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Up Your Game

PUA’s and Game have been at a little bit mainstream for a decade now.  Stuff has soaked in.  Has there been a reaction to men trying to employ game? According to anecdotes floating around the web, game is not as

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The Red Pill As A Coping/Planning Mechanism

What is the red pill for?  Does it provide guidance like the simple rules in the era of the Evil Patriarchy?  No, it does not provide rules for guidance, unless you are looking to be a PUA.  Perhaps through understanding

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So You Are A Unicorn?

Let us assume that a young lady is now a unicorn.  So how about that fella that she is looking for as marriage material?  How should she assess him? These days young ladies seem to be given little guidance on

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Young Women – Be A Unicorn

We all hear of young women unhappy with their manhunt; be it have difficulty in generating interest ing fellas in general, or that the men just are not up to her standards.  There is help.  It is really not so

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Entitlement In Girls

For whatever reason, be it that parents spoil them more, the extra attention from boys, the massive doses of self-esteem inflicted upon them, girls just seem to expect more for others and the world.  My friend Joe has three girls.

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Young Men — Doing What Is Right

There come times in your life when you need to choose, should I do what is expedient, or do what it right?  Of course, this begs the question:  What is doing right?  Well, that depends on you, and what it

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Gang Shame

One tool that women have posessed forever is the gang-shame; where they gang up on a fella that they collectively have decided is not doing what they want, letting him know about it.  I suppose that there is safety in

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A Plan

From here, I truly don’t know how to date anymore. There are two dimensions to this. The first: I don’t know how to physically continue. At this stage in my single life, I recoil at the idea of showering, putting

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Young Men — Be From Missouri

The State of Missouri is the “Show Me” state.  That is, talk is cheap and actions speak. The gist of this would be that one should listen to what somebody says, make note it, then watch what they do.  If

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Young Men — Recognize Good Ideas

People often have a Not Invented Here distaste.  That is, if they (or their group) was not the origin of an idea, then it will not be adopted.  As we all know, young men are given every disadvantage; there is

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