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Pay Gap Claptrap

It would seem that Nancy Pelosi wants to fix the pay gap “problem” On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke about the alleged “wage gap” while delivering a speech on the floor of the House of

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From here, Consistent with a trend that sex researchers have been documenting for years, the findings showed that Americans – and particularly those under 30 – are having less sex than ever before. On the whole, the number of Americans

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Content Of Character

Here in the US, Martin Luther King is held in high esteem by many.  Thee is a national holiday set aside for him; most medium or larger cities have a street named after him, he is just plain a big

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Joe, my coworker friend, has a wife with lots of girlfriends (over 10).  They are almost all the same.  They are highly educated, but not in STEM.  They are nearing the initial wall phase.  They have been on and off

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Information Mismatch

Over at Dalrock’s, commenter Wagner Tench writes, I’m a young man at a prominent California Christian college, and the expectation for “chivalry” is rather high. The girls often want to get married quickly despite being steeped in debt, and even

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Tuning Out

Deti wrote, I suspect more and more men are just not hearing the complaints anymore. They’re just tuning everyone else out. Which, in my view, is why the screaming is getting louder and more shrill, the positions being staked out

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Young Men — Learn From Your Mistakes

Well yes, of course one should learn from their mistakes.  Everybody knows that.  But do they practice it?  That is often a different story. In the case of young men, they really haven’t had time enough to learn to judge

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STEM, One More Time

From here, Though their numbers are growing, only 27 percent of all students taking the AP Computer Science exam in the United States are female. The gender gap only grows worse from there: Just 18 percent of American computer-science college

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Feminist Bomb

Roger Blakely over at RPG’s writes, “You have a feminist bomb in you,” said Nicole Michelle (black red pill dating coach in Atlanta). I have been meaning to post something on this topic for a week or so. I heard

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An Indicator

We have recently been examining wives from a team perspective.  Also from a less than team perspective.  How might a fella be able to discern one from the other? Although it is not a foolproof indicator, there is one piece

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