, they should develop a plan to ideally take them there. Of course, the goals might

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Risk of injustice builds MGTOW

The only thing that could make me avoid women is the risk of imprisonment or loss of my future. I can cope with bitchiness by telling the woman to shape up or ship out. I can defeat shit-tests with humor. I

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Self-sufficient MGTOW Handy-men

“But want and need ain’t the same thing at all” (SFC Ton) When I was a kid I met Gaffy the hermit who showed me that a man can survive alone. He made a big impression on me, and as

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The First Step Of MGTOW

Cill wrote a post about a boy growing up in a troubled household with no positive male influence. If a bloke isn’t interested in anything I do, I can’t be of much use to him. There’s no sense in wasting time on

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MGTOW Son of Deadbeat Solo Mum

Farm Boy’s post about the openly cuckolded “Adam” reminded me of real life examples of children damaged by the behavior of high #N solo mothers. The sons of such mothers have no counter-balance to measure women by. Rua is one such

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Cut Off From The Herd

Frequent Commenter Ame stated I’ve been kicked out of the herd a time or two for not following along blindly.  I don’t like not being a part of the herd.  I miss it. It is a Manosphere truism that women are herd

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Preference Cascade

Frequent commenter Ton linked to this post about indoctrination at public universities.  Here is an excerpt “The experience focuses on the examination of societal images, expectations, and messages around masculinity to empower men to better understand themselves, promote the advancement

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Fully Developed

Deti stated, What men need to do is to build a life for themselves; then invite a woman into that life if they want to. If a man does the opposite (put himself into a woman’s life), then it’s HER

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What Many Women Want (And Won’t Admit It)

Commenter Ame stated Like little children who feel safest when firm, safe boundaries are set and kept, so do women. and, like little children, women try to change those boundary lines continuously. Honestly, we’re exhausting. I’m continuously amazed at how

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The Future of MGTOW by Deti

I have told this esteemed distinguished assembly all of this before, in so many words. The future of MGTOW is that it’s going to get a lot, lot bigger. It’s also going to have a lot of men “forced” into

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