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A Big Day

Years ago, my nephew was getting married late on a Saturday afternoon. My Mom was a bit excited and before the wedding when we ran across him, she asked what he had been doing earlier that day. He replied that

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Recently the question was asked, Do women really believe that being difficult is attractive? Ton replied, Yes they do. It’s part of our culture now and most women will not swim aginst the main stream. It is something both of

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In the movie Rudy, we have an un-athletic young fella who dreams of playing Notre Dame football. He works hard, does not really become skilled at all, but finally makes it on the field for one play.  This is the

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Young Men — Be Not Humiliated

When I was in the process of being divorced, my ex would hard to humiliate me.  My sin basically was not being good enough.  I didn’t deserve it and felt that it reflected more on her than me.  In fact,

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A Good Book

Recently Horseman provided this link. So men often really need to have it.  Throughout life.  Who knew?   Short answer – these women don’t value their marriage. Let me tell a story.  After my Mom died, my sister told me

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Growing Up Together

My parents, for reasons beyond their control, did not get married till the late 20s, early 30’s.  So they were reasonably mature at the time.  My buddy however, commented that his parents were 18 when they sere married.  He stated

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Would you be a Cuck’s Best Man?

A bloke I know, let’s call him Mack, is a good bloke in most ways. His weakness is women. When it comes to women he’s an idiot. Lord knows he’s not the only man with that flaw. It’s damn near

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Long Term Success?

In the last post, Deti wrote, Exit question — how to tell young women that crap attitudes and behaviors won’t get them married and/or lead to long term success? When you all figure that out, let me know. I’ve spent

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Can Married Women be Happy?

If she feels that she settled, the answer is no. The end.   Actually there is a bit more to it.  But that is the gist of it.  So what does settling mean these days? It is really a question

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Here is a story of couple.  They are an acquaintance of mine.  She had a hippie upbringing, but now has decided that she wants the status and good life of the material world.  She has a construction business, one that

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