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The Ultimate LGBTQ Pronoun

Recently I chanced upon an LGBTQ-inspired pronoun that so tickled my fancy, I decided to try it out for myself. At a business meeting I announced my support for the LGBTQ right to foist arbitrary pronouns on other folk, like

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Baby It’s Warm Inside

There is this famous Christmas song that lots of people have decided to hate. In fact, a Cleveland radio station has decided to ban it. Let us consider a few lines, My mother will start to worry My father will

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Why Can’t Feminists Laugh?

Or the flip side, why can’t they be funny?  Why are they so sensitive to feminist jokes? This won’t take long to explain.  Feminism is built on top of a very poor foundation.  Much of the justification for feminism is

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To Hell with the subject of Women!

Yeah mates, let’s do something else. How about an opinion piece on where we might all be headed? Right-o me hearties, let’s jump in the deep end. In the land in which you live, in a future not too distant

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Re-imagining Star Wars

With the Kathleen Kennedy driven Disney Star Wars movies a pattern has emerged.  Strong female characters are the new heroes.  In fact, they are born great, unlike previous generations of male heroes who were forged through struggle and effort.  Naturally

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Red Pill TV Review — That Amy Schumer Thingamabob

I decided that I would take one for the team.  I gave it a go.  I watched the Amy Schumer Leather Special on Netflix. Well, actually I lied a bit.  It was so cringeworthy that I used the scrubber bar

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Red Pill Movie Review — Soylo, A Star Wars Story

Here are trailers, Warning — Spoilers ahead (though it probably can’t be spoiled for anybody here) This could have been a good enough movie.  There was good action, nice special effects, good guys and bad guys, friendship, loyalty, etc. like

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Poe’s Law

I found this somewhere on the web.  It is satire. Take It To The Limit by “Little Orange” Recently the full duties of North Korean cheerleaders have been revealed; I am aghast at this.  Providing just for the leaders well

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Red Pill Movie Review — The Last Jedi

  Here is finally a Star Wars movie that is kind of good.  After the prequels and The Force Awakens, we have a movie that doesn’t cause too much groaning while watching; this is a rather nice complement I think.

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Red Pill Classroom — Carousel Watching

Of course, everybody in the Manosphere knows about riding the cock carousel.  Borrowing an image from Dalrock, There is also the activity of watching the carousel in action.  This has some advantages over actually riding it.  It is less risky

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