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Watch this video if you will,   Let  us consider a few ideas here.  First the comedienne who is made out to be hottest thing around, is not particularly attractive; especially when you see what is inside. Just look at

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Holding Yourself Hostage

Women are built to try to extract resources from others.  One approach is to create a situation where a man or an institution (e.g. Government, charity) need to come to the rescue.  One way to do this in the modern

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There seem to be incessant complaints about (typically young) fellas who play video games.  They are wasting their lives, their time, etc. is the normal refrain.  They need to man up is the typical solution.  Video games, of course, are

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Respectable Married Lady

From here, The first statement of the author (in original bold) is, I am a respectable married lady.  Dalrock from time to time discusses the prestige that women get from being married.  In the olden days, of course, being a

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Young Sheilas — Be Of Low Maintenance

Scott posted this about women’s maintenance levels, whereupon Stephanie responded, giving her take on how high maintenance manifests itself He’s lucky he hasn’t seen what ‘high maintenance” really is I guess. I grew up in a very rich area, where the

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Growing Up Together

A friend’s parent told the story of how they married young, as was customary at the time, and consequently grew up together as they described it.  For therm this worked out very well, with the husband a successful executive and

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Apex Fallacy Revisited

Over at Dalrock’s, Deti writes, I really have a need to understand where social science researchers are getting this notion that all single guys are out there having all this sex and all this Tinder/hookup “success”. What planet are they

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Men Owe

Over at Dalrock’s, Deti writes, “I think over time we’re going to see guys refuse marriage altogether. If or when they want kids, they’ll offer kids but no marriage. That still puts a lot of power in the woman’s hands

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From Dalrock’s, Deti says, In a famous experiment done by Dr. Warren Farrell, the women were compelled to do the approaching to men they fancied. They couldn’t do it, some got physically ill from the heebie jeebies. Because the two

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A Fork In The Road For Young Sheilas

Over at RPG’s, commenter JustAGuy wrote, And don’t think for minute “good” women don’t’ do this. They do. If pushed far enough or denied the balance male-female relationships and their female/female relationships, they will become the worst versions of themselves.

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