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What Does It Buy?

What does what buy? Humility that is. Why is it that the fellas around these parts put a premium on it? It is rather simple I think. A humble wife appreciates what she has as well as her husband. From

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Foreign Bride Results

One common idea in the manosphere is that of the foreign bride. The general concept is to find a bride from either the old Soviet block or from the third world, one that would hopefully be unspoiled by modern Feminism.

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Who Knew? Most Everybody

Here is the latest article about so called progressive women and conservative fellas, My friend Mark, 36, is a “catch” by many New York City standards. He’s good-looking, highly educated, and a talented photographer. He’s also progressive and participates in

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I Was Wrong

In the last post, I talked about my parents. As a youngster, I based much of my understanding of married people on them. That really didn’t work out so well. One thing that I assumed to be true, was that

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Here are some lyrics from “Alone Again, Naturally” “Now, looking back over the yearsAnd whatever else that appearsI remember I cried when my father diedNever wishing to hide the tears And at sixty-five years oldMy mother, God rest her soulCouldn’t

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Young Men — Balance These

I grew up in a somewhat poor home. We didn’t have much. But I was mostly content with what I had. It seemed pointless to whine about stuff that you didn’t have, as whining made everybody unhappy. If I really

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Getting in or getting out of a Relationship?

Sex does not always equal love!

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The worrisome rebellion of a timely procreation.


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Young Men — The Fog Lifting

A fella in his late teens and twenties is strongly affected by his raging hormones. Sometimes the ladies are all he can think about. At the same time, young men normally are just not that wise. As I mentioned in

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Prince Harry Revisited

Obviously Prince Harry has gone SJW. Probably he thinks that this is a good career move. Or maybe he thinks he is actually making the world better. Or perhaps both. So here are a couple of questions. Do young men

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