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Advice After Divorce

Over at Jack’s, Random Angelino wrote, The day nearly two decades ago now that I had to have my ex-wife served with the divorce papers was the single hardest day of my adult life. By far. Bar none. Because it

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What A World

Ame recently wrote, A friend posted one of those q/a things on fb about how you met your spouse … things like where was your first date – fun and silly things. hers is cute – I love them. they’ve

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Burgers, Sumo style – Part 3

I wasn’t planning to make this a trilogy, but part 2 turned out to be longer than expected, so here we are. So you know how to grind your own beef that can be cooked to any temperature, you know

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Burgers, Sumo style – Part 2

All right, in part 1 we covered the method I use at my restaurant in order to prepare ground beef for burgers. I neglected to mention that the reason that method is utilized is so the burgers can be served

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Young Men — Figure Out What The Real Issue Is

The above title might seem silly. Of course one should try to figure out what the real issue is. But don’t be so fast to dismiss it. A very large amount of the time, people do not put their focus

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Burgers, Sumo style – Part 1

There has been a bit of chatter lately about burgers, which got me thinking that some of the fine folks around here (and the not-so-fine ones, too) might like to know how The Mighty Sumo makes the kickass burgers that

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Young Men – Avoid Hater-Haters

Over the past few years I have run across a few college students. Some of them are really into labeling other people as haters. In fact, they hate haters so much that they become hater-haters. Let us examine the situation

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Young Men — All The World Is A Shit Test

Some basic review — what is a shit test? The common definition is when a woman does something shitty to a man to see if he will put up with it. If he does, she thinks less of him. If

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Over at Jack’s, Scott wrote, All of the women you guys hold up as examples in the sphere— Elspeth, Hearthie, Mychael had very strong dads (in Mychaels case her grandfather) who they were terrified of disappointing. Yes, this is a

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Young Men — Protesting Too Much

Sometimes when one encounters others, they try extra hard to convince you of their honesty. The thought is that if they need to work extra hard to convince you of this, rather than letting their reputation and/or the way that

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