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Previously Ton wrote, The war on respect is dibalocally effective. Church doesn’t respect men? Men won’t defend it as an institution  Family’s no longer respect men? Men no longer value or defend the notion of family as an institution  Courts

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Recently, Kamala Harris’ niece posted this, What do we have here? One thing is that white men are being targeted. That is, targeted with impunity. So, first of all, let us consider the veracity of the statement. Peruse this, Since

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The Curious Case Of Kathleen Kennedy

For those of you who might not know, Kathleen Kennedy is the top dog at LucasFilm, the outfit behind Star Wars. Formerly she was Steven Spielberg’s assistant, producing many of his movies. Much of the glow of Spielberg spilled over

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Beware The Dark Side

From here, IN 2001, WHEN I was 28, I broke up with my boyfriend. Allan and I had been together for three years, and there was no good reason to end things. He was (and remains) an exceptional person, intelligent, good-looking,

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Young Men – Avoid Hater-Haters

Over the past few years I have run across a few college students. Some of them are really into labeling other people as haters. In fact, they hate haters so much that they become hater-haters. Let us examine the situation

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Loose Lips

I am sure that many of you saw this video In it, we see some really disgusting stuff. The man seems to be serious about it all. The question is: Did the fact that he was talking to a seemingly

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Control the Media, Fake the Vote Count

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin Of course the pedants of Western academia hotly deny that Stalin said that. Are they right? It’s true that the quote was

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Blank Slate

Of course, there is the seemingly eternal debate about blank slates with respect to people; that is, can we imprint onto a young person a fully formed way of thinking/operating, one to our liking? This question is of supposedly great

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Young Men — Protesting Too Much

Sometimes when one encounters others, they try extra hard to convince you of their honesty. The thought is that if they need to work extra hard to convince you of this, rather than letting their reputation and/or the way that

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If the “autoplay at the specified time” does not work, go to 1:00 minute in. From Here, Lewis coined the term “chronological snobbery.” It is defined as the belief that “the thinking, art, or science of an earlier time is

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