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Cis, Heterosexual, and Hypermasculine Man Privilege

From here, A graduate student at the University of Arizona recently published his thesis, arguing that gaming culture “privileges cis, heterosexual, and hypermasculine men.” Jeremy Omori, who will graduate with an MA in Cultural Pedagogy in May, argues in his

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Now They Are Starting To Worry

From here, Today millions of people, disproportionately young men, are similarly caught in the throes of video games, which are far more enticing than their 1990s counterparts and often involve many players engaging at once. The hand-eye coordination of these

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They Never Give Up

Probably most of you are familiar with GamerGate, where SJWs and Feminists tried to infuse the game industry with their silliness.  Well, they never go away.  They never stop.  Perhaps this is because this is an area dominated by boys

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Red Pill Classroom — Game

People have many different ideas as to what game is.  One definition is a set of attitudes and behaviors that a man has that can be used to trick/convince a woman that he is of high value, and worth sleeping

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#GamerGate trundles on. #BasedBenz

‘Pro’ journalists told to zip it in response to advertisers removing ads. Iirc this is related to #BasedBenz (Mercedes Benz withdraws advertising from Gawker) Please feel free to drop in any info you come across.  Please correct me if

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#Gamergate jumble

Gamergate isn’t running out of steam.  The latest development that I’ve heard of is Intel has just pulled its advertising from one of the implicated review sites. Here’s YouTube’s InternetAristocrat‘s take on it (in upload order). Don’t forget to check

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