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The worrisome rebellion of a timely procreation.


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Democracy or Monarchy?

By “monarch” I don’t mean mere figureheads. I mean monarch who rules. I’m not an expert, but I doubt the monarchy has been more powerful than parliament since the civil war (1642-1648). Democracy works okay as long as it does

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Still Expendable

Throughout history, men have been expendable, or at least semi-expendable. They were the warriors, the hunters; those that took the difficult and dangerous tasks. Men were replaceable, the reproductive capacity of the women was not so much. Men did get

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Respect For Whom?

It is commonly held around these parts that men desire respect. So in today’s world, how does that play out? For most men, they don’t receive much of it. They might get some from male friends and colleagues, but not

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Prince Harry Revisited

Obviously Prince Harry has gone SJW. Probably he thinks that this is a good career move. Or maybe he thinks he is actually making the world better. Or perhaps both. So here are a couple of questions. Do young men

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Wanda’s Vision

Recently there was the mini-series WandaVision on Disney+ streaming service. Since I don’t have Disney+, I wasn’t watching it, but I was monitoring it from afar. I did not know exactly what was going on until the Critical Drinker explained

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Broke Comedy

Many years ago, I stumbled onto a TV show, Two Broke Girls. I don’t watch much TV, so it was fortuitious(?) that I did so, at least from the perspective of having a subject to discuss. The premise is that

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Rose Tico Revisited

Rose Tico, for those who do not know, is a character from Star Wars. More specifically, from the The Last Jedi. The character was written so that she was mostly unlikable, as her appearance was not so great, she was

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The On-going Validation of Pedophilia

“Simply, this is one of the initial stages of the desensitising process. Talk about a taboo subject in an “academic” and “theoretical” manner. Suggest that removing the stigma or taboo will actually better achieve the goal of prevention than the

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The Curious Case Of Kathleen Kennedy

For those of you who might not know, Kathleen Kennedy is the top dog at LucasFilm, the outfit behind Star Wars. Formerly she was Steven Spielberg’s assistant, producing many of his movies. Much of the glow of Spielberg spilled over

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