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Incels As Victims?

Being a victim is powerful.  You receive sympathy, policies are altered in your favor, there are often monetary goodies.  Those who designate who are victims also benefit; the are able to feel good about themselves, they garner adoration from others

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The Biggest Miscalculation

What is the biggest miscalculation that young women make?  Undoubtedly, there are many candidates. Here is perhaps the highest one on the ladder: confusing the sexual marketplace with the marriage marketplace.  It is easy enough to do with all of

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A Means To An End, Not An End Itself

BV stated, This happens because girls are hard-coded (EPROM stuff) to generate desire; this compulsion is established and permanent by age 12. They wish to be desired, Bob from the car wash desires her and he’s not too fat, we’ve

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What Men Want

Here we have Jed Clampett explaining to his daughter Ellie May about what grownup women should be like.  He makes it clear that men don’t want tomboys, and he somewhat regrets raising her to be one.  He makes it clear

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Ripe For The Taking

I have run across recently several older women who were either divorced/widowed in middle age.  A man comes along, one that talks sweet enough.  They marry soon.  The fella sticks around as long as her assets last.  Then he is

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Revenge Pron

Recently here in America, the US representative Katie Hill accused her husband of releasing revenge pron.  In fact, she made a big deal about it.  Some said that the fuss was all about distracting from her misdeeds; and they are

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Men’s Standards

Liz the Cat writes, Heh, Mike’s sister always dressed like a skank, and slept with his friends. This was a habit of hers through pilot training (she visited and immediately hooked up with several of our friends in pilot training,

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Lesbian By Incompetence

I know of this women with two daughters.  One is a lesbian, the other looks to be on the path.  There is no father in sight, as she has a pre-disposition for choosing cads.  There is an on and off

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Fill Her In

Recently we saw a young woman complain that men were not really go-getters and therefore didn’t make enough money.  Of course, unleashed hypergamy came into play.  Plus undoubtedly a developed sense of entitlement.  Probably she has never considered what the

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What Do They Dress Up For?

The ladies are prone to be enamored with fashion; with making themselves as “pretty” as they can.  But who do they do it for? A short answer — for themselves.  They are looking for some benefit to themselves,  How might

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