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Fill Her In

Recently we saw a young woman complain that men were not really go-getters and therefore didn’t make enough money.  Of course, unleashed hypergamy came into play.  Plus undoubtedly a developed sense of entitlement.  Probably she has never considered what the

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What Do They Dress Up For?

The ladies are prone to be enamored with fashion; with making themselves as “pretty” as they can.  But who do they do it for? A short answer — for themselves.  They are looking for some benefit to themselves,  How might

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Some Advice

From here I think a lot about supposed tos. What single women are supposed to do, supposed to be, the shoulds and the should nots. All of life’s little instructions are scaffolded around the life of a single woman until

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Looking In All The Wrong Places

From here, Investigators find white supremacy, radical Islam materials in Gilroy shooter’s home. I can imagine, by the way, a really toxic blend of Islamism, white supremacy, and anti-feminism taking hold among a lot of young, marginalized men, given how

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Gresham’s Law

Gresham’s Law is often summarized as “The bad drives out the good”.  It was formulated long ago and dealt with currency; with valuable metals in coins being shaved off by people, leading to a reboot of that currency.   Since

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Amusement Park

As we saw in this post and this one, women want and mostly expect that their wishes with respect to dangerous and thrilling activities be implemented; that is, it is all safe.  After all, they deserve what they deserve. Well,

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Just Not A Pretty Picture

From the TMI post RichardP asked, Are the acquaintances evenly split between the two sexes. Or does this TMI activity take place more with one sex than the other? I responded, I will ask So I did ask.  This is

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The Utility Function

How do large swaths of women view men? There is the is he sexy / fun / gives me tingles perspective. Then there is the utility function perspective.  This is just what it says, of what utility is this fella

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Incel As An Insult

With the recent release of the Captain Marvel movie, there was much discussion on the Web.  Rather, discussion flowed by insults.  One of the more common insults was incel.  Previous to this year, I really hadn’t noticed its use floating

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No Way Out

I work with this younger fella, call him Kevin.  He is 27, comes from a fine family, is religious and is kinda sorta looking for a wife.  He is smart and fit.  Makes good money.  He doesn’t sleep around. Another

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