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The Perpetual Stick

Do feminist types really care about getting women into STEM?  Is it really something that they want more women to do?  STEM can be hard work.  And then there would be a lifetime of hard work.  There very often isn’t

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Successful Cluelessness

Previously, there was this post about perhaps the most important criteria of choosing a wife — that is, that she has a clue. I have noticed lots of clueless people out there, not just women.  I noticed this when I

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Pay Gap Claptrap

It would seem that Nancy Pelosi wants to fix the pay gap “problem” On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spoke about the alleged “wage gap” while delivering a speech on the floor of the House of

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Studies Degrees

Naturally enough, the degree most considered here is the infamous women’s studies degree. So what about them? What do they learn?  Naturally enough, I have never attended such classes, but from the uttering of the profs and students, some aspects

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Not According To Plan

Deti writes, “Understand the label of Carlson’s detractors as “weak men are screwing feminism up”.  I think that’s oversimplifying it. What’s happening, and what Carlson and Zmirak are kind of sort of describing without actually saying so, is what naturally

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Certification vs. University

Over the past twenty five years or so, there has been a movement toward certifications for potential works, often instead of university education.  These are often in vocations, often very technical ones, that required proof of the skills need. Some

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Social Media, Drama and Jobs

Social media is very popular, probably too popular.  One should note that what you reveal can be used against you with respect to potential employers.  I know of one person who needed strong references from me directed to a potential

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Recently Dalrock was discussing the relationship between chivalry and Feminism.  Basically it comes down to this: Men are supposed to acquiesce to what women say that they need; because men are supposed to protect women and who better to know what

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The System Defines Their Reality

On Monday, I attended a small town Memorial Day service.  These people for generations have been self-reliant within the system that existed out there.  As a farming community, they learned to deal with all of the situations that were thrown

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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Program

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you an assessment of what is happening in the USA.  President Trump has irritated all of the Feminists, SJWs, designated victim groups, etc.  The thought that truly marginalized groups like white males

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