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Which One? Or Rather, Which Group?

This was a comment submitted by RichardP, @Ame: “… which one can a man trust to be that ‘one’ woman who will be faithful to him?” A survey a number of years ago showed that job satisfaction was a function

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Looking Right Back At You (Sometimes, Every Now And Then)

Women have the generic all-purpose insult that goes like this: “You can’t get laid, you live in the basement of your parents house playing video games.  You are pathetic.”  There is some truth to this insult — many guys are

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Of Two Minds

Deti states, The reason church boys are betaized like this is not because they never expect these men to mate. It’s because they view all natural masculinity – aggressive, pursuing, taking what you want, even assertiveness and standing up for

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Over at RPG’s, Deti writes, Why did women insist on adopting hookup culture? You know why. Because women wanted to have the freedom to make their own money so they didn’t have to marry icky betas. Because women wanted to

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Older Sheilas — The Facts

A comment from here, Older ladies: the old saw is true. If you ever find yourself signing up for a dating service, make up a nice meal, with candles and alcohol (beer if appropriate), and take a slightly unflattering picture

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Brassy, Sassy Lassies

RPG writes, A colleague and I were talking yesterday, and among other things she was going on and on with pride about how all her friends say they love how she’s so bold, and sassy, and speaks her mind. After

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Where It Crystalizes

In a recent post, it was discussed how it seemed plausible that the Evil Patriarchy restricted female behavior from a young age, trying to instill a niceness in them, all to forestall them from descending into their natural catty backbiting

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So What Is The Problem?

From here, Notkin recounts three stories. The first two are of Kate (34), who froze her eggs because her boyfriend wasn’t ready to commit (it’d be cheaper and easier to dump him), and Susan (41), who decided to become an

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Young Sheilas — Be Truly Nice

From here, So, where are you on the nice scale? If you’re not an inherently nice person, believe me I get it. I think I’m pretty nice, but that isn’t the first word one would think of to describe me. The

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Young Sheilas — Find A Bloke To Submit To

Over at American Dad, Deti writes, “It’s up to the husband to set what leadership tone he wants in the marriage, and for the wife to only accept a husband candidate to whom she can submit to his leadership style.”

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