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Red Pill Movie Review — Guardians Of The Galaxy Part II

This movie has two strong hot young women who have super fighting skills.  Despite that silliness, the movie works.  First of all, it has that 70’s soundtrack.  I know that lots of people hate the 70’s, but I happen to like

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Yep, women are oppressed by their own smiles: “How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Women“. Smiling is a form of hard emotional labor, says Arlie Hochschild. Feminists asked women to refuse to smile on International Women’s Day. By

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Red Pill Movie Review — John Wick: Chapter Two

For those of you who are not familiar, the character John Wick is a former hitman who managed to escape from the business.  In this movie, he is called out of retirement by a Mafioso who needs a high profile

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A “Novel Dating Approach” Followup

Previously I had suggested that women might try a different approach to online dating.   Basically it consisted of advertising that you were feminine, such that men might actually be interested in you.  Well, by sheer coincidence, a woman tried

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Musings on the Future in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

It is sad that Carrie Fisher passed away.  Princess Leia was one of the great characters of the original Star Wars Trilogy.  In the sequel The Force Awakens we find that she and Han Solo are no longer together, which

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Christmas Thread of Good Cheer

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Baby, Sign Here You Should

From here, If you’ve ever listened to the classic Christmas song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” then you know it’s a really screwed up tune. I think not.  Here are some renditions,   A couple from Minneapolis, Minnesota, found the ditty

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What is the Point?

Here is a fella with a “Bionic Member”.   When you hear bionic, you think of this: Steve Austin battling Bigfoot   Well, this bionic member is much less impressive.  Basically it is a “blow up” device with a pump.  And

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End Women’s Suffrage?

We don’t women to suffer, do we? Here are some ideas on topic. First from HappyHouseWifey, First of all, NAWALT. But I think the main thing in politics is that it deals with large scale decisions. And that is why

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They Never Give Up

Probably most of you are familiar with GamerGate, where SJWs and Feminists tried to infuse the game industry with their silliness.  Well, they never go away.  They never stop.  Perhaps this is because this is an area dominated by boys

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