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She Regrets

From here, Browder, a Cosmopolitan magazine writer for 20 years, describes what she wrote as “propaganda.”  The goal? To sell women on the idea that sexual liberation is the path to the single woman’s personal fulfillment. I suppose it was an

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From here, Simone Dadoun-Cohen is an entrepreneur, former exotic dancer, wife, mother of three, and pot-stirrer. Her website,, seems recession-proof, as it counts over 250,000 affluent men and beautiful young women among its members. It does seem to be

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Growing Up Together

My parents, for reasons beyond their control, did not get married till the late 20s, early 30’s.  So they were reasonably mature at the time.  My buddy however, commented that his parents were 18 when they sere married.  He stated

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Women are more attractive when they display contrast.  Consider Flo, She maximizes her potential by utilizing lots of high contrast approaches.  As far as I can tell, her makeup makes her look more pale, which contrasts hugely with her dark

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Damsels In Distress?

Recently on this blog there was a discussion about the young woman from the University of Utah who moonlighted as a sugar baby.  One of her sorority pals claimed that 60% of the sorority did such a thing.   Perhaps

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Looking Up

Consider this image, Look at the lady on the right.  Of course, she has a cute smile, but notice that she is looking up at you. From what I can tell, this makes the women more attractive to the fellas.

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Race To The Bottom

Well, it actually isn’t so much a race to the bottom; it is more like a shuffle to the bottom.  Still, we are all heading to the bottom.  Here is Deti, Men: “Women can get married anytime they want. Just

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Long Term Success?

In the last post, Deti wrote, Exit question — how to tell young women that crap attitudes and behaviors won’t get them married and/or lead to long term success? When you all figure that out, let me know. I’ve spent

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Getting Religion At 35

A friend of mine recently married a woman that he met at church.  She had spent the previous twenty years doing what lots of young women do, run around, do stuff, get pregnant, try in an obvious manner to garner

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Leader Of The Pack

Here we have an oldies song, one from the 1960’s.  What might we glean from it?  A fair bit I might think. Here we have the late teen falling for the bad-boy, or perhaps a bad-boy wanna-be.  Some (very often

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