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John William Money, a New Zealander, invented the “distinction” between sex and gender. He ruined the lives of at least four people in his attempts to prove that the environment or conditioning can determine a person’s gender. Despite John Money’s

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BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) are ring-leaders among the Antifa thugs who bash in the heads of people they disagree with, as in the riots at Berkeley. Bloom gave us a link to a Daily Caller report tying certain leaders

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Risk of injustice builds MGTOW

The only thing that could make me avoid women is the risk of imprisonment or loss of my future. I can cope with bitchiness by telling the woman to shape up or ship out. I can defeat shit-tests with humor. I

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Self-sufficient MGTOW Handy-men

“But want and need ain’t the same thing at all” (SFC Ton) When I was a kid I met Gaffy the hermit who showed me that a man can survive alone. He made a big impression on me, and as

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Yep, women are oppressed by their own smiles: “How ‘Service With a Smile’ Takes a Toll on Women“. Smiling is a form of hard emotional labor, says Arlie Hochschild. Feminists asked women to refuse to smile on International Women’s Day. By

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MGTOW Son of Deadbeat Solo Mum

Farm Boy’s post about the openly cuckolded “Adam” reminded me of real life examples of children damaged by the behavior of high #N solo mothers. The sons of such mothers have no counter-balance to measure women by. Rua is one such

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Let’s STOP being DISTRACTED by Women

A lot of men behave as if women are superior creatures who hold the keys to the joys in life. They are dull and listless until a woman walks into the room, then they spark up, happy she’s there. What causes this dependency in

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AF,BB (Alpha Fux, Beta Bux) in SNAKESKIN!

The low budget movie SNAKESKIN is pure alpha fux, beta bux. The bad boy, the good boy, the entitlement, the hypergamy, the tingles, the validation, … it’s as if the woman who made the movie has studied the Red Pill. This post is more

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Red Pill Advice for Boy

Most of us here would agree that red pill education is vital for any boy in the feminist world of today. Those of you who have sons are sure to have thought about this. I don’t have sons but I

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“Bad Boy” and Feminist Crap

Comparison of feminine (left) and masculine face: A year ago in my post  “Times as a ‘Bad Boy” I beat around the bush and said people often mistook me for a bad boy, and some even mistook me for the criminal type. Since

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