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Resources Before Motherhood

Naturally enough, it takes many resources to raise a child.  Ideally one obtains them, or a commitment to provide them beforehand.  This all makes sense.  However, sometimes it goes oddly wrong. Sometimes, women concentrate on the resources part, but forget

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Risky Business

From here, I read a quote once that, if men don’t compute that there is at least a 50-50 chance of success, they don’t even bother to try, where a woman will keep trying past the point of harming herself.

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Pecking Order

Deti writes about the upper middle class pecking order, She is obsessed with her standing in the feminine social matrix. That’s the set of expectations, standards, social apparatuses, and conduct women have and use for judging each other and the

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Get Them While They’re Hot

What types of marriages might actually be happening (sometimes) today?  If you answered marriage by youngsters, you could be correct. Often such marriages are high school or college sweethearts.  Perhaps such women realize that riding the carousel does not increase

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The New Normal

BV wrote, We read a lot about how men should help the young drop the scales from their eyes, but I mostly get agreeable but patronizing looks from a 20-something man. I wonder if some personal disaster is required for

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The Hot Years — Free Shit

Tradition has it that single men show single women their financial success and their willingness to disperse it by showering it on them.  The thought is that since being a mother with kids will take lots of resources, one needs to

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The Big Picture

Why did the Evil Patriarchy, along with other systems throughout the world, exist?  Some might say that it was all about men exploiting their larger physical stature and aggressiveness to subjugate women.  Probably a large number of people would say

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Husbands Guaranteed

Dalrock writes, Lori Alexander quoted my post as well as many of the replies in her recent post What Men Thought of My Viral Post.  One woman responded to this most recent post by explaining that since she deserves salvation

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Using Sex As A Weapon

What is meant by this?  Typically men have a greater desire for sex than women, thus giving the woman leverage in the negotiations.  When married, there really should not be any negotiations, but there often surely is. What gets negotiated?

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Reaping The Wages Of Neglect

Love asked, Horseman, you wrote “Found an alternative outlet for his sex drive”… So MGTOW practice abstinence? Horseman replied, Love Abstinance, masturbation, hookers, fuglies, one night stands, go headlong into extreme sports for the replacement endorphines, buf SOMETHING!! A guy

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