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Watch this video if you will,   Let  us consider a few ideas here.  First the comedienne who is made out to be hottest thing around, is not particularly attractive; especially when you see what is inside. Just look at

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Growing Up Together

A friend’s parent told the story of how they married young, as was customary at the time, and consequently grew up together as they described it.  For therm this worked out very well, with the husband a successful executive and

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Men Owe

Over at Dalrock’s, Deti writes, “I think over time we’re going to see guys refuse marriage altogether. If or when they want kids, they’ll offer kids but no marriage. That still puts a lot of power in the woman’s hands

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Birth Right?

Deti: Boiled down to essentials, the statement to women is “You’re not worth it.” And that is the real insult. You’re worth some sex. You’re not worth working for. You’re maybe worth having some laughs with. You’re not worth commitment

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Deti’s Reprise

Recently, Deti wrote a very engaging post.  Here it is again, along with some of the significant replies. Deti: The post you’re about to read is a bit of an expansion of and variation on a comment you’ve seen me

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Cadder’s World

Commenter Cadders writes: A good question; why *will* men come back to the reservation? I don’t see it shaking out like that. Men won’t be coming ‘back’ at all. I have seen many definitions of MGTOW – it frequently seems

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Of Two Minds

Deti states, The reason church boys are betaized like this is not because they never expect these men to mate. It’s because they view all natural masculinity – aggressive, pursuing, taking what you want, even assertiveness and standing up for

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Over at RPG’s, Deti writes, Why did women insist on adopting hookup culture? You know why. Because women wanted to have the freedom to make their own money so they didn’t have to marry icky betas. Because women wanted to

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Safe Space

Over at RPG’s, RichardP comments, This summer she brought “Hillbilly Elegy” home from college and we read it to each other (soon to be a major motion picture directed by Ron Howard). It speaks to the dynamic of constant family

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Alpha Widowhood: How Much Impact?

Women have hypergamy built-in.  They possess a strong desire to pair up with what their tingles tell are top men.  Just to set the record straight, men do not have a comparable feature as hypergamy.  Back to the point, when

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