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Young Sheilas — They Might Not Be Looking

In the olden days, it was assumed that men would be looking for marriage.  Furthermore, it was assumed that they would be preparing themselves for it via obtaining assets and an acceptable income level. Modern young women are told that

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Young Blokes — Have A Plan

Recently, it was suggested that young men learn about the red pill truths.  Once they gain an understanding and know where they want to go, they should develop a plan to ideally take them there. Of course, the goals might

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Can She Change?

Above is a response to this following video Obviously Stefan is happier in one video compared to the other. Mr. RedPillGermany essentially asks the following question, “Can a woman approaching thirty years of age, change herself into something more acceptable

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Young Blokes and Sheilas — Be Grateful

Over at Red Pill GIrl’s, commenter Alan Kardec states, I’ve been reading Dennis Preager’s book “Happiness is a Serious Problem.” There a number of aspects of it that apply to Vixen, The Red Pill and to the current state of male

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Young Sheilas — The Red Pill

A continuation of our series related to this post. Young Western women have the power, much more than in times past.  Furthermore, they see this power that they have.   Probably many feel that they can do most whatever, however

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Young Blokes — Where To Start

The first thing to understand is that the women have the institutionally backed power, and you not so much.  But there is much more.  A young man needs to know how exactly the world works; how it is stacked against

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Young Sheilas — How Outgoing?

Once again riffing off of this discussion, the question comes up, should a young woman be quiet and sweet or saucy (or something in between)? Note that nobody wants a ball-busting woman.  Also note that many women who have ball-busting

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Young Sheilas — Be A Good Long Term Bet

In the modern times with easy divorce and especially divorce theft, many young men are very careful about who they put a ring on.  Marriage is a big time risk for the fellas; therefore they need to be sure that

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Young Blokes — A Mission

Men must do.  This apparently is built-in.  It is innate.  It is not usually explicitly stated, but it is understood.  How does it play out today? Form a societal view, fellas still should have jobs.  That much has not changed.

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Young Sheilas — Making It Easier For The Bloke

Stephanie stated, They aren’t thinking at all about these young adult Christian women (chaste, modest, not fat, etc.) as to whether they have the kind of personality traits to make men more attracted to them. It’s **not** enough to just

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