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Young Men — Learn From Your Mistakes

Well yes, of course one should learn from their mistakes.  Everybody knows that.  But do they practice it?  That is often a different story. In the case of young men, they really haven’t had time enough to learn to judge

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An Indicator

We have recently been examining wives from a team perspective.  Also from a less than team perspective.  How might a fella be able to discern one from the other? Although it is not a foolproof indicator, there is one piece

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Young Men – Learn What Makes You Happy

Of course, it makes sense to learn what makes you happy, but lots of people don’t.  Let me focus on just one aspect, the financial one.  I have spent much money on stuff that did not add to my happiness

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Young Men – Build A BS Detector

Unfortunately the world is full of lots of that is untrue, three-fourths true, half true, etc.  Furthermore, lots of stuff that is true isn’t mentioned, because of PC or other pressures. Making good personal decisions is incumbent on having good

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Non-Team Players

Stephanie stated, “As for the women, they really are not judged on competence, at least not any more. They used to be judged on how good a wife, and especially mother they were, but we are now in a judge

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Someone To Blame

Liz writes, I think I’ve mentioned before we are our habits. That includes things like considerate behavior. I can’t imagine what it would be like (to use an example FML gave) to live with a person who is constantly hostile.

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Young Men — Learn To Play Quarterback

Hopefully most of you out there are familiar with American Football.  The primary function of the quarterback is to drop back, scan the field for an open receiver, then put the ball on his hands.  There can be lots of

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Relationship Skills

BV wrote, The biggest blind spot I see with women 30+ is they don’t understand the huge gulf that exists between professional singles and someone who’s been part of a real couple. Ordering dinner is a cinch: a quick check

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Young Men — Small Improvements

As we all know, being a young man puts one at a disadvantage.  They need edges.  Here is another one.  It is rather simple at that. Continually make small improvements to your skill-set, your attributes, your abode, your financial situation,

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Certification vs. University

Over the past twenty five years or so, there has been a movement toward certifications for potential works, often instead of university education.  These are often in vocations, often very technical ones, that required proof of the skills need. Some

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