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From here, Consistent with a trend that sex researchers have been documenting for years, the findings showed that Americans – and particularly those under 30 – are having less sex than ever before. On the whole, the number of Americans

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Let Me Fix This — Part II

From here. At events such as Lifts of Love, in Banff, Alta., for example, people are paired on ski chairs, do a few runs, après-ski together and hope there are sparks. “We’ve had amazing luck with this program,” says a

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Zero Sum Game

In the modern era with hypergamy unleashed, women have their hundred point lists for what their fella should be.  It does seem that it is about them, the women, doesn’t it.  Well, who am I to argue? So, assuming that

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Incel As An Insult

With the recent release of the Captain Marvel movie, there was much discussion on the Web.  Rather, discussion flowed by insults.  One of the more common insults was incel.  Previous to this year, I really hadn’t noticed its use floating

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Let Me Fix This — Part I

From here, Pay Chen remembers the moment she soured on dating apps. She was standing in a grocery store checkout line when she saw a man open up a dating app and start frantically swiping through profiles. So, once again,

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How Can This Be?

Tarn always asserted that lots of teen girls possessed self-esteem problems.  I normally asserted that I could hardly see why.  Perhaps from a chick perspective it can happen, but from a guy’s it all seems rather odd. First of all,

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What Is The Game Plan?

From here, Deti wrote Remember what i said a couple of posts ago about women and marriage? In the Feminine Social Matrix, women who have ever been married, even if they’re divorced, are still above never-married women. Women want commitment

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Previously in (Fried Ice) Squared, the question was raised as to why women as a whole tear men down, when in reality they want strong men (at least individually). So I throw out a supposition.  It starts in the latter

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We all know that so very many modern western women overvalue themselves.  A self-esteem infused childhood, a you-go girl young adulthood puff them up.  Naturally enough, due to hypergamy, thy want a man “better” than themselves.  There just are not

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LarryG wrote, Well, g’day y’all. Just received a curious email (company wide is seems) stating that men should not be using the Pence Rule….oookay. Named after VP Pence, seems that lots of men no will not interact with females in

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