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Some Advice

From here I think a lot about supposed tos. What single women are supposed to do, supposed to be, the shoulds and the should nots. All of life’s little instructions are scaffolded around the life of a single woman until

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Up Your Game

PUA’s and Game have been at a little bit mainstream for a decade now.  Stuff has soaked in.  Has there been a reaction to men trying to employ game? According to anecdotes floating around the web, game is not as

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Useful Idiots

How many women, if they really understood Feminism, would really support it?  Now and throughout history? There are those that are true believers, ones that to their core have the Feminism DNA.  Then there are the would-be exploiters; the ones

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I think that it was BV who suggested that after First and Second Wave Feminism, the subsequent waves were more about keeping people’s minds off of the results of Feminism than anything else. Yes, bored housewives could now work.  And

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So You Are A Unicorn?

Let us assume that a young lady is now a unicorn.  So how about that fella that she is looking for as marriage material?  How should she assess him? These days young ladies seem to be given little guidance on

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Looking In All The Wrong Places

From here, Investigators find white supremacy, radical Islam materials in Gilroy shooter’s home. I can imagine, by the way, a really toxic blend of Islamism, white supremacy, and anti-feminism taking hold among a lot of young, marginalized men, given how

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Young Women – Be A Unicorn

We all hear of young women unhappy with their manhunt; be it have difficulty in generating interest ing fellas in general, or that the men just are not up to her standards.  There is help.  It is really not so

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The Alpha Experience

President Donald J Trump has stepped up his Twitter game.  It is how he communicates with the people bypassing the MSM.  It is also a good portion how he maintains his alpha status.  He challenges foes in ways that they

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Whither Manosphere Part II

Deti writes: There’s pushback now. There’s been a reaction to Game. First one was the attempt to coopt Game to “build a better beta”. That had some success. Where it didn’t work, women are starting to Gameproof themselves. That’s in

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Whither Manosphere Part I

BV states: I wanted to respond to The Deti’s serious note on the manosphere stalling out. I agree with him. My comments, of course, are just my impressions and reactions. The manosphere has stopped growing, innovating and entertaining because: 1.

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