Helping Hand

I have lady relatives that are rather easily affected by what seem to be hard luck women.   More often than not, they are looking for a place to live.   Then it would expand from there.

Invariably, they are this sorry predicament because they have made bad decisions / engaged in bad behaviors / operated with bad attitudes, etc.  Normally a huge part of their situation is of their own making.   Here is a hard and fast rule, unless they acknowledge their own faults with respect to where they are, and resolve to do something about it, then they are disasters in the making.  Work yourself away from them as fast as possible, as they will find ways to make their problems your problems.

On the other hand, if they are actually trying to rectify some of their character issues, then they might be worth a chance.  Your choice.

So why are we talking about women?   Well, because nobody really cares when fellas fall upon hard times.   Perhaps some other guys do, but it is not societally sanctioned like it is with the women.

Exit question — What is a good sob story worth?

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  1. okrahead says:

    Doing for anyone, male or female, what they are able, but unwilling, to do for themselves is worse than a waste of time. If you are going to seriously consider helping someone, ask how that will benefit that person. If a woman is in trouble because she frivorced her husband, took the kids, and needs someone to help with yardwork, the kids, whatever… she doesn’t need you to help her. She needs to be told to go back to her man, on her knees if need be, and stop dragging other people into her self made drama.

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  2. Larry G says:

    Totally off topic but an observation from earlier today (Saturday). Took a quick trip to the gun store to pick up some cleaning supplies and take a look for any new weapons that might have arrived this week. To say I was surprised would be a huge understatement, nearly every show case was bare of handguns, not one single AR15 was for sale, ammo that was available was mostly .22 stuff. I have never seen this shop with so few guns and ammo for sale, and it was packed today with white people trying to get what was left over

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  3. okrahead says:

    Saw the same at my local big box sporting goods; some of the locally owned places are still pretty well stocked, but I think that’s mostly because they do a lot of business with used guns. The local guys who still have stock have definitely increased the prices quite a bit the last few months. I seem to remember something about ants and grasshoppers at this point.

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  4. Larry G says:

    Don’t know about grasshoppers & ants (Wut?) but you are correct, prices for firearms in general have gone up considerably in the past month. Local FFL transfer time is now 5 to 6 days.

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  5. Larry G says:

    Now is a very good time for drills, static target practice, weak hand training and picking up repair parts for weapons IMO. Past time for bulk ammo buying

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  6. Sharkly says:

    Being able to tell people “no” makes life so much easier and gives you so much more time for your own things.

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  7. okrahead says:

    Aesop’s fable of the grasshopper and the ant….
    Ant worked hard all summer, grasshopper played and sang. Winter came, the ant had stores aplenty, the grasshopper had none. Grasshopper came to ant for help, but none was to be had.

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  8. I am seeing this more and more… wouldn’t that be something if the whole west coast flipped red? It actually would not surprise me one bit!

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  9. As some of you may recall, I made this mistake when a former friend from college introduced me to his girlfriend, who started out helping at my biz but soon after created a crisis (I did not see this at the time) and I foolishly let her move in with her daughter same age as my oldest. (He, naturally, couldn’t help… could I… please? ha!”) At first it was great but soon the dysfunction began to show more and more . Luckily she set her sights on moving to his place when there was too much “adulting” required at my place, and sure enough she once again created a crisis to move in with him. She burned her bridge w me but he begged me to work w it. I just said, “sorry, not my bitc#, she doesn’t have to go to your place but you do need to get her out of mine.” And to his credit, he did. Lesson learned. Another similar hard luck lady recently started making the motion toward the same but nope, not happening. The inn is full! (And it truly was by God’s grace the first thing did not end much worse than it did!) Beware the grown adult who somehow depends on the kindness of strangers yet all those other strangers before are now estranged! Sad stories can be compelling but if they include no ownership or recognition of their own role in the tale of woe, beware!

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  10. theshadowedknight says:

    The best rule of thumb I have seen for this situation is that you should give until it hurts. As soon as your charity or assistance starts to affect your family, you are done. Your first responsibility is to your own family. Help if you can, but never sacrifice your family’s well being for another.

    A good sob story is worth its weight in gold.

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  11. 🤣 Red pill, blm version.

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  12. Question: do people develop tolerance to tear gas? Or is it drugs, maybe, tgst helps them thru? How can these people deal with that night after night?

    (“Go on, git already, ya cockroaches! Pfft!”)

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  13. I am starting to wonder if the hardcore rioters are being paid in drugs… just a theory.. but they sure look and act like it! And if you follow some of their Twitter reports live from the scene they seem to be speaking in code sometimes, like “just a couple hours away from being out of “bread“ do can someone send the medic?”

    Someone might want to be taking a closer look into these medics and the role they are playing… just a hunch!

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  14. theshadowedknight says:

    I know you can get used to OC spray, but I have no idea about tear gas. I doubt it, or after all this time these people wouldn’t be driven off by it. Tear gas isn’t that bad. I mean, it sucks, and given the option I would rather not be gassed, but it won’t kill you unless you have other things wrong.

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  15. Tsk, I have no desire to ever experience tear gas… the regulars seem to joke about it being “spicy”

    Meanwhile, if this is not evidence this stuff is organized…

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  16. Disturbing… happening now…

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  17. Cill says:


    unless they acknowledge their own faults with respect to where they are, and resolve to do something about it, then they are disasters in the making.

    I’m with you there.

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  19. Cheque d'Out says:

    Shut up and vote democrat

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  20. Whatever could they mean by this? 🤔

    [Stalin and Hitler famous for retaliating against family members they were.
    Also, thought that mothers were a protected class they were I did]

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  21. Larry G says:

    “Aesop’s fable of the grasshopper and the ant”
    ah, ok…I’m not a huge fan of fables. Firearms, sure. Fables, not so much.

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  22. Farm Boy says:

    U.S.—A concerning rise in test scores, independent thinking, and intelligence has been attributed to public schools being shut down across the nation.

    A recent study found that every day public schools have remained closed has been another day that students have become happier, better adjusted, and more likely to think for themselves. Public school teachers in particular are worried by this study, as it puts their jobs of indoctrinating our kids to think exactly like them in jeopardy.

    “This is really troubling,” said seventh-grade teacher Amy Balder. “We must reopen the schools immediately before this spike in independent thought gets any worse. Students are just going to go believe anything out there willy-nilly and not just whatever I tell them. I mean, what if they discover that they can just go online and research subjects for themselves? We have a real disaster on our hands here.”

    “But still, I think our schools should remain closed for at least another year or two. Can’t be too careful. Yes, I’m a brave warrior for our kids, but I am also really worried that something might happen to me.”

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  23. Farm Boy says:

    The pron that Liz and Mike watch

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  24. Farm Boy says:

    [Aggressively not social distancing they were]

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  25. Farm Boy says:

    The study of history has recently been as discredited as any other field in the blight known as higher education. Does this mean that everything that we know is false, or at least highly manipulated? It behooves the modern man to acknowledge that having an agenda is not limited to our modern day enemies. Perhaps the real lesson is not that history is suspect

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  26. Liz says:

    Larry, gun stores were out in Florida when we visited too.
    Heard somewhere last month 40 percent of the buyers were first time gun owners.

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  27. Liz says:

    I am seeing this more and more… wouldn’t that be something if the whole west coast flipped red? It actually would not surprise me one bit!

    If would surprise me enough to die of shock.
    Hope if happens.

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  28. Larry G says:

    “Larry, gun stores were out in Florida when we visited too.
    Heard somewhere last month 40 percent of the buyers were first time gun owners.”

    I believe that. Last trip to the range a week ago I saw a lot of women being taught to shoot, reload and continue shooting by their menfolk, assuming they were wives and daughters (some were fairly young looking). One really interesting factoid. Every one of those females were concentrating, obeying and fully paying attention to their men’s instructions. Saw zero fucking around by the females, they knew this was deadly business now and they has best give the men their undivided attention.
    Watched one middle aged woman handle a 1911 .45 with her husband teaching her. She was obviously scared of the “bang”; but that man had LOTS of patience with his woman to get her comfortable; I counted exactly 4 “bangs” in 10 minutes. By the time I left she was dropping empty magazines and reloading like she kinda knew what she was doing.
    Single Independent Women? IMO they are fucked.

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  29. Liz says:

    Just looked at twater and it’s all “they’re gassing moms!”
    as though they’re gassing people holding babies.
    Where are their kids? Shouldn’t they be taking care of them?
    Did they just leave them home alone with a salt lick and a bowl?
    And why exactly does being a “mom” impart them with some sort of special protection?

    [Refer you to this I will]

    Hey, I’m a mom AND nurse AND military spouse….
    [Also have nine lives you do]
    maybe I can use my special status to run over “mostly peaceful” protestors.
    See, I’m doing donuts because I can’t drive well….
    so confused!
    wait….backing up, doing the Austin Powers hundred point turn now…gosh this is messy…

    Mike just had a trip to Columbus Ohio.
    He scootered through the affluent section of town, and it was very weird.
    Lots of Biden signs (I’ve never seen a single Biden sign anywhere) in the yards.
    Lots of BLM “statements of support” on boarded buildings…probably hoping not to get looted.
    Lots of weird “I love you black man!” graffiti.
    Mike said he saw one black little boy and felt sorry for him growing up in a weird environment like that. In the poor section of town there was nothing…no BLM statements or Biden signs.

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  30. Press release on last night in PDX by DHS:

    The Bottom Line:
    The violent situation in Portland for the past 56 straight days continues with violent anarchists rioting on the streets as federal law enforcement officers work diligently and honorably to enforce federal law; they do so by defending federal property and the lives of their fellow officers.

    In response to nightly attempts to raze and damage the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, DHS made the decision earlier this week to put up a stronger fence around the building’s perimeter. While more secure fencing has kept much of the criminal violence away from the courthouse building, it has now become a consistent target of the rioters, who try to tear it down and breach it using ropes, saws, and power tools. Rioters have also tried to set the fence on fire. As federal officers left the building to respond to attacks on the fence, night after night they have been met by rioters with hard projectiles, mortar style fireworks and lasers that can cause permanent blindness.

    The Past 24 Hours:
    Demonstrators started to gather around 8 p.m. local time on July 24th and reached around 1,000 by 9 p.m. By 10 p.m. crowd size was estimated to be somewhere around 3,000 to 4,000 people.

    At around 10:15 local time a rioter was arrested for trespassing after climbing over the fence protecting the Hatfield Federal Courthouse perimeter.

    At around 10:45 p.m. local time rioters began to aggressively rock the fence back and forth in an effort to topple it. At 10:58 p.m. the first mortar-style firework of the evening was fired at the courthouse. The rioters continued to attack on the fence, forcing federal officers to issue multiple warnings to cease. Rioters responded to the warnings by throwing a flare into the fence’s perimeter. Rioters then started to use saws to take down the fence, while others disabled several security cameras by shooting them with paintball guns.

    At 11:18 p.m. local time federal officers were forced to leave the courthouse building in response to rioters’ attacks on the property. As they did, they were once again attacked with lasers, as has been the case previous nights. Around this time, rioters began to attack the fence with power tools. Around this time, reports indicated that other groups of rioters were starting fires in the vicinity of the courthouse.

    At 11:32 p.m. local time rioters began to drive a car toward the fence protecting the courthouse as large mortar fireworks were fired at the building. In response, federal officers were forced to leave the building in order to repel the rioters. While officers stood at the fence, rioters attempted to set it on fire.

    At 11:49 p.m. local time the first Molotov cocktails of the evening were thrown at the courthouse. Minutes later, rioters continued their efforts to saw through the fence, this time at the courthouse’s loading dock.

    At 12:15 a.m. local time, July 25th, federal officers began to sustain multiple injuries, one requiring medical attention after taking a direct hit from a commercial grade firework. At 12:33 a.m. another federal officer was hit with a mortar firework. Around this time, officers were also assaulted with objects filled with unknown liquids being hurled over the fence.

    As of 12:45 a.m. local time the crowd size was approximately 2,000 individuals. At 12:50 federal officers declared an unlawful assembly and warned the crowd to cease the violence and disperse. Rioters responded with more laser attacks, renewed efforts to set the fence on fire, and assaulting officers with projectiles. Minutes later, one officer was struck with a frozen water bottle.

    At 1:31 a.m. local time rioters attached rope to the fence and attempted to pull down the fences, as they have tried every night since it was erected.

    At 2:15 a.m. local time rioters fed a fire previously lit in the courthouse vicinity with wood and accelerants.

    Shortly thereafter, following 3 hours of sustained assault by violent anarchists, federal officers were forced to go outside of the fence perimeter to repel the crowd. During this effort, a federal officer was struck in the head with a mortar firework.

    At 2:40 a.m. local time the Portland Police declared an unlawful assembly.

    At 2:58 a.m. local time reports indicate that rioters had set traps to puncture tires at the vehicle egresses at the Edith Green Federal Building.

    There were at least 6 injuries to federal officers reported through the course of the night’s violence. There were no reports of injuries to rioters or protestors.

    DHS officers conducted 1 arrest during the night’s violence.


  31. Larry G says:

    “Hey, I’m a mom AND nurse AND military spouse….
    maybe I can use my special status to run over “mostly peaceful” protesters.”

    Here now…what is this shit? If you ain’t a black, single lesbian mother named Latisha Africana with 7 spawn from 14 different dicks, collecting welfare but no child support, then you ain’t got no special status. Didn’t you learn nothing in school?

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  32. “Hey, I’m a mom AND nurse AND military spouse….
    maybe I can use my special status to run over “mostly peaceful” protestors.”

    I’ve heard of worse ideas.

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  33. School’s out for summer. School’s out forever, Larry.

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  34. In Austin, TX, a protestor shot five rounds with an AK47 at a Trump supporter, who returned fire and killed him. Said to be cooperating w police, claiming self defense.

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  35. Sumo says:

    I have never seen this shop with so few guns and ammo for sale

    The working theory is that up here in Canuckistan, we’re about 6 months behind the USA re: supply chains and the like. As a result, one can still find a decent amount of “sandwiches” and picnic related paraphernalia.

    For now.

    I started stockpiling “sandwiches” yesterday (because back to work means more $$). Price was pretty good, too. For an emerging Communist nation, that is. $110 USD for 500 “snacks”.

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  36. Liz says:

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  37. theshadowedknight says:

    I saw a video of those “vets” and holy shit. Noodle armed weenies and fat bodies as far as the eye can see. What the fuck, over? The absolute dregs of the remedial PT platoon and supply units, and thats if these people are even vets. Stolen valor is a real thing and the left has absolutely no compunctions against lying.

    [The MSM aggressively avoids fact checking in these cases they do]

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  38. Larry G says:

    Eh? What size of snacks, Sumo?

    $110 USD for 500 “snacks”.

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  39. Larry G says:

    gun shop is absolutely packed with bodies today, no place for the curious. Looked in, saw desperation, left.

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  40. horsemanbombadil says:

    What is a sob story worth? IRRELEVANT!
    In any survival situation, and this is becoming just that, the only question is


    Not Who are you? (Status does not practically achieve squat)

    Not How did you get here? (The past does not affect anything)

    Not What do you Think\Feel? (Death and the Threats do not care)

    Not what do you Have (owned resources can be taken or used up)

    All that matters is what can you DO?
    Today, tomorrow, next month, all the years until the Threat is over.

    If you cannot DO anything to better the group, move along.

    Of the 1% that pass the first test they get the second test

    How Do I\WE TRUST YOU??

    (Only answer I know is give over your weapons etc. and put yourself under our protection for a week. If you trust us to protect you in good faith against your self survival instincts for a significant period then you casn put the common good above yourself.)

    All untrustworthy acts are rooted in self above others.

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  41. horsemanbombadil says:

    So the 2016 election was to win the prize of
    ruling over a health population,
    An economy in overdrive,
    Innovation in emerging technology,
    A strong federation of productive states
    Huge tax revenue and
    International world leadership.

    2020 winner gets
    A population with ocd level aversion to disease in any form
    The manufacturing economic engine shuttered, the service sector abandoned
    The infrastructure to support the future being actively burned to the ground
    Local and states that can’t agree the sky is blue
    25% of the populace dependent on government monies so not paying taxes
    A nation the world watches chewing popcorn.

    The winner gets to try to calm the populace and rebuild the ruins with no skills, no resources and no esprit de corps.

    Umm…yeah…sign me up to wanna win that.

    P.s. Canada has a minority government at present which means Justin could be out literally on a day’s notice from the other parties on a no confidence vote. Why don’t they do it?

    No One Wants It!

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  42. horsemanbombadil says:

    We will never see another Ike, FDR, Churchill, Thatcher, Pearson

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  43. horsemanbombadil says:

    And all cops are bad. Sure.

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  44. Farm Boy says:

    Black militia member accidentally shoots his comrades during face off with Three Percenters in Louisville – as leader demands truth about Breonna Taylor’s death in four weeks ‘or we’ll burn this motherf****r down’


  45. Farm Boy says:

    [Lots of saved Queens that would be
    Rather like the Queen I do]

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  46. Farm Boy says:

    U.S.—WNBA players recently walked off the court during the national anthem. In response, the nation announced that it would continue its 24-year-long boycott of the WNBA.

    Sports fans, casual viewers, and basically everybody said they would continue not watching the WNBA or caring about anything they did.

    “Listen, if they’re going to disrespect the anthem, we’re going to continue not watching the WNBA. Frankly, they could all dress up in star-spangled outfits and sing ‘God Bless America,’ and we’d still keep the boycott going,” said one man in Iowa. “I’d want to support them morally at that point, but I don’t know if I could bring myself to watch still. I mean, I can just go to the park and watch some high schoolers shoot hoops for a better experience.”

    WNBA players vowed to participate in more protests in an attempt to become relevant. “Whatever social movement comes along, we’re there, as long as it gets us in the news for a fleeting moment,” said one player. “Please acknowledge our existence. Please?”

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  47. Farm Boy says:

    If a WNBA player had a heart attack and fell over,
    would anybody notice?

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  48. Larry G says:

    “If a WNBA player had a heart attack and fell over,
    would anybody notice?”

    they might have better luck getting viewers if they played full court in thong bikinis…just a suggestion

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  49. Farm Boy says:

    To be honest, many of the players could be playing basketball nekkid and I would not rise to the occasion

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  50. Farm Boy says:

    An oldie, but goodie

    Nekkid basketball included

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  51. Farm Boy says:

    Some fellas get turned on by lesbian on lesbian action. I am thinking that this does not work with respect to WNBA players

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  52. Farm Boy says:

    “I realized there was still so much misconception around women in the genre,” she said, as reported by Fox News. “The only good thing that came out of that experience was that there was a real pressure to pull off those stunts with the actors – and that was the first time I experienced anything like that. But there was a very unfair process that went with that. I was the only woman with a bunch of guys, and I remember vividly getting the schedule in our preproduction and they had scheduled me for six weeks more car training than any of the guys.”


  53. Farm Boy says:

    So do WNBA players get excited when boxing each other out for rebounds?


  54. Farm Boy says:

    Cancel culture on Twitter


  55. Larry G says:

    Welp, the shootings have started for real now…Gentlemen, man your posts

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  56. Sharkly says:

    WNBA LOL I didn’t realize they were still going.

    Radio Station contest:
    First prize: two WNBA game tickets
    Second prize: two WNBA season tickets
    Last place prize: two WNBA lifetime passes

    First prize: weekend trip to Portland Oregon
    Second prize: two week trip to Portland Oregon
    Last place prize: month long Portland Oregon extravaganza

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  57. Liz says:

    Mainstream Media Oddly Silent as Virus Case Numbers Rise in Portland and Seattle

    Well, wouldn’t want to cast a bad light on the “escalating” peaceful protests.
    Soon they will be so peaceful we’ll see some videos of captives blinking morse code.

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  58. Women’s pro sports are hilarious. Women’s world champ soccer team gets whipped by 14 yo boys. Women’s BEST tennis players lose to men not ranked in the top 100.

    Women are now getting their heads beat in (and legs broken) by trans-freaks wearing wigs and lipstick in boxing and rugby.

    Women’s Olympic records are inferior to boy’s high school regular season meet times.

    And you know what? Nobody cares. Nobody….cares, bitches.

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  59. SFC Ton says:

    Folks made fun of me when I had a sofa made out of 7.62×39 ammo but who’s laughing now?…….

    Truth be told the amount of ammo stock piled has been a minor issue in the bliss of Camp Ton. The Girls wanted to leave some clothes behind but the closets had already been filled

    I’ve been thinking about selling a goodly number of my rifles. Especially the AK’s

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  60. SFC Ton says:

    Is Breonna the lady killed by the pigs during a no knock?

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  61. Yep. Complete cluster-fuck by the po-po.

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  62. SFC Ton says:

    No knocks have to end

    I was in the mix this weekend. White chick are the worse at these things.

    Any rate one was screaming at us so told the cops to walk away and we’ll clear this out for you

    So she started yelling for the cops

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  63. Larry G says:

    Cops here in Denver are worse than useless, part of this fucking paradise

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  64. Farm Boy says:



  65. Liz says:

    Come to the mountains, Larry. 😆

    [That offer includes me it does?]

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  66. Liz says:

    I did something wrong and got an a list for imbeciles, apparently.
    I get political spam about eight times a day now.
    And it’s not the kind of spam they’d send to a thinking person.
    I’m guessing they’ve set my IQ at around 70 (charitably).
    “Trump is waiting for you, Liz! He’s got a ticket for you to ride on his plane….He’s disappointed he hasn’t heard from you!”
    I’m not exaggerating even a little bit.

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  67. Liz says:

    Maybe they think I’m an eighty year old with dementia?

    [Just switch to the next of your nine lives you could]

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  68. Sharkly says:

    Liz, scammers like to weed out the semi-intelligent folks and get strait to scamming low IQ suckers. They will make obvious errors and unbelievable claims right off the bat to weed out intelligent and competent folks, who will be more likely to be able to file an effective complaint with the appropriate authorities. They only want the most gullible suckers to respond back to them, so that they don’t waste a lot of time dealing with people who are more difficult to scam.

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  69. okrahead says:

    Well Liz, I got some really good financial tips on the downlow from a Nigerian prince on the run the other day, it’s all completely legitimate and foolproof, guaranteed 100% per annum return, just send me your bank info and I’ll get you set up right away.

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  70. Sharkly says:

    They also have “Sucker Lists” and they sell these contact lists to other scammers. You may have gotten on a list. The best way to get off the list is just to never respond to any of it. Nobody wants to buy a list full of bogus e-mail accounts or unused or sock-puppet accounts. If you never respond back they’ll take you off the lists pretty quick.

    With real scammers, if you hear press 1 to be taken off our list, or click here to be removed from future emails, don’t do it. That just lets them know that there is a real person at the other end, and it will keep you on their list.

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  71. Farm Boy says:


    The fountain of youth is located in Glenwood Springs. If you send me your life savings, I will tell you precisely where it is. Wouldn’t it be worth it?

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  72. Liz says:

    Liz, scammers like to weed out the semi-intelligent folks and get strait to scamming low IQ suckers.

    Yes, that’s….what I suspected.
    I am the dumbest person in the house, and I am the only one getting this stuff. Something has pegged me as an absolute and complete idiot.

    I got some really good financial tips on the downlow from a Nigerian prince on the run the other day
    Hey this is some coincidence, I gave some money to a Nigerian muslim recently.
    Thought I’d contribute to his star wars fan club…he wasn’t a chatty fellow, but kept running around chanting Admiral Akbar! admiral Akbar! 😆

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  73. Liz says:

    ….that was a joke.

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  74. Sumo says:

    I’ve been thinking about selling a goodly number of my rifles. Especially the AK’s

    Am I the only one who thinks that The Ton could comfortably finance a moderately sized ethnostate with the proceeds of such a sale?

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  75. Larry G says:

    move to the mountains, eh? was thinking more of the flat, boring fields of Kansas while the China Plague was busy thinning out the human culls, then as soon as possible a one way flight out of this first-world shit hole for me and the wife, back to her country…..
    spent most of today repairing several crippled 20 round M14 magazines and put them back into working order, watching the retards rioting on the highway get run down by some annoyed drivers (TV channel 9 played that little video clip jewel over and over, much to my delight).

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  76. Sharkly says:

    Liz, don’t listen to okrahead and Farm Boy, they are trying to scam you, but I know that you are too intelligent to fall prey to their tricks. You’re going to protect yourself. Never again will you be scammed. How can I be so sure? Because, I’m about to sell you the toughest scam prevention protection plan ever marketed. If you ever get scammed again, I’ll give you double your money back. That’s my guarantee. I am so certain that you will never get scammed again while on my program, that I’ll reimburse you double for any losses you may incur while on my plan. In fact, Liz, since you are a good friend, and too smart too pay up front fees, I’ll give you my program for free, just fill in your bank account and routing number where I can deposit your first reimbursement money for any past scams you’ve been a victim of. Just describe the scam briefly and how much you lost, and I’ll get to work on getting your money back to you this week. God would want you to protect yourself with my FREE scam protection, it is just good stewardship, and He wants you to get your money back too, so just fill in the requested info and see God’s blessing coming back to you for your faithfulness.
    P.S. don’t tell anybody about this offer, or I won’t actually be able to do it for you. It will be our little secret. Even my company won’t know I’m not charging you and sending you a reimbursement for money you lost before signing on with the world’s best scam prevention program ever. Please just fill in the following blanks for me to get started sending your reimbursement:

    Previous scam:__________________________________________________________.
    Amount of money lost:_____________.
    Bank Account# __________________.
    Bank Routing# __________________.

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  77. Larry G says:

    Pay no attention to these con artists and flim-flam hucksters…if you want a rock solid, 100% life time income with absolutely NO risk, then this is the plan for you. IA rich uncle dies recently and left me with an 80% interest in a toll bridge in a major east coast city. This risk free opportunity I’m willing to share with you because I like “mountain women” and nurses, and YOU are both!

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  78. Larry G says:

    500 Round Case – 7.62×51 Nato 147 Grain FMJ in case anyone was interested


  79. Sumo says:

    Lizard, just send me all your money.

    That’s it. No elaborate schemes or speeches.

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  80. b g says:

    Hmmm, yeah but you forgot to yell “Aloha Snackbar” so why should she believe you eh, ;-D

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  81. horsemanbombadil says:

    Hello wonderful person, this is cool

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  82. Larry G says:

    several years ago I was loosely affiliated with a northern Colorado pepper group (not an TEOTWAWKI bunch, but rational conservative types who didn’t talk shit) and the topic of “bugging out” came up multiple times during our meetings. I heard over and over people planning to head for the mountains when the time came to vacate the cities. The grand plan was to hunt, fish, gather herbs and berries or some such horseshit ideas, drink from babbling brooks and defend to the death grandpa’s one room log cabin tucked away above the 10,000 elevation level.
    No one saw the fact that they, their wives and kiddos, along with a few million of their closest friends and neighbors had exactly the same idea, get to the mountains to survive Shitstorm 2.0…I mentioned Kansas and they looked at me like I suddenly became a leper, and a retarded one at that.

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  83. Sharkly says:

    …was thinking more of the flat, boring fields of Kansas…
    LOL In that case, I’m already bugged out!
    Let me know if you end up moving here.

    While I’m not ready for the power grid to go down. At least my home gym is ready for if SHTF. 🙂

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  84. Liz says:

    Now Larry, how on earth am I going to calculate my life savings? I’m still alive. Duh!
    Sharkly’s sounds like a good deal, but….so many words. Confusing.
    Sumo wins! 😆

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  85. Sumo says:

    As per usual. 😉

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  86. b g says:


    I have a question, what do you think of Hungarian partridges?


  87. Sharkly says:

    I’ve been meaning to mention that the last couple times I went to Walmart, both times I bought four “Goya” brand items. Some tropical juice, cookies, beans, and tomato sauce, Etc. The company owner had praised Trump and made Christian statements, for which the liberals are boycotting the company’s products. So I decided to buy some. I don’t think I had ever bought “Goya” brand before. It is in with the Hispanic foods. While the stuff is not cheap, I’m happy to pay a little bit more just to know I’m sticking my finger in the eye of the liberal’s boycott, and supporting a Christian owned company. The cookies taste extra good just knowing that with each decadent bite, I’m also biting liberals in the ass. And I’m imagining that the tropical juice is reconstituted with liberal tears. As It smoothly washes down my MAGA meal.

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  88. Sumo says:

    I have a question, what do you think of Hungarian partridges?

    I’m afraid I don’t know much about the partridge family.

    [Think I love you I do]

    [Also addresses women’s hockey it does]

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  89. Farm Boy says:

    The Partridge Family is like a lot of “family shows” of the era, where the mother in real life is ten years older than the oldest child in real life

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  90. b g says:

    Just wondering, the Sweetie loved them when I cooked them. I just knew enough to roast them hot but brief…pink like venison. If the school and Covid allows she wants to go with her Dad to hunt moose in Saskatchewan. With luck, it might allow a week or two bird hunting of while the moose hang, and she wants to hunt partridge…and I suspect she will discover sharptail grouse plus probably teal and maybe geese.

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  91. Sumo says:

    Oh, shit, my bad. I didn’t realize that was an actual culinary question.

    Being a ruthless smartass means that I assume everyone around me is, too.

    The answer is still the same, though. I’ve never cooked partridge. Pheasant, quail, and duck, but never partridge.

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  92. Farm Boy says:

    So if a woman weighs as much as a duck, what do you do?

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  93. theshadowedknight says:

    If a woman weighs less than a duck these days, the most important takeaway is that she isn’t overweight. The potential that she is a witch is honestly less bizarre than not being fat. Besides, everyone knows that witches are feminists, and feminists are nasty fat things. Long story short, if she weighs less than a duck, get her number.

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  94. Cill says:

    Bloom (“RPG”) it seems a long time ago now, you gave us documented connection between Antifa and Bamn and Nambla. You’re no dumbcluck and that’s for sure.

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  95. Larry G says:

    “Being a ruthless smartass means that I assume everyone around me is, too.” So you are a pocket psychologist too, Sumo?

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  96. Larry G says:

    One topic that is totally off limits in this household is politics, my dear deluded Mrs. is a half-Democrat (but I have vowed “in sickness and in health” so I’ll care for her during her “spells”), I on the other hand am full bore Republican and a unabashed Trumpster. During our evening coffee on the patio she mentioned that she thinks she will vote for Trump this time since Biden scares her and might be a Chester the Molester in disguise. Just hoping other Democrats see the error of their ways in time as my recovering wife has done.

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  97. Yoda says:

    Actually not Charlie Brown

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  98. Farm Boy says:

    Pro-Trump Women’s Group Sues To Paint Own Motto On Street Since NYC Painted “Black Lives Matter”

    Seeks Order prohibiting NYC from “denying plaintiff the timely opportunity to use New York City streets to paint its own political or expressive message”

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  99. Farm Boy says:

    “I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines,” Risch wrote. “As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.”

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  100. Farm Boy says:

    Walk around Gotham right now, any random day, and you will find an empty, hurting city. Boarded up windows still dot the streets of ghost-town neighborhoods such as SoHo. Greenwich Village is a deserted wasteland of garbage and disarray. Graffiti is rampant. Emotionally disturbed people are prevalent. The homeless problem, which had been growing steadily for the past few years, has now exploded. Crime is up. Way up. Including and especially shootings.

    Our politicians are completely absent. Mayor Bill de Blasio is musing on the Marxist canon. Gov. Andrew Cuomo spends his time celebrating himself on late-night television.

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  101. Farm Boy says:

    Over the last few years, these white, guilt-ridden women have become a force for promoting identity politics and the demonization of men. One does not see this more than in the professions of human behavior and mental health. As an East coast therapist, I have heard stories about microaggressions concerning race, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. For those of us who do not subscribe to this increasingly fanatical, Orwellian creed, we either self-isolate or are ostracized.

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  102. “Walk around Gotham right now, any random day, and you will find an empty, hurting city.”


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  103. Ralph Wiggum, “I’m a journalism.”

    Oooh, two in the head!

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  104. Larry G says:

    so lemme see if I understand this right…WHITE people started a new country from what was wilderness, built up the infrastructure from scratch into a livable society, invented lots of cool shit for the world’s benefit, defeated assholes and tyrants on a regular basis, turned the less-than-whites loose to fuck it all up and raised generations of brain damaged white females to help the dark thugs…did I miss anything?

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  105. Liz says:

    Just hoping other Democrats see the error of their ways in time as my recovering wife has done.

    I hope so too. Glad to hear about your wife’s recovery from a truly horrible affliction.
    (it would be challenging to have conflicting political views with someone you live with, but thinking further OTOH not talking about politics in the house is probably healthy these days)

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  106. Liz says:

    Mike was driving home the nigh before last, around the area of the protests…but he missed it somehow. It might’ve been interesting since he’s always carrying.

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  107. Farm Boy says:

    London is number 3

    Surveillance state: 18 of the world’s 20 most monitored cities are in China

    The study by the British technology website Comparitech also shows that more cameras do not necessarily reduce crime rates

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  108. h0neyc0mb says:

    FIFY .. 🙂



  109. h0neyc0mb says:



  110. Too emphatic. Makes it seem like I care what happens in NYC, and I don’t.


  111. h0neyc0mb says:

    Naw .. it sez .. SO .. and NEXT all at the same time .. 👍🏼

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  112. RichardP says:

    One of the foundational truths of life is We don’t get to keep what we can’t defend.

    If you have the time, look through the material at the following link. See the connection? Main theme: best way to dismantle “white supremacy” is to ask them to voluntarily eliminate their ability to defend anything. Interestingly enough, if asked politely, some idiots seem to be doing just that.

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  113. RichardP says:

    Rufo lays out a series of documents. The link I gave above was from a page that showed that series – but if you click on the link above, it does not show that series.

    Try this link:


  114. RichardP says:

    Under the link in my post directly above, click on Show this thread at the bottom of the first entry. That opens up the thread for me and shows all the documents.


  115. RichardP says:

    This may be a duplicate. On the last link I gave, click on Show this thread at the bottom of the first entry.


  116. Farm Boy says:

    As big cities descend into anarchy, nobody of any value is going to want to live in them, or even visit them. What will happen then?

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  117. Farm Boy says:

    Amusement for the day

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  118. Farm Boy says:

    I wonder if anybody heard it when it happened


  119. Farm Boy says:

    Rioters Torch Justice Center Construction Site In Seattle, Attack Stores At Apartment Complex, Hit Store Owners


  120. Larry G says:

    “As big cities descend into anarchy, nobody of any value is going to want to live in them, or even visit them. What will happen then?”

    real estate should be pretty cheap in the new urban utopia…

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  121. Cheque d'Out says:

    The truth about Brillo

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  122. Farm Boy says:

    I’m not a “Covid denier.” It has clearly killed an awful lot of people, especially in nursing homes where it was introduced and allowed to run rampant. But I’ve also learned that I cannot believe a single thing being told to me by the journalists, politicians, and epidemiologists constituting Team Covid.

    Let’s start with Anthony Fauci, who despite his inability to keep his contradictions straight, is still revered for whichever contradictory position he takes on a daily basis.

    In mid-February, when overseas reports about the Wuhan Virus were getting pretty scary, Fauci told us “There is no reason for anyone right now in the United States, with regard to coronavirus, to wear a mask”.; It was a Scientific Fact™ that masks don’t help.

    More. Fauci: Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands

    Scientific Facts™ change fast when the political winds dictate, however, so Fauci’s previous scientific ramblings about masks were discarded for new and more politically helpful scientific pronouncements. Fauci says ‘everyone’ should wear masks to curb spread of coronavirus

    How about Fauci and hydroxychloroquine? Well, he’s consistently inconsistent.

    The Virology Journal – the official publication of Dr. Fauci’s National Institutes of Health – published what is now a blockbuster article on August 22, 2005, under the heading “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

    By May 2020, however, Fauci found his tribe demanding he get in line with Team Anti-HCQ, so he obliged. Fauci: Hydroxychloroquine not effective against coronavirus

    Of course, by July it had become clear that HCQ is effective, Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows. So all sides are now in general agreement that when it comes to HCQ, Fauci is an addled old man who can’t keep his stories straight. But aside from that, he’s still the world’s smartest man, especially when he says anything anti-Trump.

    But it’s the reporting on tests, deaths, and hospitalizations that have caused me stop believing a single word that is published.

    People who die of anything can be counted as a Covid death so long as they posthumously test positive for it. Man who died in motorcycle crash counted as Covid-19 death in Florida.

    From the mouth of Deborah Birx, if someone dies of a disease other than Covid, but that person has Covid, it counts as a Covid death.

    “There are other countries that if you had a pre-existing condition, and let’s say the virus caused you to go to the ICU [intensive care unit] and then have a heart or kidney problem, some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. The intent is … if someone dies with COVID-19 we are counting that.”
    By that logic, every old man who dies of whatever morbidity could be classified as a prostate cancer death, because most old men have some cancer cells in their prostates.

    What about those who once had Covid but are now Covid-free? In England that counts as a Covid death, no matter what the actual cause of death.

    And of course, if someone died and you simply want to assume he died of Covid, the CDC supports that.

    Bukacek refers to a March 24 CDC memo from Steven Schwartz, director of the Division of Vital Statistics for the National Center for Health Statistics, titled “COVID-19 Alert No. 2.” “The assumption of COVID-19 death,” she says, “can be made even without testing. Based on assumption alone the death can be reported to the public as another COVID-19 casualty.”
    And then there’s the testing. Nothing amiss here…

    Dozens of Florida labs reporting 100% positivity for Covid tests. Gosh, you’d almost think they were incentivized to produce positive results with an outcome like that.

    In California, antibody tests (which test if someone previously had Covid) have been rolled in to the total of active Covid tests.

    In Texas too. Is Texas Inflating Its COVID-19 Testing Numbers by Including Antibody Tests?

    And in Hamilton County Tennessee, the published number of Covid-positive hospital patients includes those who are merely suspected of having Covid.

    “The total number of hospitalizations also includes people who are at hospitals awaiting test results for suspected infection.”
    Some of this is deliberate fraud. Some of this is well intentioned fraud. Some of this is merely incompetence by the people in charge, fueled by a credulous media trying to report a story to further the partisan political agenda of panic and hysteria.

    A pandemic is the wrong time for our media and scientific elites to be engaged in such fraudulent behavior. But they are. And I no longer believe a word they say.

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  123. ikr says:

    real estate should be pretty cheap in the new urban utopia…

    “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin.”

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  124. Larry G says:

    Fuck Manhattan, I want Disney World

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  125. Larry G says:

    I’ll make the popcorn for the coming shitshow….

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  126. Farm Boy says:

    Seems fishy,

    Plus a discussion of Brillo

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  127. Thanks Cill, my brain works in weird ways, one being I can see connections between things that aren’t always obvious… like overlapping concentric rings. Maybe this ARMY brat did not fall far from the ARMY intel tree?!? Dunno!

    Speaking of connections, this adds a whole new layer to all of this. Worth watching. If so, we are facing a much bigger thing and it’s good to mentally and physically prepare accordingly.

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  128. The rosy run thing fits in too but I have not yet completely worked out how. Following that thread closely too.


  129. I saw what’s described in that video for the first time a few weeks back when a gal I know who had been raised by 60s counter culture parents started spouting Marxist bull one night after a few drinks. It is not like me but I had such an instant visceral reaction to what she was trying to “sell me” that I stood up and demanded she leave on the spot and then when she tried to continue I actually physically marched her off my property. She was flabbergasted but nope, not listening to that BS one bit!

    All I can say was inside my head a missing ring suddenly dropped into place and I realized it was a lot worse than anyone really sees… and it’s been in the works for decades.

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  130. Likewise as I watched live-streams in the Fourth of July, I knew we were under attack. War on the US was declared that night, not that anyone seems to see that.

    Well except Federal Officers From DHS were there July 5, so clearly somebody else sees it too. Even if they have not framed it that way.

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  131. b g says:


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  132. Farm Boy says:

    Well, they are both from the SF Bay Area. I could see them meeting up


  133. horsemanbombadil says:

    “I know this firsthand, because my husband received a seven-year sentence in 2004 that devastated our family….
    Nonetheless, families are charged with providing housing assistance for a safe transition from jail back into the family home while supporting their loved one’s economic well-being. This forces them to become first responders in mental-health crises and social workers with a specialty in conflict resolution.”

    Life lesson?

    Don’t stay married to a Fucking CONVICT!!!

    In Canada you have to do something pretty serious to get and fully serve a 7 year sentence.


  134. horsemanbombadil says:

    “. In June, 175 people died of illicit drug toxicity, most cases linked to opioids. In the first six months of the year, 728 British Columbians died from drug overdoses. COVID-19 had, as of last Friday, killed 190.”

    So drug overdoses killed 3 TIMES more people than conid

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  135. horsemanbombadil says:

    So does that mean after Covid is eradicated we have to stay in lockdown until the war on drugs is won?

    Just sayin. And pointing out the perspective bullshit.

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  136. okrahead says:

    If you’re on lockdown, who’s holding the keys?


  137. okrahead says:

    BTW, Liz, re: people thinking your stooooopid, I just got a text asking me to sign up with MoveOn to get updates on how I can help elect Joe Biden. Half tempted to sign up just to see what they’re up to… but I just don’t see it being a good idea.

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  138. Farm Boy says:

    In June, 175 people died of illicit drug toxicity, most cases linked to opioids.

    The important people don’t really care because often it is poor white people who are dying

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  139. Farm Boy says:


  140. okrahead says:

    Just to prove that the Libertarians have completely lost their collective minds, they are publicly lamenting and praising Garrett Foster, who was shot in Austin while attacking motorists as part of a BLM riot…
    This is a supposedly “mainstream conservative” publication.

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  141. okrahead says:

    Also, the Libertarian Party, on their official Twitter site, posted, “We bow our head at the passing of Libertarian Garrett Foster. At the time of the shooting, Mr. Foster was pushing his fiancé through an intersection in her wheelchair.”
    In point of fact, you can easily find pictures online of Foster brandishing his AK at the driver just before being shot.

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  142. SFC Ton says:

    Cops are assholes with a steady paycheck

    They take the kings sliver and do the kings bidding

    Never expect more then that from them when they’re being micromanaged


  143. SFC Ton says:

    You can post whatever meme you want about antifa and the resistance but how many of y’all are in the streets brawling with the cops and the other side?

    Seeing how few of us are out there fighting back should make folks seriously question the size of their ball sack.

    I have more respect for the antifa kid I cracked with my cane then “conservatives ” chilling at home

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  144. SFC Ton says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that The Ton could comfortably finance a moderately sized ethnostate with the proceeds of such a sale?

    LOL Only 18 acres with a stocked pond. About 23 miles from my house which would be awesome, and about 8-11 miles from this patch of 32 acres and two ponds I recently paid off…….

    Which is why I’m thinking about it. Last year I bought 35 acres with 3 ponds; chopped off 3 acres with a small pond. Dropped 3 trailers on that small patch of dirt. Sold each one with an acre and pond access….. used that cash to recoup my money and walked out of it with 32 acres, two ponds, a shed, and maybe 10k left over to do some improvements

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  145. Larry G says:

    “You can post whatever meme you want about antifa and the resistance but how many of y’all are in the streets brawling with the cops and the other side?”

    Fuck em. I did my part for 11 years before most of these liberal assholes were even born and so did you, I owe no one jack shit or any explanations…If the Left and Right want to have at it and burn this US of A to the ground, I’ll bring the marshmallows.
    For me and mine, the clock is ticking to GTFO of here and watch this country die….


  146. Sharkly says:

    If any of you like classic literature, the following blog post is a really brief but intriguing analysis of ‘Pinocchio’. I love that story. Normally I wouldn’t pimp for Jordan Peterson, but he brings up some interesting points:


  147. RichardP says:

    … watch this country die…

    Not die.

    Just morph.

    Like it always has.

    The Federal Government has nuclear weapons. If it comes to that. The mayor of every large city might let the thugs take over. Every governor might cede his authority to the thug that asks him to (per my link upthread).

    But the Federal government won’t ever accede to any such request to relinquish power. All of the thugs in the land are no match for the firepower that the Federal government would bring to the game if it comes to that. Maybe new State boundaries. Maybe new State capital cities. Maybe even a new President intalled if the old one makes too nice with the thugs. But still the United States. With the thugs defeated. If for no other reason than because the nuclear stuff must be, will be, protected.


  148. RichardP says:

    Re. Sharkley’s Pinnochio link – if you read to the end, you see that it is another version of this story: When I was a child, I thought as a child. When I became a man (universal = male or female), I thought differently. 1 Corinthians 13:11

    That is the universal story of the development of the brain that doesn’t become “stable” until the early to mid twenties. That “when I became a man” part implies a transition period where the thinking of the child (generally, a reflection / regurgitation of its guardians’ thinking) turns and becomes the actual thinking of the newly-developed young adult. A process that is the cause of much anguish for parents who see the young adult toss away the parents belief system for a belief system of their own. Essentially, this is what is at play with all the folks walking away from Purity culture or leaving the pulpit or platform ministries (I linked to one such story with the Gungor’s a few threads back) once they pass through that when I became a man process.

    Strangely enough, that process also applies to the young thugs rioting in the streets. They are being led. Most of the masses (rather than leaders) have not yet gone through that when I became a man I thought differently process yet. After they complete that process, they may look back on this portion of their life with some embarrassment.

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  149. Liz says:

    okrahead: re: people thinking your stooooopid, I just got a text asking me to sign up with MoveOn to get updates on how I can help elect Joe Biden. Half tempted to sign up just to see what they’re up to… but I just don’t see it being a good idea.

    Yep. I’m on mailing lists for both parties. Also on the e mail list for the ADL (anti-defamation league), which is really illuminating (when viewed from outside their personal echo chamber). Also gave to some San Francisco charity about 20 years ago (friend solicited it). So there is reason to think I’m a dumbass.

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  150. whiteguy1 says:

    Liz, your taste in friends has always been questionable.

    Look where your hanging out!


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