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The Mental Health Issues of Feminists

  Sub-Title:  UDDERLY (apologies to Yoda, who already referenced Udderly at Udderly. It’s a word that is pungent with meaning. When we first read or hear it we are left wondering “Udderly… what?” Udderly starkers? Udderly bonkers? Udderly true?

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Albanian News ups the competition!

Here’s a news channel that is truly uplifting!

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Burgers, Sumo style – Part 3

I wasn’t planning to make this a trilogy, but part 2 turned out to be longer than expected, so here we are. So you know how to grind your own beef that can be cooked to any temperature, you know

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Burgers, Sumo style – Part 2

All right, in part 1 we covered the method I use at my restaurant in order to prepare ground beef for burgers. I neglected to mention that the reason that method is utilized is so the burgers can be served

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Burgers, Sumo style – Part 1

There has been a bit of chatter lately about burgers, which got me thinking that some of the fine folks around here (and the not-so-fine ones, too) might like to know how The Mighty Sumo makes the kickass burgers that

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Looking Up

Consider this image, Look at the lady on the right.  Of course, she has a cute smile, but notice that she is looking up at you. From what I can tell, this makes the women more attractive to the fellas.

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Social Distancing Recipe Thread

Tell us your best recipes now that we are all stuck at home and can use them

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Annual Christmas Thread Of Good Cheer

Merry Christmas to all

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Dresses and Skirts

When I was a kid, I wondered why the ladies would wear  dresses/skirts.  As I got older, I figured out that they did so to attract guys.  But I think there is more to the story. Probably back in the

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Red Pill Movie Review — John Wick III, Parabellum

Here is an intro, Naturally enough if you are interested in this movie it is because of the action.  It does not disappoint.  It almost never stops.  It has innovations; new locales, new weapons, new scenarios. This is all good.

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