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From here, Welcome to the year 2020, when women now comprise the majority of the workforce. It only took 50 years. “The [jobs] report strongly suggests that the labor market dynamics are tilting in the direction of women,” said Joe

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Rose Colored Glasses

Many men really do want to view women, individually and as a whole, in terms of an ideal.  Perhaps part of this comes from the olden days when women were expected to at least strive for an ideal.  It could

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Can Married Women be Happy?

If she feels that she settled, the answer is no. The end.   Actually there is a bit more to it.  But that is the gist of it.  So what does settling mean these days? It is really a question

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Last night, probable (well, maybe probable) Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden stated that he would choose a woman to be his VP running mate. I am not particularly sure that this will play out well in the long run. Presently,

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Never Go Full Gillette

From here, The All-New Nissan Sentra commercial starring superhero feminist Brie Larson is on track to becoming the most disliked YouTube video on the platform. Nissan respond by disabling the comments. So we’re off to good start.  I wonder what

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Congressperson Rashida Tlaib is on the loose, She claimed pro-life politicians are “obsessed” with women’s bodies and suggested that they should stop having sex with women altogether. “You know I, in the legislature, in the Michigan legislature for six years,

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Get A Life (Earlier Rather Than Later)

We all know Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer.  In my case, I have tried to figure out what talent they might have.  It appears that they have built their whole life around sex, complaining and stuff.  It is not impressive

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One attribute that women today do not seem to have in abundance is graciousness.  It is rather difficult to define exactly what it is, but it goes something like this: Thinking of others, opening in a friendly manner, not too

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Good Advice

Here is an article, “Never Marry A Feminist” I have a proudly progressive male friend who married a feminist some years ago who asked him to take her name. They didn’t end up going that route, but my friend seriously

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Who’s Side Are They On?

From here, The women of President Barack Obama’s White House saw themselves as a team among themselves. There was a regular dinner of female Obama senior officials where they discussed issues specific to being women working at senior levels in

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