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One Trick Ponies

I have recently come into contact with several over 40 divorced women.  Their physical appearances are still effective enough to attract male attention.  They have that going for them.  Unfortunately, they don’t have much else. It really is a sad

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Shit Test Diagnosis And Cure

Way back when, my ex-wife would shit test me almost to no end.  She would try to bait me, but I never rise to the challenge.  In a way I sort-of maybe a little bit passed.  But not really.  My

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Wonder Woman Versus Rey

Previously both Wonder Woman and The Force Awakens were both discussed here. Personally, I liked the Wonder Woman character.  As for any of the new StarWars characters, including the empowered women, not so much. Since liking the characters that you

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Don’t Do This

Over at RPG’s, she recommends the website The Rules Revisited.  So what are the Rules, and why did they need to be revisited.  Go here to find the Rules. When I first read the Rules, I there was one that

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A Purpose Filled Life

In modern times, many have difficulty in finding a purpose in life.  Some emphasized materialism, some still follow Christianity, some are into environmentalism and some obtain purpose through pushing their agenda.  Feminists might fall into the last category.  Let us

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Do They Comprehend?

Previously Earl stated, I’m marriaged minded…but I also agree with Aaron Clarey that with the dearth of marriageable women  There are lots of different types of fellas in the world.  Some have no notion of the red-pill and operate based on

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Have It All?

As the world has recently seen, women in general go nuts when a woman marries a prince.  What is up with this?  Perhaps it tickles the ultimate fantasy about having all of the resources one would ever need to raise

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  From here, ‘You’re so clever,’ they said. ‘Bright as a button, so mature, a pleasure to teach.’ I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I was top of the class, queen of the heap. My

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The Green Light

It seems that the newest member of the Royal Family has been given the go-ahead to push Feminism. Meghan Markle given palace’s blessing to fight for feminism as she takes her place in the Royal Family — The Telegraph (@Telegraph) May

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Double Down They Will

Over at RPG’s, Earl writes,  If all the changes over the past forty or so years haven’t led to a better, happier life for women (or men or kids), where do we go from here?’ Feminism for women is like

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