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Alan Kardec over at RPG’s stated, It’s depressing but these days, meaning being me being older and not as focused on sex as I once was, I look at whether a woman shows any signs of actually being practically useful

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Signalling That You Are Ready

Back when I was a baby, men and women typically got married young, late teens to early twenties.  It was pretty much assumed that anybody who was of quality was looking.  The women did signal their intentions, and perhaps more

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Shit Test Diagnosis And Cure

Way back when, my ex-wife would shit test me almost to no end.  She would try to bait me, but I never rise to the challenge.  In a way I sort-of maybe a little bit passed.  But not really.  My

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Don’t Do This

Over at RPG’s, she recommends the website The Rules Revisited.  So what are the Rules, and why did they need to be revisited.  Go here to find the Rules. When I first read the Rules, I there was one that

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Have It All?

As the world has recently seen, women in general go nuts when a woman marries a prince.  What is up with this?  Perhaps it tickles the ultimate fantasy about having all of the resources one would ever need to raise

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  From here, ‘You’re so clever,’ they said. ‘Bright as a button, so mature, a pleasure to teach.’ I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I was top of the class, queen of the heap. My

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A Different Kind Of Tingles

Tingles is a important concept in the Manosphere.  With hypergamy unleashed, it becomes the proxy by which the perceived top men are evaluated.  So to the top men they trample. The next step is for their rationalization hamsters to justify why they

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Don’t Expect To Have It All

My infant and toddler years were spent in a ramshackle house similar to the Clampetts. It was a bit better than that, but not by a huge amount.  One had to go to the basement to load coal into the

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Church Ladies

Dalrock has addressed this article from Kevin Williamson.  Now it is my turn. It is suggested that a fine place for incels to find a good woman in is church. There are girls who want to go home with a

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Tingles And Motherhood

It is often stated around these parts that one of the motivators of second wave Feminism was to provide easy (and often) access  for women (especially the lower SMP ones) to men who generate tingles.  Tingles are apparently important to

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