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Young Men — Avoid Fallacies

Probably every young person should have this book, It does not cost very much. It is available from lots of places such as Amazon. It talks about logical fallacies. Ones that people all to readily fall into. Especially inexperienced people.

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Recently we saw this video posted, Watch the whole thing. It is full of goodness. The main point is that science seems to have some things that are off limits with respect to discussion and/or research. This seems to be

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Young Men — Squid Ink

Suppose you are having a normal every day garden variety conversation with someone. There is the normal back and forth of discussions. Then you make an assertion about something. Suddenly the other person attempts to not discuss what you asserted.

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Princess Di

I have always been confused by the adoration of Princess Di. She was admired in life and practically made a saint in death. People burst into tears when they heard of her untimely death. Many suggested that she be given

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The Big Disconnect

Previously, we saw this tweet, Feminists are a type of liberal. They fit into this category. So what leads to the above issues? First, they have a view of how the world should be. This view is so right that

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Happy Non-Birthing Parent Day

So here is the annual day for fathers. When I was a kid, it was never as big as Mother’s day. It has gone downhill since. We all know about the assault against fathers. The media from all angles, advertisements,

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Racism against white people IS Racist

In a comment on my latest post, Farm Boy at 15 June, 2021 at 4:21 pm gave us this link: OSU students furious after university reports Black-on-White ‘hate crime’. Hundreds of students protested and took to social media to decry

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Can She Be Practical?

I recently ran across a newly minted female psychology graduate. She thought highly of herself. This is not a unique occurrence. It happens rather often. Will she get a job that is actually of use to someone? Who knows for

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Young Women — Don’t Be Woke

Previously we talked about a young fella being woke. It was’t a good thing. In some ways, it is worse for a young lady. Society is more indulgent of the young ladies, so they no doubt will have more encouragement

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Another Look At Greta

We last considered Greta here. Her appeal hasn’t improved much since. Speaking of appeal, let us consider that more fully. How does she come across? One might suggest words such as bitter, know-it-all, unmanageable, unhappy, etc. How does the world

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