It Was News To Me

When I was a young, naive fella I viewed the movie Airplane.   I saw this segment,

I was a bit surprised.   Of course, the older women I knew sought and got husbands, but what I had seen of the young women, they seemed to be interested in everything but husbands.  This made sense at the time, as careers and fun and stuff were the obvious aspirations.  Even though the movie was a comedy, it struck me hard that young women actually wanted husbands, and viewed women with such as lucky.

Of course, not much of use was explained to me.  There was no web.  The Overton Window was clearly such that the truth (if known) would never be mentioned in the mainstream media of polite company.   It is easy enough to confuse young people when they don’t even realize that alternatives exist.   Moreover, even logical alternatives.   That is why the Overton Window never budged.

So yes, young women wanted husbands, maybe not now (go away young man), but sometime in the future.  Furthermore, he was to have means and make her tingle.  The first part was common knowledge, but not so much the second.

That is the gist of it.   Simple really.

Exit Question — Will the truth set you free?

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  1. Farm Boy says:

    If women in general don’t act like they want a husband, how should fellas respond?


  2. theshadowedknight says:

    If she is young, a virgin, and from a good family, then do your best to knock her up and marry her anyway. Its a shit test. She wants the man who will laugh and tell her that she is his, ring or not. So far as God is concerned, you get married once you cum in her.

    If she isn’t, well why are you bothering in the first place? Men can take advantage of preselection, too. If every other man she has been with decided she wasn’t wife material, then move on to the next girl.

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  3. Sharkly says:

    If every other man she has been with decided she wasn’t wife material, then move on to the next girl.

    Doh! I should have paid more attention to that, and less to her pre-wall religious conversion.

    I’ve got a new post up:

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  4. theshadowedknight says:

    Sharkly, I would choose a virgin atheist over a repentant former slut, even if the latter was sincere. There is more damage that is irreparable in the slut than the atheist. A good dicking can fix most problems women have that wasn’t first caused by a good dicking.

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  5. Airplane was released July 2, 1980, so it may have started filming some time during the last half of 1979. That’s just over 40 years ago, but it not only seems like that was another time, it seems like we’re on another planet.

    [as the plane prepares to take off]

    Older Lady: Nervous?

    Ted Striker: Yes.

    Older Lady: First time?

    Ted Striker: No, I’ve been nervous lots of times.

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  6. Sharkly says:

    … I would choose a virgin atheist over a repentant former slut …
    I hear you buddy. However, since God tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, for me the right answer would be none of the above. I wish I could have gotten a tiny glimpse of my future, before I made my life’s biggest blunder. And as I have come to discover, she believes in God, but, just doesn’t care to follow Him. Based upon what has happened to me, I’d do a lot of things differently.

    For one, I have discovered I have the power to make any woman beautiful!
    So I really should have been looking more at their character and not their appearance so much. As they say, “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes down to the bone.”

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  7. SFC Ton says:

    The truth is a burden

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  8. SFC Ton says:

    If a man has a woman in his life he is unequally yoked

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  9. theshadowedknight says:

    I would have preferred a nice church girl. We all know how that works these days. If I found a nice girl at school or around town that didn’t believe in God, that is not an insurmountable problem. She need only convert, and all is well.

    However, the likelihood of that being as it is, I hardly bother.

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  10. Sharkly says:

    If you led your future wife to repentance and salvation, you could not only be her husband, but her spiritual father as well. Hopefully that doesn’t make it some form of incest. 😉


  11. theshadowedknight says:

    Man is made in the image and glory of God. Once she feels the power of a man “stirring” within her, she can properly appreciate the power of God within herself, as well.


  12. Ame says:

    And as I have come to discover, she believes in God, but, just doesn’t care to follow Him.

    ditto the demons.

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  13. Sharkly says:

    theshadowedknight, could you expound your last comment a little more. As to what you mean and how it works.


  14. theshadowedknight says:

    Sharkly, it might make more sense if you read “stirring within” in a deep, throaty voice. In what context would a woman typically feel a man stirring within her?


  15. theshadowedknight says:

    How does a man lead a young woman to God? Well, in the wise words of our great president, “you grab them by the pussy.”


  16. Sharkly says:

    If a man has a woman in his life he is unequally yoked

    If some cucked churchian was saying that, I’d assume he was meaning it in the opposite way, and wrongly so.


  17. Sharkly says:

    theshadowedknight, LOL I got that first part. I am still a bit curious about the connection between a woman having sex and it spiritually enlightening her. ‘Cuz some of these THOTs should be like Mother Theresa by now. And my wife should be able to perform miracles by now if great sex could forcibly sanctify her.

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  18. Ame says:

    Exit Question — Will the truth set you free?


    SFC Ton
    1h ago
    The truth is a burden


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  19. theshadowedknight says:

    Women follow the strong horse, and adjust their views and tastes accordingly. Mere proximity to me causes women to change their political opinions in my direction. Women find reasons to enter my social circle and seek my approval. Thats all without fucking them, just because of the strength of personality I have.

    Sex does not spiritually enlighten a woman. Having sex with a strong man and wanting to please him opens her heart to him spiritually enlightening her. Sex brings a man and woman closer together. It leaves her open to suggestion, and it gives him the opportunity to guide her in the right direction. In that context, it would be a simple matter to lead a woman to God.

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  20. Sharkly says:

    OK, now I get what you’re saying. I even have that conforming effect on a lot of men. The “yes men” will try to align themselves with me. Sometimes to the point that you’d almost think they were using a Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) mirroring technique. However change of that kind can be pretty fickle. Hopefully it can be cemented someway, if it is possible to cement such things, as a borrowed faith, in a woman’s head. Maybe I’m just jaded, because I’ve never ever really gotten to know a completely stable woman, if there is such a thing. I guess that’s why you’ve got to open ’em up and give ’em an adjustment so frequently.

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  21. Jack says:

    I can follow what theshadowedknight is saying. I’ve dated more than one woman who became a Christian as a result of knowing me, but only after we broke up. Good, first time sex is a powerful “conversion experience” for a woman. The problem that Sharkly brought up concerning thots is that these women, for some reason or another, don’t stay with that man. They go on to other men, looking for a “better conversion”, and thereby become adulteresses (AKA thots), or in some cases, they become believers.


  22. theshadowedknight says:

    People are creatures of habit. You get a woman close enough for long enough and it will become a habit. Thats is, so long as you continue to influence her. You cannot get weak and complacent, but when in history could you ever? It isn’t a perfect solution, but its the best that we have.

    As for women, there is no such thing as a completely stable woman absent a man there for her to cling to. A virgin woman will bond most closely with her first sexual partner. That bond makes the connection between husband an wife that much stronger. While it isn’t unbreakable, its a massive improvement, all else being equal.

    That ability to bond collapses after just a few lifetime sexual partners. I want to say three, but it could be a few more. Past that point, it gets harder and harder to make a connection, and you must be a harsher man to tame her.

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  23. Jack says:

    “…I would choose a virgin atheist over a repentant former slut…”

    Let’s reframe this statement.

    Men are inclined to make the common mistake of listening to what a woman says, rather than watching what she does. If she says she is an atheist, or a repentant Christian, or whatever, then that only tells you what’s going on in her conscious mind (assuming she’s being honest). Her words don’t necessarily tell you what’s happening in her heart. Her behavior, her attitude towards men, and any IOI’s that she shows you are better indicators of what is in her heart.

    This is confusing because a lot of women are obedient (like the theoretical virgin atheist mentioned above), or disobedient (like Sharkly’s “Christian” ex), but they are mentally confused and don’t really know what they believe, although they might think they do and talk like such. Women are just like this (confused), and men have to learn to see through that and look at her fundamental spiritual constitution instead.

    The bottom line is whether she is obedient to God and to the social structure of authority in her life. So the important thing to look for is her behavior towards you (i.e. respectful submission), and her track record with the men of authority in her life (i.e. her father).

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  24. theshadowedknight says:

    Agreed, Jack. The biggest thing I looked for in women was a good relationship with their parents. Strong father figure, nurturing mother. If that wasn’t the case, then she was a hard pass, no second chances. A woman’s whole worldview is going to be shaped by her upbringing, and I have met some nice girls that were ruined by bad parenting. It breaks my heart to see, but I was not going to let her break mine while I play therapist.

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  25. SFC Ton says:

    Strength is everything to almost every one

    The worse shit gets, the more that strength matters

    Which in this case means as our society continues to crater the more women will seek out alphas.

    Women get the attention of alphas by being on sexual display.

    Betas are pretty useless without direction, which they don’t have, and will become even less appealing to women. Which puts them in the buttsore beta cycle which dries up even more vaginas

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  26. Charlie Brown’s revenge…

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  27. h0neyc0mb says:

    Bwhaaaaaa .. KAREN .. move over a black school teacher .. aka a MARXIST PR MOUTH-PIECE has topped you ..

    Woman Triggered Over Confederate Flag Towel Gets Schooled By Black Military Vet – NewsWars


  28. RichardP says:

    From the link h0neyc0mb posted:

    A college friend was just live on FB confronting a group of white people at Lighthouse Beach in Evanston (IL) that had a Confederate flag on display. She’s a Black public school teacher & drove down when she saw the flag posted on social media.

    So much to say about that, and don’t know where to start. So I just shake my head.

    re. ’cause and effect’ / ‘initiate and respond’: I wonder what she thought she was going to accomplish. I would guess she didn’t even think it through. Just reacted / responded.

    I grew up under the adage (from the self-sufficient farm folks) that you can’t really fix other folks. You can only fix yourself. All of the folks blathering and rioting these past few months seem to have not ever been exposed to that idea.

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  29. h0neyc0mb says:

    “Do Gooders” are a problem where-evva they go!

    And this one .. deserves “the whole nine yards” of repo-cuss-shins.

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  30. Sharkly says:

    In my post above, on the “bad link” I think I left off the “ht” from https: if it can be fixed

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  31. Stephanie says:

    Right before we married, some guy my husband was talking to at our college library was asking about us and I was surprised he didn’t react weird about hearing we were getting married so young and right away. He literally looked at me, and then said something like gotta lock that thing down 😂😂 lol I just laugheda little and kept studying.

    Definitely recommend getting married as virgin and early as possible. The bond was and is so intense and we’re about to hit 13 yrs soon.

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  32. h0neyc0mb says:

    Found a Can-yuck do-gooder .. (of course, his own, mask et-ta-tic is right on par with his behavior) ..

    Watch: Mask Nazi Wrecks Pizza Joint after Seeing Fellow Customer Not Wearing Mask – NewsWars


  33. Stephanie says:

    13 yrs, 4 kids… I would keep on popping out his deliciously cute babies but he only wants four.

    I’d have 12 though 😂🤷

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  34. h0neyc0mb says:

    Ordinarily I’d say it would be an unhinged dindo-nuffin that was acting like a child ..

    But .. as the wheel turns .. they do things a lil different in Tore-Ron-Toe ..

    If I heard him correctly .. he said that guy assaulted him .. for not wearing a mask?

    To which I’d point out .. he wasn’t wearing a mask either .. (if it has to be over your nose & mouth).

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  35. Farm Boy says:

    CANADA—The NHL kicked off their much-anticipated Stanley Cup Playoffs today in what some are calling the most peaceful hockey tournament of all time.

    Just 47 seconds into the game between the Rangers and the Hurricanes, winger Artemi Panarin started peacefully protesting near his own goal. “First I dropped my gloves and removed my helmet,” Panarin said. “That’s how all great peaceful protests start.” He then proceeded to peacefully protest with Carolina’s Sebastian Aho, who had also removed his gloves and helmet.

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  36. Farm Boy says:

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden’s campaign announced that he would be making his pick for Vice President soon, adding that the former Vice President had recently stated, “I’m so close I can smell her.”

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  37. Farm Boy says:

    Gratuitous images


  38. SFC Ton says:

    Is it just me or is it weird zipper head chicks work so hard to look Anglo?

    She nails it but the last time I was in the ROK and the Japan it was seriously a thing with all the upper class slants.

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  39. Farm Boy says:

    POLICE in Thailand have admitted they are powerless to control sex-crazed monkeys that have overrun a city.

    The population of macaques, which has been growing on a massive scale, are also eating themselves to death by gorging on junk food.


  40. Sharkly says:

    “Is it just me or is it weird zipper head chicks work so hard to look Anglo?”

    I was in ROK from 1976-1982, and back then they were already getting plastic surgery to make their eye openings look western, plus they did a lot to try to keep their skin light.
    The skin tone was a class thing. The rich lived indoors and had servants who worked out under the sun. So the elite stayed pale while the lower class got darkened by their lifestyle. People almost always married within their class then,(mostly arranged marriages) so no woman wanted to look dark, like she was a sun scorched fieldworker, and potentially be considered embarrassing and be potentially ruled out by the slightly higher-class richer husbands. Apparently the Korean girls all wanted their ticket into higher classes and didn’t want to seem like they belonged working in a rice paddy for the rest of their lives.

    Shown above is a Vietnamese paddy worker.

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    There are a few other curious trends here. South Korea and China are among the world leaders (per capita) in blepharoplasty, and apparently many South Korean women undergo the procedure to achieve a more “Western” look.

    Apparently ROK leads the world on a per-capita basis.

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  42. Sharkly says:

    This is for you Ame:
    It made me LOL.

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  43. Farm Boy says:

    All of this is misguided, Joffe-Walt explains. The problem, apparently, is a narrative one. Liberals have been too focused on finding people to help. What they actually need is a villain, someone to hurt.

    ‘There is a powerful force that is shaping our public schools, arguably the most powerful force. It’s there even when we pretend not to notice it,’ she says. ‘If you want to understand why our schools aren’t better. That’s where you have to look. You have to look at white parents.’

    The debut episode focuses on a specialty school in Brooklyn, the School for International Studies. The podcast first faults ‘nice white parents’ for not attending the school when it was built, causing it to be overwhelmingly non-white in composition. Then, in 2015, the situation reversed: dozens of white parents enrolled their children in the school, making it racially integrated. But it turns out that was wicked as well, a scholastic version of gentrification (which is also deeply nefarious). The parents are vilified for launching a French immersion program (using a European language rather than Arabic reeks of colonialism, evidently), and for raising $800,000 in a single year. Nothing bad actually happens at the school as a result. No matter; the mere presence of the new arrivals is denigrated as ‘annoying’. In a companion article recommending books about the white parent menace, a 10-year-old boy is chided for saying that SIS was improved ‘with us here’. A child’s harmless belief that he and his friends made a place better, rather than worse, is warped into the embryo of racism.

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  44. Sharkly says:

    Well, after Ton got me refreshing my memory about Asian culture, I was reminded about aegyo.

    Here (for the first 50 seconds) a Chinese artist Wengie performs aegyo to a Korean song.

    However since I grew up in Korea for a while, I’m mostly of immune to it, thankfully. Because, there is a Vietnamese girl at work who often tries to use it on me when she messes something up and wants me to let her hide it, which as QA, is not something I’m able to allow, especially since it could affect the safety of others.


  45. “Never let anyone’s efforts be good enough for you.”

    That’s actually a really good lesson when dealing with these assholes; not just with food, but with everything. It’s not about gluten or pronouns or racism. It’s about controlling you.

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  46. Do they not have blow-jobs in Korea?

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  47. Cheque d'Out says:

    Time saving tip regarding aegyo. Don’t waste your time trying it on me, it’ll be the last time that we interact. Fuck that manipulative shit and eff those that try it too

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  48. horsemanbombadil says:

    Cop looking at whats left of destroyed libtard SJW: “What happened here?”

    “She misused my personal pronoun.” (Sarcastically)

    Cop: “Oh, you identify as an attack helicopter too?”

    “No, an antipersonnel mine. When I get stepped on I get triggered…..and Boom.”

    Cop: “Oh well then, carry on, have a nice day.”

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    There are a number of points within Critical Social Justice Theory that would see having a debate or conversation with people of opposing views as unacceptable, and they all combine to create a mindset where that wouldn’t be something that adherents to the Theory are likely or even willing to do in general. This reticence, if not unwillingness, to converse with anyone who disagrees actually has a few pretty deep reasons behind it, and they’re interrelated but not quite the same. They combine, however, to produce the first thing everyone needs to understand about this ideology: it is a complete worldview with its own ethics, epistemology, and morality, and theirs is not the same worldview the rest of us use. Theirs is, very much in particular, not liberal. In fact, theirs advances itself rather parasitically or virally by depending upon us to play the liberal game while taking advantage of its openings. That’s not the same thing as being willing to play the liberal game themselves, however, including to have thoughtful dialogue with people who oppose them and their view of the world. Conversation and debate are part of our game, and they are not part of their game.


  50. Farm Boy says:

    Black Man Erupts At BLM For Blocking Road: ‘I Got To Go To Work. I Got Bills. I Got Kids. Get The F*** Out My Way


  51. SFC Ton says:

    No Horesman the cop arrests you.

    They aren’t on our side. It’s much easier to detain 30 of us them hundreds of them

    So we’re the ones getting locked up for a bit

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  52. Ame says:

    Oh.Gawash! LOL! That’s … I can’t even! LOL!

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  53. theshadowedknight says:

    Yeah, you cannot rely on the police. They aren’t our friends, and they will turn on you if the political powers demand it. The only reason to support them is because what will replace them is worse. Fired cops aren’t going to become right wing death squads, they’ll just be hired back as the muscle when some pink-haired lunatic decides someone needs to be taught a lesson. Dont mistake them for friends just because they are a little better than the pink-haired lunatic.

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  54. Sumo says:

    So face masks/coverings were made mandatory in all public buildings in my city, starting yesterday.

    Two anecdotes to drive home just how stoopid this is:

    1) I bought another gun today. Since this is Canuckistan, I have to produce my RPAL (licence) any time I buy a firearm or ammunition. I was not asked to remove my mask so they could verify that it was, in fact, MY RPAL.

    2) I also bought beer today. I was carded for the beer (being on the south side of 40 makes this especially funny), and yet I was again not asked to remove the mask so they could verify that I was, in fact, the guy in the picture.

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  55. h0neyc0mb says:

    Trust per-me-ates from your pores .. jus sayin!


  56. Gunner Q says:

    Sharkly, I archived that Kermit meme.

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  57. molly says:

    “Definitely recommend getting married as virgin and early as possible. The bond was and is so intense and we’re about to hit 13 yrs soon”/

    I agree Stephanie! IT IS A PLAN!
    ❤ ❤

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  58. molly says:

    It is a good solid plan.

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  59. molly says:

    If Unca S and Farm Boy are wakey-wakies I say nighty night to you wonderful blokes! YOU ARE TOP NOTCH. You are the tops.
    Night night

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  60. Cheque d'Out says:

    Sleep tight, Moll

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