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Dresses and Skirts

When I was a kid, I wondered why the ladies would wear  dresses/skirts.  As I got older, I figured out that they did so to attract guys.  But I think there is more to the story. Probably back in the

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Red Pill Movie Review — John Wick III, Parabellum

Here is an intro, Naturally enough if you are interested in this movie it is because of the action.  It does not disappoint.  It almost never stops.  It has innovations; new locales, new weapons, new scenarios. This is all good.

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How Green Is My Valley?

From here, The College of Natural Science at Michigan State University urged students to use the singular pronoun “they” in an early April “transgender visibility” email. MSU’s NatSci Council on Diversity and Community authored the email obtained by Campus Reform

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AOC Boobs

Apparently for some reason, the search phrase “AOC Boobs” keeps coming up in people who come to this site via searches.  So when life gives you lemons, make lemon aid.   So let us start out with some pictures of

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I chanced upon this comment by “Andrew” under a Helen Smith post: “Across the board, it is astonishing how much of today’s political discourse can be boiled down in the end to – “If they are not that evil, then

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Not Enough

    Deti writes Those Yiayia commercials make me laugh every time. Announcer asks cute girl or pussyboy guy what they’re doing, lets them get part of a sentence out, then essentially interrupts them with “shut up bitch, let’s hear

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Christmas Thread Of Good Cheer

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The Ultimate LGBTQ Pronoun

Recently I chanced upon an LGBTQ-inspired pronoun that so tickled my fancy, I decided to try it out for myself. At a business meeting I announced my support for the LGBTQ right to foist arbitrary pronouns on other folk, like

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Baby It’s Warm Inside

There is this famous Christmas song that lots of people have decided to hate. In fact, a Cleveland radio station has decided to ban it. Let us consider a few lines, My mother will start to worry My father will

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Why Can’t Feminists Laugh?

Or the flip side, why can’t they be funny?  Why are they so sensitive to feminist jokes? This won’t take long to explain.  Feminism is built on top of a very poor foundation.  Much of the justification for feminism is

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