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Not A Good Start

I have somewhat distant relatives who have an only daughter. She is now eleven. Unfortunately, she is treated like a princess. The parents do everything for her, so she is unwilling/incapable of doing many tasks. She is winy and entitled.

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Young Men — Don’t Be Woke

Let us just jump to the punchline: women don’t respect wokeness in a fella. Let us consider the short term and long term relationship cases. Suppose that you are at an Antifa protest/riot. There are lots of young women around,

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Not Thinking It Through

A brother-in-law told the story about how he went out on a date a short while after his divorce. She spoke about how her sister was in the process of getting a divorce herself. Then she hit upon an idea.

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Recently the question was asked, Do women really believe that being difficult is attractive? Ton replied, Yes they do. It’s part of our culture now and most women will not swim aginst the main stream. It is something both of

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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part II

From here Previously discussed here One of the four areas identified by Lahren was the issue of men pursuing a girl while they are involved with other women We all know what is probably happening here.  She is going after

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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part I

From here, It would seem that the newslady Tomi Lauren is not a big fan of today’s men. On Monday, political pundit and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren put out a 14-minute video addressing her and her friends’ issues with

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It Was News To Me

When I was a young, naive fella I viewed the movie Airplane.   I saw this segment, I was a bit surprised.   Of course, the older women I knew sought and got husbands, but what I had seen of the young

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It’s A Plan, I Suppose

I have in recent years run across some middle aged women who all had the same plan.  They were in not the best of financial position, after divorcing husbands and making less than sound life decisions.   They still had a

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As we all know, one of the hotspots for Feminists and their war on men would be on university campuses.  Why would this be?   Perhaps it is because the gals are young and hot headed, with administrators feeding off

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In the movie Rudy, we have an un-athletic young fella who dreams of playing Notre Dame football. He works hard, does not really become skilled at all, but finally makes it on the field for one play.  This is the

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