The worrisome rebellion of a timely procreation.


The “Ideal” Life Path for a female that is proudly endorsed by the feminist narrative goes something like this.

Age    Goals

14-18  High school boyfriend

17-18  Lose virginity sometime during their junior or senior year.

18-20 YOLO in the drunken parties and frat houses of a public university

20-22 Settles down with the college boyfriend.

22-25 “Discovering” herself

25-30 FOMO fueled hookup culture

30-35 Husband hunting

35-40 First “marriage”, 1.73 children, and divorce

40-45 Cougaring

> 45   Second marriage, or else, wine and cats

But not everyone is falling in line with the Feminist life script.  I came across this story on Reddit.

“My (24) younger sister (17) is planning to have a baby with her boyfriend (19) as soon as she turns 18. She will not listen to me or our parents, and her boyfriend’s family is supporting her decision.

So first off, we’re from a small town in the southern US where a lot of girls get married and have babies right out of high school so my sister has a lot of examples of people she can point to and say that they did the same thing she’s planning to do and it turned out fine. I’ve tried showing her episodes of Teen Mom and Sixteen and Pregnant and she just says that she’s not going to have that difficulty because she’s not going to be in school while trying to have and raise a baby. I don’t know how else to get through to her, she just seems blind to the fact that this isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Her boyfriend and her have been dating since middle school and so she’s fully convinced that he’s committed to her, and I guess it does seem like he is because he’s willing to go along with this. He’s what everyone in our town calls a “nice boy” but I just doubt that he’s responsible enough to be a father. He does already have a job in his family’s business but I don’t think it’s enough to take care of my sister financially, but his parents are old-fashioned/religious and think that him marrying a “nice girl” and having a baby immediately is a great decision so they’re willing to help out. His mom has actually tried to ask my mom for her opinions about baby names. They’re totally supportive of this.

I really just need some advice about how to talk my sister out of this. I’m not that much older than she is and I cannot imagine already having a kid old enough to be in first grade. It seems insane to me. My parents agree and want my sister to go to college and get an education and not just pop out a baby with the first guy she’s ever dated. But she just seriously doesn’t care what any of us think. We can’t really even stop her from seeing her boyfriend because she’s obviously just going to run back to him as soon as she’s 18 in February and probably never talk to our family again. My father legitimately considered trying to get him in legal trouble over the age difference to keep them apart but it wasn’t possible and he decided it would just push my sister closer to her boyfriend’s family too.

Please give me some advice on what to say to her. I don’t want to watch my sister make a life-ruining decision and she’s just impossible to get through to.

tl;dr: My sister is trying to get pregnant immediately at age 18 and I need to convince her not to ruin her life like that.”

A few days after the original posting, the author posted a follow-up.

EDIT: Thank you everyone for your stories and advice. I ran out of steam to reply to every comment but I did read every single one. I guess that I’m just going to have to accept that my sister is going to do what she wants to do with her life whether or not our family thinks it’s a bad idea. I’m going to ty to get her some real information about parenting and what it costs and the kind of support system she’ll need, and see if I can get her some hands-on experience through babysitting or volunteering. I’m hoping that everyone is right and that if I just try to help her figure out what exactly she needs to do instead of explaining why I think this is a bad idea, she might decide on her own that she’s not cut out for it. Or maybe she’ll actually take it seriously and try to learn and be a good mother. It’s still hard for me to imagine how she could be happy with this decision, but like everyone has said I can’t do anything to stop her so I should help her try to be successful. Even if things don’t turn out like she expects or how she wants, I still love her and would want her and her baby to have the best life that they can.”

Are we seeing evidence of the proverbial pendulum now swinging back to traditional roles?


Jack is a world traveling artist, skilled in trading ideas and information, none of which are considered too holy, too nerdy, nor too profane to hijack and twist into useful fashion. Sigma Frame Mindsets and methods for building and maintaining a masculine Frame

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    Cats like this situation. So there’s that.

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  2. Of course she can always just change her mind about being a housewife and then you are screwed.

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  3. Farm Boy says:

    The thinking sure runs deep. They can’t even consider that it might be the right choice for the young lady. They even considered stopping it through nefarious means, showing what kind of people they really are. Perhaps she is best rid of her family

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  4. Cill says:

    This is a difficult one for me. IRL I would amost certainly advise the young man not to have any sort of relationship with the young woman. All she has to do is accuse him of domestic violence and and he has to get out of the home while an investigation, weighted against him, takes place. If they have children he will lose his fatherhood role then and there and will probably never recover it.

    On the other hand my mother had 2 children before she was out of her teens. At 17 she was better prepared for marriage than most 30 year olds. A heck of a lot better. Her mother trained her, just as her grandmother trained her mother. Same with molly and other kin of mine. It has been a life goal of those mothers and willing daughters for generations, with the full support of the fathers.

    My own woman is the daughter of long-time friends of my parents and most of the clan. Her parents liked what they saw in the clan mothers and brought their own daughter up the same way.

    If “Jack’s young man” approached me for advice, it would take a heck of a lot to convince me that the young woman is not just another typical female of today. I avoided starting a relationship with my own woman for years.

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  5. Aussie high school labels straight white christian males as ‘oppressors’

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  6. Cheque d'Out says:

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  7. Cheque d'Out says:

    [Which vaccine this is?]

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  8. Not his first rodeo.

    In other news, the local DQ manager tried to hire my neighbor’s 14 yo (who looks 12 to me) when then went in for a treat. I guess paying people not to work really is having the DESIRED effect.

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  9. Sumo says:

    I do things like that all the time. It’s all in the reflexes.

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  10. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Wait,theres still guys getting married to 45 year old falsely empowered wimminz?I thought that mainly ended in the late ’90s in america!Like dalrock showed on his marriage data charts&graphs around 2015!?Or is jack pulling a very late april fools on all of us spawnites?

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  11. Red Pill Apostle says:

    The 18 year old’s father is the one that concerns me. No matter how determined you are as a girl, the father always has an influence. And the one in Jack’s example is the typical “no man is good enough for my princess” dad which is where his push for her to go to college so she can be an “I don’t need no man” empowered girl. What he should be doing as the current man with authority in her life is coach her on what characteristics the new man of authority in her life should have, what pitfalls to avoid and how to best make the family life she is choosing work. He won’t do this, because he has no grounding in truth and no clue how to help his daughter pull it off well even if he wanted to.

    In college, I was classmates with a woman who had a good father. The guy she was dating in college was a typical college kid, which means he was learning things by trial and error like most of us do at that age. After one of those “learning events” she questioned whether to keep dating him or not. Her recounting of the story is that her father sat her down and loving told her that the boyfriend’s character was good and that one day he’d be a man many women would trip over themselves to have, so she better lock him down early. She resisted hypergamy, got married soon after college and this year will be their 20th anniversary. Even though she is a very intelligent engineer, she has followed him to new jobs putting family ahead of her own version of modern success. My belief is her father has been instrumental in imparting these values in her.

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  12. Jack says:

    “Or is Jack pulling a very late April Fools on all of us Spawnites?”

    No, this is the “Ideal” Life Path for a female that is covertly endorsed by the feminist narrative.

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  13. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    I know that jack,I”ve been in the manosphere literaly 9+years&in name 11+years&spiritualy red[pilled nearly 40 years!But theres younger guys who don’t know how us long-time redpillers see things!I also think that dominos pizza girl that hunter knows would make a excellent first female president,she could’nt drop the ball more than the repupublican-democrat oligarchy has over the last 20 years could she?Or fall UP stairs like biden,either right?

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  14. Farm Boy says:

    No, this is the “Ideal” Life Path for a female that is covertly endorsed by the feminist narrative.

    Is it so covert?

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  15. Jack says:

    “Is it so covert?”

    Most of it is obvious, but the unsavory details are tacitly assumed.

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  16. Cill says:

    KH 1:05 pm
    Psychologist at 6:21 in the video:

    “I feel what they did was well-intentioned and could be controlled in certain ways. Maybe have smaller groups, have the parents involved and to create that empathic space to deal with an issue that is moving forward and still going to play a huge role in society.”

    In other words: How to demonstrate our hatred of you in ways that don’t hurt your feelings.

    Or: how to revile you less obviously. Cheat and lie! It’s what we are! Yipp-eee! Bring in the parents and make them part of the trick. Because boys need it. Masculinity is a pathology! The APA tells us so! Hate boys like we do! Hate yourselves boys! Hate!

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  17. b g says:

    Picked a couple of dozen asparagus to take to the gobbler’s Mom during my walk. It was warm, approaching 70 F, and the little copper butterflies were collected sitting on the moist soil drinking water at the spring near the woods. Coming back I saw our golden eagle migrating SW into the mountains, there’s only one, huge with a wingspan that must be approaching eight feet. Likely a female because of the size and one that lost her mate, being monogamous, she has continued that long lonely single migration for a dozen year that I know of. Damn, somebody should write a country and western song about that ;-D

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  18. Cheque d'Out says:

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  19. RichardP says:

    @bg – Not country/western, but about eagles and bonding for life. If you like harmony, perhaps you will like this. From the early 1980s.

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  20. Farm Boy says:

    Distressing video captured an 80-year-old Asian man being assaulted and robbed in California — amid a disturbing spike in bias crimes against members of the Asian-American community across the US.

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  21. Farm Boy says:


    Psaki On Pipeline Being Hacked And Its Restoration Being Ransomed “It’s A Private Matter”


  22. Farm Boy says:

    A new open letter has been published in France warning of the threat of civil war and claiming to have more than 130,000 signatures from the public.

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    Sen. Dr. Rand Paul Reminds Fauci the NIH Taxpayer Money Went to Wuhan Institute of Virology

    “We did, under your tutelage, we were sending it through EcoHealth, it was a subagency and a subgrant. Do you support that the money from NIH that was going to the Wuhan Institute?”

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  24. Farm Boy says:

    Facing Recall Election, CA Gov. Newsom Sends Checks to Taxpayers and ‘Undocumented’ Residents


  25. Farm Boy says:

    The world is full of sinister voices, always trying to lure your children toward extremist, far-right ideas. How can you protect your kids from growing up to be literally Hitler– or worse– Ben Shapiro? We did several minutes of research and found the 7 books you must avoid at all costs:

    1. The Bible: This deeply problematic book teaches that all human beings are of one race, with only two genders, made in the image of God. Yeesh. Not a good look, God.

    2. Any math book: Math is a gateway drug into the white supremacist idea of “either/or” thinking. It starts with 2+2=4, and ends with your kid microaggressing her non-binary classmate. Stay away!

    3. The works of Shakespeare: We don’t know much about Shakespeare because he uses big words so we never read him. We know this much though: he was a white cis-male. We recommend a comic book by Ta-Nehisi Coates instead.

    4. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie: This deeply anti-communist work criticizes the welfare state and reeks of white supremacy. It also smacks of bigotry. It’s rare for a book to both reek and smack like that.

    5. The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe: Indoctrinates kids into Christianity, and shames women from being Witches/feminists.

    6. Are You My Mother?: REEEEEEE!

    7. The Tuttle Twins: Kids who read these books have been known to grow into virtuous, productive citizens. How is the government going to grow bigger if everyone is a virtuous, productive citizen? Sounds pretty counterproductive to us.

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  26. Farm Boy says:

    Michel Barnier has called for a 3-5 year suspension of immigration into EU countries, warning that the bloc’s external borders have become a “sieve” for criminals and terrorists

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    A trending video shows a gay man in drag telling other supporters of the LGBT movement to keep their children away from drag queen shows and gay clubs.


  28. Farm Boy says:

    White House Reminds Nation That Permission Slips To Eat A Hot Dog On The 4th Of July Are Due By Friday

    [Britishers have 4th of July not,
    so no worries they would have]

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  29. b g says:


    Actually, I was admiring the extreme loyalty displayed by her. We only seem to have the one golden eagle here, but have many bald eagles especially when the adult salmon are in the creeks. I have always admired the acrobatic displays put on by courting eagles and ravens…not only the dives and rolls but the mated pairs clutching each others talons as they swing across the heavens. An old cowboy that loved polkas had to appreciate that ;-D

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  30. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    The timeline isn’t something openly spoke of, but it is the norm. Try to explain to a woman that she only has a short time to have kids and she’ll find the example of the one woman who managed to have a kid at 45. That will prove that she has all the time in the world. That’s what our society tells women, usually implicitly, all of their lives.

    Good on this girl for ignoring her foolish family and settling down with a good man early on.

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  31. Farm Boy says:

    Not unlike how if a vaccine makes you feel a bit sick that shows it is working, this discomfort is supposedly evidence that progress is being made. White people unwilling to experience this discomfort are viewed as part of the problem.


  32. Farm Boy says:

    Stacey Abrams Spins Job Report: ‘Insufficient’ to ‘Focus on Traditional Masculine Areas of the Economy’

    You cannot spin this job report. It was bad and had nothing to do with “masculine” anything.


  33. Farm Boy says:

    The original article that they are talking about in the video above

    Really good stuff


  34. RichardP says:

    FB – thanks for posting the video and the article. Is there anyway that you can make them sticky – or whatever word that WordPress has for keeping an article at the top of the list? Folks need to become educated about his stuff and I think there will be a great effort launched to keep that from happening. Places like this place may become some of the few places that can pass this information on to others, but only if it is obviously visible over time.

    I’ve not ever seen the two folks in the video. They are good.

    [The Glorious Patriarch or Cill know how to do this they do?]

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  35. Farm Boy says:

    Granholm Taunts Americans Facing Lines at Pump Due to Attack

    The reporter asks how does this fit their overall effort toward renewable energy, how does this “speed up” that effort? In other words, how can you use this crisis to your advantage? That’s why Granholm is smiling because she thinks this helps their case, hang who it hurts or the threat to the infrastructure. She also taunts Americans who drive gas-powered cars, with a little smile, “If you drive an electric car, this would not be affecting you.” She really is one of the most tone-deaf people in the Biden regime and that’s saying something.


  36. Farm Boy says:








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  37. Jack says:

    “FB – thanks for posting the video and the article. Is there anyway that you can make them sticky – or whatever word that WordPress has for keeping an article at the top of the list? Folks need to become educated about this stuff and I think there will be a great effort launched to keep that from happening. Places like this place may become some of the few places that can pass this information on to others, but only if it is obviously visible over time.”

    I would suggest making a post out of it, in order to increase exposure and linkbacks. Collect all the videos, quotes, and noteworthy comments, and put them all together in one post.

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  38. Ame says:

    I love your stories, BG 💖

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  39. Ame says:

    Heard from a dear friend. Beautiful Christian couple. Homeschooled. Daughters went to college and are now all screwed up. 😥

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  40. Cill says:

    Jack 4:10 am

    A new sticky post reserved for momentous videos and articles etc. I’ll do it if Spawny and FB are ok with the suggestion.

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  41. Farm Boy says:

    I hope so

    Democratic Death Watch: ‘Biden’s agenda is pretty much dangling by a thread’

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    Following another confrontation between Senator Rand Paul and White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci Tuesday, during which Paul questioned Fauci about his extensive ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, CNN’s Anderson Cooper declared that Paul should “have more respect at least for medical science.”

    [Not sure how Paul disrespected medical science I do]

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  43. I remember when Q showed Bond the new “toxic masculinity” he’d invented.

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  44. Ame says:

    It’s shocking how deep the deep, dark state is and how unashamed people are to reveal who controls them.

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  45. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    That’s a damned shame, Ame. I recently found out that another man I know was accused of rape by one of my classmates because they got together while she and her boyfriend were on a break. I knew this girl and I considered taking a shot at her. Glad I dodged that bullet.

    Just don’t date/fuck any girl in college or with a degree. A degree is a pretty good sign that a woman has been fucked up, down, and all around. In college means she is in the process of being fucked up, down, and all around, and she is having poison poured into her ear. There is about no good reason for a girl to go to college. She isn’t going to be productive without a husband, and she is not going to be suitable to be a wife if she went to college. Any skill that a woman needs can be learned online or from her husband directly.

    [Only let them commute to college you should]

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    Last month some House GOP lawmakers revealed the previously unknown fact that the FBI ruled the June 14, 2017 shooting attack on the House Republican baseball team to be an act of “suicide by cop.” It was stunning news. How could the FBI do such a thing? The shooter, James Hodgkinson, expressed bitter hatred for Republicans, brought guns when he moved to the Washington area, had a hit list of GOP lawmakers in his pocket when he approached the baseball practice, checked to make sure the men on the field were in fact Republicans, and then opened fire. He nearly killed House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, badly wounded a lobbyist, and hurt two others before being shot to death by Scalise’s security detail and Alexandria, Virginia police.

    It was absolutely clearly, without any doubt, an act of domestic political terrorism.


  47. Farm Boy says:

    Facebook owned Instagram has decided to introduce a feature allowing users to pick from a list of 41 pronouns, thus saving on characters in the bio, but the woke brigade has already complained that there are not enough choices on offer.

    [More choices than Baskin-Robbins they have]

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  48. Farm Boy says:

    Panel Says WHO Could Have Saved Over 3 Million Lives by Recommending Border Controls Earlier

    Health body suggested it was racist to impose travel restrictions in early weeks of pandemic.

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    American Medical Association Rejects “Equality” and “Meritocracy” In Just-Released “Racial Justice” and “Equity” Strategic Plan

    It is hard to overstate how radical the AMA becomes under this Strategic Plan. It rejects meritocracy in medical education explicitly embedding Critical Race Theory in that education, and rejects the core legal protection of “equality” substituting the goal of “equity.”


  50. Farm Boy says:

    Yes, it will

    Cornell Professor Warns ‘Anti-Racism’ Training Mandate Will Exacerbate ‘Toxic’ Campus Environment

    “when you are forcing it on people, you’re now engaging in coercion, not education”

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  51. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    No, Yoda, no college. None. There is no good reason to send a woman to college. The point of women’s colleges were to have them colocated with real colleges so that elite men could find smart and attractive women to marry. Coed colleges just turn into open air whorehouses. Commuting to poison instead of living in poison still gets you poisoned.

    [Perhaps Distance Learning the way to go it is]

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    The Mayor of London just commissioned a new art campaign for the city and literally this is the result


  53. Farm Boy says:

    And we need to stop hunting for new exotic diseases in the wild, shipping them back to laboratories, and hot-wiring their genomes to prove how dangerous to human life they might become.

    Over the past few decades, scientists have developed ingenious methods of evolutionary acceleration and recombination, and they’ve learned how to trick viruses, coronaviruses in particular, those spiky hairballs of protein we now know so well, into moving quickly from one species of animal to another or from one type of cell culture to another. They’ve made machines that mix and mingle the viral code for bat diseases with the code for human diseases — diseases like SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, for example, which arose in China in 2003,While the first documented case of SARS was in November 2002, it became a pandemic in 2003, and the WHO issued its first alert about the virus in March of that year. and MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome, which broke out a decade later and has to do with bats and camels.


  54. He ain’t wrong…

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  55. Farm Boy says:

    There was a federal moratorium on the funding of exactly the kind of gain-of-function experiments that went on at the Wuhan lab due to disastrous effects. So why didn’t the U.S. government halt its funding of the lab in Wuhan? That is a central question and Nicholas Wade, to his great credit, looked into it. And here’s what he found, quote, “Someone wrote a loophole into the moratorium. The moratorium specifically barred funding of any gain-of-function research that increased the pathogenicity of the flu, MERS or SARS viruses. But then a footnote on page two of the moratorium document states that quote, ‘an exception from the research pause may be obtained if the head of the U.S. government funding agency determines that the research is urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security.'”

    And that’s exactly the loophole that was exploited. Who signed off on this? Tony Fauci, possibly, along with Francis Collins, the Director of the NIH invoked that special exemption in order to keep funding the Wuhan lab and the deadly experiments that were going on there, the experiments that clearly went so wrong.

    According to Richard Ebright quote, “Unfortunately, the NIAID Director (that would be Fauci) and the NIH Director exploited this loophole to issue exemptions to projects subject to pause, preposterously asserting that the exempted research was, quote, ‘urgently necessary to protect public health or national security and thereby nullifying the pause.'”

    This wouldn’t have happened if Tony Fauci didn’t allow it to happen. That is clear.

    It’s an amazing story. It is a shocking story.

    In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci’s role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country and changed it forever. So why isn’t there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci’s role in this pandemic?

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  56. RichardP says:

    In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci’s role in the COVID pandemic …

    A criminal conviction requires proof of intent to do the crime. Proof of intent to do harm will be difficult to collect. Stupid and criminal intent may lead to the same outcome, but they are not the same.

    The real value of revealing Fauci’s (and the WHO, and others’) role is that it explains the decision-making that has had normal folks scratching their heads in puzzlement for so long. The advice and decision-making were designed to confuse the public about the role of the higher-ups in all of this rather than designed to bring a quick end to (probable) human stupidity that got out of hand. Knowing this, even if belatedly, should help lay the groundwork for a more evidenced-based path forward. At least until the next human-engineered pathogen escapes.

    [Criminal intent required for Hilary it is (at least sometimes),
    for other people it is not.
    Probably Fauci like Hillary he is]

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  57. Liz says:

    There is such a thing as criminal negligence
    Not sure I’d support a criminal charge for Fauci (I don’t like setting long term precedents that could backfire bigly) but there was definitely a conflict of interest. But the more I read about the WHO’s conduct I believe there is definitely a case to be made for both negligence and criminal intent.

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  58. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    Why does everyone think that college is so important for women? What has college done for women that is so great that we need to keep sending them there? Has sending women to college en masse been successful? Women need to learn to manage a household before they even think about going to college.

    Stop sending the most gullible and malleable to be educated by your enemies. Do you want grandchildren? Then don’t send your kids to college. No excuses, no exceptions, no college. Do you want your daughters to be hateful, childless spinsters? Then by all means, send them to college and remove them from the gene pool.

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  59. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    What is best in a woman’s life? To be barefoot in the kitchen, to be pregnant, and to listen to the laughter of her children.

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  60. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Your wolf looks friendly enough to keep it relz after the great reset!I also like the new family friendly art at your place too!
    We’ll get the manosphere g-rated yet!Also what is this about the fauch being criminaly fowl?Is fauchie a chicken criminal?

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  61. Cill says:

    “Why does everyone think that college is so important for women?”

    Because it indoctrinates them into Feminism. If they are already into Feminism, a good dose of “studies” indoctrinates them some more. No woman is complete without it. Same with the male milksops.

    Seriously, college is a huge waste of money. I went to a university early this century for an engineering degree (a real one, not one of these courses for dummies that pass as “studies” these days).

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  62. Cill says:

    May I sum it up this way: They pay their “equity” and “diversity” officers more than they pay their professors.

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  63. Cill says:

    As for the Fauc, I think he felled in one fowl foul swoop.

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  64. Liz says:

    Unfortunately with the marriage of government and academics there aren’t a lot of useful on the job training or apprenticeships or internships that set a person up for work outside of some degreed or university certification program. They once had a lot but now they have none. Hospital diploma programs are gone, and all that. Unfortunately.

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  65. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder what an engineering studies degree would look like…


  66. Liz says:

    They had those engineering studies degrees in the 90s too. I don’t know about the current standard but back then it was exclusive to universities that had no real engineering programs. I think a good portion of the people really thought they were getting an engineering degree. Until they tried to get a job and the certification was wrong for employment.
    They did this with nursing programs too.

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  67. Farm Boy says:

    Bombshell Report: CDC Exaggerated Risk of Outdoors Coronavirus Transmission

    Republican senators blasted CDC Director Rochelle Walensky during a hearing on Tuesday

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  68. Liz says:

    I’m kind of glad I had my college experience because without it I would have never met mike.
    And I’ve had to work a few times to make ends meet for the family. It enabled mike to go back for training (which was expensive) and all that

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  69. Farm Boy says:

    Border Crisis Worsens As Biden’s New Cat Stands At Gate To Mexico And Can’t Decide Whether To Go In Or Out

    [Liz go and see what the issue is she should]

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  70. Cill says:

    “I wonder what an engineering studies degree would look like…”

    Like exactness is white male oppression of minorities

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  71. Farm Boy says:

    Ed Gonzalez, the Harris County sheriff and the Biden administration’s choice for ICE director, worked closely with Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King to identify Jazmine Barnes’s killer. Gonzalez amplified the family’s claim that the gunman was white even after he received a tip that Barnes’s killers were black. An attorney for the man King falsely identified as the shooter said King’s allegation might have contributed to his client’s suicide.

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  72. Farm Boy says:

    An Antifa protester at a demonstration near Seattle was filmed proudly proclaiming, “I can’t wait until black people lynch white people.”


  73. Cill says:

    Any bridge built this century:

    It’s getting to the stage where I’ll want to know who constructed it before I’ll venture onto it.

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  74. Farm Boy says:

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  75. RichardP says:

    It’s getting to the stage where I’ll want to know who constructed it before I’ll venture onto it.

    Scroll down for the picture.

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  76. “I wonder what an engineering studies degree would look like…”

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  77. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    That bridge collapse is women in engineering for you. What you get when you let them in for equality and tolerance. “I want to be an engineer!” Well, honey, that’s nice, but get back in the kitchen and have mommy show you how to cook and serve a roast.

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  78. RichardP says:

    Why does everyone think that college is so important for women?

    The following data is for the College Class of 2016. More current data probably won’t show a significant departure from the trend shown by the 2016 data.

    Note that Women’s Studies and Gender Studies are included in the Humanities category. That is, they are a subset of that category – with other types of study also included there.

    From the chart in the first link below, note that the category Liberal Arts, General Studies, Humanities had 27,516 graduates. Gender and Women’s Studies are a portion of the Humanities category that is totalled together with Liberal Arts and General Studies. So we can presume that the number of Female graduates of Women and Gender Studies programs are some number signficantly less than 27,516.

    Now note that the number of Female graduates of the Health, Education, and Business studies Categories (192,635 + 69,790 + 175,382) is 437,807. That number of Females graduating from those useful programs greatly overwhelms the rather paltry number of Females graduating from Women and Gender Studies programs.

    It is expected that we all will have opinions. But informed opinions are coveted.

    When all is said and done, it is a small number of Females who are attracted to the Women and Gender Studies programs. That number perhaps reflecting some percentage of the number of practicing bi and gay females in the general population. As the chart in the first link below demonstrates, the majority of Females are pursuing degrees with a more practical slant. Our conversations should reflect that fact.

    Female Bachelor Degrees – by Category

    Basket Weaving and other Useless Female Degrees

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  79. Sharkly says:

    “Carjacking victims told to pay DC tickets racked up by the criminals who took their car.”

    Once while I was in DC in a rental car, as I was taking a friend who had moved there out to dinner, I asked him, what is that flash of light every time I go through an intersection. He informed me that it was a “ticket camera” taking my photo. LOL I never ever heard another thing about it though, and haven’t been back to DC in a dozen years. I guess I was the 25MPH+ “criminal” who took their rental car hurriedly joyriding around my nation’s Capitol. That was pre-fortress-of-tyrants era. ♬ Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ♪ I hear it’s considered violent insurrection for any non-Marxists to visit DC now. SMH! I stuck it to the Man! LOL Driving while White! LOL

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  80. Sharkly says:

    “Do you want grandchildren? Then don’t send your kids to college.”


    “What is best in a woman’s life? To be barefoot in the kitchen, to be pregnant, and to listen to the laughter of her children.”

    I see what you did there:

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  81. Farm Boy says:

    Border collie







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  82. Farm Boy says:

    JUST IN: Biden officials testify that white supremacists are the greatest threat to America – The Hill

    — Breaking911 (@Breaking911) May 12, 2021


  83. Cill says:

    “It is expected that we all will have opinions. But informed opinions are coveted.”

    Which comment(s) are you referring to?

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  84. Liz says:

    Just watched The Kings Choice. It’s about Norway during WWII
    Very well done I thought.

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  85. RichardP says:

    Q: Which comment(s) are you referring to?

    A: Any opinion that focuses solely on the idea that, if girls go to college, they will major in women’s studies and be ruined (generalizing here).

    An informed opinion would understand the statistics that I presented in my post and would incorporate them into their comments about Female college students and Women and Gender studies. As the statistics show (that I presented in my post), the Females focusing on Women and Gender Studies is a tiny percent of the Females who get a college degree. That “fact” would show up in an informed opinion about Females going to college. Most, if not all, of the comments and opinions about girls going to college that I come across, here and elsewhere, ignore that “fact”. Focusing on a tiny segment of Female college graduates (Women and Gender studies) does not present a true or fair picture of reality.

    Speaking of which, on a related note:

    A doctor friend of ours delivered 10 babies over the course of last Saturday and Sunday. That is either good news or bad news, depending on where you see the United States headed over the next 25 years.

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  86. joshua4355 says:

    A: Any opinion that focuses solely on the idea that, if girls go to college, they will major in women’s studies and be ruined (generalizing here).

    A woman who goes to college is acting like she wants a career outside the home. For a man that wants a wife who is “busy at home”, such a woman is clearly demonstrating that she wants to be a low-quality wife.

    A woman who goes to college will be swimming in an environment that trains them to be difficult. For the man that wants a wife who is “kind” and has a “gentle spirit”, such a woman is clearly demonstrating that she wants to be a low-quality wife.

    A woman who goes to college is acting like her job will be a high priority for her. For a man that what a wife who has “[loving] her husband and children” as a priority, such a woman is clearly demonstrating that she wants to be a low-quality wife.

    No. The problem is not some assumption that all college women are in some women’s studies program, although that would be even more concerning.
    The problem is that she is showing, by her actions, that she wants to be a bitch-of-a-wife, or not to be a wife at all.

    Now, it is possible for a woman to show other actions that provide a contradictory message; to show that she values family, respects and obeys her father. But even this woman would be more appealing, if she stopped showing the actions of a feminist.

    I have never found a woman more appealing because she wanted the role of a man.
    A father who is sending his daughter is showing that his daughter is lower-value than she could have been:
    – perhaps she has failed to attract a husband, so the father wants to train her in a career so she will have resources
    – perhaps he does not trust men, and so he wants his daughter to also not trust any husband; this attitude obviously makes her a lower-value woman
    – perhaps the daughter can attract a husband, but the father refuses to allow his daughter to give her best to a husband, preferring that his daughter wait until her youth/beauty is gone, and preferring that his daughter have plenty of chances to be a harlot. If the daughter accepts either of these attitudes, she will obviously be a low-value woman.

    How is that for “informed”? The 17-year old woman with a healthy weight, long hair, a dress, a history of loyalty and obedience to her father and a grade 8 education is perfectly acceptable as a marriage partner. The college woman has at least one strike against her, before I find out anything about her character.
    Corollary: If you send your daughter to college, you are showing that you are at least a partial failure as a father. Suck it.

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  87. joshua4355 says:

    I forgot to add: For the parts that I put in quotes, if you want to know why those traits are required for a woman to qualify as a good wife, see Titus 2 and 1 Peter 3.


  88. joshua4355 says:

    Sorry, the “suck it” was uncalled for and immature. Retracted.


  89. Wulfgar Thundercock III says:

    I don’t assume that a woman going to college is going to major in a gender studies degree. I just assume that nearly all women going to college are going to marinate in an environment run by gender studies majors. Furthermore, adding women to the workforce has been a disaster because for careers that are cognitively complex, women are forced through the degree for the sake of equality, and they go on to be useless at best, and actively harmful at worst. The latter being much more common, the degree loses the last little bit of value for me in being able to identify a smart woman to bear my children. So in short, college makes women slutty, uppity, and does nothing to signal any desirable traits. So absent strong evidence to the contrary, college attendance is bad, and a college degree is worse. Just attending college is enough to get me to immediately swipe left on a woman.

    The one exception I can think of would be nursing. While nurses tend to be a little slutty and difficult to tame, I constantly find I am attracted to them. Something about women interested in the medical field draws me in, even before I know that they are going in that direction. Even most of the engineering girls I have been attracted to wanted to do something in medical, or were in a medical engineering field. Nursing is such a traditionally female role that college doesn’t seem to hurt them as much there. It’s still not great, but it isn’t a dealbreaker the way nearly every other degree is.

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  90. RichardP says:

    @joshua4355 – I had a biology teacher in college that impressed me in two ways: he was the first grownup that I had encountered who readily and easily said “I don’t know”. And then followed that up by saying “But I’ll find out for you”. That small act taught me volumes about a good approach to life (nobody can know everything, so it is good to be able to comfortably say “I don’t know”). Same guy said “Everyone who has a belly-button gets a 10% margin for error”. Also a good life lesson for me. So –

    re. “suck it”. No offense taken. Even without the retraction, no offense would have been taken. We all get emotional at times. Comes under the 10% margin for error thing.

    Some thoughts related to what joshua and Wolfgar said.

    I have known many college-educated women, many of them with PhDs, who were good mothers and wives. I have not knowingly known any sluts. Our perspectives differ.

    The Bible does not require any man or any woman to get married. The man so many love to quote about the proper attitude of wife to husband (Paul) also said this: I wish that all of you were as I am [unmarried]. But each of you has your own gift from God; … Now to the unmarried … I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I do [remain unmarried]. 1 Corinthians 7:7-8 (NIV).

    The unmarried must eat. And so they either join a monestary or nunnery. Or develolp skills they can sell into the marketplace. Both male and female. And some, after having developed those skills, are going to unexpectedly meet someone and get married – in spite of an earlier decision to remain unmarried. Life happens, often in unexpected ways.

    Paul was encouraging males and females to not get married. The guy the Christian manosphere loves to quote says it is preferable that females choose to not marry (how then is that a failure of the father?). But reality also dictates that some women do not have the facial looks and body shapes that attract a husband (again, how is that a failure of the father?). And so they would be unmarried, perhaps not by choice – but, still, they would be in that population of females who did not marry that Paul was applauding.

    It is not a one-size-fits-all world. There are nuances to every single person’s choices that don’t fit well into categories created with broad generalizations. Knowing that this is so is also a form of informed opinion.

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  91. joshua4355 says:

    The man so many love to quote about the proper attitude of wife to husband (Paul) also said this: I wish that all of you were as I am [unmarried].

    Good rebuttal Richard. The point above in particular is a fantastic point; one that many either refuse to accept, or at least occasionally forget/gloss over (as I did).
    Yes, it is valid to not marry, especially if one does not need marriage. 1 Corinthians 7:9 mentions those who “burn with passion”. If a person burns with passion, or if they need the resources of a husband, then they should marry. But if they do not need a spouse, then it is better to avoid marriage. Paul writes (roughly) that the one who marries does good, but the one would has control over his own self and does not marry does better.

    I would question one part of your rebuttal. some women do not have the facial looks and body shapes that attract a husband
    In a society that mostly has women with healthy attitudes and actions, then there would not doubt be a significant portion among the left-over women who do have those healthy attitudes and actions. This would be unfortunate.
    But western nations are far from that situation. I can count on one hand the number of young women from my various western churches that even part-way obeyed merely the commands from God regarding her appearance. Those being clothes (Deuteronomy 22), hair-length (1 Corinthians 11), covering their head when praying (1 Corinthians 11) and gluttony/self-control.
    In this depraved environment, even a plain woman with small breasts could stand out, merely by always obeying God’s instructions relating to her appearance. I knew one such woman when I was young. I could not marry her — but she did marry, and did so by about age 21.
    Each man has different desires, and if a daughter consistently wears a skirt, does not cut her hair, has a healthy weight, and avoids clothing that reveals the skin of her breasts, then I am confident there will be a man that can find her desirable — at least during her youth. I suppose if her face has been disfigured, or if she is handicapped in some significant way, then those women may be exceptions. But I do not remember any woman without those one of those limitations who I thought was incapable of being attractive to anyone. The only women I have known that I thought were incapable of attracting a man for marriage were those who were fat, waited until their youth has passed, or otherwise deliberately sabotaged their own appearance.

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  92. […] Space: The worrisome rebellion of a timely procreation. (2021 May […]


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