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Everything You Do Is Wrong

As brought up over at RPG’s blog, there are times when women will in their assessment of the their husband, claim that everything he does was done in the worst possible manner.  Normally fellas are not totally incompetent, so there

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Red Pill Classroom — Carousel Watching

Of course, everybody in the Manosphere knows about riding the cock carousel.  Borrowing an image from Dalrock, There is also the activity of watching the carousel in action.  This has some advantages over actually riding it.  It is less risky

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Strangling Their Chances

Good Friend Deti writes, But then they’re talking about encouraging nice guys to approach and date, ever so gingerly and delicately, women at work. Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. No man should ever be dating any woman he works with. Ever.

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Unhappy Wives, Unhappy Husbands

Over at Dalrock’s, Novaseeker comments, It isn’t men who are driving this by avoiding commitment, because women by and large are still marrying, if much later. It’s women who are driving this, by delaying commitment themselves and because there is

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From here, For some time, Stephen Hicks had felt like something was off. “My relationship ended, then a lot of things started collapsing in front of me,” Hicks says. He began attending therapy, which made him realize that he needed

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Nice Guys

From this post Stephanie: “–men who refuse to put up with bullshit from women and set down very clear boundaries for her behavior do better in all aspects of life, including sexually, than men who are the “nice” men women

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Young Sheilas — Be Of Low Maintenance

Scott posted this about women’s maintenance levels, whereupon Stephanie responded, giving her take on how high maintenance manifests itself He’s lucky he hasn’t seen what ‘high maintenance” really is I guess. I grew up in a very rich area, where the

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Growing Up Together

A friend’s parent told the story of how they married young, as was customary at the time, and consequently grew up together as they described it.  For therm this worked out very well, with the husband a successful executive and

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A Fork In The Road For Young Sheilas

Over at RPG’s, commenter JustAGuy wrote, And don’t think for minute “good” women don’t’ do this. They do. If pushed far enough or denied the balance male-female relationships and their female/female relationships, they will become the worst versions of themselves.

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All Sheilas — Be Appreciative

Previously, commenter RichardP spoke about choices, A survey a number of years ago showed that job satisfaction was a function of one thing way more than anything else: a lack of alternatives. As the presence of alternatives (other jobs willing

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