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Sometimes men and women desire perfection, or at least something close to it. My ex was a bit of a perfectionist.  She didn’t let on at first about this, as it really isn’t very becoming.  But over the course of

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Young Women – Be A Unicorn

We all hear of young women unhappy with their manhunt; be it have difficulty in generating interest ing fellas in general, or that the men just are not up to her standards.  There is help.  It is really not so

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Stephanie wrote, “How many wimmin get married just because they crave the attention and affirmation?” I’m surprised more men in the manosphere don’t give credit to what Rollo wrote about years ago regarding women and attention. I haven’t read it

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The Young New Mums who are Good Old Mums

The reappearance of Molly on the blog and her apparent whirlwind plunge into marriage and children has me thinking on behalf of y’all. She lacks the time, so maybe I should offer an explanation. It was actually planned well in

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The Complete Package

Here we have a video for your perusal, What might we be able to say about the young woman? Firstly, she has a sense of entitlement, both individually and as part of her group.   She seems to believe that

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“Good Men” Again

From here, Yet one important side-effect of all this that gets little attention is how tough this new environment has become for women, especially Christian women, to find good husbands. Yet for someone like me – a 32-year-old single Catholic

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Information Mismatch

Over at Dalrock’s, commenter Wagner Tench writes, I’m a young man at a prominent California Christian college, and the expectation for “chivalry” is rather high. The girls often want to get married quickly despite being steeped in debt, and even

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An Indicator

We have recently been examining wives from a team perspective.  Also from a less than team perspective.  How might a fella be able to discern one from the other? Although it is not a foolproof indicator, there is one piece

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As we saw previously in Zero Sum Game, large swaths of modern women view marriage from the perspective of what they can get out of it, financially, prestige wise, etc.  The fellas, they are under no such illusion.  They know

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Zero Sum Game

In the modern era with hypergamy unleashed, women have their hundred point lists for what their fella should be.  It does seem that it is about them, the women, doesn’t it.  Well, who am I to argue? So, assuming that

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