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Feminist Types Doubling Down

Yes, things are becoming more clear. The establishment types took credit for various improvements over the years, but these were mostly due to technology and productivity gains that they did more to hinder than foster. But thing that they were

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Something Changed?

From here, Several days ago, I posted a story on Facebook highlighting the inflated expectations many women have of men and marriage. The purpose was to show how simple most men’s needs are when compared to women’s. To drive the point home,

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Live By Self-Esteem Alone (Or At Least Mostly)

Recently I have been exposed to several young female relatives. They are high on self-esteem as expected. It got me thinking about how the present day crop will turn out. Perhaps similar to women of today, but more so. So

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Threading A Needle

Margaret Thatcher was the most successful female politician in my lifetime. There are many that hate her, but they can’t claim that she did not get things done. Of course, many thought highly of her, including me. So how was

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So Sad They Are

Feminists and SJW types in general seem to be such unhappy people. I always wonder why somebody would want to be one for that very reason. Why go through life like that? So why are they so unhappy? As always,

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At 27

I have an update on this girl: entitled, whiny, skill-less, charmless, and heavy. Somehow somebody mentioned getting married by 27 years old around her. She said, “No, never”. I am not sure where she got it. Her mother was married

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President Trump attended a “town hall”, with the expectation that he would answer questions from attendees in the audience. He did that a bit, but mostly he was left fending off attacks from Savannah Guthrie. To cut to the chase,

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An Ultimate Shit-test and a Catastrophic Collapse

There is talk of a catastrophic collapse of civilization, and a question is being asked. Although several generations too late, in some minds at least the following question is increasingly demanding an answer: Who is responsible? Is it China? Russia?

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RBG And Hillary

It has been reported by family members that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg did not retire during the Obama Administration because she wanted Hillary to appoint a replacement. She was already advanced in age with several bouts of cancer behind her. Apparently she

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Gals More Ambitious Than Guys

Growing up, my older sisters were fed a good bit of be all you can be, reach for the stars pitches. Not so much from my parents, but from guidance counselors, TV, magazines, and so on. How did I know

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