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Young Men – Avoid Hater-Haters

Over the past few years I have run across a few college students. Some of them are really into labeling other people as haters. In fact, they hate haters so much that they become hater-haters. Let us examine the situation

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Loose Lips

I am sure that many of you saw this video In it, we see some really disgusting stuff. The man seems to be serious about it all. The question is: Did the fact that he was talking to a seemingly

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Over at Jack’s, there have been a series of articles related to the rise of the amateur sex industry. In one of them, the conversation was going such that I posted, It is as if they were geishas These women

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No Connection

Over at Jack’s, Elspeth wrote I see it among the ones who graduated with our kids. Making it to 22, 23 years old without ever having been on a date. Ever, and these are not fat or ugly young women.

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Over at Jack’s, RedPillBoomer states, Apart from some early deaths of porn stars that have been documented, I’ve read little of the downline consequences for women and men who are porn stars (not talking about the ones who die early,

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Young Men — All The World Is A Shit Test

Some basic review — what is a shit test? The common definition is when a woman does something shitty to a man to see if he will put up with it. If he does, she thinks less of him. If

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Over at Jack’s, Scott wrote, All of the women you guys hold up as examples in the sphere— Elspeth, Hearthie, Mychael had very strong dads (in Mychaels case her grandfather) who they were terrified of disappointing. Yes, this is a

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Blank Slate

Of course, there is the seemingly eternal debate about blank slates with respect to people; that is, can we imprint onto a young person a fully formed way of thinking/operating, one to our liking? This question is of supposedly great

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Young Men — Protesting Too Much

Sometimes when one encounters others, they try extra hard to convince you of their honesty. The thought is that if they need to work extra hard to convince you of this, rather than letting their reputation and/or the way that

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Coming Apart?

Over at Jack’s, Novaseeker writes, Yes, there are entire communities where the women have essentially stuck the landing. Almost all of them are gifted both genetically in terms of appearance and in other ways (intelligence, drive, discipline) and most of

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