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MGTOW over the cuckoo’s nest

#MeToo has turned Process into a circus. Men have allowed women to derail the once dispassionate pursuit of justice. In a hundred years with the vote, women have turned civilization into a joke. Feminism evinces a defective characteristic in the human

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To Hell with the subject of Women!

Yeah mates, let’s do something else. How about an opinion piece on where we might all be headed? Right-o me hearties, let’s jump in the deep end. In the land in which you live, in a future not too distant

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mgtow keep free minds

This blog’s posts and comments (including mine) are mostly about women. I hope this does not reflect a preoccupation with women in our minds IRL. Discussion of the subject is necessary and crucial here, I know that. I think of

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Feminist Hate

By the time this is published it will be old news. There’s a queue of scheduled posts at the moment. FWIW I wrote it on the 13th April. Anyway, to give FB a break for a couple of days, here

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“White Male Privilege” is Racist Drivel

Would it be “privileged” of me to save white space by abbreviating “white male privilege” to WMP and “white men” to WM? The answer is yes, it would, but I’m going to do it anyway. Maybe I’m just tired of

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A MGTOW Response to the “Consent Form” Farce

I have wondered how the world of the past would react if we could go back and present them with the extremes of the feminist world of today. How would past generations react to crowds of women dressed as vaginas,

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Could machines make women irrelevant?

This post is not about the technological detail of sex robots and ectogenesis. It’s about the effect these “machines” could have on a Man’s dependence (if any) on Woman. It’s just my personal observations. I don’t have any stats to

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Unbridled Hypergamy will produce a Police State

First let us consider the false superiority of hypergamy. Women rate 80% of men as below average in attractiveness. In other words, women of average rating believe themselves to be the equal of men rated within the top 20%. This

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The Life-force Sings in Her No More

The loopy lefties have decided en masse that they will no longer tolerate the use of power or status to procure sex with women. No doubt some of the allegations against the men accused of this behavior are false. No doubt

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 Feminism flouts the Separation of Powers

The popular brief definition of democracy is along the lines of “the right to vote”. However, universal adult suffrage by itself doesn’t amount to much. Any shit hole could give everyone the vote and then blithely carry on as a

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