A Good Fit For Kids

When I was in fourth grade, the local school decided to show movies in the gym on Saturday afternoons (note that this was in the era before cable). The first one was Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island. I thought it was great. It had action, adventure, heroes, giant creatures, etc. What else could a boy want? The girls liked it also. Some English women wash up on the shore of the island. They take up domestic duties and perform the plot function of being damsels in distress. I am sure the girls could identify with this, as this was before the girl power movement started infecting fourth grade girls.

After the movie was over, the school officials got up in front and asked how everyone liked it. There was a very enthusiastic response. The boys liked it, the girls liked it; it was just plain a good fit for all. It seemingly touched something inside, something that it resonated with. I am sure that some would say that it was activating some type of false consciousness, but does anybody really believe that?

Exit question — What is the best way to implant a false consciousness?

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  1. okrahead says:

    I also remember watching that movie as a kid, if it’s the one I’m thinking of. Is there a scene where they fly over molten lava in a hot air balloon? That really stuck with me for some reason.

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  2. okrahead says:

    “False consciousness” is itself a Marxist term if my memory is correct. It’s also a good example of typical left wing projection. How do you get people to believe something which on the face of it is obviously untrue? You don’t. You coerce them to lie, knowing that they know full well that they are lying. It’s the ultimate power play over other people. When you can make them say things they know are lies, that they know you know are lies, that they understand that you are “forcing” them to lie and they feel helpless to do otherwise, then you have established dominance over those people. That’s why the father of lies is also the father of murder.

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  3. okrahead says:

    Sometimes just speaking a simple truth is the an act of rebellion intolerable to the state. “Boys have penises, girls have vaginas.” Or XY chromosomes mean you are male, and XX mean you are female, regardless of how you feel, dress, or surgically mutilate yourself, and those are the only two options available.

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  4. RichardP says:

    .. and those are the only two options available.

    And … that’s where the problems start. Because those are not the only two options available.

    The normal is XX or XY. But the following can happen, and can happen without anybody knowing it. So – a good scientist (which we all should be) understands that behaviors we see that are out of the ordinary might actually have a basis in that person’s biology. Which is to say, not every girl is going to be a girly girl, and not every man is going to be a man’s man – no matter how much they each try. Some of the conditions listed below occur in 1 out of every 500 births. That statistic, applied to billions of births, is going to ensure that there are going to be many non-normal folks mixed in with the normal.

    Google on these terms. Or go to Wikipedia – which has pretty good write-ups on each term.

    – XXY syndrome
    – XYY syndrome
    – XX and XY fused – now called Intersex rather than hermaphrodite

    – Sex-reversed XX men (lack the SRY gene)

    – SRY gene (responsible for disappearing the extra X chromosome of the female)
    – disorders of sex development

    These are among some of the things that can go wrong and result in a human that is different from normal.

    Things can go wrong in the creation of a the sex chromosomes inside a given individual (mutation of some sort), things can go wrong during the fusion of the female egg and male sperm (mutation of some sort), and things can go wrong during X-Chromosome inactivation.

    Those who gain a solid understanding of the information available for each of the terms I listed above will come to better understand the distinction I make between “Sex” and “Gender”. “Sex” is what biology says we are, as can be seen in the discussions of the terms I listed above. And that biology can say were are many different things beyond just the normal male or female. “Gender” is how we wish to present ourselves to the world. And those who understand the information discussed at the terms I listed above will begin to understand that how we wish to present ourselves to the world can be shaped by what our biology has turned out to be.


  5. Liz says:

    Some of the conditions listed below occur in 1 out of every 500 births. That statistic, applied to billions of births, is going to ensure that there are going to be many non-normal folks mixed in with the normal.

    One person in nine carries the gene for (recessive) hemochromatosis trait.
    It is still considered to be a relatively obscure affliction.
    We haven’t changed society around it. Few people have even heard of it.

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  6. Farm Boy says:

    At some point in the future people will look back at how the left made two contradictory arguments at the same time. When it comes to sexual identity, the word has gone forth to oppose “artificial” categories, “false binaries,” etc. People can define themselves sexually without any regard to medical science, never mind tradition or political or cultural orthodoxy. I’ve lost count of how many genders there are now. Just last week, CNN was so scared of using the word “women” it tweeted that “Individuals with a cervix are now recommended to start cervical cancers screening at 25 …”

    Meanwhile, when it comes to race, it’s all about new artificial categories and enforced binaries. White people who pretend they’re black are committing theft. Heck, white people who cook non-white food or pay homage to non-white art forms are committing theft. Cultural appropriation is evil. But gender appropriation is something to be celebrated. Biological males can collect all the women’s track and field awards and that’s fine. But don’t you dare wear dreadlocks if you’re not black?



  7. SFC Ton says:

    There is male and female and things that should be culled

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  8. horsemanbombadil says:

    I read a lot of Verne. Mysterious Island in particular.

    With literally one match and a knife they build a working village.
    It teaches chemistry, physics, plant biology, the list goes on.

    From reading it as a child I wondered what reducing chemicals like potash was so I looked it up. In a book. Before online vids.

    Love of that book taught me to learn anything, from anyone, any time.

    It set me up for a lifetime of success and experience. I am never bored.

    Tell the average kid today ok here is a match and a knife. In three months build a village with food, livestock, vehicles and a telegraph. All the materials you need are in the forest.

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  9. b g says:

    Sorry Liz, I kinda had to laugh ;-D

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  10. Sharkly says:

    Sorry about the chromosome thing RichardP. I just assumed you were male because of your screen name. And to my knowledge, I’ve never met an intersex person before.

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  11. Sharkly says:

    I think I’ve met a couple who were half female and half demon. Any man who was like that would have been locked up for everybody else’s safety.

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  12. Larry G says:

    Jeez, sometimes people just crack me up…..if it was born a cock, it’s male. If it has a hole where the cock fits into, it’s a female. If it’s born with a cock AND a hole at the same time, it’s a candidate for abortion. Not fucking complicated at all. Any other “gender” is mental illness. Give a flying furry rat’s ass about what they “identify” as.

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  13. okrahead says:

    Genesis 1:27, KJV
    “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

    Genesis 5, KJV
    “1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;
    2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.”

    Matthew 19:4 “And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female…” KJV

    Because of the corruption introduced subsequent to the fall there may indeed be mutations which bring about changes in conflict with God’s established order. Those who suffer such a mutation should be pitied, and to the degree possible helped through medicine and prayer. We do not, however, establish the malignant mutation as the norm and teach all society to kowtow to it, much less to worship it as the cult of transgenderism does today.

    Richard P has spoken the lie I talked about at 12:45am above. He(?) trumpets his belief in the lie. Let God be true and every man a liar.

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  14. okrahead says:

    I saw in the last thread where you referred to your cancer as terminal. I know you have been talking about fighting this on previous threads, I had not heard you describe it as such before. I have been, and will continue to pray for your recovery, and strength to face whatever is to come. While there is life there is hope. I’ve known at least one tough old bird in my family who outlived two doctors who assured him he was not long for this world.

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  15. Larry G says:

    “I saw in the last thread where you referred to your cancer as terminal. I know you have been talking about fighting this on previous threads, I had not heard you describe it as such before.”

    Thanks for your good wishes my friend. This little cancer passenger does not bother me a great deal, it’s just annoying at times. Yeah, I heard the diagnosis of “you are truly and royally fucked, dude” back in Oct 2012 from an over educated Butt, Nose and Throat doctor. By taking the radiation treatments and the various chemical cocktails I got an extra decade of paying taxes at least from 2012. IMO every living thing on the planet has a case of terminal something that will kill sooner or later, only heard of a couple of guys who escaped alive, the rest of us are meat on the hoof for now.
    I figure I got no room to bitch or complain, I have graced this world with my presence for 68 years and may well see 70. My fondest desire, seriously, is to be able to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary in 3 more years. That will be THE major milestone in my terrestrial life.

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  16. Not his first rodeo I’m guessing…

    [Wonder if his inflatable bag inflated it was I do]

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  17. Farm Boy says:

    Dr. Fauci says he takes vitamin D and C supplements and that they can lessen ‘your susceptibility to infection’


    I do also

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  18. Farm Boy says:

    One billboard says, “Warning! Austin defunded police. Enter at your own risk!” CBS News reported. The board is referring to the Austin city council’s vote last month to cut the police budget.


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  19. Farm Boy says:

    “They’re basically a collection of liars. Most of the mainstream media. They’re a collection of liars and they know exactly what they’re doing. A perfect example of that were the riots. Right on the street it was clear as day what was going on, anyone observing it, reporters observing it, it could not have escaped their attention that this was orchestrated violence by a hardened group of street fighting radicals and they kept on excluding from their coverage all the video of this and reporting otherwise and they were doing that for partisan reasons, and they were lying to the American people. It wasn’t until they were caught red-handed after essentially weeks of this lie that they even started feeling less timid,” Barr said on the flight back to Washington Friday afternoon.

    “The press has dropped, in my view – and I’m talking about the national mainstream media – has dropped any pretense of professional objectivity and are political actors, highly partisan who try to shape what they’re reporting to achieve a political purpose and support a political narrative that has nothing to do with the truth. They’re very mendacious about it,” he continued. “It’s very destructive to our Republic; it’s very destructive to the Democratic system to have that, especially being so monolithic. It’s contributing to a lot of the intensity and partisanship.”



  20. Sharkly says:

    “Dr. Fauci says he takes vitamin D and C supplements and that they can lessen ‘your susceptibility to infection’”

    No Fuck1ng way! Only unnatural manmade substances that don’t exist in nature, can become patented drugs. And only patented medicines should be legal. Next he’ll be telling us that drug companies have a financial incentive to tamper with the results of their studies, and doctors make far more money by keeping you sick. Take his medical license away for such sacrilege! Burn him at the stake! All natural health supplements need to be banned, and healthy foods too. /S

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  21. Sharkly says:

    Not his first rodeo I’m guessing…

    And we should do the same to women who go out naked in public.


  22. Farm Boy says:

    NYC CEOs Demand De Blasio Do Something About Skyrocketing Crime

    “We need to send a strong, consistent message that our employees, customers, clients and visitors will be coming back to a safe and healthy work environment.”



  23. theshadowedknight says:

    Sharkly, if you hit a woman like that it would probably kill her. There are a lot more fun things to do with a woman who gets naked out in public. Not to mention that she is probably looking for that sort of thing anyway.


  24. Farm Boy says:

    Clips from the Netflix movie “Cuties” released earlier this week are causing survivors of sexual assault and abuse to relive traumatic experiences while normalizing further sexual exploitation of children, sex trafficking survivors



  25. b g says:

    Hmmm, we are now being very negatively affected by the smoke coming up from the fires along the American west coast.

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  26. Sharkly says:

    There are a lot more fun things to do with a woman who gets naked out in public.

    What are you suggesting?


  27. horsemanbombadil says:

    When you are pretty fences are only a suggestion.

    Not sure if this is white privilage or girl power.

    My Percheron girl knows there are two spots where there is a short in the electric fences.

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  28. Ame says:

    Beautiful, very smart 😊, horses!


  29. horsemanbombadil says:

    Not bad for 31 which is about 95+ in human years.

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  30. theshadowedknight says:

    Sharkly, I’m talking about…

    Dancing. 😉

    [Add this I will]

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  31. Stephanie says:

    Saw this and thought I’d share it here… look at the dates


    [No racism here at all here by modern day rules there is]

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  32. Farm Boy says:

    From 4chan, believe as you will

    Three – There are people whose job is to digitally de-age Biden for political ads.

    If you saw a recent speech for Joe and though he looked like a mummy, then saw snippets of the same speech in an ad, you might have noticed he looked a lot better. That’s because they contracted VFX artists from California to de-age him. Normally I wouldn’t begrudge them this, as I’m sure all campaigns try to make their candidate look good. But, considering what they’re really covering up…

    Four – Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia, and is on medication for it.

    This is the big one, and the one I have the least direct experience with, but it’s been an open secret for some time. Anyone who has had a relative with Alzheimer’s or dementia can tell you, there are good days and bad days. On the good days, when Joe is at his most lucid, his campaign manager Jen will send him out for photo ops or TV interviews… make hay while the sun is shining, you know? On the bad days, Jen just tells the press pool “No Joe today,” and they’re all like, “Okay, cool!” Most of the time, he’s just a little foggy and gets really agitated. But one of my co-workers told me that back in May, there was a day where he thought he was running against Gary Hart in the ’84 primary again. Joe went under wraps for several days after that.

    He’s been more lucid recently because his physician, Dr. O’Connor, put him on Namenda. Jen apparently was worried about someone finding it out, because she insisted that he prescribe it under a series of phony names, and then have the interns pick it up. I bet there are a lot of pharmacists in Philly wondering why there are so many young people on Namenda.

    Five – The dementia medication has had, um… unfortunate side effects.

    There’s no dancing around this… the medication has made Joe incontinent. Though his “good days” have increased dramatically, he can barely get through a press event without running to the bathroom. That’s why he didn’t take questions after announcing Harris as his running mate. They weren’t afraid of the questions, the press loves him… they were afraid he was going to piss his pants on-camera. Lately, Jen’s been having closed-door meetings to discuss which brand of incontinence pads would be best to purchase. Seriously, a group of paid staffers sat around and discussed which brands were the least visible, the least likely to leak, and wouldn’t audibly “crinkle.”


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  33. Farm Boy says:

    The Covid crisis, manufactured or not, has thrown an awful light on our leaders and revealed those that have been found wanting. Australia is not only one of those nations that has suffered as a result; it has led the way on showcasing political leaders that would be hopelessly out of their depth in a kiddies’ wading pool. Victorian premier Dan Andrews has put some of the worst African and communist leaders to shame with his calculated misjudgements. And his enthusiastic bully boys and girls have been the local rozzers.

    We have witnessed the spectacle of a young and pregnant mother being handcuffed in her own home, another internet protester having his front door bashed in by heavily armed police, an elderly lady with her companion, sitting quietly on a park bench, being accosted by a police posse (one of whom snatches her companion’s phone), and the spectacle of a journalist from Rebel Media, (Good Heavens, what a dangerous individual!) being crash tackled by a gaggle of just-following-orders goons that brought to mind First Beast Napoleon setting the dogs on Animal Farm‘s dissenters


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  34. Liz says:

    I love the Amish buggy with the Trump flag. 😆

    We were in Denver yesterday and I noticed quite a few Trump stickers and signs. I don’t think I have ever seen a Biden sign….anywhere. This in spite of the fact it could be dangerous to have a Trump sticker or sign around here. At least in the city.

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  35. Liz says:

    Since we lived on base during the last election and I didn’t go off it much, I don’t know what it was like back then as far as Trump advertisement on cars/lawns. Anyone seen a difference?


  36. Liz says:

    It looks like they are going to vote on reintroducing wolves to Colorado.
    This is a good example of something with an outcome that depends entirely on how the question is worded.
    “Should wolves be introduced to balance the ecosystem in Colorado?”
    “Should wolves be introduced to kill off the weak deer and other animals?”

    Really, this isn’t the stuff that should be up for the ballot. Very few people know enough to make an informed decision and everyone I know what spends a great deal of time outside (and is informed about what reintroducing wolves has done elsewhere) thinks it is a terrible idea.

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  37. Joe Biden confers with campaign manager about teleprompter font sizes prior to his live AMA on da facebork.

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  38. I don’t have any tattoos, but …

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  39. Please vote Yes or No on Prop 666:

    Prop 666: A proposal based entirely on good intentions, but without any real idea of what the outcomes will actually be or how much it will really cost, but damn it sure would be nice, wouldn’t it!

    Yes / No

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  40. Farm Boy says:

    As far as the anthem, neither team was on the field. That’s the national anthem of the United States of America and not “Lift Up Your Voices” which is said to be the “Black National Anthem.” Why it was played along with the “Star-Spangled Banner” is the real reason that fans booed.



  41. Farm Boy says:

    “Some NFL fans booing the players for standing and locking arms in a moment of silent unity proves that for them ‘standing for the flag’ was always about perpetuating white supremacy,” said Bunch, who is white.

    “We just want to be treated equally,” he said. “Everyone needs to be treated the same. Everyone needs to be held accountable. And for people to boo? It’s unbelievable.”



  42. Farm Boy says:

    Two Police Officers Shot In Targeted Assassination Attempt In Compton, Protesters Try To Break Into Hospital Cops Brought To, Shout ‘We Hope They Die’



  43. Liz says:

    Totally stealing that “Joe Biden confers with campaign manager” KH.
    It’s too good to pass on. 😆

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    When the NFL/football players mess with the National Anthem, it never goes well

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  45. Larry G says:

    ““Should wolves be introduced to kill off the weak deer and other animals?”

    “Really, this isn’t the stuff that should be up for the ballot. Very few people know enough to make an informed decision and everyone I know what spends a great deal of time outside (and is informed about what reintroducing wolves has done elsewhere) thinks it is a terrible idea.”

    Hell yeah! Lets import wolves by the truckloads, could place packs throughout the state to hunt down and eat the abundance of weak, stupid liberal humans. I vote we start in Boulder, Denver and Douglas County for the weakest, sickest and most liberal idiots that need to be thinned out. I vote YES on this ballot measure! Should give these dumb fuckers something real to worry about, like being lunch!

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  46. SFC Ton says:

    You da man Larry

    The Ton salutes you

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  47. Liz says:

    If liberals only read Jack London instead of Twilight and Fifty shades.

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  48. Larry G says:

    Thanks. Ton.
    “You da man Larry”

    damn dude, you just now figuring that out?

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  49. SFC Ton says:

    With any luck they won’t release those grey attic wolves

    Them things have been fucking up some places

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  50. Liz says:

    Unfortunately (example above) wolves seldom hang out where they could do the most good.

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  51. SFC Ton says:

    LOL I have my own version of that quote but it’s not politically correct enough for these parts 😉

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  52. Larry G says:

    “LOL I have my own version of that quote but it’s not politically correct enough for these parts”

    somehow I get the idea that you and I are long lost brothers or some shit. Yeah, I can imagine your version

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  53. Larry G says:

    Gunnison, Colorado border collie..

    [Defend borders rather well it can]

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  54. Farm Boy says:

    Boris Johnson Accuses EU of Threatening Food Blockade

    Nigel Farage: Submitting to EU’s trade demands “would be a breach of contract with the British people.”


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  55. Farm Boy says:

    When I was a kid I could never figure out how anybody could mistake that for grandma

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  56. Gunner Q says:

    “It looks like they are going to vote on reintroducing wolves to Colorado.”

    I have a relative who was in the Mexican Wolf reintroduction project in Arizona/NM. He was the real-deal conservationist, the one who cared enough to learn how ecosystems work… not just “cute wolf puppies!”… and the only outdoorsman in the group, who left the office to follow wolf packs so diligently that he nearly had to be resupplied by helicopter.

    He has some excellent arguments for reintroduction and was so good at it that he was convincing ranchers to voluntarily cooperate with the project. Then he was fired for getting friendly with the ranchers. It made the eco-Nazis in the project, the ones who were stealing credit for his fieldwork, suspicious when the ranchers wanted to work only with my relative instead of the blue-haired Wokes.

    He has a story from his college days, a wildlife professor was going to hold a summer class on fieldcraft… following bison in Montana, if I remember right, using a raft for a base camp. The class was canceled because of the thirty or so upper-level students of wildlife conservation who expressed interest, only my relative and one other had ANY experience in backpack camping.

    28 of 30 college seniors in wildlife management, at a college famous for its wildlife curriculum, had never slept one night under the stars.

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  57. Farm Boy says:

    Chinese virologist plans to release proof COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab

    “It comes from the lab — the lab in Wuhan and the lab is controlled by China’s government.”


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  58. Farm Boy says:

    The news that Elizabeth Holmes’s lawyers plan to present an insanity defense in her federal trial for criminal fraud is frankly astonishing.



  59. How the MSM sees Joe Biden:

    How everyone else sees Joe Biden:

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  60. If the wolves have “fricken” laser-beams attached to their heads, you’ll get my vote(s).

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  61. re: Theranos

    The only crazy people are the ones who believed you can do 100 lab tests on 0.1 ml of blood.

    Holmes is just a greedy cunt.

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  62. Liz says:

    Agreed on Theranos. The only thing I don’t understand is why the idiot institutional investors who bought into this are still trusted with real money.

    [Because want to believe in girl power they did
    Also easy on the eyes she is]

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  63. Farm Boy says:

    Wow. Just look at that headline. The lack of self-awareness is absolutely incredible.

    The projection and defensiveness from the left as conservatives are finally drawing a line in the sand and saying, “No. You do not get to exploit children” is shocking


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  64. Ame says:

    Love having Larry back 😁

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  65. Farm Boy says:

    Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants taunt LAPD and LASD deputies, making remarks about how they’ll rape a cop’s girlfriend like a dog instead of a pig.

    — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) September 13, 2020


  66. Farm Boy says:

    Retailer Lululemon Mocked For Urging Customers To ‘Resist Capitalism’ While Selling $120 Leggings



  67. Farm Boy says:

    Iran is behind an ongoing series of hack attacks and online disinformation campaigns meant to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election and boost Democratic candidate Joe Biden.



  68. Farm Boy says:

    Former “Sex and the City” actress Cynthia Nixon has claimed that J.K. Rowling inflicted pain on her transgender son when the author expressly denounced aspects of transgender ideology



  69. Farm Boy says:

    Sorry Liz,

    A bored Liz,

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  70. Cheque d'Out says:

    I have a bad feeling about this


  71. Farm Boy says:

    Denver city councilwoman Candi CdeBaca was hit with calls to resign Tuesday after she showed support for a tweet floating the idea of attending Make America Great Again rallies to infect Trump supporters with the coronavirus.

    Ms. CdeBaca tweeted “#solidarity Yaaas!!” in her Feb. 28 response to a Feb. 26 post from Susan Daniel, who tweeted, “For the record, if I do get the coronavirus I’m attending every MAGA rally I can.”



  72. Liz says:

    2020: Watch the child porn, bigot.

    “And if you don’t like it, you’re just creepily obsessed with child porn”

    These people are nuts.

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  73. Liz says:

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  74. Liz says:

    Mike was checking out ammo and the site “Cheaper then Dirt”
    9mm ammo was around eight dollars for 50 rounds (lower end stuff).
    It was around 8 dollars at the beginning of this year. Now it is up to 60 dollars.

    I can’t think of anything I’ve ever seen that matches this level of price inflation.

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  75. Liz says:

    It’s kind of like when property goes through the roof…
    Hey! You’re worth so much more sitting on that piece of property.
    But if you sell it you’ll need somewhere to live…
    and with ammo this expensive, it’s hard to use it for target practice.

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  76. Cheque d'Out says:

    If you hate them, you probably are one…?

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  77. Cheque d'Out says:

    I hope that during the debates, there’s a priest handy to give last rites.

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  78. Liz says:

    If you hate them, you probably are one…?

    Is that why BLM and Antifa are attacking so many black people?

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  79. Larry G says:

    “and with ammo this expensive, it’s hard to use it for target practice.”

    damn, even 12 gauge shot gun ammo is expensive now….just checked a couple of places and 2 3/4 rifled slug ammo is $1 a round or more…

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  80. SFC Ton says:

    with ammo this expensive, it’s hard to use it for target practice.

    The Ton wasn’t bullshitting when he told you fuckers to own .22’s to lower training costs

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  81. Larry G says:

    “The Ton wasn’t bullshitting when he told you fuckers to own .22’s to lower training costs” Exactly right

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  82. h0neyc0mb says:

    Back a long while ago .. (last 10 years) ..

    I built an AR15 in 22lr that was a real AR .. not a plastic copy of something that might act or disassemble like an AR.

    Back then only CMMG made an upper that was as reliable as an AR15.

    I bought spare parts and 100k .. at least of 22lr.

    It’s my manual of arms and training firearm. It is also super accurate and I run it suppressed.

    I got nothing but grief from AR types. Who’s laughing now.

    Dumb Fooks!

    PS .. It’s my favorite AR. If I could only have ONE pew-pew .. it would be the one.

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  83. SFC Ton says:

    I do almost 0 tactical training tgese days but I was hitting the sharp end of an axe head the other day

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