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A Lot Of Men Are Trash — Part I

From here, It would seem that the newslady Tomi Lauren is not a big fan of today’s men. On Monday, political pundit and FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren put out a 14-minute video addressing her and her friends’ issues with

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So what about the length of hair on women?  Most fellas like it long.  Perhaps it is a reminder that women are different than men.  Perhaps it is a sign of health.   It doesn’t really matter, fellas like what they

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Modern Pioneers

There probably have always been people selling their line of self-interested BS.  Often part of the act was that they were the cool people. so you should follow what they say.  In the modern day, the real pioneers in this

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It Was News To Me

When I was a young, naive fella I viewed the movie Airplane.   I saw this segment, I was a bit surprised.   Of course, the older women I knew sought and got husbands, but what I had seen of the young

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Big Sister

I have noticed a phenomenon with some mothers of girls.  One is perhaps most prominent among single moms with just girls.  That is, they act like a big sister rather than a Mom, and often a rather poor big sister

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It’s A Plan, I Suppose

I have in recent years run across some middle aged women who all had the same plan.  They were in not the best of financial position, after divorcing husbands and making less than sound life decisions.   They still had a

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Helping Hand

I have lady relatives that are rather easily affected by what seem to be hard luck women.   More often than not, they are looking for a place to live.   Then it would expand from there. Invariably, they are this sorry

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That Ship Has Sailed

Recently a bunch of women who claimed to be the mothers of the protesters that are disrupting Portland banded together to form a human shield to protect them.  The implied authority that they had was that they were mothers, the

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Starting Young

I have an acquaintance who had a 10 year old daughter.  He took the daughter and an older son on a business trip.  The kids stayed in the hotel room during the day, with the older boy supervising. One day

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Cake, Having And Eating

I once worked with a lady office mate who was young and married.  She was thin enough, but not overly attractive.  As the years went by, she ended up divorced.  It seemed that her husband wanted kids, while she did

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