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A Husband is What is Left of a Lover

Still think that Seven-Year-Itch is a myth?

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A Reply to “5 Reasons Women Leave Good Men For No Apparent Reason”

Horseman provided a link to an article where a woman attempts to explain why it’s OK for a woman to leave a man after she decides he isn’t meeting her needs. I decided that my own life makes a wonderful

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“What Would You Do?”

There are a million stories in The Naked City. You’re about to read one of them.

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Oprah: “It’s Not You, It’s Men”

Oprah Winfrey is apparently running It’s Not You, It’s Men, a series of “discussions” regarding sex and relationships aimed at women. Among other things she’s promoting is the fallacy that once-a-week sex means that a couple is happiest. Said fallacy

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Back In The Saddle Again – Maybe

One of my bucket list items is to improve and expand the knowledge base available for young men facing life’s challenges as represented by relationships with women. There was so much I had no clue about prior to my stepping

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Life’s a Bitch

And then you’re a married one.

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Ho, ho, ho! Bah, Humbug!

Lord, Save me from your followers, for they know not what they do – or why.

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How Evil Are You?

Infrequently vile: I am infrequently vile and mostly put others before myself, though I may find occasions in which my dark side shines.

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Too Late For What If… ?

Random thoughts from an exhausted mind in need of restful sleep.

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A Little Too Real

My married daughter works for the County of San Bernardino, and she knows some of those killed by terrorists today. She herself is fine. Still waiting for details, but this is going to make things very ugly.

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