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Alpha Widowhood: How Much Impact?

Women have hypergamy built-in.  They possess a strong desire to pair up with what their tingles tell are top men.  Just to set the record straight, men do not have a comparable feature as hypergamy.  Back to the point, when

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Our Good Friend Deti over at Dalrock’s wrote, This is common in divorces among Christians. Marital trouble is seen as almost always the husband’s fault, caused by the husband’s faults and failures, and therefore his responsibility to fix. If the

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So What Is The Problem?

From here, Notkin recounts three stories. The first two are of Kate (34), who froze her eggs because her boyfriend wasn’t ready to commit (it’d be cheaper and easier to dump him), and Susan (41), who decided to become an

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Are Men Necessary?

Pulitzer Prize winning (for whatever that is worth) author Maureen Dowd wrote a book a decade ago about asking the question, “Are Men Necessary?”  I won’t waste my money  on the book, but the question is interesting.  I will, as

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And The Band Plays On

From here, Economists have long argued that marriage rates are lower in poorer and less well-educated areas because men in those communities aren’t good financial bets. Without steady incomes, they can’t reliably contribute to a household, so while women might

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Here is a comment from this site, As a modern woman, I’m angry because my whole life I’ve lived under the thumb of the patriarchy. Shamed for the way my body looks and the way I interact with the opposite

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She Can’t Help It

Over at Dalrock’s here and here, he discusses women who go from man to man, never staying long.  Perhaps it is her choices, perhaps perhaps it is his faults, or perhaps it is just a habit.  Young women can become

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Young Blokes — Understand The Power

Perhaps a young man has the notion that he is on even footing with the women of his age group.  He is not.  It starts with the thirst; the especially strong desire in young men for women. In times past,

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Red Pill Movie Review — Pale Rider

      Here is the teen girl that will be discussed later   Here is the mother and daughter who are the subject of this post   Here is the introduction of Clint Eastwood’s character; assisting the beta fella who

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I was watching an old time western TV show the other day.  It was made in 1958.  The plot revolved around this attractive saloon owner woman who had previously committed murder and got away with it.  In actuality, she was

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