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Low Man On The Totem Pole

I had noticed that Liz Warren was making jokes about incels.  This was something that couldn’t be left untouched, but BV beat me to the punch.  This turns out to be perfectly fine.  Here is BV, My view is that

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Sometimes men and women desire perfection, or at least something close to it. My ex was a bit of a perfectionist.  She didn’t let on at first about this, as it really isn’t very becoming.  But over the course of

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Red Pill Movie Review — Joker

Here is an introduction,     Regular reader BV does the heavy lifting, Imagine a child who is routinely abused emotionally and physically. Commonplace, right? Now imagine what happens to the child’s mind when the only adults he knows tell

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Gaslighting Yesterday And Today

From Wikipedia, Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using

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Above is a picture of some strongly SJW types.  They are not the most pleasant faces to look at.  Of course, some of them are overweight.  Others have crazy dyed hair, odd facial expressions, hair going every which way, tattoos,

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Fill Her In

Recently we saw a young woman complain that men were not really go-getters and therefore didn’t make enough money.  Of course, unleashed hypergamy came into play.  Plus undoubtedly a developed sense of entitlement.  Probably she has never considered what the

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Happy Talk

When I was a kid, the local news shows on television started transitioning from news to “happy talk”.  They still presented the news, but the point to the program seemed to the banter that the presenters had between themselves.  Since

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Dresses and Skirts

When I was a kid, I wondered why the ladies would wear  dresses/skirts.  As I got older, I figured out that they did so to attract guys.  But I think there is more to the story. Probably back in the

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What Do They Dress Up For?

The ladies are prone to be enamored with fashion; with making themselves as “pretty” as they can.  But who do they do it for? A short answer — for themselves.  They are looking for some benefit to themselves,  How might

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In days past it was expected that men who were not bums would marry up a lady.  Women needed the financial resources and protection of a fella was the reasoning.  A bit of an obligation to do this resulted. But

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