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It’s All In Your Head

One of the keystones of modern Feminism is the “blank slate” argument.  This concept states that the brains of males and females have almost no natural differences, and any that typically appear are solely due to societal pressures and “sexist”

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Spreading MGTOW

On a previous thread, Spawny stated; It’s important to reach out to younger men so that they are encouraged to Go Their Own Way looking for happiness. This has never been truer than in today’s world, where entire aspects of

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How “WGTOWs” are different from MGTOWs

Over the course of this year, we’ve spoken much about the concepts of herd mentality, hypergamy, frivorce, and manbashing amongst women and how these traits work together to create the misandric but gynocentric system currently in place in North America

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“Absolutely, 100%, without a doubt the best advice one can give a man (MGTOW or no) who is in the dating pool. If she talks about equality but then bosses you around, withholds sex or uses it as a bargaining

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Letting Men Down Easy (Repost from Tarnished Sophia)

There is an awesome post up over at The Private Man here. It also links to a AVfM forum where the original conversation/dialogue is taking place. I highly recommend reading both, as many of the comments are just as insightful

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In a previous thread, Cill posted a video with a speaker who says that women keep the DNA of semen from their previous partners in their bloodstream. I’d pointed out then that this exact occurance (known as telegony) has not

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Yes Virgina, All Women Have Vaginas

So, I’m a gamer. I enjoy not only boardgames, card games, and pen-and-paper RPGs, but videogames too. As such, I read a number of webcomics focused on gaming, one of which is Penny Arcade. Seriously, these guys are great people.

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Do women ever Go Their Own Way?

Originally posted on Tarnished Sophia:
Some do, they are few and far between. For the most part,women who are single past age 25-30 often write posts that speak more to a false sense of? “you go grrl” mentality or worse…a…

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Except I Really Don’t Care…

Over on Farm Boy’s previous post, Spawny left this comment; Maybe Tarn can tell us how many times women tried that (shutting someone out) on her as punishment, only to be horrified that Tarn didn’t give a damn. I reckon

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Conversation from Tarn’s Place: Helping A MGTOW Spread His Message

Hello, all. As I stated over on my blog, this is where I’d like the majority of discussion to take place for the post I’m putting up today. People are free to comment on either blog, but be aware that

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