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President Trump attended a “town hall”, with the expectation that he would answer questions from attendees in the audience. He did that a bit, but mostly he was left fending off attacks from Savannah Guthrie. To cut to the chase,

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Not Thinking It Through

A brother-in-law told the story about how he went out on a date a short while after his divorce. She spoke about how her sister was in the process of getting a divorce herself. Then she hit upon an idea.

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Increase Your IQ Now!

It is actually very easy to do so. All you need to do is believe in the correct causes. You don’t actually have to reason things out, to thoroughly consider the situation. In fact, doing such would be a sign

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Stating The Obvious

From here, In case you missed it, a recent conversation transpired between Milbury and fellow analyst Brian Boucher about the NHL’s playoff bubble — no fans in seats, no one but your teammates and team staff in the arena or

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Men And Trust

Deti stated, We are trained that “a person’s word is his bond”. We men are trained to take what people say at face value. We are trained in the ways of honor, which implies that when it gets to the

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Young Men — Watch What People Do, Not What They Say

It is a truism of the Manosphere that this applies to women, but it really applies to everybody.   It is rather easy to say things; if a person has a good delivery, people will believe them.  Through words, people may

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Modern Pioneers

There probably have always been people selling their line of self-interested BS.  Often part of the act was that they were the cool people. so you should follow what they say.  In the modern day, the real pioneers in this

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It Was News To Me

When I was a young, naive fella I viewed the movie Airplane.   I saw this segment, I was a bit surprised.   Of course, the older women I knew sought and got husbands, but what I had seen of the young

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Big Sister

I have noticed a phenomenon with some mothers of girls.  One is perhaps most prominent among single moms with just girls.  That is, they act like a big sister rather than a Mom, and often a rather poor big sister

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That Ship Has Sailed

Recently a bunch of women who claimed to be the mothers of the protesters that are disrupting Portland banded together to form a human shield to protect them.  The implied authority that they had was that they were mothers, the

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