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If men walk, “Wonder Woman” will fold like a Europhile’s dick

Feminists never miss an opportunity to harangue straight men. They want us to breath and move and work and sleep in a fug of hostility. How widespread is this enmity? Well it took more than a few feminist cranks to

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What Do They Believe?

What exactly do the SJWs and those inclined to support SJWs believe? Probably with hardcore SJWs, they actually believe what they chant.  Perhaps some of them sometimes have doubts on some of their positions, but these are quickly repressed.  The

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My Butt Hurts, Therefore I Am

Feminists (and SJWs) in general tend to focus on issues that have the following properties, I.  They are easy to define and understand II.  There are identifiable villains III. The remedies to the issues are easy to define special privileges

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Brassy, Sassy Lassies

RPG writes, A colleague and I were talking yesterday, and among other things she was going on and on with pride about how all her friends say they love how she’s so bold, and sassy, and speaks her mind. After

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BV’s Aquaintances

Commenter BV, I’ve known only two women who could be described as WGTOW. I think MGTOW behavior, or at least empathy, is central to any coherent RP hypothesis. Example #1: Prominent surgeon, completely hosed and harassed in/after divorce by stay-at-home

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In A Bind

What is Feminism to do?  In many ways they are the least sympathetic of all of the officially sanctioned victim groups.  Much of this is because many of their members are white; perhaps more so because most everybody sees that

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Red Pill, Blue Pill

So what exactly are the red and blue pills?  Lots of people talk about them, often with different perspectives.  We will explore here one perspective as to what they are. In my parent’s time, both men and women were raised

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Projection Of Expectations

From the classic Captain Capitalism post, But what is becoming a more frequent phenomenon is a question these girls ask; “Where are all the guys?” I never paid much attention to this, as it has always been the case that

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In Defence Of The Patriarchy

From here, Search the words, “Where have all the good men gone?” and dozens of anecdotes, articles, blogs, and books will appear on your screen. I do not seek to apportion blame here, on either side, but simply to address this

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Red Pill Movie Review — Cars 3

Watch the trailers.  Is this a kid’s movie? This installment of the Cars franchise just did not really work.  The humor really wasnt there, the old characters were reduced in role and the new characters really did not do it

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