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Advice For Older Gals

From here, You have something to bring to the table, but it’s up to you to figure out what that is. It could be anything. Support, nurturing, respect, trust, empathy, companionship, partnership, intimacy, loyalty, fun, adventure, endurance through pain and

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Get Them While They’re Hot

What types of marriages might actually be happening (sometimes) today?  If you answered marriage by youngsters, you could be correct. Often such marriages are high school or college sweethearts.  Perhaps such women realize that riding the carousel does not increase

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Millennial Males – One Approach

I have noticed a number of millennial fellas who view life through a lens of cynicism; with seemingly the purpose of the cynicism is to look intellectual and cool to others (particularly to chicks).  These fellas are not particularly accomplished,

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Rational Thought Required

How many time have you heard the lament, “good men are hard to find”.  Have you ever heard, “Good men just grow on trees”.  If you were a young woman, what might your response to this situation be?  Let me

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The New Normal

BV wrote, We read a lot about how men should help the young drop the scales from their eyes, but I mostly get agreeable but patronizing looks from a 20-something man. I wonder if some personal disaster is required for

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Doing It All Wrong

Girl, I can’t let you do this Let you walk away Girl, how can I live through this When you’re all I wake up for each day? Baby, you’re my soul and my heart’s inspiration You’re all I’ve got to

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We all know that so very many modern western women overvalue themselves.  A self-esteem infused childhood, a you-go girl young adulthood puff them up.  Naturally enough, due to hypergamy, thy want a man “better” than themselves.  There just are not

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The Hot Years — Free Shit

Tradition has it that single men show single women their financial success and their willingness to disperse it by showering it on them.  The thought is that since being a mother with kids will take lots of resources, one needs to

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Mad About Boys

A phenomenon that I have seen from time to time with teen (and pre-teen) girls is how they let the thought of boys dominate their life.  Well, it doesn’t always manifest itself about boys, often it is seen as jockeying

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The Glorious Patriarch defined, Tradcons (the normal word) can be grounded or not, but they’re not actively in denial of reality. I don’t have a problem with them at all (Dalrock might fit this (he’s grounded), I read at Dalrock’s

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