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Crap UK General Election

Just so you can avoid it, if you’re sane Advertisements

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Some sad news

(I didn’t want to put this in comments on the current thread.  Apologies to Farm Boy for publishing without consultation) I’m sure that many here will have fond memories of JustFourGuys. I don’t know if Morpheus will be posting anywhere

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The whinging pom myth

Being the happy go lucky type that you lot so love, as an Englishman born and bred, I’ve been wondering how the Aussie myth about whinging poms came about.  A myth that has no mirror that I’m aware of, I

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Let 2017 commence

Pesky timezones mean that 2017 beckons for some. Just over an hour to go. 2016 has had some fine moments, I wish I was optimistic that moves towards real BREXIT ™ will occur, but I’m not.  We have the wrong

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Protected: Writers’ corner / admin

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Was it good for you?

The election, the media reaction, the butthurt, discuss

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My first comment in response to the Hierarchy of the herd

Another flashback, this is a comment that I made to the Hierarchy post. Can I bend your framework a little to tie it into an article elsewhere? And thereby explain why society is falling apart over the issue of feminism.

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GOVE is running. Now you’re talking

Gove Joins U.K. Tory Race Saying Johnson Unfit to Be Premier Yeah, yeah, you’ve never heard of him.  Unless you’ve been paying attention to UK politics in detail.  Or saw some of the better BREXIT debates.  Debates where he politely

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Phony War and Splitters

The old post was getting a bit long in the comments.  Just a new place to drop updates in comments EU itself looking shaky because the europroles are revolting Back on Splitter Island we have the lefties ripping themselves apart

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It’s unbelievable in this country right now.  The political establishment paused briefly to shut out Farage and then imploded up their own arse.  The media is engaged in a treasonous campaign of dividing the country because the referendum was ‘unfair’ and

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