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She Regrets

From here, Browder, a Cosmopolitan magazine writer for 20 years, describes what she wrote as “propaganda.”  The goal? To sell women on the idea that sexual liberation is the path to the single woman’s personal fulfillment. I suppose it was an

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Advice For Joe

Just now, I saw an announcement that Joe Biden will address the his sexual assault issue tomorrow morning.  So I figured that I should get this out now with the (almost assuredly forlorn hope) that his handlers would see it.

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Race To The Bottom

Well, it actually isn’t so much a race to the bottom; it is more like a shuffle to the bottom.  Still, we are all heading to the bottom.  Here is Deti, Men: “Women can get married anytime they want. Just

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Getting Religion At 35

A friend of mine recently married a woman that he met at church.  She had spent the previous twenty years doing what lots of young women do, run around, do stuff, get pregnant, try in an obvious manner to garner

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President Hillary

Now that we have a crisis on our hands, we see how President Trump is responding.  How might have President Hillary responded to the same situation? Let us consider the situation.  The Chinese Virus can infect anyone.  But based on

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Young Men — You Are Being Gaslit

Gaslighting was covered previously here To summarize, it is when people/institutions around you tell a story, act like it is correct, and are seemingly surprised when some might not believe it.  It is rather effective when done well with respect

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Men And Work

From here, America today is in the grip of a gradually building crisis that, despite its manifest importance, somehow managed to remain more or less invisible for decades — at least, until the political earthquake of 2016. That crisis is the collapse

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The Workplace Injury/Death Gap

Of course we all know about the incessant complaining about the so called pay gap between men and women.  They like to call it the pay gap because it implies that women are being paid at a lower rate for

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Self-Esteem (For Men)

From time to time I think of the Maybelline For Men commercial.  Obviously, make-up doesn’t really work for men in general.  What else doesn’t really work for men? How about self-esteem?  Throughout the school grades (the early years especially), self-esteem

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When Being A Woman Isn’t Enough

The American Presidential Primary Season is in full swing.  One of the candidates is Elizabeth Warren, termed Pocahontas by President Trump.  For those who do not know the back story, She claimed to be an American Indian throughout her academic

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