Modern Pioneers

There probably have always been people selling their line of self-interested BS.  Often part of the act was that they were the cool people. so you should follow what they say.  In the modern day, the real pioneers in this were the Feminists.  They managed to convince women, and much of society, of many things.  Still, people noticed that what they said did not quite match reality.  Often, they couldn’t put a finger on it, but they knew that there were falsehoods there.

Naturally enough, the media pitched these Feminist as authorities.   Ones that you should listen to.  Because that is what you do with respect to authorities.   However there was the problem that, once again, stuff didn’t make sense.   So perhaps a segment of the people became distrustful of authorities.   But, all in all, the tactic worked, with it spreading to other domains.  Just claim to be authorities, then spout off your spiel.  Maybe there was some truth in there, and maybe not; but you were the authority.

There was enough of population that fell for it.  Lots of them were/are women.   Just tell the herd what to think, and get on with it.  Circling back to Feminism, this was why the Feminist BS worked so well.  Thus, it became the template for everybody else selling BS.

Recently, Dr. Fauci here in the US was complaining about how people don’t believe authorities.   In his particular case, he has been caught lying, though the mainstream media won’t call him on it.   Short answer– he lives in an isolated environment where everybody believes everybody else’s lies.  Thank goodness not everybody lives in that environment.

Exit Question — What was Feminism’s biggest lie?

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  1. theshadowedknight says:

    The biggest lie is probably what women find sexually attractive.

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  2. okrahead says:

    Feminism’s biggest lie?
    1) You can HAVE IT ALL, baby!
    2) Happiness is getting away from home and children and into the workplace.
    3) Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.
    4) Anything a man can do, a woman can do (better!).
    5) Gender is a social construct.
    This list is pretty much infinite.

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  3. Sharkly says:

    The foundational lie of Feminism is that men and women are equal.

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  4. Sharkly says:

    Damn you Mario!

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  5. RichardP says:

    What was Feminism’s biggest lie?

    That fish don’t need bicyles.

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  6. Cheque d'Out says:

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  7. Cheque d'Out says:

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  8. Cheque d'Out says:

    What was Feminism’s biggest lie?
    That men and women were the same. From that follows all of the unequal outcomes must mean misogyny. Leading to quotas, preferential treatment and lowered standards.

    Standard commie lie. We’re all the same therefore rich people cheated to get rich. You were robbed.

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  9. Jack says:

    What is the biggest lie of feminism?
    Sigma Frame’s Law of Feminism

    “Feminism is the assertion and justification of women’s rejection of male authority in favor of an institutionalized social ontology which is dictated by the Feminine Imperative.”

    In effect, it is a rebellion which seeks to invert the natural, God ordained hierarchy of authority, which hearkens back to the Sin of Eve.

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  10. Farm Boy says:

    Respect the Authoritah’s authoritah


  11. Farm Boy says:

    On the road to authoritah


  12. Farm Boy says:

    Authoritah at the University


  13. Farm Boy says:

    Acting like they have the authoritah to do so


  14. Farm Boy says:

    Chinese propagandists are casting blame for the coronavirus pandemic on a U.S. military research lab that shuttered its biowarfare division more than 50 years ago.


  15. I’m still firmly convinced the Clintons are untouchable during their own lifetimes. The Deep State and MSM are both dependent on that premise.

    [Desire to touch Hillary I do not]

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  16. Farm Boy says:

    Cuban Community Plans Rally to Support Business Against ‘Mafia Tactics’ By Local Black Lives Matter Demands

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  17. Farm Boy says:

    Former Clinton Press Secretary Urges Biden “Whatever You Do, Don’t Debate Trump”

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  18. Farm Boy says:

    ‘Do As They Say’: Minneapolis Police Tell Residents To ‘Be Prepared To Give Up’ Personal Belongings To Robbers

    “We want those who live and work here to be safe!”


  19. Cill says:

    “What was Feminism’s biggest lie?”

    Itself. Feminism in and of itself is a war against nature.

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  20. If they get rid of history does that mean that slavery never existed? Whites don’t have anything to supposedly feel guilty about? That it’s blank slates all around?


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  21. horsemanbombadil says:


    Don’t confuse them with logic

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    Twenty minutes into my first Trump campaign event, I knew this was wrong, and was seized by a sinking feeling that really hasn’t left since. Trump in person sounded like he’d been convinced to run for president after reading What’s the Matter with Kansas? His stump act seemed tailored to take advantage of the gigantic market opportunity Democrats had created, and which Frank described. He ranted about immigrants, women, the disabled, and other groups, sure, but also about NAFTA, NATO, the TPP, big Pharma, military contracting, and a long list of other issues.

    The new conception of populism, as popularized by historians like Richard Hofstadter, pitted the common run of voters against a growing class of elite-educated managerial professionals, philosopher-kings who set correct policy for the ignorant masses.


  23. Farm Boy says:

    Supposedly these are the smart tolerant people (with authoritah)

    Evolutionary biologist forced out of academia for insisting male and female are not social constructs

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  24. “He(Trump) ranted about immigrants, women, the disabled,… ”

    Umm, I think we would have heard a little bit more from the MSM about Trump dissing the disabled if that were really the case.

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  25. There are scientists and then there are academicians. There is almost zero overlap between the two. Colleges are basically 97% academicians these days.

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  26. RichardP says:

    From FB’s link: “I had embarked on this journey because I love science, and wanted to help beat back the forces of pseudoscience in the public sphere.

    The truth exists, regardless of our ability to perceive it. True science has always been about increasing mankind’s ability to perceive truth. History is full of examples of others who would fight against increasing humankind’s ability to perceive the truth – in order to acquire or maintain power over others. Galileo vs. the Church and Socrates vs. the Athenian government come to mind as two examples.

    I had embarked on this journey because I love science … Being a curious fellow, I wonder seriously if any gender-binary or trinary or whatever folks also have the love of science that Wright (FB’s link) had and embark on a journey similar to Wright’s in an effort to become a good, serious scientist. I can’t see how such folks, if they do embark on a serious scientific career, could handle the cognitive dissonance between their “beliefs about gender” and the fact that DNA is a set of instructions, one set for male, and a different set for female.

    Note – I understand that the religion of science can become corrupted even as the religion of the Church can be. That is a subject for a different discussion.

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  27. Farm Boy says:

    Conservative-leaning people, especially men, long enjoyed sports not just for what they were, but what they weren’t — they weren’t Leftwing Morality Plays like every single other TV production is.

    The #Woke Corporate Complex has decided that no, conservatives must not be permitted this last refuge, either.

    As the NBA and MLB return from their coronavirus-imposed hiatus, it appears TV viewers are not interested in what the increasingly woke leagues have to offer.
    With both baseball and basketball draped in all sorts of Black Lives Matter and social justice symbolism for their opening games, a substantially smaller number of fans tuned-in to the rest of the week�s games.

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  28. Farm Boy says:

    Not respecting authoritah of the elites

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  29. RichardP says:

    It also does seem that Wright could benefit from becoming a bit more politically astute.

    A great deal of trouble can be avoided by being careful to define terms. As I’ve said before, for the purposes of this larger discussion, it is useful to let the terms man / woman refer to gender (a word confined to linguistics until recently) and let the terms male / female refer to sex (what your chormosomes say you are).

    Chromosomes tell you whether you will father the baby or give birth to the baby. But chromosomes cannot tell you how to be a man in a way that will meet your particular culture’s expectations. At the same time, cultures do have expectations for how one should behave if a man, or if a woman. I’ve given the example before of what the Greek culture expected of their men – sexual activity with both women and boys. That expectation is significantly different from what the Arabic culture expects how one should behave if a man, or if a woman. Cultural expectations of how a “man” should behave and how a “woman” should behave vary. So, from this standpoint, it is correct to say that the idea of what a “man” should be and what a “woman” should be IS a social construct – given that the idea changes from one culure to another.

    But the instructions given by DNA do not change from one culture to another.

    Therefore, it is useful – and less confusing – to have one set of words to describe gender and another set of words to describe sex. Much of the public argument would disappear if we did this. But since the goal of the far left is cultural confusion rather than clarity, clarity on definitions ain’t gonna happen on a society-wide scale. Wright could benefit from knowing this and abiding by that reality (that is, pick your words, depending on social context).


  30. Farm Boy says:

    Seattle’s Chief of Police called on Seattle’s City Council to stand up against “mob rule” after “aggressive” activists reportedly targeted her home over the weekend, which scared her neighbors


  31. RichardP says:

    I wonder if this gender dysphoria is simply a different manifestation of Freud’s Penis Envy

    I don’t have the skills to get a penis the old-fashioned way, so I will get one surgically.

    That is – I wonder how many girly girls, who manage to marry young and push out babies, end up suffering from gender dysphoria while young. (Ignoring the statistics after menopause here, because FB’s link is discussing college-age kids).

    If the term girly girls triggers you, please just pretend that it isn’t there. The point is, I’ve not known any butch girls who married early and pushed out babies.


  32. “Much of the public argument would disappear if we did this.”

    Ha, ha! You lose the Internet for today. Maybe even for the rest of the month.

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  33. Cheque d'Out says:

    A blogger writes how she went from blaming everything on men, to suddenly realizing it was her bad choices and chasing Chads that was causing her and other women to struggle with dating issues.

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  34. theshadowedknight says:

    Yeah, I am with KH on this one. These people are insane, and are getting more insane as time passes. There is no negotiating with them, no understanding them, no compromise with them. You fight them on everything, every single time. Never accept their framing.

    All men are male, all women are female. It is as simple as that. If you cannot say that, then you have already lost.

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  35. Farm Boy says:

    This Indian slum contained a possible COVID-19 disaster with hydroxychloroquine

    On July 9, 2020, Asia’s biggest and densest slum shocked the world by announcing just one new positive COVID-19 case despite being a cluster and hotspot

    Officials have credited this turnaround to “[a] combination of hydroxychloroquine, vitamin D, and zinc tablets along with homeopathic medicines.”

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  36. Farm Boy says:

    Police in Melbourne, Australia now have the power to enter people’s homes without a warrant and perform ‘spot checks’ to enforce compliance with new coronavirus lockdown rules.


  37. As we highlighted earlier, immediately after the government announced the new draconian measures, police in their hundreds positioned themselves around residential tower blocks to ensure no one could leave.

    How much longer until they start welding the apartment doors shut with the tenants inside? I mean, you know, as a safety measure.

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  38. b g says:

    LOL ;-D

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  39. theshadowedknight says:

    Democrats and establishment Republicans are gaming out how to steal the election. That does not sound like they are confident in winning. They are presenting it as how to make sure Trump can’t cheat, but notice it is them breaking the rules and threatening violence and secession. Interesting times.


  40. Let’s see, if the West Cost secedes, we lose the ports where all that crap from China enters the U.S. plus about 60 million nut job citizens …

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  41. SFC Ton says:

    Biggest lie of all time? Has to be equality

    Hell the enemy of our souls sold Eve on that apple with the lie of equality

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  42. b g says:

    Well, the sweetie gave us waffles, strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup for breakfast at the front step. The pooch only got two waffles with lots of butter, but he didn’t complain ;-D

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    De Blasio admits city skipped permit process to paint Black Lives Matter murals


  44. Farm Boy says:

    I didn’t know that was a design requirement

    [A “blue-checkmark” journalist he would be]

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  45. Farm Boy says:

    “Context and factual data are often considered too cumbersome for the audience,” Pekary later added. “There may be some truth to that (our education system really should improve the critical thinking skills of Americans) – but another hard truth is that it is the job of journalists to teach and inform, which means they might need to figure out a better way to do that. They could contemplate more creative methods for captivating an audience. Just about anything would improve the current process, which can be pretty rudimentary (think basing today’s content on whatever rated well yesterday, or look to see what’s trending online today).”

    Pekary said that she has heard colleagues “deny their role as journalists,” and claims that a “senior producer” told her, “Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.”

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  46. MSNBC has been the official news source of Cloud-Cuckoo-Land almost since its inception.

    “July 24th was my last day at MSNBC. I don’t know what I’m going to do next exactly but I simply couldn’t stay there anymore,” Pekary wrote. “My colleagues are very smart people with good intentions. The problem is the job itself. It forces skilled journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis.”

    Yeah, that is total CYA bullshit and she knows it. People with good intentions don’t tell outrageous lies all day, every day to meet their own agendas of self-aggrandizement and the destruction of civil society.

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  47. A-hem.

    The five most popular vehicle models among Republicans, for example, are all trucks, with the ubiquitous Ford F-150 leading the way. Among Democrats, the Subaru Outback is the most popular choice. If you drive a truck, you’re probably a Republican. If you drive a Subaru, you’re probably a Democrat. Donald Trump won every single state in which the Ford F-150 is the most popular vehicle (even Pennsylvania). He won all but four of the states in which the Chevy Silverado is the most popular vehicle, including Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton handily won the states where people prefer Subarus.


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  48. thedeti says:

    mega pickups…”deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians”???

    I’m with TSK up there. These people are literally insane. They cannot be reasoned with, compromised with, or negotiated with. They need to be defeated at all times, everywhere.

    [Kind of like Terminators they would be]

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  49. Drinker seems to be out of ideas for new videos. Lack of new output from Hollywood hitting these guys pretty hard.

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  50. Farm Boy says:

    That could be, but it is still a better script


  51. Farm Boy says:

    If trucks were designed for attacking pedestrians, wouldn’t they be more “Mad Maxlike”, with spikes and other goodies?

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    If you are going to attack a pedestrian with a vehicle, you really don’t need a big truck to do so


  53. Farm Boy says:

    “Speaker Pelosi is still agitating for strange, new special interests carve-outs for the marijuana industry and even claiming they were COVID-related,” McConnell continued. “She said that with respect to this virus, marijuana is, quote, ‘a therapy that is proven successful.’ You can’t make this up. I hope she shared her breakthrough with Dr. Fauci.”


  54. Cheque d'Out says:

    Don’t just watch the foreplay, watch to the end for the money shot

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  55. Gunner Q says:

    “sales of mega-pickups, which have basically been deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians, are booming”

    A smarter person would notice that the sales of RV trailers that need towing is also booming. I’m debating whether to trade in my car for something with towing capacity right now, too. But now that Blue Check Mark mentions it… yes, a cow catcher on the front could indeed be a good idea.

    “If you drive a Subaru, you’re probably a Democrat.” Correlation implying causation. All-wheel drive is nice when you always drive on Lefty-maintained roads. The Prius is the virtue-signaling vehicle of choice for enclave-protected cat shit sniffers.

    A car salesman friend of mine says more Priuses get sold in the Bay Area than the rest of the planet combined.

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  56. Cheque d'Out says:

    In these difficult times of lockdown at least someone remembers how to party.
    Proper fireworks.


  57. The phrase “missile strike” has been been used.



    Good. Drop FB and Twitter, etc.; just like should have have dropped the NBA, NFL, and MLB by now. You’ll be much better off for it.


  59. Cheque d'Out says:

    Headhunter, there’s an old Polish saying that covers this
    “not my circus , not my monkeys”

    This is how we learn not to stockpile noisy stuff next to cities.

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  60. Cheque d'Out says:

    1) There used to be a pretty face there.
    2) Yeah but it was just as insane then as it is now.

    I love the outrage in her voice almost as much as I like the fact that IDGAF if she’s unhappy.

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  61. Cheque d'Out says:

    Basically, “Nobody cares, love”.

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  62. But you should have your snowflake tires mounted.


  63. Cill says:


    A great deal of trouble can be avoided by being careful to define terms.

    Okay. A bull is a bovine with 4 teats and a cow is a bovine with a dick. A horse has feathers and wings and a bird has hooves and gallops at Ascot. And the sun rises in the West and sets in the East. And a man menstruates. And surely if a cow has a dick then it is fair to insist that a woman must have one also… if she chooses.

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  64. Larry G says:

    Pussies with pickup trucks “which have basically been deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians”

    THIS is my idea of how to terrorize pedestrians

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  65. Farm Boy says:

    And then there is the obvious question as to why people are blocking public highways

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  66. Ame says:

    Larry, I didn’t know you even allowed yourself to get close to people, much less pedestrians 😉

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  67. SFC Ton says:

    I didn’t know that was a design requirement

    Fuck yeah it is! Which is why I have 3/4 ton trucks

    Nothing clears out protesters or gets you that girl with a super booty like a super duty ;)……. which is a line I stole from a you tube dude but I can’t recall his name

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  68. SFC Ton says:

    Not sure a sedan can surrive two mini guns

    Take some serious work to keep an up armored F250 gun truck on the road, becuase of the gun…… but that Austin Martin has style


  69. SFC Ton says:

    If trucks were designed for attacking pedestrians, wouldn’t they be more “Mad Maxlike”, with spikes and other goodies?

    Naw you don’t want to drag the bodies around

    A good cow catcher to crush and push them out of the way is key…. the cow catcher also protects your radiator…… and a good skid plate protecting your undercarriage. Which is extra crucial

    Engineers and rednecks down range figured all that out years ago


  70. Farm Boy says:

    A “cow-catcher” might be appropriate with respect to some feminist types

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  71. Farm Boy says:

    Media documents NYC mail-in voting fiasco, but won’t admit Trump is right

    NYC primaries over a month later still have not been called – because of major problems with mail-in ballots.


  72. RichardP says:

    @Cill – re your response to this statement of mine: A great deal of trouble can be avoided by being careful to define terms.

    Your response highlighted my point perfectly. But I can’t tell if you were supporting my point or making fun of it. Therefore, the following:

    There is a saying, which I will quote loosely without looking it up: communication is impossible without a body of words with commonly-accepted meanings

    I have recently read a number of articles about the common tactics that the far left (Marxists, etc.) have historically used to destroy societies – so they could then step in and rebuild those societies to their liking. One of the tools used first is confusing the language by changing the definitions – so that nobody knows what anybody else really means when they talk.

    I had just finished reading one such article when I read through this thread. If we pay attention, we can see that the news media is being very careful to use the term man and male in the same sentence / paragraph. Same with woman / female. And the readership has bought into it. They think that either word refers to the same thing. But – the truth is – we have always needed one word to refer to the instruction set that our chromosomes contain and a different word to refer to the instruction set we get from the society in which we live about how we should present ourselves to society. One word refers to biological instructions. The other word refers to social instructions / expectations. “Gender”, by definition, is tied to social expectations. “Sex”, by definition, is tied to biology.

    I see the intentional confusing of gender and sex terms as part of that weapon of confusing the language that the far left is doing intentionally. In the saner literature, and on blogs such as these, there have been articles / discussions that point out what the Soros crowd is trying to do to this country. One of their weapons is to confuse the language by confusing the definitions of words. Hence, my response: A great deal of trouble can be avoided by being careful to define terms. That is the only antidote to their efforts to confuse the language by confusing definitions so as to make it difficult to communicate with each other (said difficulty communicating makes it less likely that we can mount a defense against the Soros crowd)


  73. Farm Boy says:

    But before he was elected to state politics in 2014, the ambitious Democrat ran a LiveJournal blog where he discussed learning about crystal meth, described his sexual partners as “victims” and published a conversation which included a reference to 4-year-old girls wearing thongs.


  74. Farm Boy says:

    Trump Launches Cancel Culture Ad: “I’m Afraid To Say This Out Loud”

    Seeking the “hidden vote” of centrists and conservatives who self-censor rather than be subjected to liberal retribution


  75. Farm Boy says:

    A robot normally used to provide customer service now has a new mission; Scanning your face with AI technology to check whether you’re wearing a mask and asking you to put one on.


  76. Farm Boy says:

    The authors of a landmark 2019 study on the effects of transgender surgery on patients’ mental and emotional health walked back their much-cited conclusion over the weekend, stating nearly a year after publication that their initial claim that their data demonstrated that transgender surgeries resulted in improved mental health was “too strong” and not supported by the data.


  77. Farm Boy says:

    “Even when they aren’t starting fires, using explosives, and trying to maim officers, they leave threatening messages such as decapitated pig heads outside the courthouse,” he insisted. Indeed, while the violence in Portland appears to have abated somewhat, threats like a burning pig head have continued, along with fires set near the federal courthouse.

    Ngo castigated left-leaning journalists for ignoring the violence. “Unfortunately, too many in the media have chosen to ignore or downplay this extremism masquerading as racial justice,” he said.


  78. Farm Boy says:

    Legendary British comedian John Cleese has hit out at permanently offended woke people, insisting that they have no sense of humour and are contributing to the death of comedy.


  79. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder why

    A new survey by research firm Kekst CNC has found that on average, people in the U.S. think 9 per cent of the population, around 30 million people, have died from coronavirus when the actual figure is less than 155,000


  80. Farm Boy says:

    I laughed more

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  81. Farm Boy says:


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