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Foreign Bride Results

One common idea in the manosphere is that of the foreign bride. The general concept is to find a bride from either the old Soviet block or from the third world, one that would hopefully be unspoiled by modern Feminism.

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Young Men — You Will Work

It has always been true that men were expected to work. They were expendable, they had to be useful. Furthermore, there was the peer pressure of the other men of the tribe. In terms of the expected to work part,

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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Here are some lyrics from “Alone Again, Naturally” “Now, looking back over the yearsAnd whatever else that appearsI remember I cried when my father diedNever wishing to hide the tears And at sixty-five years oldMy mother, God rest her soulCouldn’t

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BoJo A Bit Slow

Recently the British PM, Boris Johnson has advocated for Government to have a more feminine perspective. Of course, general feel-good words were used to describe how this would work. Naturally the Government would be nicer, less harsh, more caring, bah-blah.

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Not Good

Jack recently wrote, In the long run this “new lack of rules” market based on sexual desire doesn’t actually serve the women market participants either, because they are increasingly left with relatively unattractive men as options for mates once they

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A Poor State Of Affairs

From here, Another fact we’re not allowed to talk about: black families were doing better than white families in the U.S. before the welfare state was set up in the 1960s. Yes, they were actually outpacing white families in economic growth, and

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A Breakup

My 36 year old nephew who lives in a different state recently was very excited to have a girlfriend. He stated that they had similar outlooks and that things were looking up. She seemed to rather like him a good

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Not Thinking It Through

A brother-in-law told the story about how he went out on a date a short while after his divorce. She spoke about how her sister was in the process of getting a divorce herself. Then she hit upon an idea.

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It’s A Plan, I Suppose

I have in recent years run across some middle aged women who all had the same plan.  They were in not the best of financial position, after divorcing husbands and making less than sound life decisions.   They still had a

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Two Is Easier Than One

There is a former couple, Jennifer and Jerry that I have had an acquaintance with.  Jerry is one of those artistic types, but he isn’t hard-left is is harmless.  He has had on and off work throughout his life with

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