Gals More Ambitious Than Guys

Growing up, my older sisters were fed a good bit of be all you can be, reach for the stars pitches. Not so much from my parents, but from guidance counselors, TV, magazines, and so on. How did I know this? Because they repeated it, and I listened because I was a good listener.

As for me, well there were pitches to fellas to be all that you can be. In fact, the fellas were pretty much ignored. You go to high school, you graduate, then you do whatever. I wonder how many fellas just decided to effectively do nothing, due to the seeming expectation that they do nothing. Or rather, something a bit more than nothing, but not by much.

So are these women more ambitious, or is some of it a show? Perhaps an indicator is what fields they typically go into. Are they difficult fields with chances of lucrative promotions? Perhaps sometimes; though often they obtain very soft degrees leading to soft jobs. Perhaps like virtue signalling, the presentation is the important thing. Though to be fair, my older sisters went into fields that require real capability.

So how much damage is done to both men and women here? Probably a good bit. You decide.

Exit question — Are ambitious and capable fellas rewarded?

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  1. theshadowedknight says:

    No, ambitious and capable men are not rewarded. If they were, they would have found wives and started families.

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  2. “So are these women more ambitious, or is some of it a show?”

    I would say they feel more entitled. “Hey, people have been telling since I was 3 that I’m the greatest person to ever live. Where’s my fucking mansion? Why aren’t I on the magazine covers? Why don’t I have 100,000,000 Twitter/IG/Snapchat followers? GIMME WHAT I”M OWED FOR BEING SO DAMN AWESOME!!!

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  3. Ame says:

    from Rush:

    This is just what men do, folks. Men, for the most part — and this is what women don’t like. Women want somebody sure of himself. She just said there, somebody masculine, somebody confident. They don’t want some wuss out there. But men have been so beaten up in TV shows and books and movies and so forth that they’re literally convinced the modern era, the modern age, college age men are convinced that in their natural state they’re unattractive. (interruption) What? What? Yes, what? (interruption) Oh, yeah. Pendulum always swings.

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  4. SFC Ton says:

    Beta type building behaviors are not well reward so I do think there is a lack of ambition and especially ambition in ways the boomers would approve of

    I see more young men trying to carve out their own non boomer and chick approved niche for themselves

    Which is Ton approved

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  5. SFC Ton says:

    That’s an important distinction KH


  6. SFC Ton says:

    It ain’t just college age dudes

    In would say that started with GenZ and then really picked up speed

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  7. Gunner Q says:

    “Exit question — Are ambitious and capable fellas rewarded?”

    Increasingly no, but employers treat capable men like women trying to find an attractive man. They destroy as many men as they can and the few survivors are rewarded beyond imagination. And then worked to exhaustion.

    The idea of INVESTING in young men, helping them become those highly capable & attractive men, is the missing piece of the puzzle.

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  8. Off topic but funny:

    Pretty interesting how he found his spine after McCain passed away.

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  9. On topic. For as long as I can remember I was told as a girl born in the early 1970s that I shouldn’t waste my life being just a wife and mother. In fact I was told to put off marriage and children as long as possible, and to focus instead on career. Being one of the brighter bulbs in the girl box everybody jumped on pushing me to be all I could be. And yes I suppose I am ambitious and I have accomplished a lot. But it has come at great cost and honestly looking back I kick myself. Had I been just a wife and mother I could’ve spent two hours a day cleaning the house and cooking, enjoyed and spent quality time w my kids wo always feeling like, “I better get back to work,” and simply enjoyed exploring my hobbies otherwise. And even as much as I have learned and as much as I have tried to find more balance or break the cycle it’s really hard because once you have invested so much in ambition nobody supports you going your own way. And maybe it doesn’t matter what anybody supports. It’s the gal version of the blue/red pill. Sometimes I get really angry about just how terrible the advice I was given, by nearly everyone, really was. No wonder so many women are “successful” yet find no matter how ambitious they are or how hard they work, it doesn’t really work.

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  10. Larry G says:

    ““So are these women more ambitious, or is some of it a show?” My 30 cents worth. Western females only have ambition to take for themselves what men originally created, then crow like demented crows about how “awesome, liberated, empowered..blah, blah, blah” they are…when all the while they actually created (invented, produced, designed) fuck all. Which batch of females actually forged ahead and CREATED any damn thing independently? Very few,,,very fucking few. They (the females) have been successful in barging into men’s spaces, taking positions and work FROM men that the the females did not earn. This is the true female “ambition”, take what is not theirs, steal what men created, bully and deceive their way into positions they did not earn.

    Good. The younger generation of men, perhaps with full knowledge or maybe not, are effectively going their own way without a leech and screech to slow them down from their own masculine missions. Ok, that seems like a decent 30c worth…

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  11. “when all the while they actually created (invented, produced, designed) fuck all.”

    So Barry was right after all.

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  12. Ummm… was hoping this kind of thing WAS conspiracy theory.

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  13. Ame says:

    that’s so debase, repulsive, etc …

    This case is being investigated by ICE Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Beaumont; HSI Cocoa Beach; Florida Child Exploitation Task Force; Brevard County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office; Nacogdoches (Texas) Police Department; Texas Department of Public Safety; Customs and Border Protection Air Units; and Shelby County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office.

    whoa … that covers a lot of ground. literally.

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  14. Ame says:

    Had I been just a wife and mother I could’ve spent two hours a day cleaning the house and cooking, enjoyed and spent quality time w my kids wo always feeling like, “I better get back to work,” and simply enjoyed exploring my hobbies otherwise.

    i loved, LOVED, being a SAHM. but it’s shocking how upstream it is, even and especially among women, who subtly demean those who are ‘simply’ sahm’s. few things are as divisive as working outside the home women, and sahm women. cat fight, drama, in the making. i stayed as far from that as possible.

    i never did believe the six-week maternity leave was ‘enough’ to help a mom decide whether or not to stay home, for those who used it as a ‘measure’ of whether or not to do so – for one, as Bloom stated, their mind is continuously on their work knowing they have to go back to it, so they are not mentally, fully, at home. and the first six weeks encompass an enormous amount of changes, not to mention her hormones are not settled in that amount of time. trying to decide in six weeks, if she has a choice, to return to work or stay home, is not a sufficient amt of time, imo.

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  15. Ame says:

    as Bloom has said many times, feminism has not done women any favors, either.

    there’s a young woman i work with who has had a pretty rough life, but i think she’s doing pretty well, considering, and she’s smart. i’ve been slowly introducing biblical, RP truths, to her. it’s been interesting.

    one day i had her read the first three chapters of genesis then showed her how the bible reveals the nature of men and women in those first three chapters … how women are easily deceived and manipulated, and how we always want what we can’t have. as i explained things to her, her eyes lit up in understanding.

    this is the first time in her somewhere-around-thirty-years, that anyone has ever spoken the truth to her. we worked together a long time, though, before i earned the respect to speak such truths to her.

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  16. There isn’t anything wrong with a guy asking, “What’s in it for me?” Really, that’s the first question he should be asking about nearly everything. So, in a society where white dudes are now under constant attack for being white dudes, it seems like ambition can be a liability instead of an asset. At least any work towards achieving an ambition now needs to be done in stealth mode.

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  17. Cheque d'Out says:

    Who ate all the pies?

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  18. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Gals More Ambitious”
    Ambition is free, achievement is usually expensive. As usual, the gals are talking a great game. Ain’t quotas great? You didn’t build that…

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  19. Farm Boy says:

    “As we pursue this bright future, we must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world: China,” Trump said in the speech, filmed Monday in Washington, D.C.

    “The Chinese government and the World Health Organization, which is virtually controlled by China, falsely declared that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission. Later they falsely said people without symptoms would not spread the disease,” Trump said. “The United Nations must hold China accountable for their actions.”

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  20. Farm Boy says:


    Pelosi Promotes Conspiracy Theory Over GOP Filling SCOTUS Seat: ‘They’re Coming After Your Children’

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  21. Farm Boy says:

    Joe Biden on court packing: “I’m not going to answer that question”

    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) September 22, 2020

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    Over the weekend, leftist activists blocked a pick-up truck in Portland near the central police precinct, demanding that the passenger next to the driver give the black power salute and chant “Black Lives Matter”; the truck was later smashed and a window shattered.


  23. Farm Boy says:

    On topic somewhat

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  24. Send the UN to Beijing. In fact all international NGOs to Beijing.

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  25. Did anybody else think Nancy’s comment about arrows in the quiver was creepy? Like is she talking assassination quivers or what the hell is she talking about?

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  26. theshadowedknight says:

    Bloom, remember how I have been saying that war is coming? Well…

    Its fucking here! There is no getting off this ride. The ride never ends. Wheeee!

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  27. Larry G says:

    WHAT A BARGAIN!!! 9MM 115 GR FMJ – 1800 rounds for………wait for it…………………………………ONLY $1,116.00!!!!!–new-9mm-115-gr-fmj–1800-ct.html

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  28. Liz says:

    Per the topic, I think women have an innate understanding that they have only a short window of really high value.
    So they’re in competition for both high value men, and also a fallback plan if that doesn’t pan out. Part of that is getting into the “right” schools, and so forth.
    By contrast, men generally have a very very long window of opportunity…with the exception of some really competitive careers fields that require youth (sports, and some specialized skillset military jobs). Folks who go into those particular fields are very ambitious at a very young age (or they won’t make it).

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  29. “On topic somewhat”


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  30. “Per the topic,”

    A witch! A witch! Burn her!!!

    Seriously, what is up with you people and your on-topic posts???

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  31. It would be less fun, but for $1100 I could pay other people to do the shooting for me while I watch, beer in hand.

    I’ve got a 1000 rd box here at my feet that has a $189.99 retail sticker on it.

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  32. Liz says:

    Seriously, what is up with you people and your on-topic posts???

    Heh, every hundred or so posts I slip up. 😆

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  33. ikr says:

    What they call ambition is an unholy combination of naivete and selfishness.

    It is not enough for a woman to be ‘carbon-neutral’ in her cost:value to a man. By her presence, she is an additional moving part, another ball for him to juggle, and the potential proverbial straw that might break his back. Therefor, she must be more than the sum of her parts.

    * A man’s resources are limited. She must save him more money than she costs him, as he is morally inclined to support ailing female kin who cannot provide for themselves. She herself will also cost him later in life, and as she outlives him.
    * A man’s emotions are finite. She must not only bring him joy for her own sake in the equation, but be capable of walking him back from seeing red when he deals with female kin who keep singing the false song of feminism.
    * A man sees the world, a woman only sees her immediate surroundings. Her loyalty cannot be lukewarm: a man knows a woman can nuke a relationship at any time, any reason. Her behavior towards him must account for the indiscretion of every other woman in society.

    By their mere existence, a man already has female drama in his life. A prospective woman must provide above her own value.

    For those who seek not a man? Who live it up in society chasing their own income, sexual gratification, check out for cash and prizes? They are still living on the backs of men, and only make it worse for their fellow female for the reasons illustrated above. These types finish their lives as clowns yelling at each other through botox poker-faces at wine parties.

    ‘Ambition’ for a woman is the road that leads to personal and collective demise.

    An attempt at input to pay for my involvement in the other thread. Back to your regularly-scheduled off-topic postings.

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  34. Larry G says:

    “An attempt at input to pay for my involvement in the other thread. Back to your regularly-scheduled off-topic postings.”

    in my opinion (everyone here will vouch for my total and humble sincerity or will lie through their teeth, either way suits me fine), being “off topic” is the norm for this pub.

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  35. Cill says:

    Who ate all the pies? (3:21 pm)
    Look. He even one stuffed in his cheek pouch, the fat blighter.

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  36. Larry G says:

    “I’ve got a 1000 rd box here at my feet that has a $189.99 retail sticker on it.” Now that’s more like it. I was being a bit of smart ass posting the “bargain” 9mm…who in their right mind pays nearly 65c a round for 9mm plinking stuff?

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  37. Larry G says:

    Been awhile since I posted any gratuitous images, I will now correct that oversight with Russian Ladies

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  38. On off-topic posts: Join me as we go in the way back to town machine to the beginning of time with this blog began, and why. Most of the regulars commenting here we are regulars on another blog at that time where we all met and maybe they met before that but that’s where I came into the story. There was a well-meaning person on that blog who unfortunately disrupted things and in the chaos cull and I started writing silly poems and goofing around which apparently really sent the person around the bend so this blog was created so we could have those off topic moments here and that other blog failed and is actually completely gone now so here we are, still semi on off topic! Lol.

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  39. I don’t know if any of that made sense and of course there’s typos as usual but I’m glad we all are here today

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  40. Off topic: imagine the events unfolding today without any red pill background and how confusing all that would be! That’s where most people are now. They missed the whole first round of this four plus years ago.

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  41. Though Ilovya Neonotova has her charms as well.

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  42. Cill says:

    How many more Freudian Slips must we allow you, Bloom? 😉

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  43. This new WP live-update thing is mostly crap. If you have any links you still need to page refresh. SAD!

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  44. Come back here you…

    I ain’t done with you yet.

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  45. Tsk re the war yes I know. I hoped it could be avoided but in the end if it comes down to surrender or cede the only Ground left you are not willing to give up… well… That’s when the people who just wanted to be left alone can no longer sit it out. In Seattle they are now trapping people who want nothing to do with it inside of a very long tunnel. At what point does the can of whoop ass open? They’re getting really close…

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  46. Larry G says:

    OH SHIT! Is posting images of beautiful women off topic??

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  47. Speaking of Padawan… that charming one and his dittys has not been seen for far too long!

    Padawan, oh Padawan
    Where have you long gone?
    Here we are still droning on
    About things which began at times dawn
    While you likely would have long
    Ago entertained us with poems unsung!

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  48. Larry G says:

    Cill, really? “How many more Freudian Slips must we allow you, Bloom?” She’s a woman, the answer should be self-explanatory

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  49. Not perfect but it may make Padawan surface…

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  50. Gunner Q says:

    “$189.99 for 1k rounds”

    Nobody likes a braggart, KHH.

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  51. Moehau Man says:

    Yes well, I fashioned a Kauri club specially to whack that Padawan bloke with the day before he disappeared on Mount Moehau at 2 hairs past my twelfth freckle (12:02 PM to you foreign types). It is one of the rugged Coromandel’s most famous unsolved crimes.

    “It is a mystery for my son to be proud of”, Mrs Moehau Man (my discreet old mum) observed just then.

    [A padawan sense you coming he could.
    Play a Jedi mind trick on you he did]

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  52. Pretty lady plays the guitar for ’bout an hour.


  53. Fur hat wins that round, but it was close!

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  54. Padawan says:

    Chuck will weep and fembots howl
    At Trump’s next pick for SCOTUS
    But Christine Ford the MeToo cow
    Has put us all on notice

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  55. JPF says:

    Re round 2:
    The first blonde with long hair wins my vote. But KHH’s “fur hat” is a great choice too.

    The last woman gets a “zero” vote, because she is from the wedsite Anastasia, which in my experience, was a complete scam. They refused to give out contact info; they did not want husbands, they wanted to string you along purely for the sake of extracting money. Granted, money is one of the most significant things that a woman needs from her husband, but she should be getting money from her husband, not a “mark” that has no chance with her.


  56. RichardP says:

    … so here we are, still semi on off topic!

    I can’t count the times someone has posted an off-topic post that triggered an “aha” moment for me on a subjected completely unrelated to the topic of the thread.

    Where else can one shoot the breeze with so many well-informed folks whose throw-away comment provides information significant to others in ways the commenter may never know about.?


    And this is part of what I think is meant by the phrase “It takes a village”. I know that phrase gets ridiculed. But before the U.S. and state sponsored public schools, how else did folks learn / get wise other than sitting around the dinner table and listening / participating in the conversation in multigenerational families? Or neighbors? Or townsfolk?

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  57. Yay Padawan returns!!!!! Let the fun begin! 💕

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  58. Padawan and I are like the two kids in the back of the class distracting everyone. Just ignore us!

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  59. theshadowedknight says:

    Round 2 goes to the blond in blue polka-dot dress. She looks like she would be fun to have around.

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  60. There once was a witch named Hillary
    Who once wore a dress so billowy
    That trolls could not stop
    Coming out on top
    And made the impossible
    In 2016 a possibility

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  61. The uh, person, who mailed Trump the ricin:


    [Add this I will].

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  62. horsemanbombadil says:

    Women ambitious.
    Ahahahahahahahaha. Good one. Cough ahahashaha wipes tears ahaha.

    Hard working like Bloom occassionally.
    But ALWAYS for reward, status etc. Never for raw ambition.

    Ambition as in working unseen, unknown.

    Never the I really like this thing, subject, business so I am going to figure it out for the sake of figuring it out.
    Mozart, Tesla, Hubble, any master craftsman, the farmer who hacks a homestead out of the bush.

    Those who obsess over, devote their effort/drive to it, do it for the sake of winning, conquering it. “Alexander wept for there were no more lands to conquer.”

    But, but, but women devote their lived to causes….yes they sometimes stick with it, often in a martyr way, but sweat, fight, exhaugst themselves to it….nah.

    This seen from Dr Who and Van Gout. Shows it .(Stupid show but great scene.)
    In his life he was unseen, ridiculed even. But he kept going for his passion, ambition.

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  63. horsemanbombadil says:

    Show me a woman equivalent…I’ll wait


  64. horsemanbombadil says:

    We have topics?? Since when.

    Btw KH’s boomerang girl wins the round.

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  65. horsemanbombadil says:

    You weren’t doing anything for the next 17 minutes were you?


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  66. horsemanbombadil says:

    Forget the women give me a buddy like Talos and I am good.

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  67. Nothing wrong with blonde girl, but fur hat reminds me of the comic-horror-romance play I wrote back in the early 2000s. While it never made it to the stage, I really felt that the story of a hunky taxidermist and his nudist girlfriend, who would only ever wear a mink-lined ushanka, and signaled her mood by positioning the ear flaps in different orientations, contained important ideas that spoke to the general human condition. “Stuff Me, My Love” might not have won a Tony, but I regret that it couldn’t be shared with more people.

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  68. Larry G says:

    “The last woman gets a “zero” vote, because she is from the wedsite Anastasia, which in my experience, was a complete scam. They refused to give out contact info; they did not want husbands, they wanted to string you along purely for the sake of extracting money.”

    You did check out and completely vette the scam websites like Anastasia first, right? That is a booming industry in EE and Asia, con “rich” western men out of cash and prizes. Nothing new or original in their operations, just a slicker electronic version of the Nigerian prince who is holding 300 million dollars just for you.
    As far as the last one getting a zero vote, ok. I just grab images of pretty women off the internet to post for the Eye Candy effect, don’t really give a shit from which website they are from…I have refined and cultured tastes in pretty women (must have nice asses, fairly large tits, leggy and a pretty face), that’s it! Education, job and political views are not important, a nice rack trumps all.

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  69. Larry G says:

    Horseman, very tasteful.. Nice video
    You weren’t doing anything for the next 17 minutes were you?


  70. Ame says:

    HATE the new wp. HATE it. did i mention i HATE the new wp? i hate the new wp. LOL!

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  71. Larry G says:

    Ok, this sounds serious Ame for you to HATE something. Pray tell, miss…what is this wp that has sooooo annoyed you?

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  72. Ame says:

    Larry, i think it’s meant for people who want to do all this fancy stuff w/their blogs. it makes you write in this box, that moves, and it has all these menu things that seem to change. too many choices. my brain just shuts down. so i started writing in a document, copy and paste it over, and be done with it. means i can’t do some of the stuff with the text i used to do, but, sheesh! sanity, please! 🙂

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  73. Tsk too bad you don’t live near me, loads of ladies like that, raised all their lives to be wives and moms. They go to a church here, similar to Amish, but drive cars and etc. Not Mormon. Their church is works based, I have some issues w some of the theology, but they are good people.

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  74. Ame says:

    Larry, you would have a lot to say about the new wp if forced to use it, and none that i would repeat (publicly!) 🙂 LOL!


  75. Larry G says:

    Ah, got it. The blog editor. I gave up on that awhile back. Just remember, no matter how screwed up it is and how much of a pain in the ass, it’s somebody’s pride and joy

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  76. Yep, new WP sucks azz. They could just let you have old WP as a full screen option, but NOOOOOO!!!, you have to use it as one of those stupid blocks. I HATE the blocks!

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  77. Ame says:

    LOL! well … that (stupid) somebody can just keep their “pride and joy” to themselves! LOL!

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  78. Larry G says:

    If you recall, I have to deal with some of the stupidest people on a day to day basis….and if you remember correctly my “people skills” are somewhat lacking.

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  79. Ame says:

    yes, Larry, i do … that’s why i know you’d have some creative, colorful, commentary on the new wordpress if you were forced to use it 🙂

    ahhh … Larry and his people skills! you should teach a class! LOL!


  80. Larry G says:

    Ok class, take notes. I do not repeat myself and there will be a quiz at the end. When someone starts sniveling about the lack of empathy and customer services, you are to gently and sweetly tell them to call some one who might give a royal fuck about their petty issues. Class dismissed. (I lied about the quiz, so sue me)

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  81. SFC Ton says:

    Think I had a link disappear

    Links where for places to buy bulk sandwiches. Like lots of 5k and up or to buy it by the pound

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  82. Ame says:

    women and ambition … hummm …

    women are defensive and defiant when trying to defend what they think they believe. we can get pretty stupid about all that.

    i distinctly remember from the time i was four years old wanting to be a wife and mommy, and every.single.decision i made for my life from that point on was molded by that desire, including how i took care of my health, what i ate, intentionally not exposing myself to things that i knew could be harmful if i ever got pregnant someday, and taking what turned out to be an extensive period of time working to forgive my mom so i wouldn’t carry that crap forward when i became a mom, myself. being a wife and mommy was a deep passion that dictated almost everything i did, and still do.

    the reward for that is that my Husband thinks i’m amazing (though honestly so! he’ll be the first one to tell you that i have my bitchy side that he has to rein in! lol!), and my daughters both think i’m, though, they, too, are honest about who i am – not perfect, by perfect for them.

    and i’m blessed. i don’t have a career behind me, or a list of accomplishments for a resume, but i have a Husband who loves me and thinks i’m awesome, and i have two daughters who think i’m the best ever, and i have a step son who thinks i’m pretty amazing, too 🙂

    was i driven by ambition? passion? desire? idk. but i was driven.

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  83. Ame says:

    LOL! i read this to my girls, Larry! hahaha!


  84. Ame says:

    IKR – you’re welcome here. most have been here longer than i have – i know Spawny and Cill and Farm Boy and Ton and Bloom and Liz and others have been around here and other places longer than i have – they were all part of that previous blog she mentioned. i came along after that blog disbanded. i’ve not found this group to be exclusive, but i have noticed that those who can’t take a punch or a straight hit usually don’t stick around long (even us girls 🙂 ). we kinda roll with the personalities.

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  85. Larry G says:

    Hmmm. Come to think on it, when I was a kid my ambition was to rule the world with an iron fist. That didn’t pan out so well so I went to plan B, become an engineer and make money.

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  86. Some people have real talents…

    While I have to get by on my charming personality…


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  87. theshadowedknight says:

    Well, Bloom, who knows what the future holds? I could end up dead in a ditch somewhere, or a hero of the restoration, or just another survivor. I could end up just about anywhere, as long as it is cold. What is coming is going to displace a lot of people.

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  88. horsemanbombadil says:


    Bravo!! You’re best one yet!!
    Muted colours, demure posture, quiet feminimity.

    We don’t have to be exclusive.
    This place lets you embrace your inner asshole.
    Course some of us cough larry cough ton cough were born with an outer asshole.

    Most people can’t hack it but those who can…

    All Aboard!!!

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  89. Larry G says:


    Bravo!! You’re best one yet!!
    Muted colours, demure posture, quiet feminimity.

    Did you paint those fantastic pics????

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  90. Larry G says:

    We don’t have to be exclusive.
    This place lets you embrace your inner asshole.
    Course some of us cough larry cough ton cough were born with an outer asshole.

    WTF???? Don’t you know that it takes years of practice, dedication, endurance, trickery and discipline to become a truly effective asshole? One simply cannot be blessed with the attributes at birth

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  91. Liz says:

    On the contrary!
    That comic-horror-romance play “Stuff Me, My Love” had some real potential.
    True genius is always misunderstood, and under appreciated….
    At first. 😆

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  92. Oh, yes, I sure did, uh huh, yep. Course, I didn’t right on the first try…

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  93. Larry G says:

    IKR, don’t let these other guys bullshit you…I can’t speak for Ton but I assure you that I am damn near sainthood material

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  94. Larry G says:

    KHH, lmao!!!such subtle colors

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  95. Farm Boy says:

    LOS ANGELES, CA—NBA players are honoring the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week by wearing pretty lace collars just like Notorious RBG used to wear. In a touching show of respect for the late Justice Ginsburg, and in solidarity with her progressive cause, Lebron James and the LA Lakers took to the court yesterday wearing a stunning variety of delicate white collars inspired by RBG’s wardrobe.

    According to several commentators on ESPN, the virtual teleconference crowd fell silent in reverent awe as the players all knelt down and chanted “RBG! RBG! RBG!”

    “Yeah, RBG was an amazing person,” said LeBron James after the game. “I have her biography right here and I totally read it right before the game. She was a judge. That’s cool, I respect that. Judges judge things and not everyone can do that. She believed in Black Lives Matter and being on the right side of history and stuff.”

    Power forward Anthony Davis also expressed his happiness with the collars. “It’s good to honor her today with these lacey things. Commissioner Adam Silver and President Xi Jinping told us to wear them so we did. I just took this little doily thing from under a table lamp at my mom’s house and cut a hole in the middle. Easy.”

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  96. Farm Boy says:

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In a landmark ruling, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In a close decision, the judges on the court have ruled RBG’s death unconstitutional and will block Trump from nominating a replacement

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  97. Farm Boy says:

    It’s not just coincidence that so many mentally-ill people are on the left. Leftist “politics” are really a game of self-affirmation and scapegoating others for their shortcomings, and the mentally ill usually need a lot of self-soothing like this.

    In addition, leftism trains people to be mentally insane. You can make yourself more sane by adopting healthy mental habits. People with anxiety or panic can desensitize themselves to their triggers through confronting them in small doses. People with depression can train themselves to stop their cycles of self-denigration by their internal critic.

    But leftism teaches the mentally sick that their mental sicknesses are signs of virtue and should be cultivated. They do not teach that tantrums are childish, but that tantrums are signs of education and maturity. They do not teach that violent outbursts are anti-social, but part of “achieving social justice.”

    Self-governance and stoicism are derided as “toxic masculinity” while hysterical meltdowns are praised as “showing passion.”

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  98. RichardP says:

    From the OP: So are these women more ambitious, or is some of it a show?

    Males and females are different. Males’ and females’ body structures and physical strengths are different. Males and females think differently. Males and females come at moral reasoning from different perspectives, primarily because their goals are different (I’ve yet to hear of a male whose goal was was to get pregnant).

    Ame’s comment upthread indicates that females can be ambitious.

    Based on the above, it seems that females cannot ever be ambitious in the way that males are, because they lack many/most of the attributes that males have.that allow males to be ambitious in the way that they are. And it seems that males cannot ever be ambitious in the way that females are, because they lack many/most of the attributes that females have.that allow females to be ambitious in the way that they are.

    Right now at the White Untouchables from Hell” thread, two threads back, I have responded to some things that ikr said. I left a link to a post of mine, at the bottom of which are two other links to “The Rational Male” that are somewhat related to this discussion of the differences between the ambitions of males and females. If you have the time, my post and the two links at the bottom of it are useful reads.

    tl;dr – many of the ills in the world spring from men and women not knowing how different they actually are from each other in terms of what they expect from life and expect from the opposite sex.

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  99. RichardP says:

    The nuts and bolts of the two links at the bottom of my post that I linked to:

    From Rollo:

    Women are incapable of loving men in a way that a man idealizes is possible, in a way he thinks she should be capable of.

    From the Comments Section:

    This spells out exactly why a man should seek a woman’s respect, and not her love. The more respect and power she gives him, the better he can love her.

    Rollo does not claim that women are incapable of love. His claim is simply and specifically what I put in italics above.

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  100. Ame says:

    The best part of Larry being damn near sainthood material is that it makes the rest of us practically there already! 😂

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  101. Ame says:

    1h ago
    (I’ve yet to hear of a male whose goal was was to get pregnant).

    Richard – you’re just not woke enough to be around those kinds of males 😉

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  102. It is true, if unpopular, that men and women are different. In fact they have very different drivers and objectives in life. Somehow, they still talk. Even if their drivers put them at odds with each other, or perfectly aligned, depending on ones perspective.

    In any case the unconscious driver to reproduce fuels it all. Otherwise, they would have given up long ago. Blame nature!

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  103. Sharkly says:

    Way back when at a small group, we were each asked to best describe another person with a single word. This chick said I was, “Ambitious”! Well, yes, I was once so ambitious that it could keep me awake all night. And perhaps due to my ambition I hunkered down and became quite capable. But the ambition was usually more of a personal demon, constantly driving me, than a helpful incentive. I’m not sure why I had it, if I was trying to prove something to my parents, or the world, but I got cured of it a little while back.
    I had pulled off some really amazing things, and then had all the rewards ripped away from me, but a while afterward, I realized I had done it, I had proved myself, and even if I have nothing much left to show for it, I know I accomplished most of what I set out to do, all the hardest parts, most everything but reaping the final rewards, which really doesn’t take much effort. My parents are both dead now. My mom never ever accepted me, but I don’t think I was trying to earn her acceptance. I always though my life would get better when she died, and it did. The sun seems to shine a little brighter and a constant source of crap in my life has now been buried and there is peace and tranquility where there once was needless drama. My wife also was a huge disappointment. She continually did nothing but return evil for my good, and use my religion against me, to torment me via my lifelong commitment to such an evil rat. But of her own accord she has decided to end our marriage, and steal my sons, and try to rob me of what little I have left, and to be quite honest, even though I’m still fighting to save all of that, I’m at peace. A peace I could never have with that evil tormenter in my house constantly battling me. It may seem sometimes like I’m battling the whole world, but I’ve got peace with God. I’ve never been too afraid to die, but now, I’m not even really attached to this life. I’ve most likely lived most of my healthiest years, and I really have lost my need to be rich. I find joy in simpler pleasures that my ambition didn’t used to let me savor, like taking the time to smell the proverbial roses. There was once a time when I would have been far too ambitious, and considered my time far to valuable, to fart around on the internet with you peons. But obviously I got past that, or suppressed my gag reflex, or just gave up on life to become one of you people. 😉 LOL However you want to say it. I’m sure Dale Carnegie wouldn’t approve of those last few sentences. But to be honest, I actually enjoy this now and love you fine folks, so we’re good now. My point is that I’ve lost my love of this world, my aggravating worldly ambition, and now I’m trying to be a servant of God, sharing the truth I have discovered, when I can, and enjoying my current role of verbally bitch-slapping satanic Feminazis to the delight of my Father in heaven. I guess I’ve reached the point where I’m impervious to insults, even though I still enjoy the banter, like a pig likes the mud wrestling. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know who I am, what I’m doing, and why I’m doing it. And I’m starting to enjoy it far more than I once did. My younger self would have never understood. I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart!

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  104. Sharkly says:

    Speaking of Dale Carnegie:

    I wonder if there is anything good that liberals want, where we could show them a better way to get it than Marxism? But I’m drawing a blank at the moment because their basic desires all seem destructive and counter productive. Equality of outcome, freedom from responsibility and morality, free stuff stolen from others, and Etc., is there anything good that they really want?



    From San Franshitsco I did sniff
    A smell perhaps by chance
    I think I caught an awful whiff
    Of Nasty Nancy’s pants.

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  106. Lol Padawan! Good one! 🤣


  107. Larry G says:

    Saint LarryG, patron saint of Customer Service…some kind soul raised a monument in my honor. “Bless you my child, now answer the damn phone, they’ve been on hold long enough.”

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  108. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A Canadian woman accused of mailing a package containing ricin to the White House included a threatening letter in which she told President Donald Trump to “give up and remove your application for this election,” according to court papers filed Tuesday.


  109. Rational people know that it is impossible to give people who want the impossible what they want. Modern liberals want the impossible and don’t see why they can’t have it, therefore modern liberals are not rational people. What modern liberals should want is to stop being crazy. I’ve worked with the chronically mentally ill. They would all be happy to live in a grass hut and eat roots and berries if they could stop being “crazy”.

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  110. Cheque d'Out says:

    C’mon man! Trump has had it now.

    Woko Ono and Blunder-Boy are backing the Ol’ Sniffer

    [Foreign meddling in an election this would be?]

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  111. Liberals can’t be reasoned with example 7896590:

    Maybe you heard about the business professor who was talking about proper Zoom etiquette and said that that the “ums” and “ahs” could be distracting. He then gave examples of those same words in other languages, including Mandarin’s “nèige”, which caused some snowflakes to shit their pants and get him suspended.

    The administration asked faculty:
    “Do you feel you have the skills and tools to handle diversity and equity issues in your classes?”

    To which one professor replied:
    “To what end? Do I have the skills and tools to dance away and keep the conversation shallow enough to avoid angering people?”
    “Honestly I don’t think anybody can possibly have such magical skills in the current climate, which Dean Garrett and the rest of the administration are now making worse.”

    Great answer. How do you try to teach anything to (or really just interact with) people who can get offended for any reason or no reason at all, and then get you suspended or fired?

    “Weather sure sure is nice today.”

    “Yeah, well there’s a hurricane in Haiti, but, I guess you wouldn’t care about that, you racist pig.”

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  112. Cheque d'Out says:

    This is going to be awkward


  113. Woko One is funny as hell, but it doesn’t make me think of her specifically, at least for me.

    Is there a female celebrity that couldn’t be called Woko Ono for some reason?

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  114. I see no birds dare to shit on Larry’s statue.

    Smart birds.

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  115. Cheque d'Out says:

    Oh noes!


  116. And for you aviation history buffs…

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  117. I bet Padawan might have a Harry and Megan ditty… Lol. Can’t wait!

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  118. ^^^
    Interior of a Halifax bomber after a mission over Europe, riddled with holes from exploding AA shells.

    Sorry, thought the caption was part of the image.

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  119. Larry G says:

    Seeing how it is finally Wednesday (yeah, yeah….on THIS side of the International Date Line…don’t bs so damn picky Down Under) I thought a few might enjoy some Moldova Eye Candy….

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  120. Markel not Sparkle went up in a tree
    Mario’s not Sparkle said Harry Marry me
    But down came the Trump
    With barely a Thump
    And Markle not Sparkle crieth thee

    I am sure Padawan will be better

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  121. Liz says:

    Woko Ono and Blunder-Boy are backing the Ol’ Sniffer

    This is very surprising news (insert surprised face).

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  122. Gunner Q says:

    Woman leans out of her car window to double-flip the bird at Trump supporters, rear-ends the car in front of her and the car behind her is the police.

    What’s a good way to archive video off of Twitter?

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  123. [Wonder what he is looking at I do]


  124. Joe calls this hairstyle, “The 3-day weekend”.

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  125. Larry G says:

    “Joe calls this hairstyle, “The 3-day weekend”.” or “cell phone is OFF, nobody home, pay no attention to that squeaking sound, go away”

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  126. Sharkly says:

    I’m sure the Dale Carnegie quote above must be taken somewhat out of context, since he seems to have already ruled out gun barrel diplomacy, and other forms of coercion. Which along with deportation or imprisonment may be some of the few remaining ways to appropriately deal with Marxists.


  127. Cheque d'Out says:

    The moths have been at it?

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  128. Liz says:

    The girl with the extremely long hair is extremely beautiful, but to me it screams, “get off my hair! You’re laying on my hair!”
    It’s not good hair for sport.
    Just sayin.

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  129. Cheque d'Out says:

    “Woko One is funny as hell, but it doesn’t make me think of her specifically, at least for me.”

    I think that Princess Darkle has a better claim to it than most. Like Yoko, she took an existing high reputation man (Harry and Charity work for servicemen) and ruined him, splitting him from his friends and family.

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  130. Cheque d'Out says:

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  131. Larry G says:

    “The girl with the extremely long hair is extremely beautiful, but to me it screams, “get off my hair! You’re laying on my hair!”
    It’s not good hair for sport.
    Just sayin.”

    that is why on the 16th Day of Creation, God invented bobby pins

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  132. Larry G says:

    Fly it like you stole it…

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  133. Liz says:

    I didn’t think I’d miss the planes continually flying overhead, but it has been about two years now and I’m starting to miss it.
    OTOH, Mike said if there was an F22 across the street and he was told he could fly it, he wouldn’t bother. He might like to fly an F16 from time to time though.

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  134. Liz says:

    Those jets are really hard on the body. His back feels better now than when he was in his late 20s.

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  135. Farm Boy says:

    ‘Defund The Police’ Activist Alyssa Milano Lashes Out At ‘Rightwing Media’ And ‘Trolls’ After Husband Calls Cops On Kid Hunting Squirrels

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  136. Farm Boy says:

    BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor, Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking, Had Contacts With Individuals Linked To Chinese Military, Senate Report Alleges



    In an even better age, when women performed the role for which they evolved, this natural desire to nose around in the business of others would be put to use in maintaining the social capital of the community. Instead of studying “on-line extremism” our oversupply of data scientists would be supervising the children in their community and working with other women to maintain cultural norms. Instead, our oversupply of childless, middle-aged women is a plague upon society.

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  138. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—It was a festive occasion, as gender reveals often are, and a crowd brimming with excitement gathered outside the White House to find out from President Trump what gender the nominee for Supreme Court Justice would be.

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  139. Farm Boy says:

    Huh? How?

    Biden: ‘Fundamental Violation of Constitutional Principles’ For Trump To Replace RBG


  140. horsemanbombadil says:

    From Cappy’s new book. Explains a lot.

    “The problem with good times, however, is that it destroys people’s ability to value. If everything is handed to you, paid for by your parents, or the good times are just simply rolling, nobody has to suffer, sacrifice, or pay a price to get what they want. And it is simply not mentally possible to value anything unless you have paid a price for it. But if you have to toil, work, suffer and slave merely to stave off poverty or simply to survive, you become acutely aware of what does and does not have value in life, including things like food, clothing, shelter, freedom, your fellow man, and yes, even your children.”

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  141. theshadowedknight says:

    That long-haired girl is beautiful. Easily the best of the photos.

    The hair is no problem. I can think of some ways to get long hair out of the way. Wrap it around your hands and give it a good tug, for instance.

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  142. Farm Boy says:

    Maybe the Chinese Virus plague has made people a bit more appreciative of what they have and what they now miss


  143. Farm Boy says:

    Report: Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden’s Burisma Position ‘Interfered With Execution’ of Ukraine Policy

    “Moreover, this investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the vice president’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch.”


  144. “Moreover, this investigation has illustrated the extent to which officials within the Obama administration ignored the glaring warning signs when the vice president’s son joined the board of a company owned by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch.”

    So we’ll soon see “the Obama administration” doing the perp walk?

    [Wish this I do]

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  145. Farm Boy says:

    Don’t Poop In the Subway Darling

    NYC Public Transportation Board Bans Pooping On The Subway In Light Of Coronavirus

    [Like Petula Clark I do]

    [A Britisher she would be]


  146. JPF says:

    The girl with the extremely long hair is extremely beautiful, but to me it screams, “get off my hair! You’re laying on my hair!”
    It’s not good hair for sport.

    Almost any woman with hair past her buttocks will be extremely attractive. The bit in Scripture about “long hair is her glory” is not only true, but a massive hint to any woman who wants to attract a mate.

    And once she is married, she can put her hair up above her head or drape it over (on top of) her body for play-time. Oh baby….

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  147. Larry G says:

    a little Pink Floyd sounds good about now….

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  148. Windsor, House of Cards

    Lizzie, Maggie, Fergie, Ned,
    A Flush of tits were they,
    I guess the house with High Card Meg
    Was a Pair too Full all day.

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  149. Goneril loved destroying dads
    And Regan helped lay King Lear low
    And Meghan suckered Harry Chaz
    With a mighty measured blow

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  150. I completely agree that long-haired is best in show today, very pretty and feminine.

    But, I would like to put this one in a submission hold, if you what I mean. And I think that you do. Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.

    Chin is a little strong. Makes me think she’s gonna want to wrestle for it. I’m down.

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  151. theshadowedknight says:

    KHH, I agree on that. Still think the blonde in polka-dots from earlier is the best, but that girl looks like she would be a sweetheart. There is a femininity to foreign women that American woman lack these days. Its nice, like a breath of fresh air.

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  152. RichardP says:

    Re. the girl with the long hair:

    She actually has a pixie cut. The rest are hair extensions. (maybe??)

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  153. Sharkly says:

    We men have an amazing ability to attribute unearned virtue to a pretty girl.

    Tits look nice, I bet she is a nice person.

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  154. Larry G says:

    well, since I sense a mild general approval of my Moldova and Russia selection of eye candy, I might wander over to Latvia and Estonia for tomorrow

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  155. theshadowedknight says:

    Sharkly, its actually her eyes. The general shape of her face and her eyes make her look friendly. The difference between a smile that reaches the eyes and one that does not is profound. You can learn a lot about someone by staring into their eyes. It is very intimate precisely because it is so revealing.

    Now she could be an absolute sociopath that is a master at body language. True, she could be faking. If I went around assuming that everyone I met was a sociopath who will fuck me over, then I would never get anything done. She earned the good regard with the smile. Since I don’t know anything else about her, I have no reason to doubt her.


  156. Farm Boy says:

    A video out of the UK shows a man being arrested outside a Starbucks for not wearing a mask while asking police officers where they were during multiple Black Lives Matter demonstrations and riots during which coronavirus rules were ignored.

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  157. horsemanbombadil says:

    When convenient would our world traveller wander the hills of the highlands?
    Been a while since I have seen a wee bonnie Celtic or Saxon lass worthy of this pub.


  158. Farm Boy says:

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Granddaughter: Ginsburg Didn’t Retire Under Obama Because She Wanted a Woman (Hillary) to Name Her Successor


  159. Farm Boy says:


  160. Larry G says:

    Well, Celtic ladies, eh? The wheels be turning


  161. Ame says:

    speaking of hair … when i was checking out at the grocery this week, a young man, perhaps around 20, was bagging my groceries. as always, i smiled when i was leaving, thanking the checker and the bagger for their service. that young man who bagged my groceries was smiling at me, and then he said, “You have pretty hair,” still with a goofy smile. he reminded me of a kindergartener little boy thinking his teacher is pretty. it was sweet. i thanked him.

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  162. SFC Ton says:

    The girl with the extremely long hair is extremely beautiful, but to me it screams, “get off my hair! You’re laying on my hair!”

    Not my problem and think of how much leverage you would have when you are banging her from behind? Not to mention head control and every ground fighter knows bead control is the key to victory

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  163. Farm Boy says:

    Deb Heine tells me she was looking for a single Getty image — just one — which showed Biden looking sleepy or out of it, but strangely enough — despite him looking like that all the time — she couldn’t find such an image in Getty.

    But she did find this Obama-esqe halo picture.

    And then she found that a lot of DC photographers decided to try for the Halo effect


  164. Farm Boy says:

    Rioting to influence jury decisions was a lesson easily transferred to elections. If elections were a form of silent riot, then, in the simple-minded analysis of race-baiters, open riots have an equal claim to be elections. Elections, in their perfervid imaginations, are thus taking place in cities nationwide today, directed by BLM and Antifa with the complicity of the Democratic Party.

    These riots can disrupt or cancel previous forms of election by intimidating voters and candidates, to say nothing of canceling elections. In fact we may no longer need elections. The logic of “no justice, no peace” has been extended to elections. Michelle Obama practically said as much at the Democratic National Convention: “if you think things cannot possibly get worse,” she warned, “trust me, they can; and they will if we don’t make a change in this election. If we have any hope of ending this chaos, we have got to vote for Joe Biden like our lives depend on it.”


  165. Farm Boy says:

    A new Harris Poll backs Trump’s critique of the NBA, with 39% of sports fans saying they are watching fewer games. And the chief reason why? Politics. The longtime polling agency surveyed nearly 2,000 people over the weekend and gave those who identified as sports fans–two-thirds of the total–ten options to choose from on why they are watching less basketball.

    By the way: the sports leagues are actually juicing the ratings.

    They lobbied Nielsen to include in their ratings, for the first time, people who watch sports outside the home, like in bars, are watching games.

    That boosts ratings — on paper, at least. But of course in previous years people were watching in bars, and those viewers weren’t counted, because Nielsen has always measured viewership at the home.

    Without that change to the way ratings are measured, the sports leagues would be showing even greater losses of viewership.

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  166. Farm Boy says:

    The Eiffel Tower in Paris has been evacuated after a bomb threat from a man shouting “Allahu Akbar”


  167. Farm Boy says:

    John Kerry “falsely claimed” that he didn’t know Joe Biden’s son was serving on the board of a controversial Ukrainian energy company when Kerry was Secretary of State


  168. Farm Boy says:

    Therre hasn’t been a more invisible vice presidential candidate in history than Kamala Harris. Probably have to go back to Dan Quayle in terms of a campaign essentially hiding a candidate. Can’t even point to one major moment, interview or soundbite from Harris to this point…

    — Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) September 23, 2020


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  170. theshadowedknight says:

    Ton’s right; although it isn’t hard to control a woman’s head, they seem to like it when their hair gets pulled on. Fascinating from my perspective, but as I get the idea that I would very much like to pull a girl’s hair, I cannot complain.

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  171. h0neyc0mb says:

    @KHH .. A cuddle with a struggle .. or struggle with a cuddle?

    It matters not .. she gets it in th end!

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  172. h0neyc0mb says:

    Called it! (re: RBG & Hill-da-Beast)

    Typical womminz ego ruining everything.


  173. h0neyc0mb says:

    Whelp she can carry more than a tat or too (heh) ..

    She can carry an ass whoopin’ (re: her hair) ..


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  174. theshadowedknight says:

    The term is “struggle snuggle.”
    An example of its use:

    “How do you feel about a little struggle snuggle?”
    “Uh, no!”
    “That’s the spirit!”

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  175. h0neyc0mb says:

    Investigation to follow .. maybe.

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  176. Farm Boy says:

    If Mick Jagger was a cat

    Liz’ dog

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  177. Farm Boy says:

    President Donald Trump slammed Meghan Markle during a press conference on Wednesday after hearing that she encouraged Americans to vote for Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. The president said that he wishes her husband “a lot of luck … because he’s gonna need it.”

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  178. Farm Boy says:


  179. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Mourners gathered across the country this week to honor the life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Outside the Supreme Court, fans of the late RBG conducted a stirring, emotional memorial ceremony that ended with a beautiful 21-Molotov Cocktail Salute.

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  180. Farm Boy says:

    Video from earlier in the day Wednesday shows BLM agitators heckling Louisville police telling them to “get ready to fucking die” just hours before two police officers were shot after an indictment was returned in the Breonna Taylor case.

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  181. Farm Boy says:

    While Teen Vogue is trying to sell young women on “How to have a perfect night in” with $300 underwire polos and $200 shorts, the writers are lamenting about what a beautiful thing anarchy is

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  182. Farm Boy says:

    Anyone who goes through life trusting people without making sure they are worthy of trust is a fool. Yet there are people who may be trusted, men as well as women.

    — Elizabeth Aston


  183. Farm Boy says:

    The truth has finally emerged about Breonna Taylor’s death this past March. It turns out (surprise!) that the Democrat party – in Congress, in the media, and on the streets – has been lying. Taylor was not a complete innocent whom racist police slaughtered in her bed during a no-knock raid. Instead, she was the victim of her poor choices in men: Her friendship with a local drug kingpin justified the raid and her boyfriend’s decision to open fire on police who had knocked and identified themselves led to her shooting. That certainly doesn’t mean she deserved to die, but it explains why she did.

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  184. Farm Boy says:

    Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s family members bought more than $100,000 worth of “extravagant items” in 2017 using a line of credit linked to associates of the Chinese communist government


  185. Farm Boy says:

    Note that the spike of deaths on May 7 on the New York graph is because New York suddenly added on that day a whole slew of new deaths, under suspicious circumstances. Similarly, the below zero numbers on August 24 in New Jersey are because that state has been revising its totals repeatedly, also under suspicious circumstance.

    Regardless, notice how neither state had that second peak during the summer. In fact, the data shows that for both states, the epidemic has been over for months.

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  186. Farm Boy says:

    For those who feel as if the coronavirus crisis is never going away, we offer some optimism. Get it here, because lockdown Democrats and their pandemic-cheerleading media allies want to keep the pessimism running high.

    On two separate occasions in recent weeks, we’ve presented data that indicate the crisis is winding down. No, this doesn’t mean that infections and deaths will drop to zero. The virus isn’t going away. What it does mean is that the virus isn’t the threat it was when deaths spiked in the middle of April.

    This is primarily based on deaths in excess of the expected numbers of fatalities.

    We expect the Democrats to avoid and ignore facts and numbers that contradict their coronavirus narrative. One, they want to voters to live in fear and take it out on the Trump White House and Republican senators in November. Two, Democratic governors and mayors have had a taste of expanded authority over an ostensibly free people and don’t want to let go of that raw power – it’s exactly what they live for.

    Even though we wish we didn’t, we expect the media to do the same. A once-independent press corps has become the Democratic Party’s communications and propaganda office.

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  187. Farm Boy says:

    Aggressive BLM agitators continued their campaign of harassing white people minding their own business at restaurants Wednesday night, this time taking over a couple’s table at an eatery in St. Petersburg, Florida and threatening them with violence.


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