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She Regrets

From here, Browder, a Cosmopolitan magazine writer for 20 years, describes what she wrote as “propaganda.”  The goal? To sell women on the idea that sexual liberation is the path to the single woman’s personal fulfillment. I suppose it was an

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Gaslighting Revisited

WhiteGuy wrote, Followed by her spam texting (damn lawyers are WORDY!) trying to get me back for two days (over 100 texts!). And then a couple of attempts to suck me back in like nothing happened. Monday she even sent

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The Good Shepherd

I just finished reading The Good Shepherd by C.S. Forester.   Here is the sometime soon to be released film adaptation of it For the most part, I can place scenes in the trailers with what happened in the book.

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Negativity And Women

From here, Have you ever found yourself dwelling on an insult or fixating on your mistakes? Criticisms often have a greater impact than compliments, and bad news frequently draws more attention than good. The reason for this is that negative

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Feminists And Federalism

The United States has a Federal System of government.  There are two entities with sovereignty, the Federal Government in Washington and the individual states.  It a bit tricky to run an outfit with two sovereign entities, but it has kind

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From here, Simone Dadoun-Cohen is an entrepreneur, former exotic dancer, wife, mother of three, and pot-stirrer. Her website,, seems recession-proof, as it counts over 250,000 affluent men and beautiful young women among its members. It does seem to be

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Young Men — Learn How The System(s) Really Work

There are lots of systems in the world; the educational ones, the workplace ones, the government ones, legal ones, etc.  They all normally have published rules.  Based on these rules, you are supposed to figure out how to navigate though

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Burning Bridges

Here in the times of the Virus it becomes clear that there is a real possibility that people may come to depend on their neighbors and community more they might have expected just few months ago.  As of right now,

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Growing Up Together

My parents, for reasons beyond their control, did not get married till the late 20s, early 30’s.  So they were reasonably mature at the time.  My buddy however, commented that his parents were 18 when they sere married.  He stated

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Red Pill Classroom — Amused Mastery

One of the concepts of game is that of amused mastery; acting like the competence of others (or perhaps yourself) is really not anything of real significance.  It is supposed to signal that a person is an alpha; and therefore

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