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RBG And Hillary

It has been reported by family members that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg did not retire during the Obama Administration because she wanted Hillary to appoint a replacement. She was already advanced in age with several bouts of cancer behind her. Apparently she

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Gals More Ambitious Than Guys

Growing up, my older sisters were fed a good bit of be all you can be, reach for the stars pitches. Not so much from my parents, but from guidance counselors, TV, magazines, and so on. How did I know

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White Untouchables from Hell

Ton: “We don’t have the numbers to win the revolution but [we] can win the counter revolution once the other sides punch themselves out.” A truth simply stated needs no embellishment, but I am tempted to try: Our women are

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Which Is Stronger?

From here The three count criminal complaint filed on July 6, 2020 in Kenosha County, Wisconsin against Blake includes:  Criminal trespass, domestic abuse a Class A misdemeanor, and if convicted faces a fine of not more than $10,000 or imprisoned

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Hate Crimes

Hate crimes (aka thought crimes) occur in your head, are evidenced by your language, and are policed mainly by lists. They were not created by legislation, stare decisis, or even custom. However, in a totalitarian leftist state the legislature is

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Increase Your IQ Now!

It is actually very easy to do so. All you need to do is believe in the correct causes. You don’t actually have to reason things out, to thoroughly consider the situation. In fact, doing such would be a sign

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Recently the question was asked, Do women really believe that being difficult is attractive? Ton replied, Yes they do. It’s part of our culture now and most women will not swim aginst the main stream. It is something both of

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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part III

Tomi Lahren asserts her status as a low quality Thot-iana.

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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part II

From here Previously discussed here One of the four areas identified by Lahren was the issue of men pursuing a girl while they are involved with other women We all know what is probably happening here.  She is going after

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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part I

From here, It would seem that the newslady Tomi Lauren is not a big fan of today’s men. On Monday, political pundit and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren put out a 14-minute video addressing her and her friends’ issues with

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