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(The deliberate use of a double negative follows. There might even be a couple. Chocolate fish to those who can spot ’em) So, are all racists white? In ideology, guilt can be determined by race. In objective reality it cannot.

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Am I Still MGTOW

As a man who has children and ongoing interaction with the mother, I am not 100% MGTOW. The following are some positions I will not compromise, and why I still identify with MGTOW: I still don’t trust Women in general.

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The Young New Mums who are Good Old Mums

The reappearance of Molly on the blog and her apparent whirlwind plunge into marriage and children has me thinking on behalf of y’all. She lacks the time, so maybe I should offer an explanation. It was actually planned well in

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The “Fourth Estate” is Pie in the Sky

Democracies seemed unable to anticipate the partisan abuse of freedom of expression by the “Fourth Estate”. Perhaps they expected the competition of private enterprise, or even lofty peer review, to keep abuses to a minimum. Well it hasn’t worked out

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I chanced upon this comment by “Andrew” under a Helen Smith post: “Across the board, it is astonishing how much of today’s political discourse can be boiled down in the end to – “If they are not that evil, then

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Some time ago a visiting commenter challenged regular commenters to produce evidence that children of single custodial fathers do better than the children of single custodial mothers. I wanted to rise to the challenge back then, but got distracted IRL.

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White Magic Evil

There is an estrangement going on, a phenomenon that a conspicuously masculine whitie (CMW) can’t help noticing when he mixes with the masses. It reveals itself in the form of a reaction. It’s the way the world reacts to the

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The Male Reaction will be a Yawning Chasm

Newton’s third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s a law of physics, not of sociology or human nature. Nevertheless it’s sometimes said that for the action of Feminism, there will be an equal and

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The Ultimate LGBTQ Pronoun

Recently I chanced upon an LGBTQ-inspired pronoun that so tickled my fancy, I decided to try it out for myself. At a business meeting I announced my support for the LGBTQ right to foist arbitrary pronouns on other folk, like

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Feminism is an Anti-Nature Madhouse

Many humans possess a trait known as mysticism, whereby they believe they have a direct, intimate union with unassailable “knowledge”. They put an overriding “truth” ahead of rationality, and place an indisputable “fact” beyond evidence and proof. Mysticism evinces itself

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