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Advice After Divorce

Over at Jack’s, Random Angelino wrote, The day nearly two decades ago now that I had to have my ex-wife served with the divorce papers was the single hardest day of my adult life. By far. Bar none. Because it

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Not Good

Jack recently wrote, In the long run this “new lack of rules” market based on sexual desire doesn’t actually serve the women market participants either, because they are increasingly left with relatively unattractive men as options for mates once they

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An Indicator?

I was considering potential indicators of divorce, ones that would be visible even at the time of the wedding. Of course, at that time, most everything is thought to be hunky-dory and the honeymoon phase is in full swing; but

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No Connection

Over at Jack’s, Elspeth wrote I see it among the ones who graduated with our kids. Making it to 22, 23 years old without ever having been on a date. Ever, and these are not fat or ugly young women.

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Coming Apart?

Over at Jack’s, Novaseeker writes, Yes, there are entire communities where the women have essentially stuck the landing. Almost all of them are gifted both genetically in terms of appearance and in other ways (intelligence, drive, discipline) and most of

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A Fella Of Potential

In times past, a young lady and/or her family might consider a young man in terms of his potential. It is somewhat difficult let for a fella in his early twenties to be skilled/established/knowledgable about all of the aspects that

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Perhaps one the things that captures the issue best when it comes to male/female long term relationships is the divergence of the sexual market place (SMP) and the marriage market place (MMP). Of course, there are many reasons why this

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Being An Ex

I have not seen my ex for a very long time. I have not searched for her on the web. I have no idea what she is doing. Maybe she has searched for me. I dunno. I don’t really care.

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Something Changed?

From here, Several days ago, I posted a story on Facebook highlighting the inflated expectations many women have of men and marriage. The purpose was to show how simple most men’s needs are when compared to women’s. To drive the point home,

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Familiarity Breeds Contempt?

I have several distant relatives where the one spouse (one male, one female) treats the other spouse in almost a contemptuous manner. They don’t treat other people, including me, that way. There is the continual complaining, lack of respect for

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