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Just Say No

  Commener Earl states, An older than him already divorced actress who was a SJW in her youth and her mother was a social worker…didn’t grow up with a father the whole time because of divorce…talks about gender equality and

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Joseph Of Jackson Revisited

Many years ago, on the Sunshine Mary blog, the Commenter Joseph of Jackson told his story.  He had joined a church, but the young ladies of the church were not much interested in the young men (including Joseph) cohort that

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A Special Kind Of Crazy

What is meant by a special kind of crazy is “a most dangerous kind of crazy”.  I have had experiences with women who seem normal and apparently have their shit together.  Not all women have their shit together to say

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Dancing Monkey

One of the tasks of a modern boyfriend is to entertain.  More specifically, entertain with jokes and clever banter.  Marriage throughout the ages typically (actually never) called for the fella to be able to entertain the gal.  This is a

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Poe’s Law

I found this somewhere on the web.  It is satire. Take It To The Limit by “Little Orange” Recently the full duties of North Korean cheerleaders have been revealed; I am aghast at this.  Providing just for the leaders well

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SOTU — What Modern Women Want

This is the second in the State Of The Unions series. As discussed in the previous post, most modern women go for the tingles.  This is what strikes fourteen year old girls first, providing them with their first thrills, ones

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Blowing It Big Time

I have friend who years ago was dating a young lady.  He was cautious like a intelligent man should be, and things had not gone very far (at least from his perspective).  She on the other hand, apparently was really

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I’m Worth It

Women in the modern day often have the attitude of I’m Worth It.  How exactly should this worth be determined?  Let us consider some possibilities, I. Women are goddesses and are worth everything that they say that are because they

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Yo-Yo Relationships

A common Manosphere concept is that of the Dark Triad man.  In reality, men with all of the Dark Triad features are probably uncommon, but apparently just a measure of these attributes is enough to generate the tingles in women.

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Everything You Do Is Wrong

As brought up over at RPG’s blog, there are times when women will in their assessment of the their husband, claim that everything he does was done in the worst possible manner.  Normally fellas are not totally incompetent, so there

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