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Young Men — Make a P and J Sammich

Many people believe that Jungian Myers-Briggs personality type model is effective.  Perhaps, not perfect, but effective.  And effective is what young men need, as the system is stacked against them.   One of the dimensions deals with the approach toward

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Young Men — Vet Via Facebook

Naturally enough, young men are interested in the ladies.  Often, they want to get involved with them.  How might you find out what you are getting into?   There is facebook of course.  Lots of young women reveal way more

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Young Men — Be Not Humiliated

When I was in the process of being divorced, my ex would hard to humiliate me.  My sin basically was not being good enough.  I didn’t deserve it and felt that it reflected more on her than me.  In fact,

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Young Men — Argue Less, Be More

People have discussions, sometimes heated. Sometimes people discuss maters in good faith, and one can have a productive talk.  In other cases, they do not discuss in good faith, often this happens when their position is weak, and they either

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A Good Book

Recently Horseman provided this link. So men often really need to have it.  Throughout life.  Who knew?   Short answer – these women don’t value their marriage. Let me tell a story.  After my Mom died, my sister told me

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Negativity And Women

From here, Have you ever found yourself dwelling on an insult or fixating on your mistakes? Criticisms often have a greater impact than compliments, and bad news frequently draws more attention than good. The reason for this is that negative

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Young Men — Learn How The System(s) Really Work

There are lots of systems in the world; the educational ones, the workplace ones, the government ones, legal ones, etc.  They all normally have published rules.  Based on these rules, you are supposed to figure out how to navigate though

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Make Your Own Stuff

We have been subjected to female Ghostbusters, female Star Trek (Discovery and Picard), female Captain Marvel, female Terminator, female Star Wars (the last trilogy), female Dr. Who and in the near future we will be subjected to female 007, female

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Women are more attractive when they display contrast.  Consider Flo, She maximizes her potential by utilizing lots of high contrast approaches.  As far as I can tell, her makeup makes her look more pale, which contrasts hugely with her dark

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Looking Up

Consider this image, Look at the lady on the right.  Of course, she has a cute smile, but notice that she is looking up at you. From what I can tell, this makes the women more attractive to the fellas.

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