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Social Distancing Recipe Thread

Tell us your best recipes now that we are all stuck at home and can use them

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The Manosphere has the concepts of game and naturals.  What makes these all work?  Probably there are many aspects to it, but an important one is congruence. There is a total package to deliver, and the packet that is delivered

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Young Men — Ask For An Outside View

When I my marriage was failing, and during the divorce, I did not operate as effectively as I should have.   I had many odd notions about what was happening, and I operated on them.  This type of thing isn’t

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Young Men — Understand Value

One thing that I have improved my skills with respect to is understanding value.  Value in what we buy, what we do, what we might bring to an employer, what others might bring to us.  Most people really don’t understand

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A Mistaken Path

I have seen this many times.  A girl / young lady who is less than a five will try to compensate with toughness/bitterness/whateverness.  This is not quite the same as developing job skills, this is just a show to the

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Shy IT Guy

At work we have an IT guy, mid thirties, tall and slim.  At a meeting recently, it was suggested that he go talk to person X about some important matter.  Well, he didn’t want to do that.  It came out

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Intelligence And Morality

My ex once said that I was an unusual combination, both intelligent and nice.  I was somewhat surprised, as I didn’t think that way.  However, upon reflection I think that she meant that lots of intelligent people are more capable

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Borderline Part IV

So what about divorce with children when a borderline is involved.  This is obviously tricky, as the borderline hates you with a passion.  There is a really high probability that she will try to alienate the children with respect to

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Borderline Part III

Young men, if you are involved with women, you really need to be on the lookout for borderlines.  They can ruin your life, and rather easily at that. The relationship starts off good, really good.  She is really into you.

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Buying a Wife – Part 3

Though an arranged marriage may seem like an antique idea to some people, it is still popular, especially in poorer countries. It is pretty cut and dried, arranged marriages are business deals, cash and/or goods for wife and children. Like

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