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Karen Forever

 From here, The Karen meme has been misogynist from the get-go, originating from an anonymous male Reddit user, Fuck_You_Karen, who was angry at his ex-wife, named Karen, for taking custody of his children. In 2017, his misogynist rants became a

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Projection Revisited

We last looked at projection here.  Have you ever noticed that there is a correlation between people who engage in projection and those who seemingly have problems seeing reality as it really is?   And yes, there truly is such

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Apparently huge swaths of people are misogynists these days.  At least that is what we are told.  A misogynist is someone who hates women.  This would not be a good thing.  How did this group of people come to be? 

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Why Won’t He Call?

This is a common lament of women.  The answer is easy and simple to explain; but perhaps of more interest is the reason why women are left wondering why. As to why he doesn’t call, the reason is the he

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Captain Marvel Once Again

We last visited Captain Marvel here.  A long list of possible reasons as to why she is so unappealing were listed, basically boiling down to the fact that she is so perfect, without struggle and that she really seems to

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President Theodore Roosevelt often was excited by stuff that he considered to be good, thus exclaiming “Bully”.  This, of course, meant good. Were not here to talk about T.R., rather the more common usage of the term.  Feminists were of

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O’Sullivan’s Law

As we watch the destructive madness of the Left and the MSM’s wilful mix of blindness to the damage and open endorsment of it, when we witness the woeful absurdity of “Chaz” (the world’s 196th nation no doubt to be

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Cosmo Contradictions

When I was a youngster, I saw issues of the magazine Cosmo at the supermarket check line.  They had images of on the cover of hot women with article titles blasting in your face about attracting and keeping men.  I

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The Feminization Of The Mainstream Media

In the Manosphere there are rules of thumb with respect to female behavior.  It has caused much frustration over the years, with it described many a time over the years.  These behaviors seem odd to the fellas; who normally are

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Feminists And Federalism

The United States has a Federal System of government.  There are two entities with sovereignty, the Federal Government in Washington and the individual states.  It a bit tricky to run an outfit with two sovereign entities, but it has kind

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