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Just Say No

  Commener Earl states, An older than him already divorced actress who was a SJW in her youth and her mother was a social worker…didn’t grow up with a father the whole time because of divorce…talks about gender equality and

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Of Fish And Bicycles

Feminists tell us that women do not need men, either individually or as a whole.  Does anybody really believe them?  Let us consider the situation. When I was a kid, my older sister talked about hope chests, household stuff gathered

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SOTU — There Are No Good Men Left, They Are All Taken

This is the fifth of the State Of The Unions (SOTU) series. In mainstream women’s magazines/websites one hears this lament regularly.  Notice that you don’t hear men suggesting the same thing with respect to women in mainstream magazines/websites; even though

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Awesome Single Women Revisited

Like weeds in a garden, articles about hordes of awesome single women continually pop up.  Here is the latest, After  looking into  the mating preferences of more  than 5,000 men and  women  by way of survey, researcher  and  biological anthropologist

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SOTU — Men’s Ambivalence

Over at RPG’s, she posted about women doing more to put themselves into a position to be found by a fella.  Probably many women just don’t understand; as they have lots of attention in their teens and twenties.   They believe

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Everything You Do Is Wrong

As brought up over at RPG’s blog, there are times when women will in their assessment of the their husband, claim that everything he does was done in the worst possible manner.  Normally fellas are not totally incompetent, so there

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Young Sheilas — Be Of Low Maintenance

Scott posted this about women’s maintenance levels, whereupon Stephanie responded, giving her take on how high maintenance manifests itself He’s lucky he hasn’t seen what ‘high maintenance” really is I guess. I grew up in a very rich area, where the

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Growing Up Together

A friend’s parent told the story of how they married young, as was customary at the time, and consequently grew up together as they described it.  For therm this worked out very well, with the husband a successful executive and

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Birth Right?

Deti: Boiled down to essentials, the statement to women is “You’re not worth it.” And that is the real insult. You’re worth some sex. You’re not worth working for. You’re maybe worth having some laughs with. You’re not worth commitment

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Young Sheilas — Be Introspective

Young women are now totally free to exploit their huge advantage: the youthful bodies that they have.  And they do.  The tables have turned so much from the olden days that even not so attractive women can play the game

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