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Alan Kardec over at RPG’s stated, It’s depressing but these days, meaning being me being older and not as focused on sex as I once was, I look at whether a woman shows any signs of actually being practically useful

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People want to do what satisfies, or seems to satisfy, their wants in the short term.  This could be characterized as being impulsive.  It all starts as an infant, and is characterized well by Behavioral Psychology; that is behavior that

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Bad Sex For Millennial Women

From here, A recent study from Public Health England reveals that women aged 25-34 are more likely than women in other age groups to experience a lack of “sexual enjoyment.” That’s right, the “woke” generation isn’t all that happy in

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Hollywood Types

Over at RPG’s, Alan Kardec states, We are programmed to give our attention to Alphas, those who others are focused on. That attention just snowballs out of control and people become important because other people think they are important. Again,

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As a kid and also into my blue pill younger days, I vowed never to kneel when asking a chick to marry me.  It just seemed so degrading.  The whole kneeling thing struck me as begging, and even as I

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We have recently seen in the US a media frenzy about illegal immigrants and their children being separated upon capture.  The facts that the children are treated rather well, that Bush and Obama Administrations did the same thing, that illegal

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One Step – Two Step

Previously, we learned about one-trick-ponies; that is, women who have depended on their appearance, which is now fading.  This is most unfortunate for them. In the olden days, women did not take such a path; at least not intentionally.  What

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Don’t Do This

Over at RPG’s, she recommends the website The Rules Revisited.  So what are the Rules, and why did they need to be revisited.  Go here to find the Rules. When I first read the Rules, I there was one that

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A Purpose Filled Life

In modern times, many have difficulty in finding a purpose in life.  Some emphasized materialism, some still follow Christianity, some are into environmentalism and some obtain purpose through pushing their agenda.  Feminists might fall into the last category.  Let us

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Do They Comprehend?

Previously Earl stated, I’m marriaged minded…but I also agree with Aaron Clarey that with the dearth of marriageable women  There are lots of different types of fellas in the world.  Some have no notion of the red-pill and operate based on

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