Young Men — All The World Is A Shit Test

Some basic review — what is a shit test? The common definition is when a woman does something shitty to a man to see if he will put up with it. If he does, she thinks less of him. If he doesn’t, he rises in esteem from her perspective.

In real life, there are sometimes situations where there is a choice between doing what is truly right, or maybe doing something that is less right, but might be easier. Sometimes this means standing up to somebody who is in the wrong, but might have some measure of power over you.

Through experience (work and otherwise), I have found that doing the more right action can increase respect in the eyes of all who see the action. Still there might be a price to be paid (or sometimes not) for that action, but still the enhanced respect is there. This often pays dividends in the long run. It is as if the world throws shit tests your way, daring you to pass them. Furthermore, lots of people get to see (or at least hear about) your response to them.

Naturally enough, you need to choose how you respond. If your job is on the line, you might take the easier approach. Or maybe not.

Exit question: Do people realize that they are testing other people, or does it happen without thinking?

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  1. RichardP says:

    Is this a test?


  2. whiteguy1 says:

    Quick update:

    Have the deposition today, the last few days Crazy has been texting me really random and crazy shit. It’s getting to her.

    (There is a small part of me that wants her to physically attack me during this, because not only is there going to be a court recorder there, there will also be video!)

    I could use some prayers:
    1. For my girls continued safety being around Crazy.
    2. That the truth comes out during this deposition, and everyone sees the evil of her actions.

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  3. Cheque d'Out says:

    Best of luck, Whiteguy

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  4. Cheque d'Out says:

    In a sad reflection of New Zealand’s undermining of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, the Pacific nation just refused to join its four closest allies in condemning China’s repression in Hong Kong.


  5. Cheque d'Out says:


  6. Bitteroldman says:

    Hey White Guy- There’s hope. My second wife lied out her ass in court during the divorce, and my attorney did a great job of getting me out of that marriage (not counting what she ripped off).
    I wish you the best of luck.

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  7. thedeti says:

    Do people realize that they are testing other people, or does it happen without thinking?

    Men usually know when they’re testing someone. Women usually know when they’re testing other women. Women usually do not know when they’re testing men.

    Women shit testing men is a reflexive autoresponse. She does it without thinking about it. She does it because she needs to know what kind of man he is. Is he a strong man who doesn’t cave in to her; or is he a weak, suggestible man who does whatever she demands? If he cannot stand up to her, how can he stand up to someone who wants to kill him, her, and their kids?

    Men testing men and women testing women are conscious actions. Men test other men to find out what they’re capable of, whether they’ll stand up to other men or are pussies. Men do kind of “shit test” other men. That’s busting each other’s balls. Men playfully make fun of other men, mostly to see if he acts like a man and laughs and plays along; or if he acts like a pussy and bitches about it.

    Men are the only people allowed to bust men’s balls. If you’re a woman, you’re not allowed to bust men’s balls, unless you want to be considered a man, and have men deal with you accordingly. If you’re a woman and you’re busting my balls, you’re not funny, endearing, or cute. You’re just a bitch. Busting a man’s balls does not make you attractive. It does not look “confident”. It looks cunty.

    Women who describe themselves as “sassy” and “sarcastic”? They’re describing themselves as ballbusters. Ladies – if you bust men’s balls because you think it’s funny or cute – it’s not. It’s you trying to act like “one of the guys”. It’s you trying to stand toe to toe with men. It’s you competing with men. It is one of the most unattractive, bitchiest, cuntiest things you can do. STOP IT. STOP DOING THAT.

    Women test each other to see where they will fit into the feminine social matrix. Women test each other to confer status upon one another, or withhold approval. The feminine social matrix is a female hierarchy that all women are part of. I don’t know what all the “tests” are. A lot of them appear to me to be based on how a woman responds to other women gossiping about her and how often she presents herself to other women for socialization. In my view, women testing each other is the basis of the “frenemy” and “mean girls” memes.

    Where a woman stands in the FSM depends mainly on three things: race, marital status, and maternal status. Race is readily apparent. The very first things women ask each other on meeting are: Are you married? and Do you have any kids? and How many kids do you have?

    At the top of the FSM are married and widowed white or Ashkenazi Jewish mothers of more than one child. At the bottom are black never married single mothers. Women confer this status on each other. Men have absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s FSM status other than being married. All women are aware of the FSM and all are jockeying for position in it.

    Race: White/Ashkenazi Jewish > East Asian> Mediterranean/North African/Sephardic Jewish > Middle Eastern > Indian subcontinent > sub-Saharan African

    Marital status: Married or widowed > divorced from father of her children > divorced > never married

    Maternal status: More than one child > One child > no children

    It’s better to be divorced than never married, which explains why women desperately seek husbands when the clock starts ticking down. If you’re divorced, it’s better to be divorced once, from the father of your children, than to be otherwise divorced.

    Women absolutely crave marriage, and this is one reason. Marriage boosts an adult woman’s status. Marriage is a public declaration that this woman was able to get a man to make the ultimate commitment to her. She will tout this to other women because this means entitlement to higher status in the FSM.

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  8. Cheque d'Out says:

    Action starting over the Donald banning?


  9. thedeti says:

    Horrible things that can happen to women:

    6) Never got married

    5) Never had children

    4) Became single mother (by this I mean a never married mother, not a divorced mother)

    3) Be made to feel bad/experience negative emotions

    2) Be murdered

    1) Be raped

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  10. lastmod says:

    Been “shit tested” by mostly men my entire life if truth be told.


  11. Cheque d'Out says:

    A little Doom Goblin fun

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  12. It’s a start…

    But we need to develop a completely new or at least parallel model that means that governments/private companies can’t block IPs, domain names, etc.

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  13. Ame says:

    Deti nails it again.


  14. Ame says:

    Deti –
    Where a woman stands in the FSM depends mainly on three things: race, marital status, and maternal status. Race is readily apparent. The very first things women ask each other on meeting are: Are you married? and Do you have any kids? and How many kids do you have?

    lol! this is sooo true!!!

    in general, women don’t think much of single, never-married women. then, if you get married, they don’t think much of you unless you’ve had a baby. then, if you have a baby, they don’t think much of you until you have another baby. then, if you have only girls or only boys, those who have BOTH boys AND girls don’t think much of you b/c, you know, you’re just not as good as they are b/c they have both! lol!

    my first husband and i were married 11 years before our first baby was born, and sheesh! it’s shocking how those married with kids moms in the church treated me so terribly! then, after i had our first baby, another mom actually said to me something like, “Well, you’re not a REAL mom until you have more.” now i can see how pathetic that is, but we went thru infertility to have her, and it hurt, a lot.

    then i had two girls and no boys.! i broke code! lol!

    but i have a step-SON now, so, you know … i’m kinda ‘in,’ but i’m out of the organized church, too, so i guess it doesn’t matter so much anymore.

    now other women want to know these things about my daughters … including how often they date, career plans, etc. i just ignore all that; so do my daughters.

    women who don’t have any children have learned to answer the child/baby question with, “No, but I have x number of nieces and x number of nephews.” for sanity. b/c women are mean.

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  15. thedeti says:


    interesting that women seem to put more status on other women who have sons and daughters, rather than only sons or only daughters.

    Do you think women put more status on other women who have at least one son, vis a vis women who have only daughters? In other words, is a woman who has a son of higher status than a woman who has only daughters?

    The high school shit doesn’t go away. I’ve noticed among you women from ages 30 to 55 – if you’re around a woman your age who is good looking, in shape, pretty, well put together, the claws come out. You all are STILL nasty to her, not really overtly, but you are.

    The pretty woman gets sidelong glances when she comes into a room. She gets very, very subtly ignored, but you’re so nice about it. You all get a wee bit closer to your husbands. Or you check to make sure you know where your husband is and who he’s talking to. And he better not be talking to Pretty Woman.

    The pretty woman doesn’t get invited to be part of the “inner circle”. She doesn’t get invited to the tea and crumpet parties. She gets gossiped about – y’all are all up in her business.

    Same with a divorced woman, except it doesn’t matter if she’s pretty or not. All of you consider a divorced woman in her 40s to be on the prowl and looking to steal one of your husbands.

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  16. JPF says:

    All of you consider a divorced woman in her 40s to be on the prowl and looking to steal one of your husbands.

    One woman told me that she and her husband had been friends with another couple. Then this woman and her husband divorced. After that, the wife from the other couple did not want the divorced woman around, particularly around the husband from that other couple.

    The divorced woman felt this was unfair. While I can understand her view, especially since they had all previously been friends, it is important for a couple to protect their marriage. And what kind of women are divorced? Those who betray their husbands, and those who cannot keep their husbands. There no doubt are a few divorced women who are mostly innocent in the failure of their marriage… but I think that for most, those divorced women are mostly at fault. Either they tore their house down with their own hands, or they foolishly chose a bad man for marriage. I think extremely few have a bad husband because she was a submissive daughter, allowed her father to choose her husband, and strove to know and live out the Bible verses about wives.

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  17. Farm Boy says:

    Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Ted Lieu, Sen. Cory Booker, Rep. Joaquin Castro, Sen. Jon Tester, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have all made comments suggesting violence or confrontations against Republicans. All of their Twitter accounts remain active, while the videos themselves are also circulating on the massive social media site.


  18. Farm Boy says:

    Project Veritas Sting: PBS’ Counsel Opines That He and His Government Friends Should Use Government Power to Take Republicans’ Children Away from Them

    PBS principal counsel Michael Beller dreamed up big plans to punish his political opponents once Democrats are inaugurated in the White House.

    “We go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away,” Beller said in comments caught on tape and published by Project Veritas, comparing President Donald Trump to Hitler* while saying the kids of Trump supporters should be sent to “re-education” or “enlightenment camps.”

    “They’re [re-education camps] nice,” the tax-payer-funded attorney promised. “They have Sesame Street characters in the classrooms, and [the children] watch PBS all day.” Without them, Beller prophesied, the nation was breeding a new generation of evil, intolerant children who Beller demanded be subject to 20th-century-style internment.

    “Kids who are growing up, knowing nothing but Trump for four years, you’ve got to wonder what they’re [Trump supporters’ children] going to be like. They’ll be raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people — horrible kids,” Beller said.

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  19. thedeti says:

    I see. It’s OK for liberal women to trespass in and invade the Hart Senate Building and disrupt work and business there, and threaten people.

    It’s OK for liberal women to threaten to invade the Capitol.

    Got it.

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  20. TB20Driver says:

    Our country has recently been subjected to TWO OF THE BIGGEST SHIT TESTS, and we have miserably failed.

    1. The Covid-19 virus debacle has shown that the Federal and State governments are completely incapable of effectively responding to a Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Event. It has also shown and is still showing that Government is completely incapable of handling Centralized Health Care in any sort of effective manor.

    2. The recent events at the Capitol show that the Federal Government is engaged in “Security Theatre”, is worried more about appearances than reality, and that our country is much more vulnerable than we know.

    And unfortunately, now other countries know that as well.

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  21. b g says:


    LOL, Kid what are you saying!!! Girls are not “everything sugar and spice and all things nice”, next thing you’ll be trying to say that Biden is not intent on uniting your country ;-D

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  22. Ame says:

    Deti – yes to all.

    a woman with one son, as long as she also has a daughter, is higher. women, in general, LOVE having their own daughter. i know many women who only have sons who have really, really struggled with not having a daughter.

    no, the high school sh*t never goes away. sadly. i make an effort to keep things balanced in groups of women, but, sheesh, they’re brutal. there are two women at work i’ve had to deal with this year. one we’ve worked thru the crap, but the other i don’t work with enough, right now, to do so. when we do, i’m sure there’ll be some kind of blow up before it gets better. they just hate me. well, the one i’ve worked it through is pretty good, now, but she still struggles sometimes, and now she’s just plain scared of me, which i try really really hard to not create that, but her perceptions of me are harsh. i’m an introvert, but i have great people and customer service skills, and our customers love me, LOVE me. not every woman likes that.

    and, yes, the divorced thing is real. i get it. i really do. but it sucked when i was there. if they only knew how opposed i was to all men at that time they would have been very comfortable around me 🙂

    i think that while many women would be glad to trade in their husbands IF they had a choice, they don’t want that choice made by their husband for them, so they fear single, divorced women. or not. idk. i just know it’s true.

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  23. Ame says:

    JPF – There no doubt are a few divorced women who are mostly innocent in the failure of their marriage… but I think that for most, those divorced women are mostly at fault.

    i think we do need to be very careful making these assumptions – i say that even to myself as i often assume the woman is always to blame. there’s a woman at work who i truly thought was fully responsible for her divorce, but once she told me her story, i realized she did everything she knew to do, but she was married to a man like Sharkly’s wife who had multiple affairs throughout their long marriage, in her face, till he settled on this last one and won’t come back.

    while i do agree that women are not taught well, and many women stupidly jump out of their marriages, i’m learning there’s often more to the story if we take time to listen. not every time, but enough.


  24. Ame says:

    lol, BG!!! sorry to blow your long-held perceptions 😉

    we’re sugary and spicy, but not always the good kind of sugar and spice 😉


  25. tb20driver says:

    I think that most shit tests are done as a force of habit, instead of being well thought out and planned.

    it’s just the way some people are.

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  26. thedeti says:

    I’ve never once seen a marriage failure where said failure was 100% one party’s fault. In the broadest terms, usually, the man’s fault is failing to furnish guardrails and bounds for her behavior, and tolerating her BS. The woman’s fault is letting her emotions run her life, and saying and doing whatever she wants or feels.

    Almost all the time, the man can stop it by putting down a hard boundary and saying “cross it, you’re done. You can act like that if you want, but my woman/GF/wife does not act like that.” He needs to do that long before he marries her, too – he needs to put those boundaries and guardrails down for her BEFORE they get married. He needs to refuse to put up with her shit. And then, sometimes, the man will have to follow through and end things.

    The woman can stop it by thinking before she speaks and acts. She needs to ask herself “do I really need to do this/do this in this way? If I do, will this hurt him? Do I need to say this or say it this way? If I do, will this hurt him? Is what I am doing/saying hurting him or our relationship?”

    She also needs to pick her man early, get help if she needs it, and for the love of all that is holy, do not marry for the wrong reasons. If you don’t want him to fuck the ever loving shit out of you all the time, do both of yourselves a favor and break up with him, and give yourself and him a chance to find better matches.

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  27. Sharkly says:

    The percentage a man is at fault, depends on your perspective.

    When God was metaphorically married to Israel and Judah, and then divorced them, God was not at all at fault, even though God often let them get way out of control.
    You can’t control the other party, only influence them. And often the other party is set on rebellion, defiance, destruction, or just trying the forbidden fruit. Whether a man has strong boundaries or weak ones, it is still the wife’s fault for crossing them. Some men may have weak boundaries, and yet they are blessed with a wife who respects them, and other women will seemingly sin when faced with both certain death and hell to follow.
    Hosea was tasked with loving Gomer like God loved Israel. And God supernaturally allowed Hosea to love Like God did, and it was horrible for Hosea, he got cheated on and had nothing but bastard children running around his house. So even a perfect man, Like Adam was, gets disobeyed and sinned against.

    While there may have been things the man could have done better to save his marriage, the divorce can still in God’s eyes be 100% the wife’s sin/fault. Because if it weren’t for her own wickedness the divorce would never have happened. God is Holy, Holy, Holy, and yet Israel and Judah were repeatedly unfaithful. Usually women fear to cheat on a violent and unforgiving man more than they would fear to cheat on a loving and forgiving man. In fact it seems like being perfect almost guarantees that your woman will be tempted by all the power of hell to defy you.

    I think there are plenty of divorces that are 100% one person’s fault. While the other person may be a sinner and have faults, the divorce is not their fault, because any reasonable person could have lived with their faults and still enjoyed a fulfilling marriage. To split blame on every divorce is not God’s practice, nor is it helpful to cloud the matter of people choosing to sin. Women are to submit to their husband’s in everything, and consequently are not even allowed to initiate divorce by God. I think when you automatically call offsetting penalties on every divorce, you encourage unhappy women to divorce, knowing her husband will get blamed at least partly for her own destructive action to divorce him. I think every sin is black and white, a choice between right and wrong to God. If something is neutral it isn’t judged as sin. While there may be sins on both sides, both people are 100% responsible for their own sin. Divorce, except for the cause of sexual immorality, is never an act of self defense. It is a treachery, 100%.

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  28. Sharkly says:

    When I grew up in South Korea, their morality was slightly different from the Judeo-Christian morality. I’m not sure if it stemmed from Buddhism, Shinto, or Confucianism.

    Tonight as I pulled my pizza out of the oven, and was thanking God for it, I thought of praying for somebody to share it with, but then imagined some indigent bum knocking on my door and wanting to come inside, and I thought I’d better not pray for that.

    Growing up in Korea, the beggars were quite prone to thieving even though there was very little theft in the country. I learned to distrust them, and watch them like a hawk. According to the culture it was not considered as wrong for the poor to steal. Whereas they considered it a great shame for a rich person to steal anything, and most especially if he stole from the poor. Whereas the poorest of beggars were almost expected to steal, and if they stole from the rich, it was considered a very slight offense. And all American’s over there were automatically assumed to be rich. Doh!

    Anyhow I almost wish our country was as harsh on white collar crime and thieving politicians as they were. In our country I think most of the theft is by the ruling class, who can buy their way out of any repercussions. Rich businesses stealing from consumers, and politicians pilfering from the public. According to traditional Korean morality the rich yet corrupt, if caught, would be expected to commit suicide or otherwise be executed for such a disgraceful and revolting crime.

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  29. Ame says:

    I think there would be a whole lot fewer divorces if 1 Corinthians 7 was taught and adhered to.

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  30. Larry G says:

    “I’ve never once seen a marriage failure where said failure was 100% one party’s fault. In the broadest terms, usually, the man’s fault is failing to furnish guardrails and bounds for her behavior, and tolerating her BS. The woman’s fault is letting her emotions run her life, and saying and doing whatever she wants or feels.

    Almost all the time, the man can stop it by putting down a hard boundary and saying “cross it, you’re done. You can act like that if you want, but my woman/GF/wife does not act like that.”

    I got a chuckle out of this, Deti….a man can effectively set boundaries and erect guardrails to regulate a woman’s behavior only if there are clear and certain consequences for the woman who violates those boundaries…In modern western society there are no consequences other than a pussy pass divorce, awarding cash and prizes and maybe a few harsh words directed towards the feral female. Women have been in rebellion and openly committing treason for several generations without consequences, the men have abdicated all efforts to keep these “ladies” under control and prevent their self destruction. Kind of late in the game to be discussing boundaries don’t you think?
    You also said “Almost all the time, the man can stop it by putting down a hard boundary and saying “cross it, you’re done.” Ok, for the modern cunt what is the very worst she can expect to happen if she dares to cross a boundary set by a man she disrespects and has only contempt for?

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  31. Larry G says:

    I will submit this personal situation.. Me and my wife are coming up on 28 years of marriage. I made some promises on our wedding day, to her, to her father and to God responsibility as husband is to provide, protect and guide my wife in this life. ONLY one thing could break the marriage and nullify my promises, if she ever was unfaithful to me and committed adultery. She could piss me off thirteen ways from Sunday, burn my supper to a crisp, argue with the bare minimum of logic (all of which she has done on multiple occasions, mind you) and my promises stand. That hard boundary was clearly marked out by me before we married with the consequences spelled out in crystal clear terms if she ever violated it.
    No pussy pass divorce, no cash and prizes…the males of her own family will deal with an unfaithful wife

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  32. whiteguy1 says:

    Gents and Ladies.

    I survived. Instead of taking 4-5hrs we ran till almost 7pm!

    I did well, if 10 was the perfect witness, and 1 was Crazy. I was about a 7.

    Crazy…wow. Towards the end my attorney pulled me aside and said she is stupid and a liar. That’s saying something. This is old bull has been practicing family law for 54 yrs!

    Crazy couldn’t answer basic yes/no questions. Admitting to accessing my cloud files but said it was my daughter who accessed the folder “Documents for my attorney” on her computer and she then glanced at it…And the reason I don’t have a better relationship with my girls…It’s because I don’t call them enough. She told him in so many words she didn’t have to follow the temp orders. And of course I was also sorts of other horrible things that I now should only have supervised visits with my kids. It was a doozy.

    I held frame, never got flooded, and kept my mouth shut 99% of the time.

    I’ve got some wild turkey in me. And now I’m heading to bed.

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  33. Farm Boy says:

    Twitter Accused of Lying After Admitting to Mass Bans, Had Claimed Disappearing Followers Was Totally Normal.

    Twitter banned over 70,000 accounts in a mass purge

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  34. Farm Boy says:

    Telegram Enjoys User Surge as Founder Decries People Being “Held Hostage by Tech Monopolies”.

    25 million new users joined in the last 72 hours


  35. Cheque d'Out says:

    The Bee is obviously branching out from pure satire in order to address reality.

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  36. Cheque d'Out says:

    Good morning. Just freed a couple of comments from my last night

    Welcome tb20driver. We’re not used to on-topic comments here but we’re willing to accommodate them…

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  37. Cheque d'Out says:

    If you’re looking for a polite video showing recent events in Clown World. Suitable for showing to normeez, I think.
    Welcome to Clown World pt 13


  38. Cheque d'Out says:

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  39. tb20driver says:

    @Cheque d’Out

    Apologies for the transgression. i will try to do better.

    [Just a micro-transgression it was]

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    Did Trump Incite Violence? Raheem Kassam Demonstrates The Timeline Doesn’t Work


  41. Farm Boy says:

    How much of the past year was about the actual coronavirus rather than a political weapon to damage President Trump and remove him from office? The answer is obvious. We have had viral pandemics before, including a seasonal influenza, without mask mandates, social distancing, business closures, travel restrictions, and hysterical media coverage.

    Much of the hair-on-fire reporting is over cases and deaths. As I have previously written, a positive test is not the same as a case, and a death with COVID is different than death from COVID.

    What if these definitions suddenly change in the upcoming weeks, once Joe Biden is in the White House, creating the impression that getting rid of the Orange Man caused the case and fatality numbers to suddenly plummet, not because of anything Biden did, but simply because he isn’t Trump?

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  42. Farm Boy says:

    In one of his last acts as President, Donald Trump is set to declassify ‘bombshell’ evidence linking the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the outbreak of COVID-19, according to a report.

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    Journalist charged over Antifa stabbing attack in Albany

    An admitted Antifa member and independent journalist was arrested over the stabbing of two Trump supporters outside the state Capitol in Albany, N.Y. on Wednesday. One of the victims had an eviscerated bowel and required emergency surgery.

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    In boss move Gab backed up President Trump’s ENTIRE Twitter account and recreated it on their platform.

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  45. Farm Boy says:

    Here’s what really happened before the incursion into the Capitol

    [Editor’s note: This may be the longest piece ever published at American Thinker in over a decade. We’re publishing it because it is the most detailed eyewitness report we’ve received primarily about the peaceful part of the rally, including the walk to the Capitol. The media has almost aggressively ignored these facts. Also, the level of detail matters because multiple people are trying to piece together events to determine how the entirety of January 6 played out. Stick with it. It’s fascinating and important.]

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  46. tb20driver says:

    mentally ill or not. able to understand the sentence you are given or not. of adult age or not.

    if you have been proven to have unlawfully taken a life in the commission of a crime, then you should be put to death.

    (does this make up for y transgression?)

    [Desire to be my padowan you do?]

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  47. Maybe internet censorship doesn’t have to always be a bad thing. For instance:

    This bitch needs to get de-rezzed pronto.

    One of the better replies:

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  48. Larry G says:

    Here now…what the fuck is this nonsense???
    “Apologies for the transgression. i will try to do better.”

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  49. Ame says:

    Always love Larry! 😁


  50. Larry G says:

    Nancy P and Chucky….

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  51. Farm Boy says:

    It is amazing how many people seem to have discovered last Wednesday that riots are wrong — when many of those same people apparently had not noticed that when riots went on, for weeks or even months, in various cities across the country last year.

    For too many people, especially in the media, what is right and wrong, true or false, depends on who it helps or hurts politically. Too many media people who are supposed to be reporters act as if they are combatants in political wars.

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  52. Cheque d'Out says:

    With this latest stamp every Swede gets to lick the Doom Goblin’s arse

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  53. Farm Boy says:

    Conventional wisdom holds that technology companies are free to regulate content because they are private, and the First Amendment protects only against government censorship. That view is wrong: Google, Facebook and Twitter should be treated as state actors under existing legal doctrines. Using a combination of statutory inducements and regulatory threats, Congress has co-opted Silicon Valley to do through the back door what government cannot directly accomplish under the Constitution.

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  54. “Congress has co-opted Silicon Valley to do through the back door what government cannot directly accomplish under the Constitution.”

    Well, since the SCOTUS don’t feel like taking any cases that might make Demo-fascists feel bad, I don’t think that will have to be the case very long.

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  55. Cheque d'Out says:

    The EU prides itself for its ability to find weasel ways and compromises over any difficulty.

    The eu parliament is starting rumours of making trouble over the Brexit deal that their bosses signed off of and said that their little people would sign off later. For some reason the members of the euro parliament seem to believe that the eu is a democracy. How fucking thick can you get?

    Anyway; Fine by me, No Deal is still a mighty tempting way to go.

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  56. Farm Boy says:

    Twitter Hilariously Chides Uganda For Shutting Down Social Media During Election Calling It A Human Rights Violation…

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    If you’re Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, for example, a question in July about mobs toppling statues in public spaces elicited not a denunciation but a koan: “People will do what they do.” Indeed, people will do what they do. Some people, for example, will break into the Capitol and occupy the Speaker’s office. But limiting oneself to the serene observation that this is what they do would constitute a grave failure to repudiate an offense against law, order, and democracy.

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  58. thedeti says:

    The current censorship and purge is to prevent conservatives, red pillers, Trump supporters, and others not “on the plantation” from talking to each other.

    It’s not only to control the narrative. It’s to keep opponents divided, isolated, separated, ostracized, and vilified. It’s to keep opponents from gathering together and sharing ideas.

    This isn’t the first time this has happened: remember second wave feminism’s attempts to get men to believe looks don’t matter, just be nice, just be yourself, and someday someone will love you just for who you are?

    Remember “the only girls who do, ahem, those things are crazy, slutty, stupid, broken, or damaged”?

    “Don’t do stuff like those evil men do. Be nice to those girls! Don’t you DARE have sex with them! Don’t you DARE despoil them!”

    “If a nice girl has sex, it’s because an evil, bad man tricked and duped her into it.”

    “Men’s sex drives are bad, evil, perverse, ignoble, sick, and criminal. Women’s sex drives are good, appropriate, well adjusted, noble, always right, and relational. Men’s sex drives destroy. Women’s sex drives are the foundation of the family.”

    “Women are more moral, more spiritual, and better parents and human beings than men are. Men are immoral, ignore spirituality, are shitty parents, and shitty human beings. All they do is work and try to fuck. If we didn’t have women, we’d be in hell in a handbasket. The world would be a better place if men would just be more like women.”

    “Women never lie. Women especially never lie about sex and rape. If a woman is telling you about sex, her sexual history, and her desires, she is always being 100% factually truthful.”

    “If a woman tells you she has been raped or abused, she is always telling the truth. We don’t need to investigate. We don’t need any more evidence. We have her statement. It has to be true. It’s from a woman, and it’s about sex or rape. It must be conclusively presumed to be true, and cannot be contradicted, ever.”

    “You aren’t entitled to know about her sexual history. A woman’s sexual history does not tell you anything about her now, today. In every human endeavor, past performance predicts future performance and results, EXCEPT women’s sexual history. Don’t ask me why. It just is that way. Don’t you dare question me about it.”

    “A woman can fuck 10,000 men before you, and she can be good to go for commitment, marriage, and motherhood. Prior sex has absolutely no effect whatsoever on a woman’s psyche.”

    “Don’t you dare even THINK about questioning or contradicting any of this. We know more than you, we are smarter than you, and we’re better than you. You don’t know what you’re talking about, and we do. We are your parents, teachers, adult relatives, and trusted adults. We love you. We would never lie to you. We know better than you do. Trust us.”

    “Stop talking. Stop thinking. Stop observing. Shut up. Get in line. You’re not seeing what you think you’re seeing. That didn’t happen. If it did happen, they lied about it. If they told the truth about it, it’s because evil, bad men tricked and duped others into it. Do it how we tell you to do it. Say what we tell you to say. Don’t say or do what we advise you against. You’ll be fine. Stay in the fold. You don’t need to think about it or ask questions. You just need to do what we tell you. You just need to say the right things.”

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  59. Cheque d'Out says:

    Not sure what difference this’ll make given that in every election going forward will be as bent as required in order to get the ‘correct’ result.


  60. Farm Boy says:

    Some false flag bait?


  61. thedeti says:

    The punishment for dissent will not be sexual banishment, as it was in the 1980s. Dissidents will not be sent to gulags or labor camps.

    They’ll be sent to virtual gulags. We’re in the midst of a new round of political cleansing.

    Dissidents will be doxxed and “exposed”. They’ll have demonstrators outside their homes 24/7. MSNBC camera crews will camp out outside their homes. They’ll be reported to their employers for their beliefs. They’ll be unable to work or feed their families. They’ll lose their homes to foreclosure or tax liens; their cars to repossession. They’ll be social pariahs – unable to buy anything, sell anything, or interact with other humans. They’ll be denied government services and harassed everywhere they go in public. Their pensions and retirement plans will mysteriously start losing value or disappear.

    They’ll be denied all internet access so they can’t talk to anyone, email anyone, or use any form of social media. Or, if they’re allowed internet access, they’ll have to register so their communications and use can be tracked and monitored. They’re not allowed religious expression in public – they can exercise their religion in their houses and churches and that’s it.

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  62. False flag bait?


    Come get photographed by the FBI. Come get doxxed, get fired, get unbanked, get people showing up on your lawn, get your kids harassed IRL and online.

    Armed? Get arrested and have your gun(s) confiscated.

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  63. Cheque d'Out says:


  64. Cheque d'Out says:

    If you’re searching for a distraction from current politics, a distraction without any pornofilth. A bit on the spooky side, I remember quite liking it as a kid.

    Here’s a sort of Doctor Who/X-Files series (before the X-Files were a thing) from 1980ish. The complete first story.

    Steel is David McCallum. Ilya from The Man from UNCLE, also Ducky from NCIS
    Sapphire is Joanna Lovely. Quality Totty from The New Avengers and AbFab

    All irregularities will be handled by the forces controlling each dimension.
    Transuranic heavy elements may not be used where there is life.
    Medium atomic weights are available: Gold, Lead, Copper Jet, Diamond, Radium, Sapphire, Silver and Steel.
    Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.

    The writer seems to have been blissfully unaware of what Elements are and are not.

    Mind offline, relax, enjoy her voice…marvellous. Looks alright too. Even now (age adjusted).

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  65. Cheque d'Out says:

    Joanna Lumley as Purdey in The New Avengers

    It’s just occurred to me to wonder whether there’s such a thing as Quality Totty anymore in these days of eTHOTs? Just had a quick look for an online definition and even the phrase seems to have disappeared.

    Quality Totty is a woman that you’re happy to introduce to Mater and Pater (Posh Mummy and Daddy) but you know you’ll be lucky to survive a night in bed with her…but don’t care

    See also; Gabrielle Drake

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  66. Cheque d'Out says:

    Could be worth a butcher’s

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  67. Ame says:

    1h ago
    The current censorship and purge is to prevent conservatives, red pillers, Trump supporters, and others not “on the plantation” from talking to each other.

    It’s not only to control the narrative. It’s to keep opponents divided, isolated, separated, ostracized, and vilified. It’s to keep opponents from gathering together and sharing ideas.

    This isn’t the first time this has happened

    it’s what the whole lockdown is about … isolating people, especially the elderly, who have wisdom and experience and knowledge to share. keeps people from having the narrative questioned, from having anyone question your own thoughts and ideas and ideals … gives full-blown, wide-open room for the lies and propaganda to not just infiltrate but to walk right in and completely take over.


  68. Cheque d'Out says:

    Are Republicans Now Waking up to their Political Suicide?

    A taster

    Elected Republicans, taking their voters and current events for granted, reading only the Washington Post and watching CNN, have squandered their political relevancy, perhaps permanently. Through their foolish attempts to “reach across the aisle” or act in a more “dignified” manner than their party leader, President Trump, they have now lost the platform Trump gave them, acting dazed and confused as to what happened.

    Only now are Republicans waking up. They tweet, before they are banned from Twitter, outrage over social media censorship. Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham were verbally accosted in the airport recently, finally getting a taste of what “we the people” think of them rather than network news anchors or Washington Post editorialists. But it’s too late.

    It did not have to play out this way. The Republican Party chose the easy path of “go along to get along” rather than the road less traveled of bucking the establishment, and indeed it has made all the difference. The GOP is dead as a party and are now just waking up to that fact.


  69. Cheque d'Out says:

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  70. “The GOP is dead as a party and are now just waking up to that fact.”

    I would say that the normies are actually waking up to the fact that the GOP hasn’t given a shit about them for 40 years or more. Didn’t a bunch of republicans just put together a resolution calling for Trump to be censured or something? If fox news has still lost half their pre-election ratings by this time next year, I think we can say that the GOP is actually dead.


  71. I don’t think women can even understand the concept of “quality totty” in these hyper-sexualized days, let alone try to pull it off.

    Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched might be my media reference.

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  72. Derwood ans Samantha.

    Mmmm, Samantha… now that’s quality totty name. Say slowly a couple of times in a row.


  73. Boebert’s a cos-play clown.


  74. Cheque d'Out says:

    Uncontrolled currencies are not to be tolerated


  75. Cheque d'Out says:

    I like the look of Elizabeth Montgomery but I don’t get the sex vibe from her.

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  76. tb20driver says:


    maybe she is. but still worth a twirl!


  77. Ame says:

    KrisAnne Hall, JD

    The House is currently (as I type this) to vote to impeach Trump in HR 24 for Inciting Insurrection.
    Here is a legal memorandum, using Supreme Court opinions to help you understand if this charge by the House rises to the level of a High Crime or Misdemeanor subjecting President Trump to Impeachment.
    This is memorandum is of law not of opinion, therefore it should be relevant to all who wish America to be a place where all people are subject to the rule of law rather than the rule of opinion.
    Like Trump or hate him, this is the law.…/704-did-trump-incite-a-riot…
    #LibertyFirst #NonCompliantMovie


  78. I’m perfectly fine with that opinion. But what about her cousin (on the show)?


  79. tb20driver says:


    haven’t seen the cousin or the show.


  80. Farm Boy says:

    Check this out before it gets pulled down.
    This is The Lone Ranger from the recent movie


  81. thedeti says:

    Problem with the legal memo on “Did or did not Trump incite insurrection” is that it doesn’t matter. Impeachment is not a legal process. “High Crimes and misdemeanors” means whatever the House in impeaching, and the Senate in voting to convict or acquit, decide it means.

    Impeachment is a purely political process. The issue of what is a high crime and misdemeanor is a political question. There is no appeal from any decision the Senate makes. The Senate’s decision is final. SCOTUS has nothing to do with it except that the Chief Justice of SCOTUS presides at the impeachment trial with the Senate sitting as a court of impeachment.

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  82. Farm Boy says:

    Rep. Louis Gohmert Quotes Nancy Pelosi — “I Don’t Know Why There Aren’t More Uprisings in the Country” — and Left Falls Into the Trap, Calling These Words Support for Terrorism


  83. thedeti says:

    If the words Trump said were uttered by anyone other than him, in any other context, no judge would hold that those words were inciting insurrection. Any judge would dismiss as a matter of law any indictment based on that conduct.

    But because this is Trump, and because this is 2021 following an election Trump ostensibly lost, and because half the country hates his guts, he’ll be at least impeached for it.

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  84. Farm Boy says:

    No banning here

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  85. thedeti says:

    Yes, by all means, Pelosi and company. Yes, go ahead and continue ripping at the country’s fabric. Go ahead and continue to foment division, anger, resentment, distrust, and hatred among half the country.

    The US is divided pretty evenly between pro trump and anti trump, and those two halves hate and distrust each other right now. Those two halves are inches from all out war right now. The Anti trump side is acting like a stupid zookeeper poking at a lion that’s rousing and getting increasingly agitated and pissed off by the second. The zookeeper put down the broom handle he was poking the lion with, and is now using an electric cattle prod on its back and heading toward its balls.

    That’s what the Left is doing right now to the rest of the country.

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  86. Samantha’s cousin, Serena:


  87. horsemanbombadil says:


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  88. horsemanbombadil says:

    Rural PSA.

    Useful for horses, boats, shelters, the Mrs…

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  89. Gunner Q says:

    “Yes, by all means, Pelosi and company. Yes, go ahead and continue ripping at the country’s fabric. Go ahead and continue to foment division, anger, resentment, distrust, and hatred among half the country.”

    It’s awesome. First they lockdown Normies so they can’t ignore the Narrative, then what do they do with the Narrative? Crucify Trump because he can leave office in a couple days anyway, while breathing threats against any Normie that ever even voted for the guy.

    It might be March before they realize the world is watching them. I don’t know what the future will be, but it won’t be the United Suckers of Covidia.

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  90. Ame says:

    Richard called this a long time ago. he said that Trump would win but he’d never take office 2nd term. i couldn’t imagine that being true. but he was right. it’s like watching the bugs bunny and road runner show – everything that should not be possible, happened.


  91. horsemanbombadil says:

    Favorite parable of the Clyde and the donkey on equality versus given gifts.

    What the donkey forgot, and city folk don’t know, a donkey is the most fearsome, dedicated protector on the planet!

    Many ranches keep a donkey in the herd. Coyotes and wolves will scout a herd even of drafts but put a donkey out and they won’t come near. A donkey will fight to its dying breath.

    Ever person has the right to use, or not use, their uniqueness and gifts.
    The outcome will then be what it will be.

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  92. Ame says:

    Horseman, I did not know that about the donkey!


  93. He makes sense, but the left doesn’t care about any of that. Power, by whatever means necessary is what they want.


  94. Ame says:

    for the Mrs … lol!!! 🙂

    how’s it goin’ this winter, Horseman?


  95. Farm Boy says:

    Trump sees to false flag bait to violence, responding with this

    Statement from the President:

    “In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind.

    That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.”

    I wonder if he should have mentioned the false flag stuff…


  96. Farm Boy says:

    More false flag

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  97. Farm Boy says:

    So it wasn’t incitement?

    Defense and National Guard officials, including McCarthy, have said in interviews over the past several days they were told by D.C. that they believed the protests would be similar to the ones on Nov. 14 and Dec. 12. And they said that federal law enforcement authorities said that there was activity on Twitter, but that they weren’t expecting the level of violence they ultimately saw last Wednesday.
    Activity on Twitter? Wasn’t “activity” on Parler the excuse for dropping the app from the Google Play and Apple app stores, and for Amazon to stop hosting them?


  98. Farm Boy says:

    Georgia Man Charged in Capitol Riot Commits Suicide – Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound to the Chest


  99. Farm Boy says:

    A known Antifa guy


  100. Farm Boy says:


  101. Farm Boy says:


  102. Farm Boy says:


  103. Farm Boy says:

    MI Judge Orders Dem Sec of State To Release All Communications With Dominion, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google


  104. Farm Boy says:

    Inventor and Stanford researcher Jovan Pulitzer on Tuesday, Jan. 12, released a report of evidence of foreign interference in the November election.

    “Copy of the Foreign Election interference for your review and sharing,” Pulitzer wrote on social media Mewe. “65 foreign countries participated in attacking 7 key states and over 600 county polling locations. This is vetted and factual.”


  105. Cill says:

    I’ve never once seen a marriage failure where said failure was 100% one party’s fault.

    Nor has anybody. If you keep digging on down you will eventually find failure in being born white or failing to vote for Obama or possessing the absolute wrong angle of eyebrow or whatever. There have been cases where the momentum toward marriage break-down came relentlessly (without justification beyond human fallibility) from one party.

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  106. Cill says:

    I typed the foregoing before reading Larry at 2:55 am. He covered it better than I did but, to be fair, we should expect nothing less from your average border collie.

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  107. Cheque d'Out says:

    Worra cutie! Begging for a tickle under the chin. Best check that he’s thoroughly fed first though.

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  108. Cheque d'Out says:

    We don’t want the BBC reformed, we want it dead.

    The theory is that BloJo has made a deal with the ABBC; they support the alleged government’s alleged covid measures and the alleged government lets them continue pushing their shit on everything else.

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  109. When an organ has become diseased or fails to function properly it must be removed and not “reformed”. Sometimes it can be replaced with a functional analogue, but sometimes you just learn to live without it.

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  110. Can you give me the skinny on the bogus bar mitzvah says:

    Ever heard the phrase “interfering with an old mans racket” this is what my father use to tell me you don’t go medal-ling in what you dont understand and this would always make me angry and I’d have to come back at him. With my own opinions on that statement which I deemed at the time full with justification and reasoning and this is this man who was only left to cook dinner for me on Fridays when my mother was still out working her job. Which was a late finish on that day I clearly remember my mum coming back being horrified to find out he served our supper using the outside shovel cause he couldn’t find a pair of cooking gloves to place the pies on the plates with. My mother told him that I could get sick and it was completely not hygienic. But what she was even more angry about was his response it was not a filthily shovel and he had rinsed it under the tap with hot water and dried it before and anyways he said you eat a ton of dirt before you die. Looking back on this it was a genius quote by my father his pseudo science ideology for this was you need to have the bodies natural virus and bacterial resistance it builds your antibodies. An other insistence my dad told me about “Interfering with an old mans racket” was my Grandad when he was a prisoner of war and those captured where receiving there Red Cross parcels in all batches delivered they were given a handful bars of chocolate to eat and my Grandad decided he would just break of bits of the bar to eat. So he could savoir the taste and making them feel like they lasted longer. Well when everyone had finished there own bars they turned to my Grandad and asked him if they could have some of his and he told them no they where given the same amount and if they wanted to finish there bars as quick as they did needed to learn to live without and of course there where those who accused him of stealing or even bribing with the guards for extra parcels and that he was greedy and inconsiderate. Un-wavered by there accusations he never shared with them and nobody stole of him as he and his small group of mates in prison all did the same. Now the lesson learnt from these two stories is principles my father and grandad were both loving men who would go out there way for people but they did have boundaries and these never needed to be said for example Deti has made some relatable and sensible points and has articulated it in a way that I and many couldn’t have but its all very logical are you really going to let people talk in way that ridicules you there is huge difference between light hearted humor mockery with your friends and being hurtful and vindictive to get a reaction.

    “Men playfully make fun of other men mostly to see if he acts like a man and laughs and plays along or if he acts like a pussy and bitches about it

    Men are the only people allowed to bust men’s balls. If you’re a woman, you’re not allowed to bust men’s balls, unless you want to be considered a man, and have men deal with you accordingly. If you’re a woman and you’re busting my balls, you’re not funny, endearing, or cute. You’re just a bitch. Busting a man’s balls does not make you attractive. It does not look “confident”. It looks cunty.

    I certainly would not pacify another man busting my balls and if I was not going to go along with it to be told I am being a pussy or bitch about the situation. We simply would not get that far see with men there is the threat of another man getting physical. There is a reason why gangs use to tell other criminals back in the day when they were robbing a bank if they had guns or not cause if you killed somebody you had the death penalty but besides this the whole gang would be sentenced for murder or if you shoot somebody from a different crew there gang would try to kill yours. So in a way they would restrain there partners from killing people they did not want to have the death penalty. There must be the threat of punishment there and in this case of other men testing you to see if your pussy or bitch they need to be willing to back it up you can get angry at people but without this there just empty words. Now I am not condoning violence but if the violence is there they take your word seriously so you dont need to use the violence. So when I tell another man to watch his tone or attitude towards me he understands that I mean it so supposing men should take shit from other men to avoid looking like a pussy or bitch in my opinion is counter productive. Its a matter of honor you dont go about discouraging other men I should just take verbal abuse I am not allowed to defend my honor well I am not going to subscribe to that. But I do not miss the point you are making that people are to soft and that they take things to personally and you shouldn’t have to censor everything you think. Now I whole heartily agree with you on that but I think the way you wrote it could be miss leading for a younger man reading such as myself. You know we have three types of people – good people, bad people and people in the middle those who respect the law and people who consider breaking the law but fear the consequences of doing it and then those others who will break it anyway with no regard. So really you just need to make example of those people who think about breaking it there is no need to go about slandering everyone just because you dont like them or even pretending you are so you can be vindictive and manipulative. For example if you arguing with someone who doesn’t share your view then you have all ready lost yes you can influence and persuade them to change there opinion and why not focus on doing that and if there not going to change either dont associate with them or ask them to keep there thoughts to themselves. Or then again if your in situation where were you need to continue speaking with the person you both respect the threat of violence and get along as best you can and have the boundaries

    Women who describe themselves as “sassy” and “sarcastic”? They’re describing themselves as ballbusters. Ladies – if you bust men’s balls because you think it’s funny or cute – it’s not. It’s you trying to act like “one of the guys”. It’s you trying to stand toe to toe with men. It’s you competing with men. It is one of the most unattractive, bitchiest, cuntiest things you can do. STOP IT. STOP DOING THAT.

    In relation to dealing with women who do the same simply walk away or remove them from your space. There is no threat of violence here to keep the peace and no respectable man or lawful one would use it. Those that do should be lawfully punished but what you can do is ignore there insults or even better please yourself your not obliged to stand there and take abuse but you can physically domineer its not like there going to stand by the door and not let you out. You can barge through be the grumpy mechanic in words and language. But a mature approach would be again respect and boundaries

    If you have to be taught respect then you are mental disturbed so I wont explain that.
    but I will discuss boundaries if you dont know how to set them try asking simple emotive questions like “are you happy with me?” With the threat of violence a man will likely respond straight out and tell you what the issue is most times. But he can also act like this the response woman will likely give more of the satirical ones “l am fine” with a double meaning” analyze the body language be a human and either assume they are telling the truth and take it at face value or respond with an further inquisitive question “I dont know whats the matter something wrong?” you get the jist just a bunch of back and fourth feelings questions but there will be very rare times in your life where this is necessary to use. We dont have all day to talk about our feelings and protect others dont take it seriously until the other person when your GF is nagging say “are we married now and move on?” when the boss at work tells you bend over backwards tell them “what did your last slave die of” when other males that are not your friends ought right insult you with something like look at him talking to girls – “I am that way inclined” when a man insults a woman with your a bitch “Well I am one hell of a one” when a woman ball busts you and says she is sassy and sarcastic “Your neither one of those” it does not have to be deep and personal unless you and them make it.

    Also those who responded to me last time I seen your messages but my PC will not let me respond or I dont know how to but I would to knowledge those who greeted me and I was still able to read your messages all the best


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