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It’s True

As my marriage was breaking up, my ex seemingly put herself under lots of pressure to justify herself.   I was loyal, dutiful and made good enough money (the prototypical beta of the manosphere), but she wanted out.  She had

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  From here, ‘You’re so clever,’ they said. ‘Bright as a button, so mature, a pleasure to teach.’ I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I was top of the class, queen of the heap. My

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Knowing What It Is Like To Be A Bloke

A common refrain in the Manosphere is that single (often divorced) women in their 50’s are in for an awakening.  They no longer can command the attention that they did in their younger years.  In effect, it is said, they

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She Has To Have It

Captain Capitalism, Now for whatever reason it may be, dance tends to attract more women than men and over the years, I’ve of course befriended several female students. They vary in ages anywhere from 24 to 60, but the one

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Little Things

From Red Pill Girl, I was cleaning out my car and something about my youngest’s booster seat caught my eye that I had never noticed before, the word “Fabulous!” in the middle of a heart on the headrest. I guess

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Over at RedPillGirl,  The ShadowKnight commented, The amount of time I spent cleaning up after women who did not it could not do their jobs was not trivial. Neither was the amount of strife caused by women deciding to cause

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Validation — A Personal Journey

Let start off by stating that I am an INT. I have always been this, even as a three year old.  And I own a killer INT Death Stare.  At times I have been known to deliver an evaluation of

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Firing Blanks

A friend of mine married this gal; and her family.  So he ends up managing two households. Her family all live in one house, grown sons and grown daughter, their mom and the mom’s sister.  The two sisters own the place.

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World Views — Part I

A book that has had a particularly large impact on me is this one, Every person has a world view.  It is just a question of what it is.  In my case, it it an INTX driven reality based logical

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A married MGTOW speaks. Elements of what he says will sound familiar to most here.

As I previously said, I’d like this blog to become more of a community effort than ‘my’ blog. I just don’t have all that many views to share, nor do I crave the limelight. The only reason that I createdI

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