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Honeycomb wrote, She was incompontent. No one wanted to ride with her. The rumor is the REO purposefully waited till the last second to punch them both out. Yes while on approach the REO will eject’em both if necessary. The

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Captain Marvel Revisited — A Bridge Too Far

    So what make Captain Marvel so unlikable to normal non-SJW men?  Let us recap.  She is a Mary Sue who never struggled on her way to her super-powers, unlike say Thor, Ironman or Luke Skywalker.  The fellas can

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What Men Want

Here we have Jed Clampett explaining to his daughter Ellie May about what grownup women should be like.  He makes it clear that men don’t want tomboys, and he somewhat regrets raising her to be one.  He makes it clear

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Soap Operas

As a kid, I didn’t much like soap operas, or daytime dramas, as they are officially called.  In fact, they ruined the word drama for me, as it ways synonymous with soap opera in my mind. Thank goodness my Mom

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The Herd Revisited

Adam found this here comment, Single mothers, and nearly all other women for that matter, won’t listen to a bunch of guys on the internet. The womenfolk won’t listen to men period, except selectively to the few alpha men in

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Intellectually Lazy

From here, During the summer of 2018, Sulkowicz tells me, she was single for the first time in years. Swiping through Tinder, a man she found “distasteful” super-liked her. “It smelled like Connecticut,” she says of his profile. “He was

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Why Is Hillary So Unlikable?

Before the last presidential election Hillary supposedly told her pollsters to shut up, mainly because she didn’t want to hear about how unlikable people considered her.  So in honor of Hillary’s birthday, here is a take on that.  It probably

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A little while ago I was traveling down a main road in a semi-well-heeled suburb.  Parked along the road was this very large Cadillac that was not moving, with two cop cars parked behind, lights flashing.  Upon further inspection, I

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Pride Before The Fall

Reporter: “A supporter approaches you and says, ‘Senator, I’m old-fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman.’ What is your response?”  Elizabeth Warren: “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said

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Lesbian By Incompetence

I know of this women with two daughters.  One is a lesbian, the other looks to be on the path.  There is no father in sight, as she has a pre-disposition for choosing cads.  There is an on and off

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