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Hazardous To Your Health (Mental and Physical)

From here, (improved link) Today’s left lacks worthy menaces to fight. It is driven to find a replacement for racism, some sweeping historical wrongdoing that morally empowers those who oppose it. (Climate change?) Failing this, only hatred is left. Hatred

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Rules To Live By

Twenty years ago, my sister was engaged to a fella.  He had two daughters, 18 and 19 years old.  My sister got to know them, found out that they were having sex without precautions, and consequently got them on the

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The Hot Years — Free Shit

Tradition has it that single men show single women their financial success and their willingness to disperse it by showering it on them.  The thought is that since being a mother with kids will take lots of resources, one needs to

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Mad About Boys

A phenomenon that I have seen from time to time with teen (and pre-teen) girls is how they let the thought of boys dominate their life.  Well, it doesn’t always manifest itself about boys, often it is seen as jockeying

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What Boys Like

From here, One point she alludes to, which she made before: She thinks that Star Wars never appealed to Kathleen Kennedy. Kathleen Kennedy didn’t like the franchise, because it was, indeed, a boys’ adventure franchise. Instead of making a boys’

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A Threat

Here are a couple pieces of recent anecdotal evidence A Canadian man in his early 20s was unhappy with the high quote he got from his car insurance company, so he decided to do something about it: legally switch his

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Why Can’t Feminists Laugh?

Or the flip side, why can’t they be funny?  Why are they so sensitive to feminist jokes? This won’t take long to explain.  Feminism is built on top of a very poor foundation.  Much of the justification for feminism is

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The Big Picture

Why did the Evil Patriarchy, along with other systems throughout the world, exist?  Some might say that it was all about men exploiting their larger physical stature and aggressiveness to subjugate women.  Probably a large number of people would say

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Carousel Damage — Part I

The carousel damages women, but what are the mechanisms?  That is what this series is about.  Today’s entry is about the first time. For some women, there is a bit of mythical something about the first time.  Undoubtedly this is

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Husbands Guaranteed

Dalrock writes, Lori Alexander quoted my post as well as many of the replies in her recent post What Men Thought of My Viral Post.  One woman responded to this most recent post by explaining that since she deserves salvation

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