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Young Men — Never Think That You Have Arrived

There might come a time when things in your life are going especially well. You have worked hard and there are good results. This is not the time to think that you have arrived. In reality, there might have a

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Male Role Models

Boys need grown men to be role models, to show them how to go about doing things. Most people at some level understand this. Yet they really don’t seem to care. One of the reasons might be the historic perspective

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Young Men — Who Not To Impress

It is sometimes suggested that people work very hard (and maybe spend lots of money in the process) trying to impress people that they don’t even like. If you think about it, this is true. In fact, they often work

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Young Men — The Fog Lifting

A fella in his late teens and twenties is strongly affected by his raging hormones. Sometimes the ladies are all he can think about. At the same time, young men normally are just not that wise. As I mentioned in

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Young Men — Naturals

The previous two posts discussed how to prepare yourself for speaking; that is, thinking ahead, keeping calm and being deliberate. This is what has worked for me. It feeds into my strengths, such that I ended up being acceptable in

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The Word Of Red Pill Apostle

Red Pill Apostle wrote,  In my experience, I have never met a C-suite level executive that is quick to speak. They all take their time because they are observing and thinking through the person or subject at hand. Blurting out

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Young Men — Speaking

The manner in which you speak can be of large influence on how others perceive you. And like it or not, how other perceive you can matter a great deal. It might be fruitful to reflect on how you speak.

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Young Men — Be Like General Grant

Sorry Ton. You can substitute General Lee in if you so desire. Early in the Civil War, or the War of Northern Aggression as Ton would call it, General Grant was commanding a small force in Missouri. He was scared

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Previously Ton wrote, The war on respect is dibalocally effective. Church doesn’t respect men? Men won’t defend it as an institution  Family’s no longer respect men? Men no longer value or defend the notion of family as an institution  Courts

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Respect For Whom?

It is commonly held around these parts that men desire respect. So in today’s world, how does that play out? For most men, they don’t receive much of it. They might get some from male friends and colleagues, but not

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