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Just Say No

  Commener Earl states, An older than him already divorced actress who was a SJW in her youth and her mother was a social worker…didn’t grow up with a father the whole time because of divorce…talks about gender equality and

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Joseph Of Jackson Revisited

Many years ago, on the Sunshine Mary blog, the Commenter Joseph of Jackson told his story.  He had joined a church, but the young ladies of the church were not much interested in the young men (including Joseph) cohort that

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Of Fish And Bicycles

Feminists tell us that women do not need men, either individually or as a whole.  Does anybody really believe them?  Let us consider the situation. When I was a kid, my older sister talked about hope chests, household stuff gathered

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A Special Kind Of Crazy

What is meant by a special kind of crazy is “a most dangerous kind of crazy”.  I have had experiences with women who seem normal and apparently have their shit together.  Not all women have their shit together to say

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SOTU — There Are No Good Men Left, They Are All Taken

This is the fifth of the State Of The Unions (SOTU) series. In mainstream women’s magazines/websites one hears this lament regularly.  Notice that you don’t hear men suggesting the same thing with respect to women in mainstream magazines/websites; even though

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Dancing Monkey

One of the tasks of a modern boyfriend is to entertain.  More specifically, entertain with jokes and clever banter.  Marriage throughout the ages typically (actually never) called for the fella to be able to entertain the gal.  This is a

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Oscar Night Thread

Tonight are the Academy Awards.  Lots of women will show lots of boobs and then posture about #MeToo.  Lot’s of Hollywood Types (HT) will virtue signal.  My ex was very much impressed with these types.  I was not.  Let us

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Tame The Alpha

It is said that many women want to tame the alpha.  More specifically, they want to align some of the attributes of a man who gives bad boy vibes more toward their suiting.  Doing this would appear to be lots

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Poe’s Law

I found this somewhere on the web.  It is satire. Take It To The Limit by “Little Orange” Recently the full duties of North Korean cheerleaders have been revealed; I am aghast at this.  Providing just for the leaders well

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SOTU — What Men Want

This is the fourth installment of the the State Of The Unions (SOTU) series.  Previously The Ton commented, Often under appreciated by the cucks, feminist, save the West types is round about age 24 or so, the high maintenance bitch

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