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An Alternate World

From here, Lofty Beings.  Feminist “creative” and “multi-dimensional creature” Katherine Garcia attempts to justify her sub-optimal life choices. Things go badly wrong. The Mouthing Of Bollocks.  Rachel Kuo tells us how to order takeaway in a suitably fretful and intersectional manner.

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Intentionally Conflating

Over the past few decades when there was a domestic dispute; it normally was assumed that the fellow was guilty.  Why is this?  What is the gist of what is going on here?  Surely men are not always “guilty” in

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Uber Naivety

Recently I caught an Uber ridesharing ride to the airport.   The fella did this as a sideline on some weekend nights,  He had a day job, a wife and two kids.  On thew way there, we discussed many things,

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Can She Change?

Above is a response to this following video Obviously Stefan is happier in one video compared to the other. Mr. RedPillGermany essentially asks the following question, “Can a woman approaching thirty years of age, change herself into something more acceptable

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Young Sheilas — The Red Pill

A continuation of our series related to this post. Young Western women have the power, much more than in times past.  Furthermore, they see this power that they have.   Probably many feel that they can do most whatever, however

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Young Blokes — Where To Start

The first thing to understand is that the women have the institutionally backed power, and you not so much.  But there is much more.  A young man needs to know how exactly the world works; how it is stacked against

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Naked Power

From here, However, as an NYC- based psychotherapist specializing in sexuality issues, I was not too surprised. The stories and concerns I hear from my clients do not necessarily match up with the narratives promoted by mainstream media. I’ll get

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From here, Things are afoot at Harvey Mudd College, an elite STEM school.  The natives are restless. Last month, too, a controversial report regarding student workload and faculty opinion of students leaked to the student newspaper, The Student Life. A committee

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Hormones Matter

Among many, men and women are viewed to be the same, except that women can have babies. Actually, this is the politically correct view.  If one does not espouse it in front of a feminist woman, she is likely to

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Young Blokes — Understand The Power

Perhaps a young man has the notion that he is on even footing with the women of his age group.  He is not.  It starts with the thirst; the especially strong desire in young men for women. In times past,

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