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Stefan’s Video

After saying that I had watched all of Stefan Molyneux’s one hour forty seven minute video, Farm Boy requested that I write a post about it to spare the rest of us having to sit through it. I am going

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Review of BBC’s Three Girls

I got through it. It was a tough, slow slog of a docudrama but it is the only thing that has dealt with the subject in detail. It comes in three one hour segments and, from what ai heard, the

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Wendy Davis

Tonight, I wrote a comment that was scathing of Wendy Davis, the former Democratic Candidate for Governor of Texas in 2014. She is quite a peach. What gave her the springboard to run for Governor in 2014 was a filibuster

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Wives Drinking Too Much

  In a recent thread, commenter Deti suggested that wives should not drink and Yoda seconded the notion. I wrote something terse about alcoholism and stay at home mothers. It was then suggested that I write a post. To the

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Trading Comments With a Rude Feminist

Last night, October 2, I was on another blog trading comments. A feminist joins in and starts getting insulting. Ignoring the insults, I continued to talk with her. After a comment, she took it private. What all the fuss was

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What is up with Herbivores?

From time to time, the question of “herbivores” comes up in our discussion about gender issues. It can’t be avoided because it is so big in Japan. About two thirds of young men self identify as herbivore. What these men

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2% of Men 18-24 Feel Masculine

This post is trying to pick up where this Breitbart piece left off and, hopefully, start a good discussion about the deleterious effects of misandry. I don’t know what Breitbart will tolerate, so I will just leave the link. You

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It Is All Linked

Recently, Spawny Get linked to an RT economics opinion program that had a nugget of wisdom in it. In the old economy, workers were valued for their contributions in labor, their ability to save, and their need to consume. In the present

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A Thought or Two on Mothers

“Why is it that one can criticize a woman not?” Yesterday, Yoda asked this question. To which, I responded. I think that this has a lot to do with being a mother or, the potential to be a mother. This

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