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Joseph Of Jackson Revisited

Many years ago, on the Sunshine Mary blog, the Commenter Joseph of Jackson told his story.  He had joined a church, but the young ladies of the church were not much interested in the young men (including Joseph) cohort that

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Of Fish And Bicycles

Feminists tell us that women do not need men, either individually or as a whole.  Does anybody really believe them?  Let us consider the situation. When I was a kid, my older sister talked about hope chests, household stuff gathered

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SOTU — There Are No Good Men Left, They Are All Taken

This is the fifth of the State Of The Unions (SOTU) series. In mainstream women’s magazines/websites one hears this lament regularly.  Notice that you don’t hear men suggesting the same thing with respect to women in mainstream magazines/websites; even though

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Oscar Night Thread

Tonight are the Academy Awards.  Lots of women will show lots of boobs and then posture about #MeToo.  Lot’s of Hollywood Types (HT) will virtue signal.  My ex was very much impressed with these types.  I was not.  Let us

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From here, Now that the gun control advocates have had their fifteen minutes of fame, let’s start focusing on the real issues impacting the rise in school shootings since that infamous day in Columbine in 1999. Issue number one that

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Awesome Single Women Revisited

Like weeds in a garden, articles about hordes of awesome single women continually pop up.  Here is the latest, After  looking into  the mating preferences of more  than 5,000 men and  women  by way of survey, researcher  and  biological anthropologist

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It’s A Trap

The present day thought for many (such as on college campuses) is that consent should be specific and written.  One wonders if people have thought this through. So we have some coeds making out, continually escalating, when he pulls out

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Looking For Mr. Good-Tingle

Regular commenter Earl posted a link to this site.  If you have not, please go and check it out.  A young lady laments about her experiences with men.  More specifically, she rails against the bullshit that they can dispense.  Here

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SOTU — Young Men

This is the third installment of the State Of The Unions series. Individual women want as their husband strong successful tinglating men.  Women as a whole want weak docile men that through the media/culture/church/government they can control.  Here is the

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Losing It

My College Roommate had parents who courted in the late 1950’s.  They were from a very rural area.  The mother state that she married her husband because he was a nice guy.  This appeared to be true, as he was

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