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Borderline Part III

Young men, if you are involved with women, you really need to be on the lookout for borderlines.  They can ruin your life, and rather easily at that. The relationship starts off good, really good.  She is really into you.

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Buying a Wife – Part 3

Though an arranged marriage may seem like an antique idea to some people, it is still popular, especially in poorer countries. It is pretty cut and dried, arranged marriages are business deals, cash and/or goods for wife and children. Like

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Buying a Wife – Part 2

Her father gave permission for me to marry his daughter after a required one year engagement period. Once the immediate family knew we were engaged two things changed immediately; One – she was no longer just the youngest girl in

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Buying a Wife – Part 1

As far as I was concerned the year 1988 mostly sucked. After throwing out and divorcing a cheating wife earlier that year, got my lawyer paid off, quit my job and sold or gave away everything else that I owned.

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The Biggest Miscalculation

What is the biggest miscalculation that young women make?  Undoubtedly, there are many candidates. Here is perhaps the highest one on the ladder: confusing the sexual marketplace with the marriage marketplace.  It is easy enough to do with all of

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Elite, But Not Elite

The Most Glorious Patriarch linked to this, Many of them are not really “elite” other than on paper, but they regard “non-elite” jobs as beneath them. Think of all the baristas with Cultural Anthropology degrees, the wannabe attorneys working as

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Men’s Standards

Liz the Cat writes, Heh, Mike’s sister always dressed like a skank, and slept with his friends. This was a habit of hers through pilot training (she visited and immediately hooked up with several of our friends in pilot training,

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A Tale Of Two Sisters

Ame wrote, My mother was VERY conservative with my dress growing up … even to the point where i was not allowed to wear pants to school, even in the snow in connecticut. By the time my youngest sister came

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Young Men — Know What You Know And What You Don’t Know

One of the most common mistakes of young fellas is thinking that they know more than they do.  This can lead to trouble.  Mistakes will be made. Of course, when a fella becomes a young adult, h e has gone

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Not Enough

From here, Not long ago I received an email from a man with a simple question: Is there a way for a guy to be “emasculation-proof”? How can men (even young men) become secure in their identity so as not

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