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Borderline Part II

What are some coping mechanisms with respect to borderlines?  Perhaps the first and foremost is acquiescing to their craziness.   One learns to walk on eggshells.  It seems better than standing up for yourself using facts and logic.  In any

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Buying a Wife – Part 3

Though an arranged marriage may seem like an antique idea to some people, it is still popular, especially in poorer countries. It is pretty cut and dried, arranged marriages are business deals, cash and/or goods for wife and children. Like

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Buying a Wife – Part 2

Her father gave permission for me to marry his daughter after a required one year engagement period. Once the immediate family knew we were engaged two things changed immediately; One – she was no longer just the youngest girl in

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Buying a Wife – Part 1

As far as I was concerned the year 1988 mostly sucked. After throwing out and divorcing a cheating wife earlier that year, got my lawyer paid off, quit my job and sold or gave away everything else that I owned.

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Revenge Pron

Recently here in America, the US representative Katie Hill accused her husband of releasing revenge pron.  In fact, she made a big deal about it.  Some said that the fuss was all about distracting from her misdeeds; and they are

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Men’s Standards

Liz the Cat writes, Heh, Mike’s sister always dressed like a skank, and slept with his friends. This was a habit of hers through pilot training (she visited and immediately hooked up with several of our friends in pilot training,

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Sometimes men and women desire perfection, or at least something close to it. My ex was a bit of a perfectionist.  She didn’t let on at first about this, as it really isn’t very becoming.  But over the course of

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Young Women – Be A Unicorn

We all hear of young women unhappy with their manhunt; be it have difficulty in generating interest ing fellas in general, or that the men just are not up to her standards.  There is help.  It is really not so

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Stephanie wrote, “How many wimmin get married just because they crave the attention and affirmation?” I’m surprised more men in the manosphere don’t give credit to what Rollo wrote about years ago regarding women and attention. I haven’t read it

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The Young New Mums who are Good Old Mums

The reappearance of Molly on the blog and her apparent whirlwind plunge into marriage and children has me thinking on behalf of y’all. She lacks the time, so maybe I should offer an explanation. It was actually planned well in

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