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Is It Worth It?

Over on the If You Have A Daughter post, BG writes Some young punk is going to get very lucky when the Sweetie chooses him. While both of her natural grandmothers suffered from Alzheimer’s, she has been largely raised by

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Young Men — Principles

Is it good for a young man to wander aimlessly, knowing little of what he is? Probably not. Others really wouldn’t respect such a person either. What is needed is a code. One that comes from some core principles. Let

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If You Have A Daughter…

I talked about something I called feminine virtue here. I didn’t really have a name for it, and it was somewhat difficult to describe, but I think that it is a real thing. It can be a real asset for

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Feminine Virtue

What I am writing about here does not have a name that I know of. But it is something that many men look for in a potential wife. What it would be is a type of deep inside nature to

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Young Men — Anecdotal Evidence

What is anecdotal evidence? It is the attempt to surmise a generality (e.g. a trend) from just a few data points. These are collected typically by an individual via experience and/or observation, often over time. From this evidence, one tries

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Feminist Types Doubling Down

Yes, things are becoming more clear. The establishment types took credit for various improvements over the years, but these were mostly due to technology and productivity gains that they did more to hinder than foster. But thing that they were

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Young Men — Convincing Others

When I was a wee child, I was told how smart my highly educated relatives were. I watched them closely, and figured out that with respect to many issues, there were not so smart. Of course lots of people hung

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The Curious Case Of Rose Tico

Recently the Critical Drinker posted this video It was about Finn, but since in the second sequel flick Rose TIco and Finn were mostly tied together, it is almost as much about her. As most everybody knows, Rose Tico was

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When I was a kid, there were just models. They were not of much interest to me, they were just plain garden variety models. They wore clothes an stuff with pictures taken of them wearing clothes and stuff,. My sister

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Live By Self-Esteem Alone (Or At Least Mostly)

Recently I have been exposed to several young female relatives. They are high on self-esteem as expected. It got me thinking about how the present day crop will turn out. Perhaps similar to women of today, but more so. So

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