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President Trump attended a “town hall”, with the expectation that he would answer questions from attendees in the audience. He did that a bit, but mostly he was left fending off attacks from Savannah Guthrie. To cut to the chase,

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Young Men — Sometimes Less Is More

It probably is common of the young to believe that if some of something is good, then more of it is better. Or that, a big direct push will turn the trick, compared to a patient, calm campaign. Such is

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Nuclear Family

Recently BLM altered their manifesto to delete the part about the abolition of the Nuclear Family. This has been a long standing goal of Marxism, so it was no surprise that it was there in the first place. Why do

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Familiarity Breeds Contempt?

I have several distant relatives where the one spouse (one male, one female) treats the other spouse in almost a contemptuous manner. They don’t treat other people, including me, that way. There is the continual complaining, lack of respect for

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Not A Good Start

I have somewhat distant relatives who have an only daughter. She is now eleven. Unfortunately, she is treated like a princess. The parents do everything for her, so she is unwilling/incapable of doing many tasks. She is winy and entitled.

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Never Stop Taking Out The Garbage — Part III

The first two installments are here and here. The main point is that spouses should not forever hold things against each other. An example of this is when my Dad was preparing to take my Mom to the hospital for

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Young Men — Develop A Thick Skin

Let’s face it — the world is full of jerks, dumb people, non-considerate people, etc. They will treat you, a man, poorly. You can’t let it get you down. You need to consider it just the way of the world,

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The Evolution Of Lee Van Cleef

Lee Van Cleef was an actor, perhaps most famous for his roles in The Good, Bad and Ugly along with For A Few Dollars More. He often played villains, but also portrayed good guys or semi-good guys. Early in his

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Love Among The Mostly Peaceful Protests

This subject was explored a bit here. Basically the conclusion was that being woke was not enough to get you laid. But there is much more going on at these mostly peaceful protests. On the west coast, LA, San Fran,

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Woko Ono

Notice that the title only mentions one of the supposed duo. Prince Harry appears to count for very little. Many of us feel like we could knock some sense into Harry, if just given a chance. But we are not

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