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Young Men — Little Stuff

There are many detail things in life. Often, very many. The first thing to do is to determine which ones are really important to you and which ones are not. Probably one does not have enough ability to be on

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Cheering Him On

Everybody should watch this clip. It is a stirring speech. It is about the defense of the modern civilization that white men built. Up in the gallery is a young lady who was Churchill’s secretary/stenographer. She is watching intently. She

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Young Men — Don’t Be Woke

Let us just jump to the punchline: women don’t respect wokeness in a fella. Let us consider the short term and long term relationship cases. Suppose that you are at an Antifa protest/riot. There are lots of young women around,

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Young Men — Learn To Set Limits

There are perhaps many places where young men need to learn to set limits, but we will focus on setting them for children here. Many fellas out there will have children, they need to know some things that society really

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Young Men — Watch What People Do, Not What They Say

It is a truism of the Manosphere that this applies to women, but it really applies to everybody.   It is rather easy to say things; if a person has a good delivery, people will believe them.  Through words, people may

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Recently the question was asked, Do women really believe that being difficult is attractive? Ton replied, Yes they do. It’s part of our culture now and most women will not swim aginst the main stream. It is something both of

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Big Sister

I have noticed a phenomenon with some mothers of girls.  One is perhaps most prominent among single moms with just girls.  That is, they act like a big sister rather than a Mom, and often a rather poor big sister

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Helping Hand

I have lady relatives that are rather easily affected by what seem to be hard luck women.   More often than not, they are looking for a place to live.   Then it would expand from there. Invariably, they are this sorry

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Young Men — Make a P and J Sammich

Many people believe that Jungian Myers-Briggs personality type model is effective.  Perhaps, not perfect, but effective.  And effective is what young men need, as the system is stacked against them.   One of the dimensions deals with the approach toward

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Young Men — Vet Via Facebook

Naturally enough, young men are interested in the ladies.  Often, they want to get involved with them.  How might you find out what you are getting into?   There is facebook of course.  Lots of young women reveal way more

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