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Young Sheilas — Be A Good Long Term Bet

In the modern times with easy divorce and especially divorce theft, many young men are very careful about who they put a ring on.  Marriage is a big time risk for the fellas; therefore they need to be sure that

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I Love My Life Right Now

From here, While we are seeing more and more women choosing not to marry and it’s becoming less of a stigma to be on your own, my mother can actually rest easy. While I have this “picky” standard, studies have

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Over at Dalrock’s, our old friend Deti wrote, @The Question: Re your linked article discussing the Wilcox piece, what men always notice is that the message is always “Men, this is what you need, and this is what you should

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Yellow Hat Lady

Here at Spawny’s Space we have been debating about this video, FuzzieWuzzieBear stated, This woman claims to want to get married, but from watching the video, it is obvious that her ego is too inflated and she must have an

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An Interesting New Relationship Dynamic

Sometimes there really is something new under the sun.  I know two young couples with both members highly educated who have deliberately opted for what would normally be considered reversed roles. Both of the fellas are highly qualified, but have

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Season of Divorce

Here is an interesting article, Unbeknownst to me, family lawyers apparently call January “divorce month.” As the Christmas tree is thrown out and the wrapping paper cleared away, the empty Champagne bottles taken out behind the garage, Google searches for

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She’s A Lady

As a bit of an antidote to the ongoing sluts series, I present this post Well, she’s all you’d ever want She’s the kind I like to flaunt and take to dinner But she always knows her place She’s got

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Series On Sluts — Part III — What Is A Slut?

There are lots of definitions.  It depends on who you are, as to what your definition is. If you are a guy looking to marry, you have your definition.  It may not be n-count based, as that may be difficult to

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Back in my married blue pill days, my ex would try her hardest to bait me.  She would say things calculated to push my buttons, to get me mad.  She was trying to get a response from me such that she

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A Piss Poor View

From here, On a very Friday edition of “The View,” the panel addressed a previously unmentioned side-effect of Donald Trump’s election in 2016: Is Trump ruining the sex lives of Americans? Joy Behar opened the topic by asking the men out there:

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