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On The Cusp

From here, I’ve had the “summer of six weddings.” The “spring of seven baby showers.” The “year with nine bachelorette weekends” — not parties, but whole weekends for some reason. And while I could tell tales of the financial strain

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It Is Always “The Herd”

Over at Dalrock’s, The Traveler states, Everybody who pushes “grrrrrl power!” and “You go, grrrrrl!” absolutely must realize–even if only at a subconscious, visceral level–that it is just nonsense. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to keep pushing it. That which is

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My work friend Joe, who is a millennial, was commenting the other day that he has lots of acquaintances that just can’t shut up about their sexuality on Facebook, twitter, etc.   Be it their turn-ons/turn-offs, kinkiness, SJW posturing, latest

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Young Men — Recognize Good Ideas

People often have a Not Invented Here distaste.  That is, if they (or their group) was not the origin of an idea, then it will not be adopted.  As we all know, young men are given every disadvantage; there is

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Something You Won’t See Today

Check this out, Green Acres is the place to be. Farm livin’ is the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. New York is where I’d rather stay. I get

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Righteous Aggression

Recently I went our for lunch.  As I entered the eatery, this somewhat young chick eyes me.  I think little of it.  I end up sitting in a booth right next to her.  She has this fella with her and

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If Only You Believe

What does Feminism (or any lefty enterprise) need in order to be successful?  It needs people to believe.  Not just some people, but all people.  Why “all people”?  The short answer is that the belief system is rather fragile; with

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The Herd And The Cliff

From here, I don’t think most women would care much for what I have to say. The problem we seem to have is that we lack imagination in failure – we can’t conceive of it when we have a chance

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How Much Work?

Over at Dalrock’s, Cynthia and Feeriker write Cynthia says: I you want a guy you have to go looking for him. You have to put in the work. Go to stuff. Do the online dating. Don’t be afraid to say

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From here, Background here, When I wrote about men who were not “worldly-wise” or who were “socially awkward”, please allow me to clarify my meaning: What I did NOT mean: Shy or introverted Secular (unchristian) moral and social views Or that

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