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Tame The Alpha

It is said that many women want to tame the alpha.  More specifically, they want to align some of the attributes of a man who gives bad boy vibes more toward their suiting.  Doing this would appear to be lots

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Looking For Mr. Good-Tingle

Regular commenter Earl posted a link to this site.  If you have not, please go and check it out.  A young lady laments about her experiences with men.  More specifically, she rails against the bullshit that they can dispense.  Here

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Strange Game Frame

I have an acquaintance with a girlfriend where he employs a non-standard version of game.  He i s not especially tall, handsome or strong, but he has a firm hold on her.  Much of the time he has effective frame,

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SOTU — Young Men

This is the third installment of the State Of The Unions series. Individual women want as their husband strong successful tinglating men.  Women as a whole want weak docile men that through the media/culture/church/government they can control.  Here is the

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SOTU — What Modern Women Want

This is the second in the State Of The Unions series. As discussed in the previous post, most modern women go for the tingles.  This is what strikes fourteen year old girls first, providing them with their first thrills, ones

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SOTU — The Tinglators

This the the first in a series of State Of The Unions (SOTU) posts related to the antecedents of marriage.   Today, we consider the men who create tingles, the Tinglators. Modern semi-feral woman when it comes to the opposite sex

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Losing It

My College Roommate had parents who courted in the late 1950’s.  They were from a very rural area.  The mother state that she married her husband because he was a nice guy.  This appeared to be true, as he was

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Stefan’s Video

After saying that I had watched all of Stefan Molyneux’s one hour forty seven minute video, Farm Boy requested that I write a post about it to spare the rest of us having to sit through it. I am going

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Yo-Yo Relationships

A common Manosphere concept is that of the Dark Triad man.  In reality, men with all of the Dark Triad features are probably uncommon, but apparently just a measure of these attributes is enough to generate the tingles in women.

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#MeToo Defence

As we all know, lots of fellas have been pummeled with accusations.  Some of them are probably guilty of doing bad/marginal things, but were not sexy enough to survive an accusation.  Surprisingly, the sexiest men are not being accused.  Or

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